How To Create The Perfect Room For Girls

  Creating the perfect bedroom for your little princesses can often be a stressful task. Choosing the right colours, patterns and furniture can play a huge role in creating an environment that is relaxing and stimulating whilst reflecting their interests and personalities as they grow. From newborns to young women they require a space where they can escape from everyday life and enjoy a place of magic or relaxation that is the perfect balance of fun and practicality. air jordan xx8       Nursery Every little girl deserves a splash of pink in her first bedroom or if you are not a fan of pink you can always opt for other complimentary pastel tones such as lilac, lemon or peach. Pale pastel pink looks wonderful with traditional crisp white walls or can also be paired with sumptuous pebble grey for a slightly more contemporary feel. White furniture works particularly well in girls nurseries as it creates a bright and uplifting feel and also creates an illusion of space and light in more compact interior spaces. Opt for plain walls and detailed accessories, blankets and curtains so they can be interchanged without clashing with the interior backdrop.   Toddlers Toddler girls can often be difficult to decorate for as they are still at an age where they have not chosen any hobbies or particular likes and dislikes. Try and opt for a cot bed that has a three in one function as this will allow them to move on from their baby bed and progress through to a more ‘grown up’ sleeping and seating area. nike air presto femme Opt for stimulating accessories and wall art in colours and patterns that will allow them to play in a relaxed yet educational environment. ugg boots uk Once again try and stick to lighter furniture as it creates an open and relaxed space for them to enjoy. uggs for women   5-12 year olds This particular age bracket is a time where you find your little ones are growing into older and more sensible children. new balance white Be prepared to change their rooms a few times during this time as their hobbies and personalities begin to develop. Younger girls will appreciate a magical fairytale setting or perhaps a room inspired by their favourite Disney characters or as they edge nearer to their teenage years this can be adapted to reflect their favourite boy band, hobby or interests.   Teenagers Hold on to your hats! As a former teenage girl I can tell you first hand that these are the years where your children will begin to think that they are much older and more mature than they really are yet they still like to hold on to some of that childhood sense of fun. Opt for sophisticated adult furniture such as chic black or mirrored designs but team them with bold and funky colors and patterns and girly fabrics and bedding. Create a little bit of glamour whilst maintaining a young a fresh interior feel. A fabulous feature wallpaper or bold rug will create a warm and inviting space, but be sure to leave some wall space for the endless posters of their favourite bands, film stars and hunky reality stars (believe me there will be many!)   18+ Whether your young adult daughters decide to stay or fly the nest they will always need a space to call their own within your home. Creating a space that will take them from their late teens and into their 20s can often seem a little daunting. new balance 993 Opt for sophisticated and chic designer colour palettes that are feminine and yet at the same time provide a sense of opulence and refinement. Women Kevin Durant Monochrome interiors make a wonderful base for adding a pop of colour with bedding or accessories and also make sure that your statement furniture item is a fabulous dressing table where they can enjoy a wonderful pamper session but can also double up as a desk for any research or university work. asics rose   For more inspirational and feminine bedroom ideas head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Rooms for Girls or for some light and luxurious furniture items then take a look at our extensive Painted furniture collections.

Colour Trend – Chrome

You can add a splash of glitz and glamour to your home interior this season with the illuminating CHROME colour trend. From industrial chic to rich opulence, chrome interiors will create a metallic finish that is complimentary in both vintage and contemporary settings.


Strategically positioned chrome items and accessories can create a pop of illumination and elegance within your home without an overwhelming ‘Disco’ finish that may be best left in a 1970s nightclub.


Colour Palettes

Chrome is a versatile colour that can comfortably compliment both neutral and bold colour tones. When partnered with white it creates a crisp minimal finish that fits wonderfully into urban and industrial interior designs or it can alternatively be paired with mustard and duck egg for a vintage colour scheme. Add chrome to pink or lime green for a splash of colour and texture that will give a contemporary feel to any interior space whilst chrome and pebble grey creates a universal colour palette with just the right amount of tonal texture.



Here’s where things can get a little tricky. If your going for a retro disco theme then knock yourself out with some glittering chrome upholstery and swathes of metallic fabrics however if your looking for a more reserved chrome finish then you may want to reign in the chrome to a more subtle and scattered appearance. Opt for patterns and prints instead of solely chrome fabrics and alternate with plain white and grey for a muted yet illuminating feel. Opt for neutral curtains with a band of chrome to the top of the swag or create a scattering of cushions in alternating prints and designs for added texture and visual detail on a plain upholstered bed or sofa area.




Lighting is a great way of adding a central colour theme into your interior and will create a focalised  centrepiece with your chosen room. Chrome light shades are a truly versatile fixture that look equally as glamorous in a chic, modern home as a retro or vintage inspired setting. Pendulum shades are the perfect way of creating a visual focal point in your interior and look great in a central living room or poised above a dining table or breakfast bar area. Chrome lamps have long been a favourite in the interior design world and look fabulous on an industrial lamp table or vintage desk for a splash of reflective elegance and refinement.




Stainless steel accessories have become hugely popular kitchen items over the past few years and are easily available in most high street stores. They are a simple way of adding a chrome finish to your kitchen area and look great against contemporary black granite worktops or traditional natural oak. Whilst stainless steel looks fabulous in the kitchen/diner it does not always work so well in other rooms of the home. To create a chrome effect in your vases, photo frames or ornaments then opt for silver, mirrored or mosaic items that will provide a shimmering exterior and create a focal point on a painted or plain oak table or mantelpiece.




Chrome furniture will make a super sleek and glamorous addition to any home interior and will create a sense of space and light in compact or darker rooms. If you are looking for a subtle addition of chrome then choose a statement furniture item such as a table, dresser or bed that will become the focus of the room and partner it with crisp white painted furniture for a splash of femininity and elegance. Alternatively you can balance chrome furniture with rugged oak or hardwood designs for an industrial loft style ambiance that is both contemporary and retro in appearance.



For more inspirational chrome coloured interior ideas then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Chrome Colour Trend and check out our stylish Mirrored Furniture collections for chrome effect interior items.



How To Create An Art Deco Interior

By the 1930s, there was a surge in the availability of mass produced products meaning that furniture styles and interior accessories that were previously only affordable to the wealthy were now readily available to all.

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  • After the first world war worldwide travel became popular and designers began to take influence from items and materials of other countries. African safaris created an influx of animal hides in upholstery and fabrics whilst ivory ornaments, mother of pearl embellishments and sumptuous tortoiseshell became statement materials in homes across the world.

    Whilst Art Deco designs kept the natural influences seen during the Art Nouveau period they traded the naturalistic shapes and floral motifs for more bold and striking shapes and designs. With the rise of Hollywood and the glitz and glamour of the movies Art Deco embraced a far more opulent and refined style using luxurious fabrics, mirrors and striking lighting effects.


    Colour Palettes

    Luxurious and rich colour schemes were a hugely popular choice during the Art Deco period. new balance 998 homme noir Striking colours such as bold black, silver, gold, red and yellow were often seen together creating a chic yet eye-catching finish. Soft creams, fern greens and oyster were popular in fabrics and upholstery whilst Art Deco accessories usually provided a complimentary yet contrasting colour scheme to the furniture and walls by using illuminating and crisp glass finishes or bold and vibrant colours such as orange and blue to create visual detail and artistic flair within a chosen interior.




    Fabrics and upholstery in Art Deco interiors were often left plain as to not divert any attention from the fabulous designs of the furniture and architecture. Neutral colours were ever popular for cushions, curtains and bedding using soft beige and pebble tones that complimented the often dark and bold tones of the interior decor. When pattern was used Geometric prints in a contrasting colour would be adopted that were often naturalistic in nature and would feature a chic repetitive pattern that was a key feature of Art Deco interior design.



    Lighting was an ever present and central design in all Art Deco interiors and came in varied designs that would compliment the backdrop of their interior setting. Ceiling lights would feature plates of glass in increasing or decreasing ‘step’ like designs and would be a balance of light glass and dark metal framework for an eye-catching finish. air max 90 pas cher Wall lights were almost always uplighters with a detailed Art Deco patterned sconce and a plain or frosted glass shade for a instantly recognisable period design.

  • Lamps during this time often featured a delicate female figure that would hold a glass ball shade creating an artistic and sculptural focal point. Glass was very rarely coloured during the Art Deco period, designers instead chose to use frosted, etched or enamelled finishes to create their finished look.



    Accessories of the time were complimentary of the natural influences of the period but also provided a contrast against the bold forms of the interior backdrop. Air Jordan 5 Rene Lalique was a huge name in Glassware during the Art Deco period. Marqise Lee – USC Trojans His vases, perfume bottles and wall mounted glass columns were a must have item in any home. His elegant and natural designs looked fabulous against the dark and rich patterns of 1930s interior decor and his designs are still a very popular choice in modern day interior designs.

    Another name that became massively famous during the Art Deco period is Clarice Cliff.

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  • Her hand painted enamel jugs, crockery and vases were a vibrant sight to behold and added a splash of colour to the glamorous yet muted tones of 1930s interior decor. Natural designs such as flowers, trees and leaves adorned many of her designs and her popularity during the time made her a successful career woman which was something that was unheard of during such a male driven time period.



    The focus of furniture design during the Art Deco period turned from simple and natural shapes to strong and linear designs that reflected a sense of boldness and glamour. Statement items began to be introduced to homes such as bar cabinets, console tables and wardrobes as an alternative to previous matching suites. nike air max 1 pas cher The ‘stepped’ design is a statement feature of this period and looked particularly amazing on tables and cabinets. Chevrons, geometric shaped and zig zags were patterns that appeared across many designs as they worked equally well with opulent mirrored finishes as well as light veneered wood items to create a light and airy feel in any room of the home.

    Eileen Grey was a well known furniture designer of the Art Deco Period. Goedkoop Adidas NEO Working with wood and lacquer her influences came from designers such as Le Corbusier and and Miles Van Der Rohe. She crafted fabulous geometric designs and innovative styles that featured practical storage space that was hidden and tucked away into linear and visually delightful exteriors.

    Colour Trend – Lime Green

    Bright and vivid colour palettes are big news in the interior design world this season and are the perfect way to add a splash of vibrancy into any home interior.

    With the spring and summer months finally upon us we are starting to see the arrival of eye-catching neon colour tones across the high street. Andrew Luck Jerseys new balance dziecięce Lime Green interiors are the perfect way to add an uplifting, exotic feel to your home and create a happy and stylish space in which to relax.

    For more fun and functional lime green interiors and original images take a look at our latest pinterest board – Pinterest – Lime Green Colour Trend


    Colour Palettes

    Lime green is a fun and versatile shade that works well with almost any colour partnership.

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  • adidas superstar 2 uomo This bright and fresh green hue looks fabulous with crisp white minimal interiors as well as chic and sophisticated monochrome decor.

    Chocolate browns and greys give a subtle, complimentary contrast to this vivid colour choice and look great on walls, floors and textiles. Asics Mexico męskie If your feeling particularly bold then you can team your lime green colour choice with bright pinks, purples and blues for a tropical, sunshiny ambiance.



    Cushions and Rugs

    For an injection of zesty and illuminating colour choose a scattering of lime green cushions to create a ‘pop’ of lively colour or pattern. nike air max homme pas cher nike tn requin Lime green cushions look wonderful against a crisp white or black sofa, chair or bed and provide just the right amount of colour without overpowering your whole room.



    A sumptuous plain lime or patterned rug will create the perfect balance of textural and aesthetic style. Tajh Boyd – Clemson Tigers

  • A bold choice of rug works great in neutral or plainly decorated interiors and creates a central focal point in any dining area, living room or bedroom. Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers UK Nike Sko Nettbutikk You can choose to match your rug to your curtain or cushion selection or select clashing or varying lime tones to create variety and interest across your interior.




    If you wish to create an energised and cheerful sleeping area then lime green is the perfect bedding colour choice. New Balance 515 damskie nike buty damskie Its bright and uplifting tones will create a vibrant bedroom space that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed on even the earliest of mornings. Cheap Nike Shoes UK Yunel Escobar Baseball Jersey Plain dyed bedding works great against a patterned wallpaper or printed headboard whilst bold, contemporary patterned bedding looks fabulous in a crisp white or neutral backdrop.



    Lime green painted furniture is a bold yet uplifting interior addition that will create a eye-catching centrepiece within your home. nike air max 2017 pas cher From a bright painted sideboard to a zesty and luminious coffee table, bright painted furniture will look amazing in any interior space.

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  • Comprar Nike Air Max Baratas Lime green upholstery works equally well in creating colourful furniture options and looks great on a single occasional chair or dining chair collection.

    Product of the Week – Venetian Mirrored Compact Console Table

    The Venetian mirrored compact console table is the epitome of opulent and illuminating interior style. Mirrored furniture is one of the most popular furniture designs and it provides a fresh alternative to traditional hardwood furniture. Its varied design and shape makes it perfectly suited to a vast range of interiors and can be adopted into your current home decor for a fresh and bright burst of luxury and sophistication.

    Venetian mirrors console table - Front View

    Venetian mirrors console table – Front View

    Console tables are a slimmer and more compact version of a traditional sideboard and are the perfect item for those with smaller home interiors or awkward recess areas. Their illuminating surface areas creates a sense of light and invisibility that makes them ideal for sleek contemporary or minimal interior designs.

    Venetian mirrored console table - Side View

    Venetian mirrored console table – Side View

    The spacious and long table top area creates a space that is perfect for the display of a lamp, ornament or vase and will create a shimmering focal point in any living room, dining room or hallway area. Alternatively this console table can be doubled up as a dressing table when combined with a co-ordinating Venetian mirrored stool and Venetian dressing table mirror. This elegant and glamorous item provides the perfect balance of style and practicality.

    Venetian mirrored console table - Close Up

    Venetian mirrored console table – Close Up

    The fabulous straight edged detailing of this amazing console table creates a seamless and contemporary feel that compliments a wide range of interior styles and decors. Its glistening exterior works wonderfully with both neutral and bold interior colour schemes. This opulent Venetian design will provide a sense of rich Italian luxury to your home and create a haven of uplifting tranquility in which to relax.


    Venetian mirrored nest of three tables.

    Venetian mirrored nest of three tables.


    For added practicality in your living area, you can partner your console table with a sophisticated and functional Mirrored nest of three tables. These beautiful tables are ideal for large families or those who love to invite their friends and family for drinks or afternoon tea. With three tables of varying sizes within the set, they can be shared out among your guests for a personalised space for their mugs, glasses and cups. Their shimmering design and elegant tapered legs create a dainty and exquisitely styled space that is both eye-catching and practical. You can also dot these luxury tables around your room as separate lamp and side tables for the display of your collectibles, telephone or photo frames for added detail and design.

    For more fabulous items from across this range and all other mirrored furniture designs; take a look at our full Mirrored furniture collections at the website.


    Colour Trend – Teal

    If your looking for a bright and fresh alternative to traditional baby blue and royal blue tones then the latest teal colour trend could be just what you have been looking for to update your interior decor.

    From pale hues to deep dark tones, teal interiors will add a splash of sophisticated colour to even the plainest of home interiors.


    Colour Palettes

    Teal is a rich a sumptuous colour tone that works really well with a vast range of contrasting and complimentary colour palettes. For a neutral and calming interior decor choice then partner your chosen teal tone with creams, whites, browns and greys for a classic and relaxing traditional ambiance. Alternatively if your prefer a more bold and uplifting style then combine your teal walls with raspberry, lime and purple hues and accessories for a sumptuous splash of colour that looks particularly great in bedroom and living room areas.




    Rich and colourful textiles create a cosy and textured area within your interior that is perfect for relaxing and curling up in comfort. Teal cushions, throws and curtains make an eye-catching addition to any home interior and are a great way of adding a ‘pop’ of colour to neutral walls, bedding or sofas. From classic plain designs to bold and contemporary patterns, teal textiles will transform your home into a calm and serene interior retreat.




    For a quick and simple change of colour within your home, opt for a selection of plain or patterned teal accessories that can be seamlessly added to your existing interior decor. Vases, bowls, candles and ornaments look great adorning a table, windowsill, sideboard or mantelpiece and will create a colourful focal point within you interior space. Alternatively you can add a selection of teal flowers or ornamental grasses to your existing vases and urns or update your existing or outdated photo frames with a lick of teal paint for a simple up-cycled home accessory.





    If your feeling particularly bold then a selection of smart and visually appealing teal painted furniture can completely transform an otherwise plain and sparse neutral interior. Teal furniture looks wonderful against a plain white, grey or cream interior wall and can be purchased or easily created using some old furniture pieces and a few coats of teal wood paint. If your not a fan of coloured furniture items then why not opt for a more muted yet glamorous furniture selection such as our French Silver Leaf and Mirrored Furniture collections. Their illuminating exteriors and exquisite designs look particularly eye-catching against a painted or wallpapered teal wall, adding luminosity and opulence to any home interior.


    For all original photography and a selection of teal interior designs then head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Teal Colour Trend.


    Product of the Week – Venetian Mirrored Small One Drawer Lamp Table

    Our fabulously glamorous Venetian Mirrored Small One Drawer Lamp Table is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom area and will provide a small yet perfectly proportioned space to display you favourite lamp or ornament.

    Venetian Mirrored one drawer lamp table - front view

    Venetian Mirrored one drawer lamp table – front view

    This elegant lamp table is the perfect size for smaller interiors or awkward spaces and its dazzling exterior is sure to create a sense of space and light within your home. Its versatile style means that it can also be double up as a beautiful bedside table for a practical and palatial style in any bedroom area.

    Venetian mirrored one drawer lamp table - side view

    Venetian mirrored one drawer lamp table – side view

    This beautiful lamp table features a sleek, straight edged, linear design that is created using high quality mirrored glass panels for a shimmering and illuminating interior ambiance. With its elegant elongated legs and slender, narrow design its provides an opulent and feminine splash of style in both traditional or contemporary interior spaces.


    Venetian mirrored one drawer lamp table - drawer

    Venetian mirrored one drawer lamp table – drawer

    Featuring a small but perfectly spacious drawer, this Venetian lamp table will provide ample space for your small household and personal accessories, pens and paper or even your TV remotes, ensuring that your interior remains neat, organised and clutter free. Each drawer has been finished with a sparkling crystal pumpkin knob for an added splash of exquisite interior glamour. The smooth, square table top is perfectly designed for a feature lamp, ornament, alarm clock or even your telephone, providing a stylish and practical space within your home and creating a reflective and illuminating focal point in your interior.


    Venetian mirrored sideboard

    Venetian mirrored sideboard

    This fabulous lamp table will look great when partnered with our Venetian Mirrored large Sideboard for a complimentary, lustrous interior finish. This opulent sideboard is a real statement furniture item that will become a centrepiece in any room. Featuring three spacious drawers and two large cupboard areas this wonderful sideboard provides plentiful space for your household accessories, paperwork or even your cutlery and crockery sets, in preparation for a dinner party or family meal. With its large and long table top surface area you will find all the space you could need for displaying your ornaments and collectibles or photo frames and artwork for a practical and elegant interior feature.

    For more illuminating mirrored furniture and many more matching items take a look at our fabulous Venetian Plain Mirrored Furniture, or for a larger variety of mirrored designs head over to the website and browse our other sophisticated Mirrored Furniture collections.



    Colour Trend – Peach

    We are getting in the mood for spring this week at The Furniture Market as we take a look at the latest colour trend to hit the interior design world – Peach.

    A popular interior colour choice in the 80s and 90s;  peach is making a contemporary comeback and is bringing with it a perfect pastel palette that will transform any home interior into a springlike haven of colour and serenity.

    Head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Peach colour trend for all original images and peachy keen interior inspiration.


    Colour Palettes

    Pastel tones such as peach are a particularly versatile interior colour option as they work equally well with both light and dark interior palettes. For a fresh and uplifting burst of colour then you can pair peach with crisp whites, pebble tones and complimentary pastel colours such as mint and duck egg, creating a springlike ambiance within your home.  For a slightly more contemporary feel then you can combine peach tones with silver, grey and monochrome decors for a ‘pop’ of colour that will add an injection of light into your interior space.




    Accessories are a great way of introducing a colour into your interior without the need to change your existing home decor. A scattering of plain peach or patterned cushions can transform a normally bland sofa, chair or bed and provide a chic and cosy area in which to relax. With the peach colour trend increasing in popularity as we enter into spring, head down to the high street where you are sure to find a wide range of vases, candles, photo frames and mirrors that will add a boost of brightness to any home interior.



    There is nothing more appealing than the elegant swathes and sumptuous warmth of luxurious interior fabrics. A fabulous pair of peach curtains or a rich and texturally aesthetic throw will create a splash of illuminating colour that can lift the ambiance of an entire room. Satins, velvets and fresh cotton materials work great with peachy colour tones and look wonderful alongside white, grey and silver interior decors to create a chic and sophisticated space with just the right balance of function and fashion.




    Whilst peach is not an everyday colour that appears in furniture collections, during the spring months this sumptuous colour becomes more prominent throughout the interior design world. ‘Colour pop’ furniture is an increasingly popular trend that works brilliantly with jewel and pastel tones to create a flash of colour in an otherwise plain interior. From chairs to cabinets; sideboards to coffee tables peach painted furniture will compliment almost any room and any decor within your home.



    If you have chosen to concentrate your peach palette on your walls or floors then you can opt for complimentary furniture options that will bring out the fresh tones of your interior. White painted or shabby chic style furniture works particularly well with pastel decor or for a true splash of glamour and sophistication then you can choose illuminating and glistening mirrored furniture that will add to the uplifting ambiance of your chosen decor and create a sense of space and light within your home.


    For more interior furniture inspiration; take a look at our sumptuous Mirrored furniture and French chateau white painted collections.


    Get The Look – The Magic of Minimal

    Throw away that clutter, shut away your nik naks, and strip back your interiors! This week we are going back to basics with our fabulous look at the ever popular trend of sleek and sophisticated, minimal interiors.

    With crisp, clean lines, elegant and unique furnishings and innovative style techniques the minimal interior trend has struck a cord with a wide range of interior enthusiasts. With all the stresses of modern living, who doesn’t want an interior that’s clean, simple and low maintenance.

    For original images and inspiring minimal interior ideas, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Minimal Interiors

    Colour Palettes

    The first colour that springs to mind when thinking of a minimal interior is sure to be…WHITE, and whilst this is the basis for the majority of minimal interiors it certainly isn’t the only colour option available to you. Smoky greys and natural stone colours look fabulously sleek and clean and when combined with basic white give a subtle contrast without creating a ‘busy’ or fussy colour palette. You can also try a small pop of colour with some cushions or a rug to give a centre of interest and variation without overpowering the visual simplicity of the minimal trend.



    The key to accessorising any minimal interior is invisibility and blending. Whilst a small splash of colour is acceptable in one form of accessory you do not want to overpower the simplicity of your interior with bright and distracting tones. Try and keep to accessories with a matching colour palette to your walls and floors or opt for transparent, glass items such as vases and light fittings to create fluid, undisturbed lines and an illusion of space. Opt for muted tones such as grey, taupe, beige or white and keep accessories to a ‘minimum’, selecting key pieces positioned sparingly across your selected room.



    Selecting the right furniture for your minimal interior can be a tricky task. The key points to remember is not to over-clutter your space by choosing items that are necessary and functional as opposed to filling every last space in your home. Once again the easiest way to compliment your minimal decor is to choose items that will blend into their surrounding and give a clean and sleek overall appearance. Painted furniture is a simple way to solve this problem as the items can be purchased or painted in the exact colour tones of your interior, allowing them to blend into the background. Alternatively why not opt for mirrored or ‘invisible’ furniture like our fabulous Phantom clear armchair & footstool that will provide an illusion of space and light that will not encroach upon your minimal ambiance.

    When it comes to storage – the more the better! A minimal interior can only work successfully if all the clutter and household items that we would normally have on display can be tucked away, out of sight or organised in a sleek and consistent manner. Opt for items such as sideboards, console tables and cupboards that will allow you to store away any unsightly clutter or alternatively why not purchase a statement item such as an open fronted bookcase where you can showcase a selection of books that match your chosen colour palette to create an interesting yet neutral feature wall.

    Just remember the one key rule: LESS IS MORE!

    Decorating Alternatives – Perfect Panelling

    Wallpaper is so last season! Over at Pinterest this week we are celebrating the latest hot trend to hit the interior design world…Wall panelling!

    Head over to Pinterest – Perfect Panelling for the source of original images.

    The beauty of wall panelling is the vast range of styles, colours and sizes that can be bought from most DIY and decorating supply stores. From traditional square and rectangular edged panelling to more contemporary and unique designs you will be sure to find a style to suit your tastes. Decorative wall panelling also has the added bonus of being simple to apply to your walls and simple to remove when you fancy a change (no more wallpaper scrapers!!)

    Traditional panelling

    Traditional oak and mahogany panelling is most regularly featured in stately homes, Georgian interiors and Victorian styled rooms. Its simple yet sophisticated design usually covers half way up the interior walls allowing you to accompany the panelling with any complimentary paint finish and also looks wonderful with matching cornice, door frames and skirting boards for added uniformity.





    Contemporary Wall Panels

    The past few years have seen an exciting development in the manufacture of contemporary and innovative wall panels. With amazing designs such as jigsaw pieces, textured images, 3D shapes and geometric designs you can create a piece of unique and sculptural artwork on any interior wall. You can use this modern panelling as an eye-catching feature wall or be brave and apply it the the entire room for a textural and illuminating ambiance.




    Painted Panelling

    If you find neutral interior a little boring then fear not! Painted panelling can add a much needed splash of colour to even the blandest of home interiors. Panelling can be bought pre-painted in a variety of light and vivid colour palettes or you can paint your panelling yourself to create a completely personalised colour choice for your interior. Whether you choose full wall panelling or a simple accent wall, an injection of colour can transform the mood and feel of your interior.




    Complimentary additions.

    The final key to creating a successful wall panelled interior is your choice of complimentary furniture. Finding furniture with similar shapes, colours and tones will finish this look and create a comfortable and functional interior space. French painted furniture is very complimentary with painted wall panels French Furniture whilst sleek mirrored furniture items Mirrored Furniture can look striking when paired with a contemporary 3D panel design  But if your a fan of the original and traditional framed wall panelling then you can select an oak or mahogany furniture collection that features complimentary panels for a elegant and sophisticated interior look. French Regal Oak


    French Regal Oak Dresser

    French Regal Oak Dresser