Product of the Week – Geo-Glass Clear Round Dining Table with Stainless Steel Base

Glistening surface areas, sleek smooth design and the perfect balance of classic style and contemporary functionality have all been captured in our amazing product of the week –  The Geo-Glass round dining table with stainless steel base.

Geo-Glass clear round dining table with stainless steel base.

Geo-Glass clear round dining table with stainless steel base.

This beautiful table is elegant and sophisticated and will sit perfectly in both traditional and modern home interiors. Its ‘invisible’ design allows it to be seamlessly accommodated into neutral and minimal interiors as well as bold and vibrant decors, making it a truly versatile dining room item.

A circular annealed glass table top sits poised above the inter-crossing, tubular, stainless steel base that makes this table more like a piece of luxury modern art than a everyday household furniture item. The curvaceous design paired with the glistening and glimmering surface areas make this table perfect for smaller homes and interiors as it gives the illusion of invisibility, space and light within your dining room area.

With spacious seating for four people this table is ideally suited to small families or couples or those who would love to wow their dinner guests with an amazing statement centrepiece. This unique table will look great styled with chrome or white table accessories or can be given a contemporary burst of vibrancy with some bright, neon table wear and glasses.

White Barcelona Dining Chairs

White Barcelona Dining Chairs

When selecting your chairs to match this fantastic dining table then look no further than our sumptuous designer white Barcelona dining chairs. Based on the original 1930s design by Miles Van Der Rohe, they are the perfect marriage of retro and contemporary interior style. Featuring highly polished, stainless steel ‘X’ frame legs and white leather upholstered seats these dining chairs are the epitome of style and sophistication and make the perfect match to the Geo-Glass dining table’s illuminating finish.



French Chateau Dining Chair

French Chateau Dining Chair

Alternatively why not add a splash of femininity and regal glamour to your dining set with our opulent French Chateau white painted dining chairs. This luxurious design features delicate carvings and a crisp white paint finish that will add to the light and airy design of the Geo-Glass dining table. Crafted from original antique designs and finished in a sumptuous Grey linen fabric these chairs will provide the perfect tonal colour palette as well as a comfortable and relaxing space to dine.

For more of our illuminating glass tables then head over to our website - Glass coffee tables or take a peek at our full range of stylish Dining Chairs so you can tailor your dining area to your exact tastes and style.


We Have A fantastic New Website!

So, as many of you may have noticed we have a brand spanking new website that is sure to capture your attention! We have updated each and every page to better showcase all of our fantastic furniture collections and have added a multitude of shiny new photos to inspire your interior design ideas.

Our stylish new website

As soon as you hit our homepage you will be welcomed by our stunning new photography which includes some of our most stylish furniture items that a can all be found in our easy to navigate categories headings. Alternatively you can type exactly what you are looking for into our search bar which will take you straight to the items that are the nearest to what you are looking for.

Our stylish collection of oak furniture has been updated to provide you with the widest range we have ever showcased. The rustic oak range is a fantastic combination of old world charm and contemporary styling. Its rugged contours and chunky antique handles add a countryside character to any home. The rustic oak bedroom is a must have purchase if you are looking to capture a traditional farmhouse style in your boudoir, whilst oak bed frame is a simple yet stylish piece that will give you the perfect balance of style and beauty.

Rustic oak collection

Our exquisitely lavish white French painted  bedroom furniture will create a luxurious bedroom space that is fit for royalty. The intricate carved detailing and soft white paint effect will add a feminine opulence to any home. In our newly updated collection you will find everything you need to create a sumptuous French boudoir. The  Pièce de résistance of this stunning collection is our French chateau white painted heavy carved bed which is intricate and extravagant; the perfect resting place for a stylish princess.

French white painted bedroom furniture

For an uber-stylish, shimmering style then we have put together a huge collection of mirrored furniture that is lustrous and sleek. This fantastic furniture range creates light and space in even the smallest of rooms and creates a rich, expensive ambiance in your home. Our Art Deco mirrored dressing table is the epitome of Hollywood glamour, when paired with our Venetian curved dressing table mirror and our Art Deco mirrored stool you  will feel like a million dollars in your very own sophisticated dressing area.

Mirrored furniture collection

So come and check out the newly revamped website and navigate your way through a sea of interior design collections that will make you ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ with delight. With a vast range of furniture and accessories to choose from you will be sure to find a style to suit your tastes.

Spring Into A New Interior

Spring is finally here and the days are becoming lighter and longer. Reuben Foster Jersey In our house the arrival of spring comes hand in hand with a complete overhaul of our house. Clutter is sorted and thrown away and every room gets a fresh coat of paint and a touch of TLC with some new furnishings.

This year I decided that my living room needed to be updated and redesigned to make the most of the light and space that is cast in our living room by a large set of patio doors. Canotta Cleveland Cavaliers As an avid fan of wooden furniture I have always purchased oak, beech and mahogany pieces to compliment each of my rooms however this year I decided it was time for a change. After seeing all the wonderful clear glass items that arrived in our showroom I fell in love with the way they create the appearance of space in even the smallest of interiors and when the sun breaks through onto their surface they cast beautiful spectrums of light around the room.

Geo-Glass nest of tables

My first purchase was an innovatively designed Geo-Glass nest of tables, perfect for sharing out amongst your guests to rest their cups of tea. Adam Wainwright Jersey Each table is crafted from a single sheet of glass and formed into a beautifully curved design. nike homme With no seams or fixings this unique, contemporary design provides a simple yet stylish appearance that would suit a wide range of interiors. The sleek lines of these tables would make them the perfect addition to an ultra modern, minimal home but sits equally well alongside other more traditional furniture items.

Noguchi Table

My second purchase was a fabulous Noguchi table which is a super stylish, artistic addition to my new modern interior. adidas nmd mujer Made with high quality toughened glass and a high gloss sculpted base, it is a stunning piece of artwork in itself. Goedkoop Nike Schoenen Placed in the centre of the living room this coffee table is a real focal point and acts as a sculpture as well as a functional piece of furniture

One piece that stands out for me in our glass table collection is our spectacular Eames Eiffel table; a truly elegant piece of artwork that is both simple and intricate. AIR MAX SEQUENT

A high quality clear toughened glass top and a spindle style chrome base make this the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Air Jordan 13 Its intricate pyramids of chrome visible below the glass provide a light and airy feel to any room.

Eames Eiffel Table

Why not be adventurous in your furniture selections and purchase something, unique that takes you outside of your comfort zone? Sometimes a radical change to your interior can create a whole new atmosphere in your home.

Spring is around the corner… Time to De-clutter

Have you noticed the mornings getting lighter earlier? What about the journey home from work? More sunlight and longer days mean spring is around the corner and with it the annual spring clean.

Extreme Clutter

Extreme Clutter, do you really need all this stuff?

Storage always seems to be something we need in the UK. The recent rise of storage companies where people will pay to have someone else store their things, is indicative of a junk epidemic. The UK is a relatively small island, parking spaces are small, roads are small, cars are on the whole small, meaning an american car stands out a mile.. OK yes its big, it’s loud, it’s not as frugal in terms of fuel costs, yet it does show that deep down we all secretly desire more space.

First time buyers crave space apparently and will over stretch their budgets to buy bigger. Bigger isn’t always better though. The solution to some problems is to have less “stuff” as a rule of thumb if you haven’t used it for 6 months you should consider if you really need it.

When you have reorganised, recycled and gone to the local council tip with the clutter you no longer need. Then you have a blank canvass to consider what your storage needs really are.

Hidden and Compact white painted modern office

Hidden and Compact white painted modern office

Space is finite in most modern homes, so unless you are planning on moving or building an extension, then its time scale back and be smart about how much storage space you truly need.

Why buy furniture to store junk? maybe if you de-cluttered, you could even make a little extra money to buy some brand new furniture!!

More and more people are buying beds, and furniture in general to store their stuff. Should it really be this way? Shouldn’t you buy furniture because you really want it?


The following bed is NOT for sale on the furniture market website but I think it highlights just how much this storage problem is now governing purchase decisions when people are out shopping for furniture.

Taken to the extreme.. is it a bed? is it a chest of drawers???

Taken to the extreme.. is it a bed? is it a chest of drawers???

Wouldn’t it be better to de-clutter, re-organise and buy furniture we all liked rather than because it has a million drawers, nooks, and cranny’s to store extra “stuff”.

If this blog post does nothing else it should make you question are you buying furniture because it can store more of your “stuff” or because you really like the look of it, or can imagine how comfy it will feel to sleep on?

Just a thought…