Product of the Week – Urban Chic Industrial Alcove Display Unit

Our brand new Urban chic industrial alcove display unit is a unique and eye-catching design that looks fantastic in both contemporary industrial and vintage urban interiors. Its striking visual appearance will create a focal point in any living room, dining room or hallway area and provides an ideal balance of style and function.

Urban chic industrial alcove display cabinet

Urban chic industrial alcove display unit.

This wonderful display unit is made from environmentally friendly wood that has been salvaged from Southern Indian boats and buildings to ensure that your item is not only beautiful in appearance but is doing its bit to protect and sustain the world’s wood supply. Each piece of wood is between 50 and 150 years old which provides a detail and finish that tells a story of its history and previous life.

The wooden panels are finished with a light lacquer to accentuate their warm golden tones and the entire unit is enveloped with a black steel frame that highlights the sturdy and hard wearing nature of the design and provides a contrast of natural and man made materials.

Urban chic industrial alcove display unit - in room.

Urban chic industrial alcove display unit – in room.

The stylish display unit features 3 shelves that are nestled behind a glazed cupboard door, creating the perfect space for your crockery, collectables and treasures so they can be visually admired whilst remaining secure and out of reach. The two lower drawers provide additional storage space for your smaller household accessories, paperwork or cutlery to ensure that your interior is neat and organised.

The slim and narrow design of this display unit makes it perfect for smaller homes or those with limited floor space. Its clever design is perfectly sized to fit into an alcove area to ensure that it can be accommodated into even the most awkward of room designs. You could purchase a pair of these units for display either side or a chimney breast wall for added visual detail and appeal.

Urban chic industrial sideboard - three drawer two door.

Urban chic industrial sideboard – three drawer two door.

If you would prefer a larger and more spacious item then our Urban chic industrial sideboard – three drawer two door will create a centrepiece in any room interior. The spacious table top area is an ideal space for the display of a lamp, ornament or photo collection and will look great against a plain or painted feature wall for a rustic, industrial feel.

The three spacious drawers can be utilised to house your small household nik naks whilst the double cupboard area is spacious enough to house any larger items as well as any paperwork or files in a unique office space or even shoes and telephone directories if using as an alternative to a traditional hallway table.

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How To Create An Urban Home Interior

With more and more people flocking to large cities and populated areas for work there has been a huge rise in popularity in urban interior design. Reflecting the hustle and bustle of city life as well as elements of social and cultural influence, urban interiors have become a diverse and versatile theme that work well in small city interiors.

Urban style can come in a broad spectrum of designs that each have a perfect balance of everyday practicality and artistic flair. A balance of rugged industrial style and chic city beauty go hand in hand in creating a space that is both simplistic and rich in visual features.


Colour Schemes

Urban interiors draw attention to the natural beauty of the building around them with many interiors using exposed brickwork, concrete and wooden beams as a basis for their interior colour palettes. Greys, whites and earthy tones work well in creating a naturalistic and minimal backdrop with a calming interior ambiance. Natural elements are often partnered with industrial metallic tones such as chrome, bronze and silver whilst the addition of bold contemporary colours such as red, lime and electric blue will create an eye-catching ‘colour pop’.



With compact style studio apartments and city flats there is often a need to make the most of the limited space you may have. Storage is a must have in any urban interior as it allows for an uncluttered and organised living area. Urban style celebrates all things industrial with a twist of city charm and this is reflected in the choice of storage styles. Metal framed shelving, rustic oak chests and bookcases work extremely well in this style of interior as they provide an area that creates a visual focal point and a natural/man made partnership. Opt for quirky or bohemian style items like this fun fire escape style shelving unit (right) for a unique and personalised home addition.



After a long and stressful day there is nothing better than putting your feet up with a nice cup of tea. When choosing fabrics and looks for your seating arrangements opt for simple neutral upholstery such as corduroy, cotton and linen for a soft and sumptuous finish and partner these with exposed wood framework for a retro style design. Alternatively opt for metal framed styles such as the famous ‘Tolix’ chair that will look fantastic around a rustic dining table or breakfast bar area. Avoid a cold and stark feel by partnering any plain metal seats with a complimentary cushion or seat pad that will add a cosy contrast against the sleek finish of the frame.




Less is more when it comes to lighting an urban style interior. Industrial designs and stylish vintage items will create a simple yet eye-catching design that works really well against the clean lines and rugged backdrop of urban interiors. Ceiling lights can be left with exposed bulbs for a minimal look and feel and can be arranged in a cluster design (right) to create a contemporary industrial chandelier. Table lamps should be designed in chrome, brass or rusted metal finishes for a illuminating factory style feel.



Urban interiors strip furniture back to its simplest form and celebrates the sumptuous materials and craftsmanship of its design. Metal framed items such as bookcases and coffee tables work wonderfully in an urban setting whilst stainless steel and rustic metal cabinets will create a mix of city slicker style and industrial design. Wooden furniture should be distressed or reclaimed and a chunky and bold appearance will look perfect when partnered with man made materials and modern accessories. Choose statement furniture items for a focal point in your home and don’t be afraid to mix and match your styles and materials for a varied interior finish.


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How To Create An Industrial Style Interior

With the rise of loft style living and fabulous warehouse conversions, industrial style interiors have become an increasingly popular design choice that strips back the aesthetics and flamboyance of home design and goes back to basics with simple yet functional interior styles.

This rugged style embraces the sturdiness and craftsmanship of industrial and mechanical engineering and uses the beauty of exposed rivets and fixtures to create bold and chunky focal points that celebrate the history of Great British design.

No industrial interior should be without a classic Tolix style french cafe dining chair that was designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934.  This elegant yet robust design is a functional and fabulous seating option that looks great with a complimentary metal or chunky wood table and sits perfectly upon polished concrete floor for a balance of natural and man made materials. These amazing chairs come at a pretty steep price for an original design however reproductions such as our grey Tolix style dining chair will provide the same style and craftsmanship at a fraction of the cost. These eye-catching chairs can be left in their natural metal state for a rustic metallic finish or can be painted or sprayed in a neutral or bold colour choice.

Lighting is often the most centralised item of the home and can draw your eye to a particular area or zone within your interior. Forget your crystal chandeliers and wall sconces; industrial lighting utilises the parts, tools and finishes of mechanical styles and combines them with simple lighting techniques for a basic yet fabulously eye-catching design. Metal cages, sculptured iron, mechanical movable arms and reclaimed shades are handcrafted to create unique and interesting light fittings that feature a splash of industrial history and design.


When planning a successful industrial interior many people believe that you have to cast out any forms of comfort and cosiness, however I beg to differ! Cushions, throws and rugs can be perfectly fitting in an industrial interior as long as they compliment the tones of the space and do not distract from the simplicity of industrial designs. Opt for grey, rust and off white designs that will blend into the stripped back surroundings.

You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing accessories for an industrial style interior. With so many wonderful gadgets and gizmos to draw from you can create a feast of visual and functional delights. Large and rustic industrial clocks make a great focal point on a feature wall and come in a vast range of modern and classic styles to suit your tastes. Retro style fans, floor lamps, bottles and utensils will compliment the rustic nature of this interior trend and can be easily customised to suit your home. Opt for copper, chrome, iron and pewter for a classic industrial look. Scrap yards, car boot sales and auctions are the perfect places to find some hidden treasures and original pieces without the need to break the bank.

Industrial furniture can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as a vast range of materials. Rustic oak and exposed or painted metal are often combined to demonstrate the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and design. Exposed rivets, castors and hinges and screws create a visual depth and mechanical style that will take pride of place within you interior. Items like this Industrial side table on castors are a functional furniture item that are great for families or social events as they can be easily maneuvered around our interior space.


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Product of the Week – Industrial Low Mobile Bookcase

We are going back to basics this week as we take a look at our fabulous Industrial low mobile bookcase. This rugged and traditional design has been styled in a simple yet stylish industrial fashion and will add a splash of classic British workmanship into your home interior.

Industrial low mobile bookcase

Industrial low mobile bookcase

This naturally beautiful design will add an aesthetically pleasing focal point in any living room, bedroom or home office and with its wide yet low dimensions, it is perfect for smaller homes or for those who simply wish to make the most of their interior space.

With two central shelving areas you will find plentiful space to store your favourite book collection, ornaments or paperwork whilst the addition of an upper, table top shelf allows you to display a lamp, sculpture or accessory to create a visual area of interest within your interior.

Industrial low mobile bookcase detailing.

Industrial low mobile bookcase detailing.

Each section of this bookcase has been carefully crafted to showcase the detail and manufacturing techniques of this stylish furniture item. Each wooden plank features deep and rich textural detailing whilst the tubular framework is finished with open screw and nut detailing to add to the industrial look and feel that this piece provides. The sumptuous contrast between the natural wood and man made materials gives a rustic style ambiance that sits perfectly in both modern and traditional interiors.

Industrial low mobile bookcase castors.

Industrial low mobile bookcase castors.

An additional feature of the Industrial low mobile bookcase is its stylish and functional floor castors that allow this item to move freely around your home interior. This feature is great when you need to change the layout of your interior space but also allows you to pull the bookcase over to your office desk or seating area, allowing you easy access to your books, files or paperwork without the need to keep getting up from your seat.


Industrial side compact console table

Industrial side compact console table

Why not partner your Industrial low mobile bookcase with our eye-catching Industrial side compact console table. This small yet functional design features exposed wood shelving areas and chunky metal rivet work along the edges, legs and corners for a truly authentic industrial feel. The spacious table top area is ideal for the display of  lamp, houseplant or telephone whilst the additional floor level shelf is the perfect size for holding your newspapers, magazines and reading materials.


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How To Incorporate Studs and Rivets Into Your Interior

Studs are rivets were a huge style statement at London fashion week this year and as with many popular clothing designs this trend has made its way into the interior design world and has brought with it some unique and sophisticated features that create a chic and stylish interior ambiance.

From traditional, pushed studding to eye-catching and funky spiked designs we have found the simplest and most stylish ways to incorporate studs and rivets into your home interiors.

For more studded interior inspiration and many more original images, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Studs and Rivets



Studded wallpaper is a simple and sophisticated way to add a textural and aesthetically pleasing focal point into your interior space. This fabulous design can be chosen in a vast range of tones to suit your interior colour palette. Its traditional pressed stud effect will look great on a feature wall or alcove area and is a great way of adding pattern to an otherwise plain backdrop. Studded wall panels can also give a similar eye-catching effect and look wonderful in both classic and contemporary home interiors.





If you prefer a more subtle touch of this interior trend then a selection of luxurious riveted and studded cushions can add a splash of industrial style glamour to your living room or bedroom area. You can opt for traditional rivet edged designs for a classic library style feel or if you prefer a more lavish style look then choose studded patterns or brightly coloured designs that look great in contemporary or minimal interior spaces.



Mirrors are a great way of creating an illuminating focal point in your interior and will create a sense of space and light in smaller more compact interior spaces. Industrial style riveted frames look fabulous in a range of silver, gold and copper tones that add to the glimmering and reflective nature of mirrored home accessories. The stud and rivet detailing creates a subtle yet eye-catching feature that looks wonderful against any plain or patterned wall.





Industrial style furniture has become an increasingly popular feature in contemporary home interiors. Its simple ‘back to basic’ appearance looks great in minimal, rustic and loft style interiors and look wonderful accompanied by metallic accessories and traditional upholstery. With hammered rivet edges and studded drawers and handles these unique designs are a great addition to any home.





If you are a real slave to fashion then why not recreate the biggest fashion trend to hit the catwalk this year and incorporate spike effect studding into your home interior. This look is not for the faint hearted but it will make a real style statement in any room of your home. From spiky wall art to visually breathtaking spiked occasional chairs, you can create a stylish piece of sculptural artwork that will take centre stage within your home.





For luxurious industrial furniture designs take a look at our fabulous Industrial style furniture collection and create a riveting studded interior that is sophisticated and stylish.