Colour Trend – Mocha

The mere mention of the colour ‘MOCHA’ used to conjur up memories and images of 1970s and 1980s interior decor where the majority of homes embraced muted brown tones and bland beige that did not really inspire any appealing interior fashion sense.

However as we jump forward to 2014 this classic colour is making a huge comeback as a stylish interior colour trend and as we wave goodbye to boring and bland, we say hello to chic and sophisticated. Compra Zapatillas Adidas Baratas Online This rich and warm colour choice can be partnered with soft and bold colour palettes and can provide a charming vintage feel as well as a sleek and contemporary interior look.


Colour Schemes

As with other ‘Earthen’ colour tones, mocha is extremely versatile when it comes to decor and paint selections. It looks fabulous alongside soft vanilla and peach palettes and also looks great against dark chocolate and pebble grey. For a more bold and colourful partnership then orange, cobalt and mustard tones will add a splash of vibrancy against this sumptuously rich colour option.




Mocha fabric looks particularly luxurious against a soft neutral backdrop of rich cream and ivory. Plain cushions can be mixed and matched with patterns and prints as well as adding splashes of complimentary colours like burnt orange (left) to add visual detail and texture to your chosen seating area or bedroom setting. A central rug in this rich brown tone will look wonderful against a plain wooden floor or neutral carpet and can be co-ordinated to your chosen accessories and furnishings.

  • A simple and yet striking way to introduce this colour into your home is by adding a rich pair of mocha curtains that will create a great alternative to a painted feature wall and can be chosen in a modern or vintage design for added detail and style.



    When using an earthy colour tone such as mocha it is key not to over do the neutral colour scheme to avoid your interior looking flat and bland.

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  • This can be avoided by adding zoned areas of contrasting yet complimentary colours that will break up the natural tones of the surroundings. Kopen Nike Air Max 2017 You can add visual detail by adding a selection of vases, bowls, ornaments and frames that create a pop of colour that will diversify the feel of your interior. nike air max pas cher Bold yellow, duck egg blue, red and gold work really well alongside an autumnal mocha backdrop.



    Choosing the correct upholstery for your home can be tricky but the versatility of the mocha colour tone means that it can be slipped seamlessly into a vast range of interior colour palettes and will compliment both classic and contemporary designs. nike air max 1 homme Simplistic sofas can be given a new lease of life with a funky modern mocha pattern or add some rich and sumptuous colour to an occasional chair with a swathe of mocha fabric (left).

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  • This upholstery colour will look wonderful with oak or crisp painted frames as well as rich black and hardwood exteriors that further displays its extensive range of complimentary hues.



    The neutrality and earthy tones of mocha colour tones creates the perfect backdrop for a wide range of furniture styles and finishes. Authentic UGA Jersey For a modern and calming interior space then a scattering of Oak furniture will provide the perfect balance of natural hues whilst a selection of Hardwood items will create a vintage style interior feel with a twist of period luxury.

    Colour Trend – Olive Green

    Olive Green has long been associated with period style interiors and can be seen in many of the heritage properties and stately homes around the United Kingdom. It is however a colour that has never really made a comeback into the interior colour palettes of modern homes…until now.

    This fairly unique colour has made a huge impression on the interior design world this 2014 and can be partnered with a vast range of interior styles and colours to create a chic and sophisticated interior setting that has the perfect balance of modern and traditional styling.


    Colour palettes

    Olive green works wonderfully with both bold and neutral colour choices. Crisp whites and beige creates a soft and classic appearance with accents of olive creating a rich and muted interior ambiance. For a more colourful interior; grey, purple, navy and black work equally well alongside this particular shade of green and create a chic contemporary style that works particularly well in living room and bedroom settings. You can balance the olive tones of your decor with gold accents and finishing touches for a rich and sumptuous feel that will add to the classic appeal of this versatile colour.





    Accessories are always a great way of creating a dash of colour within an interior space. Lamps, vases and ornaments can transform a plain or unnoticeable piece of furniture into an eye-catching focal point within your chosen room. Photo frames, art work and painted mirrors are also a great way of adding a splash of colour into your home and look fantastic on a plain painted or wallpapered feature wall. You can also opt for crisp white accessories that will compliment the olive interior colour palette and create a bright and uplifting atmosphere within your home.





    Textiles create a rich and warm atmosphere in any home interior and are a great way of showing off a particular colour or pattern. Cushions can be scattered on chairs, sofas and beds to create zoned areas of olive colour and pattern whilst olive green curtains make a great alternative to a feature wall and will add a visual focal point against a plain painted background area.




    Whilst olive green furniture is not readily available in most high street stores you can try your hand at a spot of up-cycling on your current furniture items. Wooden furniture can be easily sanded, primed and painted in your chosen olive tone for a personalised and eye-catching furniture item. Alternatively you could opt for white, black or even gold painted furniture that will compliment the green tones and will look fabulous against a painted feature wall. A striking dresser or display cabinet will make a fabulous stand out furniture item or a eye-catching dining table could transform even the blandest of interiors into a sophisticated and relaxed setting.


    For more Olive green interior ideas take a look at our latest Pinterest page - Pinterest – Olive Colour Trend and reinvent this classic colour in your contemporary home.

    For a wide range of sumptuous painted furniture items that will compliment your olive green interior then head over to a website and browse our extensive Painted Furniture Collections







    How To Create Shabby Chic Style Furniture

    Shabby Chic furniture is a must have furniture style this season as it provides a light and uplifting fininsh that suits a vast range of interior designs and decors. This versatile style of furniture can be purchased in a selection of styles and colours or can be handcrafted using simple steps and tools.

    Here is our step by step guide to creating a personalised shabby chic furniture item that can be revamped to your exact tastes and needs:

    What you will need:

    A old or reclaimed furniture item 
    Newspaper or an old sheet (to protect your floor)
    A selection of simple tools (pliers, screwdriver etc)
    All purpose wood filler 
    A selection of sandpapers 
    Several cleaning cloths 
    Low tack masking tape and scissors
    Primer/undercoat (optional but creates a longer wearing finish)
    Paint (water-based acrylic or specialised wood paint)
    Various sizes of paint brush
    New handles (if required)
    Paint stripper (if needed)
    Clear furniture wax 

    Step One – Remove Handles

    Always remove any old handles on your chosen furniture item before beginning the transformation process (even if you are planning on keeping the handles the same) as this ensures a thorough covering of paint across the whole of the items exterior. This can be easily achieved using an appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of the drawer front.


    Step 2 – Fill Any Holes Or Dents

    Fill any holes that have been left by the removal of the handles, however if you are re using the same handles or ones of the same size then you can leave the holes as they are to save time drilling any new ones. While you are filling these holes, check the remainder of the item to ensure that there are no other damaged areas that can be filled at the same time.


    Step Three – Prepare The Item’s Surface

    Cover your flooring with an old sheet or newspaper and begin to prepare your item. If the item is already painted then you can easily remove the current paint finish with paint stripper or if the item is varnished or waxed then begin to remove the finish with a FINE GRADE sandpaper (so you do not damage the grain). This will roughen the items surface area making it easier for the new paint finish to stick to the exterior. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles. Always ensure that you work in a well ventilated area or take the item outside if it is a dry day.



    Step Four – PrimeYour Item

    Mask off any areas that do not need to be painted or mask off a pattern if your feeling extra creative (stripes work well) and then paint the item with your chosen primer or undercoat. If your item has drawers or doors or any interior areas, always paint the inside first, then leave to dry before proceeding to priming the exterior. Ensure all exposed areas are covered.


    Step Five – Paint Your Item

    Select your chosen paint colour and begin to paint your item using the same technique as you did with the primer (interior followed by exterior). It is best to paint your item using three or four thin coats as this allows the paint to adhere more strongly to the item and prevents the paint finish looking streaky. Use smaller and thinner brushes for any fiddly or intricate areas. Allow to dry fully between coats and before moving on to the next step.


    Step Six – Distress Your Item

    Remove the masking tape and start to add a distressed look to your paint finish. Begin by using a rougher sandpaper and then move on to a fine grade sandpaper to blend the edges into the paint for a naturally worn look. Select areas that would receive natural wear and tear over time such as table edges and drawer fronts and gently rub away at the new paint finish (less is more).


    Step Seven – Finish 

    Apply a coat of clear furniture wax to your item, This can be done using a professional waxing brush for complete coverage and should be used on internal and external areas of your furniture item. Once the item has been completely waxed take a soft polishing cloth and buff away the wax until the surface of the item no longer feels sticky (this process should be repeated every 6 months to keep the item looking fresh). Reattach the old or new handles to any drawers or door areas and your bespoke item is complete!


    For more painted furniture ideas take a look at our Pinterest board - pinterest – Painted Furniture

    If you have created your own shabby chic items or are planning on following this ‘How to’ guide to try your hand at this DIY design then tweet us your finished designs @MarketFurniture or tag us in your Instagram posts @TheFurnitureMarket.

    Colour Trend – Emerald

    As we all head out to the country and the park to enjoy the rare sight of some British sunshine there is nothing more beautiful than the lush green tones of freshly mown grass and blooming shrubbery. This months hot EMERALD interior colour trend allows you to bring the fresh feeling of the outdoors, indoors and will create a pop of luscious colour in even the plainest of homes.


    Colour Palettes

    Emerald green is a versatile colour choice that works equally well in dark and light interiors. Its vibrant nature will add an eye catching colour pop in a grey or monochrome interior or can be partnered with other bold and bright tones such as azure, fushia and yellow for a Moroccan style interior feel. This seasons key combination is a simple partnership of emerald and white that creates an elegant and uplifting interior feel that is perfect for a soft and summery ambiance. Bold floral print wallpapers work wonderfully with crisp white paint and flooring for a light and airy style that will open up even the most compact of interior spaces.




    Textiles and cushions create a visually beautiful and practically cosy focal point against a statement bed or seating area. Emerald cushions are particularly elegant as they look great against dark and light backdrops. This months hottest trend is palm print and allows you to tackle two trends at the same time. This bold design will transform your home into a colourful, tropical retreat that will transport you into a beach side setting with a chic and relaxed interior ambiance. Choose a selection of patterned and plain green and white cushions for added detail and variation.




    Coloured fabrics are a cheap and effective way of adding colour into your home interior. If bought in bulk you can change and update your home with minimal effort but maximum results. Bold emerald curtains are a great alternative to a feature wall and look great against a wide range of painted walls. You can carry on your chosen fabric print and colour through into your throws, bedding, cushions, and even your seating with some clever upholstery and furniture up-cycling. This scattering of colour will update and uplift an old or new interior design and will create a sumptuous space in which to unwind.




    Accessories provide the finishes touch to a newly decorated interior setting but are also a great way of testing out a new colour scheme without changing your entire decor. Lamps, vases, bowls and ornaments can be scattered throughout your interior or placed in strategic areas to create a burst of colour and eye-catching style. Emerald green accessories look wonderful placed on white painted or oak furniture for a fresh and modern feel. but also work equally well with  black painted or traditional hardwood furniture for a more retro, Art Deco design and feel.





    Emerald painted furniture looks wonderfully eye-catching in neutral painted rooms or with soft pebble tones such as pewter and silver. Bold painted items work well in minimal contemporary settings or why not opt for an emerald green ‘washed’ paint effect (left) that will provide a more subtle and elegant splash of colour. If you have chosen to concentrate your emerald tones on your walls and accessories then opt for classic oak furniture or bright and illuminating white painted furniture for a contrasting and complementary furniture choice that provides a light and summery interior style.




    For all original images and more emerald interior ideas, take a look at our latest pinterest board - Pinterest – Emerald Colour Trend



    Colour Trend – Mint

    Pastel tones are all the range this Spring season and with the trees finally turning green what better way to celebrate than with a crisp and fresh injection of stylish mint tones.

    This bright yet muted colour looks wonderful in both classic and contemporary interiors and will create a bright and refreshing ambiance that is calming and relaxing.

    For mint green interior inspiration and all original images head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Mint Green Colour Trend.


    Mint green is a stylish and adaptable colour that works well with a vast range of interior colour palettes. This versatile colour works wonderfully with other pastel tones such as powder pink, baby blue and lemon and looks particularly eye-catching against monochrome and grey interior tones. You can create a fresh feature wall an all over colour scheme or create a burst of pattern with a geometric or floral patterned wallpaper. This sumptuous colour also looks great within shabby chic interiors to create a classic kitsch style ambiance within your home.



    This classically timeless colour looks wonderful as an accent tone in your interior and works particularly well on traditional, ornate furniture as well as retro 1950s style designs. Mint green furniture works particularly well in neutral or muted interiors and looks great alongside complimentary pastel walls, sofas or rugs. Why not try your hand at some furniture up-cycling and transform some old or reclaimed furniture items such as bedsides, sideboards or tables and give them a new lease of life with a coat or two of sumptuous mint green paint.

    Mint green accessories are a great way of introducing this sumptuous colour into your home without having to overhaul your entire interior design. A perfectly placed lamp, vase or light shade can add a subtle ‘pop’ of colour to your current interior palette and create a fresh and crisp addition to your home.


    A pale mint green cushion can add a textural and visual appeal to any sofa, chair or bed and will brighten up even the most neutral of spaces. Plain cushions look great against a patterned sofa or bedding set whilst patterned or floral cushions will add a splash of pattern to a neutrally upholstered backdrop.

    Upholstery and fabrics play a huge role in creating a warm and cosy interior setting, yet it is one area of our homes that we often neglect. A sumptuous mint green upholstered occasional chair will create a fresh and relaxed ‘zoned’ area of colour that works particularly well in a living room, bedroom or office area. Plain or patterned mint green curtains make a great alternative to a painted feature wall as they provide a block of visual colour that will compliment the natural light from your windows or patio doors.


    Product of the Week – French Chateau White Painted 6 Seater Dining Set

    If like many of us, you are celebrating your Easter weekend with good food, good friends and a slap up family meal, then our French Chateau white carved 6 seater dining set is the perfect way to create an elegant and stylish dining area that is perfect for all dining occasions.

    French Chateau white carved 6 seater dining set

    French Chateau white carved 6 seater dining set

    Painted in a crisp and french antique white finish, this dining set is a soft and sumptuous addition to both modern and traditional dining areas and its ornate yet subtle design will compliment a wide range of interior styles and colour palettes.

    This beautiful dining set is a soft and feminine design that will add a sense of space and light to even the smallest of dining room areas. Its bright and uplifting style is perfect for the spring months and its spacious dimensions means that it is perfect for larger families or those who love to throw a good dinner party.

    French Chateau white carved dining table

    French Chateau white carved dining table

    The elegant French Chateau carved dining table is an exquisitely styled furniture item that oozes palatial French glamour and European sophistication. With its curvaceous, fluted legs and ornate carved framework this dining table will make a centrepiece in any dining room area. This opulent table will comfortably seat up to 6 dinner guests to create a spacious and sociable interior space that does not compromise of style.

    French Chateau table carvings

    French Chateau table carvings



    The French Chateau carved dining table has been modeled from traditional antique designs to create an authentic, aged appearance that adds to its visual charm and appeal. Its delicate renaissance style carvings are a subtle yet eye-catching design feature that make this table perfectly suited to both classic and contemporary home interiors.


    French Chateau white carved dining chair

    French Chateau white carved dining chair


    The fabulous dining chairs that accompany the French chateau dining set are the epitome of classic luxury and comfort. Featuring a matching white paint finish and complimentary fluted leg detailing these chairs will add the finishing touches to your French dining experience. These sumptuous chairs are finished with a luxurious pale grey upholstery across the padded seat and backrest for a contrasting yet complimentary colour palette that will provide you with a stylish and comfortable area in which to sit back and relax.


    For more stylish items from this elegant furniture range then take a look at our full French Chateau white painted furniture collection and create your very own renaissance style home interior.


    Get The Look – The Magic of Minimal

    Throw away that clutter, shut away your nik naks, and strip back your interiors! This week we are going back to basics with our fabulous look at the ever popular trend of sleek and sophisticated, minimal interiors.

    With crisp, clean lines, elegant and unique furnishings and innovative style techniques the minimal interior trend has struck a cord with a wide range of interior enthusiasts. With all the stresses of modern living, who doesn’t want an interior that’s clean, simple and low maintenance.

    For original images and inspiring minimal interior ideas, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Minimal Interiors

    Colour Palettes

    The first colour that springs to mind when thinking of a minimal interior is sure to be…WHITE, and whilst this is the basis for the majority of minimal interiors it certainly isn’t the only colour option available to you. Smoky greys and natural stone colours look fabulously sleek and clean and when combined with basic white give a subtle contrast without creating a ‘busy’ or fussy colour palette. You can also try a small pop of colour with some cushions or a rug to give a centre of interest and variation without overpowering the visual simplicity of the minimal trend.



    The key to accessorising any minimal interior is invisibility and blending. Whilst a small splash of colour is acceptable in one form of accessory you do not want to overpower the simplicity of your interior with bright and distracting tones. Try and keep to accessories with a matching colour palette to your walls and floors or opt for transparent, glass items such as vases and light fittings to create fluid, undisturbed lines and an illusion of space. Opt for muted tones such as grey, taupe, beige or white and keep accessories to a ‘minimum’, selecting key pieces positioned sparingly across your selected room.



    Selecting the right furniture for your minimal interior can be a tricky task. The key points to remember is not to over-clutter your space by choosing items that are necessary and functional as opposed to filling every last space in your home. Once again the easiest way to compliment your minimal decor is to choose items that will blend into their surrounding and give a clean and sleek overall appearance. Painted furniture is a simple way to solve this problem as the items can be purchased or painted in the exact colour tones of your interior, allowing them to blend into the background. Alternatively why not opt for mirrored or ‘invisible’ furniture like our fabulous Phantom clear armchair & footstool that will provide an illusion of space and light that will not encroach upon your minimal ambiance.

    When it comes to storage – the more the better! A minimal interior can only work successfully if all the clutter and household items that we would normally have on display can be tucked away, out of sight or organised in a sleek and consistent manner. Opt for items such as sideboards, console tables and cupboards that will allow you to store away any unsightly clutter or alternatively why not purchase a statement item such as an open fronted bookcase where you can showcase a selection of books that match your chosen colour palette to create an interesting yet neutral feature wall.

    Just remember the one key rule: LESS IS MORE!

    Decorating Alternatives – Perfect Panelling

    Wallpaper is so last season! Over at Pinterest this week we are celebrating the latest hot trend to hit the interior design world…Wall panelling!

    Head over to Pinterest – Perfect Panelling for the source of original images.

    The beauty of wall panelling is the vast range of styles, colours and sizes that can be bought from most DIY and decorating supply stores. From traditional square and rectangular edged panelling to more contemporary and unique designs you will be sure to find a style to suit your tastes. Decorative wall panelling also has the added bonus of being simple to apply to your walls and simple to remove when you fancy a change (no more wallpaper scrapers!!)

    Traditional panelling

    Traditional oak and mahogany panelling is most regularly featured in stately homes, Georgian interiors and Victorian styled rooms. Its simple yet sophisticated design usually covers half way up the interior walls allowing you to accompany the panelling with any complimentary paint finish and also looks wonderful with matching cornice, door frames and skirting boards for added uniformity.





    Contemporary Wall Panels

    The past few years have seen an exciting development in the manufacture of contemporary and innovative wall panels. With amazing designs such as jigsaw pieces, textured images, 3D shapes and geometric designs you can create a piece of unique and sculptural artwork on any interior wall. You can use this modern panelling as an eye-catching feature wall or be brave and apply it the the entire room for a textural and illuminating ambiance.




    Painted Panelling

    If you find neutral interior a little boring then fear not! Painted panelling can add a much needed splash of colour to even the blandest of home interiors. Panelling can be bought pre-painted in a variety of light and vivid colour palettes or you can paint your panelling yourself to create a completely personalised colour choice for your interior. Whether you choose full wall panelling or a simple accent wall, an injection of colour can transform the mood and feel of your interior.




    Complimentary additions.

    The final key to creating a successful wall panelled interior is your choice of complimentary furniture. Finding furniture with similar shapes, colours and tones will finish this look and create a comfortable and functional interior space. French painted furniture is very complimentary with painted wall panels French Furniture whilst sleek mirrored furniture items Mirrored Furniture can look striking when paired with a contemporary 3D panel design  But if your a fan of the original and traditional framed wall panelling then you can select an oak or mahogany furniture collection that features complimentary panels for a elegant and sophisticated interior look. French Regal Oak


    French Regal Oak Dresser

    French Regal Oak Dresser


    White Christmas

    If you are dreaming of a white Christmas this year then don’t worry about checking out the weather forecasts. Why not bring that famous snowy Christmas scene inside your home with cool and crisp interior furniture and accessories that will transform your home into a frosty winter wonderland.

    For inspirational winter interiors and original images take a look at our Christmas Pinterest board Pinterest – White Christmas.

    Colour Palettes

    People are often concerned that white interiors can look boring, bland and cold however with some clever hints and tricks you can create a serene and uplifting space that oozes glamour and sophistication. Different tones of white paint and wallpaper can be partnered together to give a universal yet dynamically tonal interior that gives a soft and feminine ambiance within your home. Muted greys and silvers also fit perfectly into this colour scheme and add a splash of glittering glamour to glacial home.




    White Christmas decorations, fabrics and accessories are a classic and elegant addition to any winter interior and create a crisp and frosty ambiance that feels festive and fun. White Christmas baubles, beads and tinsels can be partnered with glimmering silvers and Arctic blues for an added frosty effect. Chunky knitted Christmas stockings, rugs, fair isle throws and woolen cushions create the perfect balance of cool colour tones and cosy textured fabrics; ideal for cosying up on the cold winter nights.



    To complete your white winter interior then look no further than sophisticated and elegant white painted furniture such as our fabulous French White Furniture. The delicate carvings and soft white painted exteriors will add an illuminating and uplifting feel to your bedroom, living room or dining room area creating a dazzling yet relaxing haven for you to enjoy.


    Who says winter has to be a dark and miserable time? We don’t! By transforming your home into a cosy, Lapland inspired interior you can enjoy the beautiful and bewitching snowy ambiance of Christmas without leaving the comfort of your stylish and comforting home.

    Summer Lovin!

    The weather is finally hotting up and at The Furniture Market we are in a fun and funky mood that takes us back to the laid back and chilled out days of the 1950s and 60s. Why not embrace the retro attitude and laid back style and indulge in some super stylish vintage style furniture that will give any home a welcomed blast from the past and inject some old school flair to your interior.Vintage Retro Furniture

    With slick straight edged designs combined with curvaceous seating and ‘out there’ fabrics our wonderful vintage furniture collection embraces the ever popular Art Deco style and provides authentic vintage style with all the mod cons that are required from modern furniture items. The versatility of vintage furniture means that it fits perfectly in both traditional spaces and contemporary, minimal interiors creating light and space within your home.

    Oyster and Archer writing desk.

    Oyster and Archer writing desk.





    Our super cute painted furniture items are a quirky yet elegant furniture item that will suit a wide range of interiors. The fun oyster painted drawer fronts will add a splash of illuminating, brightness to even the most neutral of interiors. With its contrasting but complimentary natural wood exterior each item will add vintage chic to your living area. With retro angular legs and sophisticated curved edges this fabulous style will transform any home into a chic 1950s boudoir (without looking like your grandmother’s house).

    For a funky yet luxurious seating solution our amazing Eames rocker chair is a must have statement item that will be the centrepiece in any vintage home  Eames Rocker Chair. With opulent curvaceous arms and bucket style seating area it provides the perfect balance of style and practical comfort. Its rocker style feet are crafted from solid wood and the intricate metal framework delicately poise the chair in the air creating a memorable 1950s style that perfectly matches our other vintage furniture items for fluid continuity throughout your home.

    Eames rocker chair

    Eames rocker chair

    For those who want to celebrate the vintage retro style without the flamboyant colours and psychedelic patterns then our two tone furniture items are neutral in colour but do not negotiate on the familiar styling of 1950s interior design Retro Buffet.


    Two tone bookshelf

    Two tone bookshelf                                                                        

    Made from elegant natural wood with eye catching zebra style grain on the cupboard fronts this range of furniture will be sure to add a focal point to your interior. The combination of storage and style makes this collection for any modern home.



    Two tone cabinet

    Two tone cabinet

    If you are looking for the perfect balance of contemporary function and classic styling then our vintage retro collection is a must have furniture range to add to your wish list. This stylish design is timeless and elegant and as you can see from its ongoing popularity today, it never goes out of fashion. This means that these wonderful items are not only pieces of furniture but investment purchases that can be passed down from generation to generation without losing their style and appeal.

    For further inspiration for your Vintage interior check out or Retro inspired Pinterest board and get your imagination flowing! Pinterest- Vintage Retro