Colour Trend – Olive Green

Olive Green has long been associated with period style interiors and can be seen in many of the heritage properties and stately homes around the United Kingdom. It is however a colour that has never really made a comeback into the interior colour palettes of modern homes…until now.

This fairly unique colour has made a huge impression on the interior design world this 2014 and can be partnered with a vast range of interior styles and colours to create a chic and sophisticated interior setting that has the perfect balance of modern and traditional styling.


Colour palettes

Olive green works wonderfully with both bold and neutral colour choices. Crisp whites and beige creates a soft and classic appearance with accents of olive creating a rich and muted interior ambiance. For a more colourful interior; grey, purple, navy and black work equally well alongside this particular shade of green and create a chic contemporary style that works particularly well in living room and bedroom settings. You can balance the olive tones of your decor with gold accents and finishing touches for a rich and sumptuous feel that will add to the classic appeal of this versatile colour.





Accessories are always a great way of creating a dash of colour within an interior space. Lamps, vases and ornaments can transform a plain or unnoticeable piece of furniture into an eye-catching focal point within your chosen room. Photo frames, art work and painted mirrors are also a great way of adding a splash of colour into your home and look fantastic on a plain painted or wallpapered feature wall. You can also opt for crisp white accessories that will compliment the olive interior colour palette and create a bright and uplifting atmosphere within your home.





Textiles create a rich and warm atmosphere in any home interior and are a great way of showing off a particular colour or pattern. Cushions can be scattered on chairs, sofas and beds to create zoned areas of olive colour and pattern whilst olive green curtains make a great alternative to a feature wall and will add a visual focal point against a plain painted background area.




Whilst olive green furniture is not readily available in most high street stores you can try your hand at a spot of up-cycling on your current furniture items. Wooden furniture can be easily sanded, primed and painted in your chosen olive tone for a personalised and eye-catching furniture item. Alternatively you could opt for white, black or even gold painted furniture that will compliment the green tones and will look fabulous against a painted feature wall. A striking dresser or display cabinet will make a fabulous stand out furniture item or a eye-catching dining table could transform even the blandest of interiors into a sophisticated and relaxed setting.


For more Olive green interior ideas take a look at our latest Pinterest page - Pinterest – Olive Colour Trend and reinvent this classic colour in your contemporary home.

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Colour Trend – White

Many of us associate white interiors with a sparse and cold ambiance when in fact this wonderful colour is both versatile and elegant and can be partnered with a vast variety of classic and contemporary interior styles and accent tones.

White is a crisp and fresh colour tone that works great in a vast range of colour palettes and can be combined with muted natural hues as well as vivid and eye-catching colours to create a fun and funky contemporary interior style.


A classically refined way to add white to your home is to create a sophisticated monochrome interior that is fresh and bright and will create a light and airy ambiance in even the smallest of rooms. Grey and pebble tones also work well with white interior tones. A white rug will add texture and visual appeal to a wooden floor or darker carpet area and will create a soft and sumptuous focal point in your room.



White cushions are also a great way of adding this light and illuminating colour to your current home interior and will add a fresh and uplifting feel to a dark or light sofa or bed. Textural cushions such as feathers, crochet and patterns will add a visual detail to your chosen cushion as plain white designs can often blend into the background a little too much if placed against a similarly neutral backdrops.

The same rules apply when choosing accessories for your white interior colour scheme. White vases, ornaments, photo frames and glassware give a glisteningly sharp interior finish but can often be lost against a white painted wall or furniture item. Try and opt for textured designs such as carved items or marbled effect glass or try adding a colourful accessory against a white feature wall or painted table top for a splash of visual interest.

Seating areas are one of the most important areas of a living room or bedroom area as they provide a practical and elegant space to sit and relax. White painted items and crisply upholstered seating provides an illuminating and tranquil space within your home interior. Occasional chairs like the French chateau white painted carved armchair look wonderful in a traditional and classically styled interior and create a spacious and open feel to a compact room or awkward home design.

White painted furniture like our French chateau white painted dressing table set has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to to its bright and versatile exterior finish that can be adopted into a wide range of home interiors. Opulent french designs and vintage, shabby chic styles can be added to both bold and neutral interior colour palettes and provide a feminine and peaceful space in which to relax. From dining tables to sumptuously carved bed frames, white furniture is sure to create a stunning and illuminating centrepiece in any home interior.

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White Christmas

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas this year then don’t worry about checking out the weather forecasts. Why not bring that famous snowy Christmas scene inside your home with cool and crisp interior furniture and accessories that will transform your home into a frosty winter wonderland.

For inspirational winter interiors and original images take a look at our Christmas Pinterest board Pinterest – White Christmas.

Colour Palettes

People are often concerned that white interiors can look boring, bland and cold however with some clever hints and tricks you can create a serene and uplifting space that oozes glamour and sophistication. Different tones of white paint and wallpaper can be partnered together to give a universal yet dynamically tonal interior that gives a soft and feminine ambiance within your home. Muted greys and silvers also fit perfectly into this colour scheme and add a splash of glittering glamour to glacial home.




White Christmas decorations, fabrics and accessories are a classic and elegant addition to any winter interior and create a crisp and frosty ambiance that feels festive and fun. White Christmas baubles, beads and tinsels can be partnered with glimmering silvers and Arctic blues for an added frosty effect. Chunky knitted Christmas stockings, rugs, fair isle throws and woolen cushions create the perfect balance of cool colour tones and cosy textured fabrics; ideal for cosying up on the cold winter nights.



To complete your white winter interior then look no further than sophisticated and elegant white painted furniture such as our fabulous French White Furniture. The delicate carvings and soft white painted exteriors will add an illuminating and uplifting feel to your bedroom, living room or dining room area creating a dazzling yet relaxing haven for you to enjoy.


Who says winter has to be a dark and miserable time? We don’t! By transforming your home into a cosy, Lapland inspired interior you can enjoy the beautiful and bewitching snowy ambiance of Christmas without leaving the comfort of your stylish and comforting home.