How To Use Palm Print In Your Home Interior

Just because Summer is ‘officially’ over it doesn’t mean we have to ditch the bright colours and summer prints in favour of darker tones and autumnal patterns. With weather forecasters hinting that an Indian summer is here to stay we have decided to embrace the last weeks of British sunshine and showcase the simple style and elegance of palm print designs.



What better way to update a plain sofa or bed than a scattering of patterned cushions that will add depth and colour to your home interior. Palm print patterns in bright or muted tropical colours such as blue, green and yellow will look great against both neutral and dark upholstery and give a subtle pop of pattern that can be seamlessly introduced into your current home decor. This pattern looks particularly elegant in a conservatory area or in a garden view living room, bringing a reflection of the outdoors, indoors.



While palm print wallpaper may conjure up images of Hawaiian beach bars and fancy dress parties there is a way to avoid the ‘tacky’ connotations that is often attached to this classic pattern. Modern designs have moved away from bright and vivid palm tree patterns and have instead chosen more muted and glamorous tones that give a vintage and elegant interior feel. Delicate palm fronds and leaf patterns look wonderful on a bold feature wall or alcove and colour schemes such as black, gold, monochrome and beige will create a softer and more refined version of this much loved pattern.




Palm print bedding will provide a relaxed and laid back feel to any bedroom area creating a Miami beach front style that is refined and tranquil. Soft tones such as pale blue, mint green and sandy beige look wonderful against a muted interior backdrop while bolder more vivid colour options look great in a crisp white, minimal bedroom space. Layer your bedding with complimentary plain sheets and pillows and add a scattering of cushions for added visual depth and comfort within your sleeping space.


Wall Art

If wallpaper is a no go in your home then why not update a feature wall with a selection of palm print art work that will add colour and a visual focal point to your chosen room. A framed arrangement creates a sleek and organised focal point that can be matched to your interior colour palettes while a bold palm tree landscape photograph will compliment more contemporary interior designs. You can try your hand at some DIY crafting by creating some pressed palm leaf pictures or painted prints and stencils for a more personalised and artistic design.



Palm tree print was very popular in vintage interior design. Home accessories often featured flamboyant Hawaiian designs and these fabulous items are still readily available in charity shops, auctions or are possibly laying hidden in your attic or garage. Classic palm print lampshades are a must have in retro inspired interiors as well as Art Deco crockery, vases and ornaments that showcase this bold yet elegant design. If vintage style is not to your taste then modern and abstract versions of this classic design can be readily found in high street stores and look wonderful nestled amongst a neutral interior design or a bold and funky interior setting that embraces the fun and fabulous nature of bold prints and patterns.


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Colour Trend – Fuchsia

During the warm and sunny summer months there is nothing better than injecting a little tropical colour into your home interiors to create a warm and uplifting ambiance that is bright and inviting. This seasons hottest interior colour trend that is sweeping the UK is rich and luxurious FUCHSIA.

This vivid colour choice can be used as a base colour or as an accent tone in your accessories or fabric to create a stunning visual interior space that oozes glamour and opulence in any room of the home.


Colour Palettes

Fuchsia is a versatile colour choice as it sits comfortably alongside both bold and neutral colour palettes. For a glamorous and eye-catching colour scheme you can team your fuchsia hues with sumptuous black and opulent gold for a luxury Baroque feel or you can partner it with crisp white or pebble grey for a more muted and elegant interior feel.



Cushions look fabulous in this eye popping colour and can be purchased in a range of styles and patterns to compliment your interior tastes. A selection of plain or patterned fuchsia cushions will add a ‘colour pop’ to a plain white sofa for a chic minimal feel. Alternatively why not opt for an eastern bohemian feel with intricate Moroccan or Indian designs that add a rich textural and visual appeal to any bed or seating area.  You can also choose bold tropical prints such as Hawaiian styles that will create a beach side, laid back atmosphere within your home.



A colourful choice of upholstery can transform an entire interior space without the need for extensive redecoration. You can choose bold and modern patterns for a funky and contemporary feel or choose classic Rococo prints or traditional floral designs for a more subtle splash of colour on your chairs, curtains and bedding. Opt for a bold pair of curtains, a single sofa or pair of statement occasional chairs that will take centrestage in an interior space and will centralise and zone your chosen Fuchsia hue.



Fuchsia accessories can be placed in strategic areas or scattered throughout your interior space for a sprinkling of colour that is subtle yet eye-catching. Moroccan style lanterns look fabulous in this striking colour whilst vases, frames and ornaments look wonderful against a plain feature wall. A fuchsia lamp base or shade will add a zoned pop of colour to a plain painted lamp table and will create a functional and illuminating area that is bold and glamorous.



Painted furniture is hot on trend this season and a carefully selected statement item in this opulent Fuchsia paint finish will take centrestage within your home. Select a single item such as a sideboard, console or dressing table that will add a focal point to your interior space. If this idea is too striking then choose a selection or white, black or gold painted furniture that will complement even the boldest of interior decors.


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How To Bring The Outdoors…Indoors

Us humans have long had an affinity with outdoor living and natural materials. Whilst we may spend the summer months enjoying our spare time in the garden or in the beautiful parks and gardens, as soon as winter comes along we go back to being trapped indoors during the dark and grey days.

Why not bring the wonderful colours and details of the outdoors…indoors with the latest trend of nature inspired interiors. You can create a haven of tranquility with the beauty of a British summer day even if the snow is falling outside your window.


Colour Palettes

When selecting colours for your nature inspired interior draw inspiration from your surroundings, the flowers in your garden, your holiday photos, anything that reminds you of the outdoors. For muted and neutral palettes select rich browns, creams and chalky peaches for a warm and cosy interior ambiance. Alternatively if you like a splash of colour then opt for pastel tones for a coastal feel or vibrant tropical colours such as azure, yellow or magenta for a real pop of colour that will create a sunshiny feel within your home all year round.




Florals are a must have print in any nature inspired interior and they come in a vast range of styles and colours. For more traditional prints opt for classic roses, orchids or ferns, or for a contemporary look go for bold and unusual prints such as gerberas, sunflowers or grass. These prints can be used on your wallpaper, cushions, curtains or wall art and will create a focal point within your interior space. You can also adopt this floral print into a vintage or shabby chic style interior using classic, Kath Kidston style designs.



It may seem like a simple idea but you literally can bring the outdoors, indoors with some fabulous indoor plants that will add detail and visual texture to your home. Opt for a beautiful plumage of palms or a striking orchid for a rich tropical feel or choose some elegant ferns, or umbrella plants for a more classic look. If your not particularly green fingered (like myself) then you can get a fantastic range of artificial plants and flowers that are almost unidentifiable from the real thing. Place the plants in complimentary pots such as terracotta or mosaics for a warm summery feel.



Garden Parties.

If you are not quite ready to let go of those fun summertime BBQs even in the middle of November then why not bring them indoors? You can create a garden inspired interior using a selection of outdoor accessories but convert them into your home. Fairy lights and bunting create a fun summery style as well as gorgeous lanterns and scented candles for a scent of the outdoors. Also consider some rattan furniture for a outdoors feel that works particularly well in a living area with patio doors or a conservatory where you can incorporate the fabulous outdoor views.




As well as rattan and cane furniture you can adopt a wide range of natural materials into your home interior for a classic outdoorsy feel. Use chunky tree trunks and branches to craft unusual tables, seats or shelving or select natural untreated wood or driftwood for you furniture items that reflect the beauty of nature. If you are going to paint your wooden furniture then try distressing the edges and exposed sections for a more rugged and natural exterior appearance.


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