5 Best Hallway Accessories

Many people tend to neglect their hallway areas as they are the one room of the house where we spend the smallest amount of time. The hallway is, however, the first port of call for visitors and guests and gives the first impression of your home and interior style.

Whether your hallway is small.

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  • large, long or short, we have the 5 best hallway accessories that will add a splash of style and practicality to any hall area.


    1. adidas neo męskie Shoe Storage

    No body wants to have muddy boots and grubby trainers tread throughout the entire house, but you don’t want them stacked up in a pile near the front door either! Shoe storage chests and shelving are a great way of keeping your shoes in a neat and organised space with easy access to them as you are on your way out, or in through the door. adidas nmd męskie Specifically designed shoe cabinets feature sectional areas for your shoes and can be closed away so they are visually out of sight. Alternatively you can opt for an open fronted shelving area (left) that uses your shoe collections as a visual feature in your hallway area.


    2. Coat Hooks

    For me, there is nothing worse than coming in through the front door and having to find somewhere to store your coats, scarves and hats that are out of the way of your general living area. Green Bay Packers Jerseys Coat hooks and stands are the perfect solution for hanging up your outerwear and also make a great feature in your hallway area. Traditional coat hooks look great at the side of a hallway or an alcove area and can be personalised to your exact tastes. Try adding pictures of your family members to each hook for a fun ‘school cloakroom’ style design or you can purchase or create a traditional or contemporary hatstand that works as a piece of sculptural artwork as well as a functional storage device.


    3. Hallway Seating

    Hallway seating provides a stylish and practical area within your home for you to sit down and put on or remove your foot wear.

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  • We’ve all had those ‘hopping down the hallway tugging on your shoes’ moments however there is a multitude of seating solutions for a calm and relaxed hallway ambiance. Adidas Femme Hallway benches with under seat storage are a perfect combination of function and style or for a more sophisticated design then why not opt for a sumptuous and glamorous occasional chair or chaise lounge design.

    4. roshe run femme floral Lamps

    Lighting and lamps play a huge role in any room of the home, however if you are coming home or leaving the house at unsociable times of the day you may not want to put a bright main ceiling light on (we all need time to adjust in the mornings!) Lamps provide just the right amount of light to illuminate the hallway space without flooding the rest of your home with bright light. When selecting the perfect lamp for your hallway try opting for a freestanding floor lamp that can be placed in a corner or alcove; or matching table lamps that can be placed on a hallway table or sideboard so you can easily find your keys, bag and accessories.


    5. nike air max norge nettbutikk Hallway Mirrors

    Hallway mirrors provide a perfect way of adding space and light to both large and small hallway interiors. New Balance buty damskie With many hallway designs being narrow or enclosed by the stairs, there is always a need to create the illusion of a larger more open area in which to enter the home.

    3 Popular Italian Interior Styles

    From historic Rome to rural Tuscany, Italian interiors feature rich and varied designs that ooze classically elegant features.

    Since its ancient beginnings in the palaces of classical Rome, Italian interior design has been adopted and adapted across much of Europe and America.

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  • It’s architecture and decor has selected influences of every period from renaissance to modern day to create a unique and recognisable style that is steeped in history and culture.

    For belissima Italian interiors and original images pop over to our latest Pinterest board Pinterest – Italian Interiors.


    1. Rome

    When it come to Roman interior design, the grander the better! Think of Empirical palaces and Lavish roman baths with their warm and rich interior tones. Nike Air Max 1 męskie człrwone Roman interiors embrace their original ancient architectural features such as columns, carvings and ceiling decor and combine then with neutral yet warm colour palettes to create a timeless style that has stood the test of time.

    Stone, marble and rich and opulent fabrics are used to emphasise the expensive and exquisite facade that was adopted by the Emperors of ancient Rome.

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  • Extravagant golds and silvers, heavy drapery and grand carved furniture create a breathtakingly plush setting that reflects the historical, palatial style of this amazing Italian city.



    2. Geno Smith College Jerseys Venice

    Sumptuously stylish Venetian interiors reflect the lavish and luxurious stylings of historical Renaissance Italy. Fabulously rich carvings, moldings and paintings are scattered generously throughout every room to create a rich and regal period ambiance.

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  • Curvaceous, carved furniture and lavishly upholstered seating create a fashionable and feminine interior style that oozes excessive luxury.

    No Venetian interior is complete without an eye-catching and extravagant Venetian Mirror. Asics Whizłer męskie This delicate and elegant style of mirror would have adorned the walls of any reputable Venetian home and has now become a popular purchase for contemporary home interiors. Stephen Piscotty Authentic Jersey With simple carvings and floral etchings a grand wall mirror or Venetian etched dressing table mirror will create a classic focal point in any bedroom, living room or hallway area.


    3. adidas originals superstar ii camo Tuscany

    Traditional Tuscan interiors are the perfect balance of rustic country style and elegant Mediterranean features. Adidas Schoenen Verkoop Beautiful natural wood and rugged farmhouse stone are left open and exposed to create a sumptuous and cosy home interior. Solid oak, mahogany and walnut furniture are combined with neutral, antique style accessories to provide a subtle and complimentary interior colour palette.


    Tuscan interiors seamlessly blend European farmhouse style and Mediterranean opulence to create a luxurious combination of cultural and local influences.

    How To Create A Romantic Interior

    Everyone loves a splash of romance in their lives. Whether its a box of chocolates, a bunch of roses or a candlelit dinner for two, sometimes all we want is to get swept away in the moment. Why not make that moment permanent with a soft and delicate romantic interior that will transform even the blandest of homes into a fairytale retreat.



    It would be impossible to create a romantic interior without a splash of floral. Roses are a must have addition to your interior space as their delicate and feminine touch will create a soft and serene ambiance within your home. Opt for fresh or artificial bunches of flowers for your tables or bedsides or pick floral print designs for your bedding, cushions or artwork for a romantic focal point that adds a splash of colour to a neutral colour palette.





    When choosing your lighting for your romantic interior think of grand ballrooms and fairytale castles for a dash of inspiration. Opulent chandeliers make the perfect centrepiece in a bedroom or living room and look especially dazzling positioned directly above your dining table for those romantic evening meals. Clear crystals work wonderfully in a wide range of interior decors whilst coloured designs work best in a minimal setting so they can take centrestage within your room.



    Dim down the lights and light some candles for a truly romantic interior ambiance. Scented candles will create a fabulous atmosphere within your home and come in a wide range of colours and jars that can be incorporated into your interior design scheme. For me Candelabras are a key piece in created a romantic feel within your home and can make a great alternative to a lamp. Opt for simple silver and whites designs for a soft and delicate feel that embraces the rich and luxurious feel of period interiors. Place your candelabra on a mantelpiece, side table or in the centre of your dining table for a truly serene and romantic feel.



    Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all? Ever since I first read the tale of Snow White I have had a love for all things mirrored. A grand and luxurious mirror can take pride of place above a mantelpiece or hallway and provides a place to admire yourself in your bedroom or dressing room. Their light and bright exterior will create the illusion of space in even the smallest of homes. For a truly romantic feel, choose designs that are intricate and feminine and choose white, silver or shabby chic paint effects for a muted yet opulent feel or opt for shimmering gold for a rich palatial ambiance.



    Fabric and drapery are the perfect way to add a luxurious and romantic feel to your interior setting. Curtains should feature heavy swags and excessive pools of fabric that create a rich and opulent feel to your home. Nets and voiles can be draped from ceilings or bed frames to create delicate canopies of fabric that will provide a sleeping space that is filled with romance and femininity. Keep your colour choice light and bright to counteract the excess use of fabric. White, silver, gold and pink look great on their own or together for a light and appealing visual look.



    When it comes to selecting key furniture items for your interior design, there is nothing more romantic than an elegant and opulent bed frame like our French chateau white carved four poster bed. With its feminine carvings and intricate twisted posts this bed will create a soft and romantic setting that is perfect for creating your very own fairytale bedroom. Its large and eye-catching design will take centrestage in your bedroom area and is ideal for creating that must have fabric canopy around your bed.


    For more inspiring and romantic interior designs and accessories head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Romantic Interiors or for matching items to compliment our four poster bed then take a look at our extensive French Chateau white painted furniture collection.



    5 Ways To Make The Most Of Smaller Interior Spaces

    We all like to make the most of the space within our home interiors but with all the gadgets, gizmos and clutter that comes with modern day living it is often difficult to create a bright and spacious atmosphere in the smaller rooms of our home.

    While furnishing a small room can at first seem a little daunting, with these 5 simple techniques and ideas you can create a stylish and sophisticated interior that utilises ever space inch of space to provide you with a functional home environment.


    Keep It Light

    When choosing a colour palette for your smaller home interiors always select colours that will give the illusion of space and light. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen Avoid dark colour tones as these will give an enclosed feel and will draw your eye to the compact dimensions of the walls and floor. Opt for crisp white, cream and pale earthen tones and ensure that your flooring or carpet is also a light and plain colour hue that will compliment the overall sleek appearance.

  • Where possible use a simple blind on your windows or patio doors to allow the light to reflect onto the pale decor to give a bright and open ambiance.


    Secret Storage

    There is nothing worse than clutter to make a room seem small and uninviting. The key to creating a sleek and open feel within a compact home interior is to utilise as much storage as possible without encroaching upon your already limited floor space. Choose hidden storage and fitted items that will blend seamlessly into the background of the room and will allow you to hide any essential items when they are not in use. Under stairs storage is great for shoes, Hoovers and coats while under bed storage is ideal for foldable clothing items and accessories. Scarpe Nike Air Max For even more ingenious designs why not create a desk or office area in a fitted wardrobe or alcove for a perfectly sized yet disguised working area.


    Magic Mirrors

    Mirrors are always a great way of creating a fresh and light feel in any interior area. Vancouver Grizzlies The use of a large mirror on a feature wall can almost double the appearance of space within the room and can cleverly give the impression of having an additional window within your home. air max pas cher The ideal position for a mirror can be horizontally above a sofa, bed or sideboard or a full length mirror on a plain painted wall. Mirrored fitted wardrobe doors will reflect the neutral colours of the wall and will give an illusion of extended wall space that is illuminating and practical.



    Seating and Sleeping

    When it comes to furnishing a small studio apartment or a guest bedroom it is often difficult to find a balance between living space and sleeping space. Air Jordan 9 Sofa beds are the ideal solution to compact interior design as they can be comfortably folded away or positioned as a seating area during the day and then unfolded and re-arranged as a comfortable and space saving bed for the evening. air max 2017 dames These beds are extremely practical for teenager’s bedrooms as it provides a spacious sleeping area as well as a comfy seating space to kick back and play computer games.


    Functional Furniture

    Finding the right furniture for a small home interior can be quite a challenge.

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  • Opt for lighter colour woods such as pale oak or beech or select crisp painted cream or white designs for an illuminating and reflective finish. Air Max 2017 Dames wit With limited floor space it is impossible to fit in larger furniture items or a furniture set and arrangement that would completely overcrowd the room. Selecting a few small and cleverly designed items will allow you to create a comfortable and welcoming space that does not lack the practical elements needed for a modern home. air max homme pas cher When looking for TV units, side tables and display units opt for items that will fit into the corner of the room of fit snugly into an alcove or recess area.

    How To Create A Gothic Style Interior

    Gothic interiors do not all have to be about vampires, cobwebs and witches cauldrons. Over the past few seasons Gothic interiors have grown in popularity with the rise of popular media adaptions of some of our beloved classic horror characters and medieval dramas.

    Contemporary Gothic interiors strike a balance between traditional period style features and fun and quirky designs that create a rich and mysterious ambiance within your home and provide a sense of classic glamour to any interior space.


    Colour Palettes

    Only one colour springs to mind when we hear the words ‘Gothic’…BLACK. But black interiors do not have to be forlorn and dowdy spaces, they can in fact create a cosy and glamorous area in which to relax. When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your Gothic home then partner your black and grey tones with red, purple or silver hues for a complimentary splash of colour that will add visual detailing to an otherwise plain interior.




    Creating a seating area that is both fashionable and functional can often be a daunting prospect. Gothic sofas, however, have a rich and textural appeal that is complimented by ornate and intricate carvings and rich and sumptuous upholstery. This creates a centrepiece in your living area that is relaxing and opulent. Opt for classic black, silver leaf, or rich red upholstery for a chic and lavish interior feel.



    For me, mirrors are a must have item in any home interior and they work particularly well at adding a sense of reflective space in dark Gothic style interiors. For a classic Gothic charm, opt for ornate carved designs in silvers or black; Baroque style mirrors work particularly well in this setting as they are both opulent and versatile in their design. For a more quirky and eye-catching focal point you can select more unique carved designs such as mythical characters, cross shapes or looking glass designs (left) to create a wow factor on a feature wall.





    When it comes to selecting accessories for your Gothic style interior there are a multitude of styles and designs that will compliment the rich and dark ambiance of your chosen colour scheme. Intricate metal and medieval designs work well as they provide a classic and timeless style that suits both modern and traditional homes. Bird cages, lanterns and goblets provide a visual feature within your interior or for a more fun and quirky Gothic style space, why not add some skulls or gargoyles for a splash of the macabre.




    Gothic style furniture should make a huge statement in your chosen home interior, creating a focal point within your home as well as providing the practical aspects required for everyday modern life. This French noir heavily carved bed (left) is a flamboyant and ornate design that fits perfectly into the dark glamour of Gothic style interior design. Dining tables, sideboards and wardrobes are also a wonderful way of creating a rich and opulent focal point within your home interior.


    For more Gothic interior inspiration, head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Gothic interiors and to feast you eyes on the rest of our amazing black painted furniture take a look at our website French Moulin noir black furniture.




    5 Best Bedroom Accessories

    A perfect bedroom space should be somewhere you can relax, take time out and enjoy a peaceful and cosy rest from everyday life. Whether you prefer bold statement colours or muted traditional tones, your bedroom should reflect your personality and also be a functional space for you to begin and end your busy day.

    Whilst your furniture choice may be a huge decision when it comes to designing your bedroom interior, no room is complete without some carefully selected accessories that are both stylish and functional. Here is our choice of the 5 best bedroom accessories for your boutique boudoir.

    For more bedroom accessory ideas and all original photography, take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Bedroom Accessories


    1. Bedside Lamps

    Bedside lamps are the perfect addition to any bedside table or chest and provide a stylish and illuminating ambiance as well as a practical light for a touch of bedside reading. From traditional carved and period style designs to contemporary glass and perspex forms there are a vast range of styles to suit all interiors. You can select complimentary shades and bases to match your interior colour palette or opt for contrasting colours for a eye-catching addition to your bedroom interior.


    2. Cushions

    Cushions are the perfect way to add colour, detail and texture to your sleeping area. From traditional bolster style cushions to opulent faux fur and lace designs, bedroom cushions will add a splash of luxury and comfort to your bedroom interior. Opt for pastel tones and floral designs for a feminine interior touch or choose bold prints or vibrant colours for a more contemporary interior feel. If you would like to inject a little fun into your interior then select some slogan cushions such as ‘His & Hers’ or ‘Sweet Dreams’ for added detail and style.


    3. Jewellery Holders

    No women’s bedroom is complete without a perfect and practical space for her beautiful and treasured jewellery collection. Traditional style jewellery boxes look great adorning a classic dressing table or bedside or opt for a more contemporary hanging tree design that will provide sculptural artwork as well as functional storage. If your feeling artistic then why not try your hand at some DIY and transform an old wall cupboard, photo frame or coat hook into a stylish and personalised jewellery holder that will create a focal point in your interior.


    4. Headboards

    A statement headboard can make a great alternative to a feature wall or piece of wall art and will create a focal point within your bedroom area. With such a wide range of designs to choose from you will be sure to find a style to suit your tastes. Traditional oak and hardwood designs look great in both classic and modern interiors and can be matched to your furniture collection for a complimentary interior palette. Leather and upholstered headboards are a great injection of texture and sophistication and can be easily adapted to a wide range of interiors. If you have a particular pattern or fabric that you wish to match within your bedroom then why not re-upholster your current headboard for a customised interior look.


    5. Full length Mirror

    There is nothing worse than getting all dressed up and only being able to check out your outfit from the waist up. A floor length mirror is a perfect addition to any bedroom area, not only for functional purposes but as an eye catching feature that will create a sense of space and light in even the smallest of bedroom areas. A bright or ornate wall mirror is a great alternative to a piece of artwork or photography. Feminine French carved designs are a great way of creating a boutique and romantic feel whilst sleek and bold contemporary designs look great in minimal interior settings For a more adaptable and movable design  then why not try a stylish freestanding design such as our White Sleigh Cheval Mirror that can be brought out or tucked away when not in use.



    Spring clean and Up-cycle!

    Yes its that time of year again… The big Spring clean!

    There is nothing more therapeutic than clearing out those cupboards, climbing into the attic and de-cluttering the garage in preparation for the coming summer months. But this year don’t just bin your old accessories and skip your ageing furniture items; take up the latest craze in interior design and up-cycle your possessions to give them a new lease of life.

    Check out our latest Pinterest board Pinterest – Up-cycling for ideas and original images.

    Stop! Before you decide to smash up those old furniture items and throw them in the skip, think about their potential as a new and unique furniture item. Why not take inspiration from this quirky chest of drawers and collect all your old drawers (no matter what their shape and size) and re-arrange them into a new frame to create a fun and colourful design that will look great in a children’s room, office or vintage interior. Each drawer can be painted, wallpapered or varnished to create a personalised, one-off piece that has been lovingly crafted by your own hands.

    If you have become overrun with cutlery then why not use your creativity to create a stunning and stylish accessory that will add style to your interior. Simply take an old mirror or clock that has seen better days and then encircle this with your old forks, spoons and knives to create this fun wall feature that will look wonderful in your kitchen or dining area. Traditional silver cutlery gives a traditional and classic design feel or alternatively why not use plastic handled or picnic cutlery for a more contemporary, funky feel with an added splash of colour.


    Even your pets can be treated to some luxurious up-cycled designs with this amazing idea for a unique pet bed. If your suitcases have seen too many holidays and are looking a little tired around the edges then image their potential as a cosy nest for your perfect pets. Suitcases can be halved and used as individual beds for your cats or small dogs or you can create a stylish bunk bed with the added help of some table legs. This style can also be achieved with furniture drawers, old palettes and chairs to give your pet a truly personalised bedding area.


    Once you start up-cycling you will never look at your old furniture in the same way again! Instead of seeing a tatty old item that has seen better days your imagination will be running wild as to how you can transform them into something new, stylish and completely unique!


    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

    There is a mirror in almost every room of my house ranging from modern coloured glass to baroque antique designs. Now before you all judge me as being the vainest person in the world, you may be surprised to know that I rarely look at my reflection in any of my collection. What I love about the addition of a mirror to any interior is the way that they emphasise space and light, and can open out even the smallest of spaces. Whilst I love artwork and photography there’s is just something about hanging a mirror on a newly decorated wall that seems to ‘complete’ the room.

    Here at The Furniture Market we have selected a range of mirrors that include a variety of styles, shapes and sizes that will suit even the most quirky or traditional interior design tastes.

    mobel oak mirror

    mobel oak mirror

    If like simple, traditional designs then our Mobel oak wall mirror is a elegant addition to any classic home. Carved from the finest solid oak, the clean lines of this mirror fit perfectly with our oak furniture range and would look equally beautiful in a living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway. Its natural wood finish make it the perfect finishing touch to a neutral or bold coloured feature wall.


    If like me, you love elaborate statement mirrors then you will instantly fall in love with our regal inspired French rococo tall mirror.If you are looking to achieve a elegant, boudoir feel to your bedroom then this intricately carved design will add a splash of glamour and sophistication to your dressing area. Combined with our French style furniture range you could create a room filled with beauty and opulence.

    noir mirror

    noir mirror


    Unleash your funky side with a psychedelic retro optical spiky mirror that will add a splash of disco inspired fun to your home. This unique, quirky design creates a fantastic optical illusion that will make it the focal point of any room. Social conversations may suffer as all your visitors stop to stare open mouthed at this multicoloured artwork. This retro design will brighten up even the most plain and uninviting walls and transform your home into a space that will have you reaching for your platforms and flares.


    Modern statement artwork has become a popular accessory in every contemporary home. A Venetian multi-faceted mirror is a perfect combination of practicality and modern design. Its angled mirrored panels cast beautiful rays of light around the room creating a sense of light and airiness in even the smallest of rooms. This entirely mirrored design would look perfect in a contemporary, minimal space.

    mirror psycadelic

    mirror psycadelic

    You don’t have to be an evil queen to indulge in an extravagant, beautiful mirror and even though ours won’t talk back to you they will be sure to add an interesting focal point to any room.