Colour Trend – Yellow

This week we are taking an in depth look at the yellow colour trend and how to inject this sumptuous sunshine colour into your home interiors using simple and sophisticated interior design techniques.

From muted lemons to vibrant neons, the yellow colour trend is a versatile palette that can be adopted into any room in your home. With all the miserable weather we have been experiencing lately, why not create a cheerful haven inside your home where you can sit back and relax in a serene and uplifting environment.

For more inspirational yellow interiors and original images head over to our latest Pinterest board Pinterest – Yellow Colour Trend.

Walls and Floors

This seasons fashionable yellow hues are stepping right off the catwalk and into our homes providing eye-catching feature walls and colour pop flooring. For a subtle spring like ambiance in your interior then you can opt for lemon pastel tones or warm mustard hues for a traditional splash of colour that is not too overpowering. However If you like the idea of a full on sunshine interior then choose, vibrant and zesty yellows and bold geometric prints. These can be used on wallpaper, rugs and tiling for a true statement colour blast. When selecting your interior colour palettes; yellow tends to work best with simple white for a fresh appearance or blacks, silvers and charcoals for a more sophisticated, boutique style.


Accessories are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your interior without surrendering to a complete decor overhaul. A sprinkling of Yellow cushions can transform a sofa, bed or window seat and add a much needed lift in the ambiance of a neutral of dark interior. Vases, candles, light fittings and mirrors will provide a fresh and inviting colour addition without overpowering the rest of your interior decor. Once again you can stick to plain accessories in your chosen yellow hue, or combine varying tones and patterns for a more contemporary abstract appearance.



Fabrics are the perfect way to incorporate the yellow trend into your interior. Bedding, curtains, rugs, blinds and throws give both colour and textural appeal adding to the overall aesthetics of a room. Patterned textiles can also be used to create matching wall art, such as framed fabrics or screen printed designs that will add a customised flair to your home interior.



Whilst yellow furniture is not a popular or regularly stocked collection you can choose to partner your yellow interior with white or black painted selections such as our French Moulin Noir and French Chateau range. Or why not take this opportunity to turn your hand to furniture restoration. You can transform an old or unused piece of furniture into a stunning yellow statement item with some fabulous yellow paint and some sumptuous new handles for a completely customised interior look.



You can also opt for bright and eye-catching seating options such as stools and dining chairs or update an old occasional chair using a lick of yellow paint and some vibrant yellow fabric to create a fun and functional ambiance that will leave you walking on sunshine!





White Christmas

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas this year then don’t worry about checking out the weather forecasts. Why not bring that famous snowy Christmas scene inside your home with cool and crisp interior furniture and accessories that will transform your home into a frosty winter wonderland.

For inspirational winter interiors and original images take a look at our Christmas Pinterest board Pinterest – White Christmas.

Colour Palettes

People are often concerned that white interiors can look boring, bland and cold however with some clever hints and tricks you can create a serene and uplifting space that oozes glamour and sophistication. Different tones of white paint and wallpaper can be partnered together to give a universal yet dynamically tonal interior that gives a soft and feminine ambiance within your home. Muted greys and silvers also fit perfectly into this colour scheme and add a splash of glittering glamour to glacial home.




White Christmas decorations, fabrics and accessories are a classic and elegant addition to any winter interior and create a crisp and frosty ambiance that feels festive and fun. White Christmas baubles, beads and tinsels can be partnered with glimmering silvers and Arctic blues for an added frosty effect. Chunky knitted Christmas stockings, rugs, fair isle throws and woolen cushions create the perfect balance of cool colour tones and cosy textured fabrics; ideal for cosying up on the cold winter nights.



To complete your white winter interior then look no further than sophisticated and elegant white painted furniture such as our fabulous French White Furniture. The delicate carvings and soft white painted exteriors will add an illuminating and uplifting feel to your bedroom, living room or dining room area creating a dazzling yet relaxing haven for you to enjoy.


Who says winter has to be a dark and miserable time? We don’t! By transforming your home into a cosy, Lapland inspired interior you can enjoy the beautiful and bewitching snowy ambiance of Christmas without leaving the comfort of your stylish and comforting home.

Bonfire Night Inspiration – Colour Pop

Remember, remember the fifth of November; gunpowder, treason and…POP!

This Bonfire night we are celebrating with a burst of colour and taking a look at the latest interior trend – Colour pop. Whether its a splash of colour in your furniture, a burst of vibrancy with your accessories or an accent colour in your textiles, colour pop is a sure fire way of adding style and interest to even the blandest of interiors.

More original images and colour trend ideas can be found on our pinterest page Pinterest – Colour pop.


One of the simplest ways to inject some dynamic colour into your home is with a strong and vibrant feature wall. This can be achieved by using an eye-catching paint finish or a bright and cheerful wallpaper on a single focal wall. Colours such as strong blues, pinks, reds and greens make a real impact in even the smallest of home interiors and fit equally well when partnered with more neutral and classic, muted tones. This colour technique works extremely well in minimal white interiors creating a focal point that gives a cheerful ambiance to your living space.




A selection of colourful accessories can give a small yet eye-catching pop of colour without overpowering the rest of your interior. This interior design technique is perfect for those who wish to experiment with colour but are not quite brave enough to create a permanent colour feature within a room. This look can be achieved using a variety of ornaments, vases, cushions and art pieces and can be contained in one area of your interior or spread across your room to suit your style and tastes.



The added bonus of using colourful textiles within your interior is their perfect partnership of aesthetics and texture. Colourful textiles can make a huge impact on the feel and mood of an interior. Curtains, rugs bedding and throws create a sumptuous burst of colour for a vibrant and uplifting ambiance that does not overpower your interior style. Their warm and cosy feel match perfectly with the tropical energy that is embodied in the colour pop trend.

Whether its a hint of electrifying colour or a fun and  lively wallpaper, the colour pop trend is easily achievable and sophisticatedly stylish. What better way to brighten up these dreary autumn months than a shocking injecting of summer time colour that will definitely require some indoor sunglasses!