Colour Trend – Duck Egg

From classic country homes to contemporary minimal interiors, DUCK EGG blue is a colour trend that has transcended the shifts in time and style. This light and bright colour option provides a chic and calm ambiance that is perfect for relaxing home interiors.


This versatile colour can be partnered with both dark and light interior items and will give a sophisticated hint of colour without overpowering any existing furniture items or accessories. From rich wall coverings to simple upholstery; duck egg  blue is the perfect choice for a refined and classic interior space.


Colour Schemes

This simple blue tone works well alongside a multitude of colour options and will lift both pale and dark coloured backdrops. Duck egg looks particularly sumptuous against neutral chalky tones such as taupe and beige and also looks particularly striking against crisp white for a chic and refined interior feel with a twist of shabby chic style. For a more glamorous interior feel then try adding a splash of duck egg to a  monochrome interior palette or a rich and opulent chocolate painted space for a contrast of dark and light visual finishes.



Duck egg works extremely well as a fabric colour due to its fresh and light neutrality. It provides the sleek and crisp finish of white linens with a hint of colour and detail. Curtains and bedding look particularly stunning in this colour tone as it provides a classic feel that can be teamed with lace, crochet and floral embroidery for a traditional country cottage feel. Duck egg curtains are a great alternative to a painted feature wall and can look amazing layered with rich coffee tones and natural fawn coloured drapes for a visual centrepiece within your chosen interior.



If you are happy with your current interior design but fancy a change of colour then cushions are a simple and cost effective way to update your home. The beauty of the duck egg blue colour tone is that it will seamlessly slip into both dark and light interior spaces. Plain coloured cushions or bold patterned designs will look eye catching against a dark black or brown leather sofa or will look equally as elegant against a sumptuous beige or white bedding set. A mix and match of sizes and patterns will add visual and textural appeal to even the most compact of home interiors.



Accessories are the key finishing touches to any interior space as they add focal points and zoned areas of colour to your chosen room. Duck egg wall art, clock and mirrors are an ideal way of adding interest to a plain or wallpapered feature wall whilst a selection of carefully positioned vases, frames and ornaments will create colour against a mantelpiece, shelving area or display cabinet. Duck egg has become a hot colour choice in 2014 kitchen designs with a large range of mixers, plates and utensils available in this chic colour option.



If your looking to create a shabby chic style interior then duck egg blue is going to be one of your staple colour choices when it comes to your furniture designs. This colour choice is widely used alongside white to create a fresh vintage feel that looks beautiful on specific, statement furniture items. Dressers are a great way of introducing this colour into your interior and can be dressed in complimentary accessories to create a focal point in a dining room or kitchen. Dining tables, sideboards and hallway tables also look stylish in this palette and can be left smoothly finished for a cottage feel or distressed along the exposed edges for a reclaimed, hand finished look.


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Colour Trend – Aquamarine

For me no colour sums up the summer months more than the cool and bright blue tones of Aquamarine. Its coastal ambiance and tropical sense of relaxation is perfect for creating a tranquil space in any room of the home.

This versatile colour choice looks fabulous in both classic and contemporary interiors and creates a fresh interior feel that bursts with vibrancy and zest.


Colour Palettes

When partnered with other blue tones aquamarine creates a sense of gentle waves washing against a sandy beach. Azure, duck egg and natural bluey whites look fabulous teamed with this colour choice. Monochrome interiors can be lifted with a pop of aquamarine whilst additional vibrant colours such as fuchsia, purple, yellow and green will create a rich Mediterranean feel that is warm and sumptuous.





Aquamarine is a staple colour in Moroccan style interior designs. Its lustrous tones provide the perfect backdrop for bright and intricate Moroccan accessories and rugs and can be partnered with simple white or a multitude of vivid colours for a plethora of rainbow tones. To recreate this look select eastern pattern wallpapers, cushions and upholstery and team your bold colours with plain wood, white or silver painted furniture for a splash of luxury and opulence. This theme works particularly well in a bedroom area as its calming tones look wonderful with swathes of netted fabric and bold bedding.




1960s interiors embraced the use of colour within their homes and aquamarine became a favourite colour choice as a stand alone colour as well as within the psychedelic interior style. Opt for a bold retro wallpaper in a range of funky colours and patterns or why not choose a statement furniture item in your chosen aquamarine tone that will create a bold and eye-catching focal point in a neutral interior space. Plastic chairs, beanbags and stools look great in this colour selection and can be teamed with contemporary tables or more vintage style oak and hardwood finishes for a mix of colour, texture and appearance.



Shabby Chic

An aquamarine accent colour works really well against the crisp vintage backdrop of shabby chic interiors. Its calming tones create a bright and uplifting ambiance that can be picked up in a range of accessories or in a floral print wallpaper or upholstery design. You can uplift an old dresser by creating a distressed antique white exterior and painting the internal back panels in a rich aquamarine for a pop of colour that does not distract from the vintage elegance of the room. Aquamarine lamps, photo frames and mirrors are also a great way of introducing this fabulous colour choice into a classic home interior.




Fabrics and upholstery can transform the look of any room in a simple yet effective manner. Rich swathes of aquamarine curtains can add a quick and colourful update to an otherwise plain or neutral interior space. Cushions are another great way of ‘zoning’ this colour into your home and create a textural and visual style against your bed or seating area. If you would like to try your hand at some DIY furniture design then you can re-upholster an old chair or pouffe for a statement furniture item that will take centrestage in any interior setting. Take a look at my previous blog post - Revamp Your Old Dining Chairs for step by step guide on reupholstering your old chairs.


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How To Create Shabby Chic Style Furniture

Shabby Chic furniture is a must have furniture style this season as it provides a light and uplifting fininsh that suits a vast range of interior designs and decors. This versatile style of furniture can be purchased in a selection of styles and colours or can be handcrafted using simple steps and tools.

Here is our step by step guide to creating a personalised shabby chic furniture item that can be revamped to your exact tastes and needs:

What you will need:

A old or reclaimed furniture item 
Newspaper or an old sheet (to protect your floor)
A selection of simple tools (pliers, screwdriver etc)
All purpose wood filler 
A selection of sandpapers 
Several cleaning cloths 
Low tack masking tape and scissors
Primer/undercoat (optional but creates a longer wearing finish)
Paint (water-based acrylic or specialised wood paint)
Various sizes of paint brush
New handles (if required)
Paint stripper (if needed)
Clear furniture wax 

Step One – Remove Handles

Always remove any old handles on your chosen furniture item before beginning the transformation process (even if you are planning on keeping the handles the same) as this ensures a thorough covering of paint across the whole of the items exterior. This can be easily achieved using an appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of the drawer front.


Step 2 – Fill Any Holes Or Dents

Fill any holes that have been left by the removal of the handles, however if you are re using the same handles or ones of the same size then you can leave the holes as they are to save time drilling any new ones. While you are filling these holes, check the remainder of the item to ensure that there are no other damaged areas that can be filled at the same time.


Step Three – Prepare The Item’s Surface

Cover your flooring with an old sheet or newspaper and begin to prepare your item. If the item is already painted then you can easily remove the current paint finish with paint stripper or if the item is varnished or waxed then begin to remove the finish with a FINE GRADE sandpaper (so you do not damage the grain). This will roughen the items surface area making it easier for the new paint finish to stick to the exterior. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles. Always ensure that you work in a well ventilated area or take the item outside if it is a dry day.



Step Four – PrimeYour Item

Mask off any areas that do not need to be painted or mask off a pattern if your feeling extra creative (stripes work well) and then paint the item with your chosen primer or undercoat. If your item has drawers or doors or any interior areas, always paint the inside first, then leave to dry before proceeding to priming the exterior. Ensure all exposed areas are covered.


Step Five – Paint Your Item

Select your chosen paint colour and begin to paint your item using the same technique as you did with the primer (interior followed by exterior). It is best to paint your item using three or four thin coats as this allows the paint to adhere more strongly to the item and prevents the paint finish looking streaky. Use smaller and thinner brushes for any fiddly or intricate areas. Allow to dry fully between coats and before moving on to the next step.


Step Six – Distress Your Item

Remove the masking tape and start to add a distressed look to your paint finish. Begin by using a rougher sandpaper and then move on to a fine grade sandpaper to blend the edges into the paint for a naturally worn look. Select areas that would receive natural wear and tear over time such as table edges and drawer fronts and gently rub away at the new paint finish (less is more).


Step Seven – Finish 

Apply a coat of clear furniture wax to your item, This can be done using a professional waxing brush for complete coverage and should be used on internal and external areas of your furniture item. Once the item has been completely waxed take a soft polishing cloth and buff away the wax until the surface of the item no longer feels sticky (this process should be repeated every 6 months to keep the item looking fresh). Reattach the old or new handles to any drawers or door areas and your bespoke item is complete!


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If you have created your own shabby chic items or are planning on following this ‘How to’ guide to try your hand at this DIY design then tweet us your finished designs @MarketFurniture or tag us in your Instagram posts @TheFurnitureMarket.

Out with the old and in with the new!!!


Here at the furniture market we listen to what our customers say to us.  After receiving feedback from our customers and a bit of banter in the office, we have decided to mix a few things up.

We are extremely proud of our French furniture ranges, and have over the years added to it and changed a few things here and there.  But we have decided to do a massive overhaul of some of the items in the range.

We understand that some customers want furniture to match so they can have a full set, and some want it to look a bit more eclectic so the items will all work together but they don’t match exactly.   Our previous designs were slightly more eclectic and whilst all worked together as a group beautifully, didn’t match exactly.   So fast forward several months of re-designing and manufacturing we now have the same detail in the carving on bedsides and chest of drawers, whilst still keeping some of the furniture slightly different.

We have also added extra drawers on some items, changed handle designs and positioning and completely changed some items for the better.

For example we used to manufacture and sell a lovely bedroom chair with an upholstered seat and rattan back, now the new design is a beautiful upholstered seat and upholstered heart shaped back rest.  The dining chairs have also had a face lift with a larger slightly wider back rest for added comfort during meals.

french chairs

We have also redesigned the French sideboard to having 3 drawers across the top and 3 spacious cupboards below.  Again we listened to customers who desperately wanted a French sideboard, but were a bit pushed for space.  So we have introduced a smaller compact sideboard- still oozing French glamour, but ideal in a smaller space.

sideboard, french dining room furniture With the beautiful bombe chest, whilst it was a practical design with 2 deep drawers, we just felt there was a lot of wasted space as it was elevated on long cabriole legs.  Simple solution add another extra deep drawer so now there is enough space to store even more, yet still keeping  the cabriole leg that is recognised with French furniture.

french chest of drawers, 3 drawer bombe chest, moulin noir black chest Now our 1 door and 2 door armoires come with hanging rail, fully adjustable shelves and also a drawer, to make full use of the storage potential of these large beautiful, quality items.

We changed designs on the beds, so now there are 4 styles of bed.  There is a bed to suit all tastes- a simple and elegant bed with minimal carving, another bed with slightly more carving on the headboard and footboard, and then a bed that is truly a masterpiece of hand carving. Elaborate flowing design covered with vines and scrolls. And the fourth bed, button upholstered headboard and low footboard would rival any boutique hotel room.

 french white chateau bed, moulin noir black bed, silver leaf carved bed, gold leaf upholstered bed

After being able to you a quick sneek peak, we are even more proud of our beautiful French furniture that is packed with style, elegance and everything that has become known to represent French furniture.  We just can’t wait to get selling these to the public so they can be enjoyed by everyone!