Get the look – Opulent Offices

With more and more of us opting for flexible working hours and the choice of working from home, the demand for a functional and fashionable home office space has become a huge talking point in the interior design world.

Layout, new balance rouge et bleu marine space saving and practicality are essential elements when considering the design of your home study, whilst colour schemes, Nike Air Huarache Donna furniture and accessories are key in creating a space in which you can relax and work efficiently.

More luxurious home office ideas along with all original images can be found on our Pinterest page – Pinterest – Opulent Offices.


Colour Schemes

When selecting the colour palette for your home office the choice really is yours! Remember that you are creating a working environment that is right for you not simply choosing a colour scheme because it is ‘on trend’ and popular.

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  • One Key element to consider is the ambiance that your colour scheme will be creating within your office area. Adidas Stan Smith Dames Any shape or size of office space should be relaxing and calming and reflect the characteristics of the person that inhabits that space. Traditional hues such as beige, white, fjallraven kanken backpacks grey and monochrome make a sophisticated and refined space that provide a neutral canvas in which to work.

    Traditionally offices and studies have been seen as quite masculine spaces with muted, adidas superstar 2 damskie tonal decor; however with more and more business women working from home there has been a rise in more feminine and uplifting office interiors. Crisp white furniture, pastel and colourful tones can be injected into even the smallest of spaces to create a haven that is not only relaxing but functional and organised.




    Opus Oak Corner Desk

    Opus Oak Corner Desk

    When it comes to furnishing your office space then your choice of desk should be your number one priority as this furniture item will take centre stage in your interior and will become the hub of your office during your working hours.

    Traditional oak and hardwood desks make a timeless addition to any working area and their warm yet neutral tones fit perfectly into both classic and contemporary office spaces. Corner desks such as our Opus Oak Corner Desk are ideal for making the most of your floor space without negotiating on storage and practicality.

    Geo-Glass Smoked Black Desk

    Geo-Glass Smoked Black Desk

    If you would prefer a sleeker,

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  • more minimal office space within your home then opt for slimline, Maglie Orlando Magic ‘invisible’ office furniture such as our Geo-Glass Smoked Black Desk that is crafted from a single sheet of annealed glass to provide a crisp and clean finish that is great for creating a sense of space and light in smaller office spaces.




    No one wants to work in a cluttered and dis-organised office where you cannot find a pen, paperclip or stapler and your paperwork is strewn all over the floor. The answer to your problems…storage, storage, storage! With a vast range of fabulous bookcases, office stationary and accessories, from wicker to perspex; chalkboard to leather you can tailor your office accessories to your chosen decor and create a personalised space for your important documents and nik naks.


    Alternative Office Spaces

    If your strapped for space then there is no need to worry as alternative office spaces are the latest trend in the interior design world this season. nike air max 2016 zwart If you don’t have a spare room to convert into an office area then you can opt for a compact corner desk that can be incorporated into your bedroom or living area.

    Vive La France!

    Ooh La La! We have come over all French this week at The Furniture Market as we have been taking a look at the elegant and refined Parisian styles that have hit the interior design world this season. Canotta Caratteristiche With opulent fabrics, furnishings and decor, Parisian interiors simply ooze glamour and sophistication and create the perfect blend of timeless, renaissance styling and functional modern day living.

    The key to an opulent and chic Parisian interior is the perfect partnership between furnishings and decor.

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  • Sumptuous muted tones and period colours are seamlessly used across the furniture, fabrics and walls to create a feeling of luxury, city glamour.

    For more Parisian inspired interiors and glamorous images then take a look at our fabulous new Pinterest Board – Pinterest – Vive La France

    The traditional colour palette for a sumptuous Parisian interior features dusky, period tones such as blacks and greys, vintage whites and classic blues, greens and reds that create a soft and cosy feel that oozes flamboyance and richness. new balance roma viale dell’aeronautica These base colour tones are often accompanied by golds, silvers and bronze to intensify the grandiosity of this interior style.

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  • Baroque style wallpapers and lavish floral patterns can be used to accentuate a feature wall or why not choose a contemporary twist on the Parisian theme with a bold, Paris inspired wallpaper that will create a wow factor in any interior.



    In any French interior fabrics, textiles and accessories take centre stage and create a sense of stateliness and splendor that is characteristic of the Parisian interior trend. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Rich colours and patterns are usually found on bedding, cushions, chairs and curtains with heavy drapes, swags and tassels being a prominent feature; particularly in living areas and bedrooms.

    If this grand and somewhat over the top look is simply not for you then you can bring this glamorous style into the 21st Century by using bold and bright colours or monochrome decor. Try adding some Parisian printed bedding, throws and curtains or use simple French artwork, mirrors and lamps to add an air of Paris to your home interior.


    Furniture and accessories will add the finishing touch to any Parisian style interior. nike air max 2016 zwart Sumptuous seating is the perfect way to add a refined elegance to your interior space whilst providing practicality and functionality for you and your guests. Canotte Phoenix Suns Combined with fabulous fabrics, cushions and rugs it will create an area of finery and relaxation.



    Lighting was a feature addition in all traditional Parisian interiors. Canotta Phoenix Suns Grand chandeliers or contemporary chrome recreations can be hung centrally in your chosen room to create an illuminating and eye-catching centrepiece in your interior.

    Get The Look – Spots and Dots

    This week we are going dotty over spots with our latest look into polka dot interior ideas. Whether you like bold and bright designs or neutral and sophisticated spotted prints, polka dots are a timeless pattern that can be seamlessly incorporated into both modern and classic interiors.

    From retro and vintage styles to contemporary colour pop designs this season we are embracing all things spotty and injecting a sense of fun and fashion into your homes.

    For more exciting polka dot interior ideas and all original images, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Spots and Dots

    Walls and Floors

    With a vast range of fabulous paint colours and patterned wallpapers available on the market today, you really will be spoilt for choice when making your interior decor selections. If you want to create a fun and funky interior style then opt for bright, neon or primary colours in a large or varying size spotted pattern. This will create a eye-catching feature that looks wonderful when paired with a minimal interior design. For a more subdued vintage style look then opt for monochrome designs or muted tones such as creams, pastels and period hues and partner them with small polka dots that create visual texture without overpowering your walls. As an alternative to wallpaper why not try your hand at stencilling using a punched sheet of laminate or even recycle an old laundry basket (see image to left) for a fun and money saving technique.


    Polka dot accessories have been a huge hit on the high street this season, with vintage styles from designers such as Kath Kidston and Gisela Graham and fun, contemporary additions from the increasingly popular Emma Bridgewater. Lighting accessories such as lamps, shades and candles are a simple way to add a pop of pattern to your interior and can be tailored to your chosen colour scheme or used as a blast of colour to add a focal point in your home.

    Or why not dust of your artists easel and create your very own polka dot art work that will create a centrepiece above a fireplace or feature wall. A simple canvas with stencilled spots can be a real statement piece that can be customised to your tastes or why not frame a scattering of multicoloured, dotted stickers for a more contemporary and abstract art work.



    Textiles not only provide a visual treat with their choice of patterns but also provide texture and cosiness to your chosen interior. Polka dot curtains and blinds look particularly impressive in a white or neutral minimal interior where they give the impression of a feature wall or art piece in an otherwise plain setting. Cushions are always a great way to introduce pattern into your home and look wonderful scattered across a sofa, bed or chaise lounge for a subtle yet eye-catching appearance. Alternatively you can opt for spotted upholstery on your seating, bedding and headboards. A blast of pattern on an occasional chair can transform the ambiance of a room and can be easily achieved by reupholstering your current furniture items.


    Up-cycling has become a massive trend in the interior design world over the last 12 months and with everyone trying to save the pennies, what better way to utilise your current assets than to transform them into something new and exciting. Any old wooden furniture, or currently painted items can be stripped back, sanded and painted in your selected colour tones and given a dotty make-over that will add a pop of pattern against a neutral painted or complimentary coloured wall. If an overload of dots are a little extreme for you then centre your pattern on your feature wall and add simple white or plain coloured painted furniture to add a bright and elegant atmosphere to your home.

    Get The Look – The Magic of Minimal

    Throw away that clutter, shut away your nik naks, and strip back your interiors! This week we are going back to basics with our fabulous look at the ever popular trend of sleek and sophisticated, minimal interiors.

    With crisp, clean lines, elegant and unique furnishings and innovative style techniques the minimal interior trend has struck a cord with a wide range of interior enthusiasts. With all the stresses of modern living, who doesn’t want an interior that’s clean, simple and low maintenance.

    For original images and inspiring minimal interior ideas, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Minimal Interiors

    Colour Palettes

    The first colour that springs to mind when thinking of a minimal interior is sure to be…WHITE, and whilst this is the basis for the majority of minimal interiors it certainly isn’t the only colour option available to you. Smoky greys and natural stone colours look fabulously sleek and clean and when combined with basic white give a subtle contrast without creating a ‘busy’ or fussy colour palette. You can also try a small pop of colour with some cushions or a rug to give a centre of interest and variation without overpowering the visual simplicity of the minimal trend.



    The key to accessorising any minimal interior is invisibility and blending. Whilst a small splash of colour is acceptable in one form of accessory you do not want to overpower the simplicity of your interior with bright and distracting tones. Try and keep to accessories with a matching colour palette to your walls and floors or opt for transparent, glass items such as vases and light fittings to create fluid, undisturbed lines and an illusion of space. Opt for muted tones such as grey, taupe, beige or white and keep accessories to a ‘minimum’, selecting key pieces positioned sparingly across your selected room.



    Selecting the right furniture for your minimal interior can be a tricky task. The key points to remember is not to over-clutter your space by choosing items that are necessary and functional as opposed to filling every last space in your home. Once again the easiest way to compliment your minimal decor is to choose items that will blend into their surrounding and give a clean and sleek overall appearance. Painted furniture is a simple way to solve this problem as the items can be purchased or painted in the exact colour tones of your interior, allowing them to blend into the background. Alternatively why not opt for mirrored or ‘invisible’ furniture like our fabulous Phantom clear armchair & footstool that will provide an illusion of space and light that will not encroach upon your minimal ambiance.

    When it comes to storage – the more the better! A minimal interior can only work successfully if all the clutter and household items that we would normally have on display can be tucked away, out of sight or organised in a sleek and consistent manner. Opt for items such as sideboards, console tables and cupboards that will allow you to store away any unsightly clutter or alternatively why not purchase a statement item such as an open fronted bookcase where you can showcase a selection of books that match your chosen colour palette to create an interesting yet neutral feature wall.

    Just remember the one key rule: LESS IS MORE!

    Get The Look – Fabulous Florals

    With all of the miserable weather we have been having recently who can blame us for feeling a little down in the dumps? Beautiful spring and summer landscapes have been replaced with stripped down trees, wilted plants and muddy ground that simply adds to the dreary ambiance of winter.

    But fear not! we have found the perfect interior design trend of 2014 that is sure to add colour and energy to your home by injecting some uplifting, floral flower power to your home interiors.


    For further inspiration and original images, hop on over to our latest pinterest board - Pinterest – Flower Power

    Traditional or Contemporary

    Whether you love the classic and traditional pastel tones of period style floral interiors or the vibrant, eye-catching styles of contemporary homes; the ‘Floral’ trend is a versatile and easily achievable interior trend. For a traditional floral scheme try opting for muted, pale colour palettes such as pinks, peaches and creams to create a soft and cosy ambiance within your home. The floral pattern itself should reflect classic period gardens with prints of roses, ivy and chrysanthemums for an authentic antique appearance. Modern interiors on the other hand should celebrate bright and bold colour schemes such as vibrant blues, greens and reds combined with crisp white backdrops. Contemporary floral patterns tend to be illustrated with larger, bolder flowers such as gerberas, hydrangeas and poppies for a real statement style.


    A bold floral wallpaper will make a focal point in even the most neutral of interiors. For an injection of energy and vibrancy then why not opt for a bright and colourful wallpaper that will create a colour palette with which you can match your interior accessories and fabrics. If you prefer to air on the more conservative side of this interior trend then a small traditional floral print or an illuminating metallic printed wallpaper will provide a luxurious ambiance to your flowered interior.


    The perfect way to add florals into your home without changing the whole of your interior decor is with simple coloured and patterned textiles. Cushions, rugs, curtains and blinds can add an injection of floral print without overwhelming the rest of your interior. For neutral interiors then try injecting a bold and colourful print into your space to create a contrasting  pop of colour and energy or try matching your floral textiles to your existing interior colour palette for a more sophisticated ambiance.


    Floral accessories are bang on trend this season with designers such as Cath Kidston bringing traditional floral patterns up to date with 21st century living. From cute, shabby chic style kitchen accessories to fabulous fabrics, vases, artwork and table wear you can inject some kitsch style cuteness into your interior creating a fashionably feminine, floral interior that the whole family can enjoy.


    How to capture this year’s hottest home trend – Aztec

    Geometric patterns have been making waves in the fashion world for quite some time and with eager anticipation they have now  made their way into interior design to form a fully established trend with an international influence – Aztec. Featuring opulent colours, sumptuous fabrics and a splash of tribal designs the Aztec trend is hot on trend for 2014.

    Here’s how to get the look in your home…

    (Aztec inspiration: check out our Pinterest board for links to original sources)

    Choosing your colours

    Strong colour choices form the base of any interior design theme and will influence every accessory, textile and furniture item that follows. The beauty of this seasons Aztec trend is that it can be adapted to suit almost any colour. The colour choices that work particularly well in this theme are bright purples and red tones combined with more earthy colours such as browns, beige and even gold. Other bright colours such as vivid yellows and oranges, azure blues and tropical greens can also bring a bright and illuminating feel to your interior.

    Furniture Selections

    The key to creating a successful Aztec interior theme is to create an earthy, traditional and authentic feel with complimentary furniture and decor. Oak furniture provides a warm and light ambiance and a neutral colour that fits perfectly with the Aztec geometric style. Chunky, angular furniture will compliment the textile patterns and traditional tones of this interior theme. If you would prefer a darker more rustic selection of furniture then mahogany tones will also compliment the Aztec theme and will bring out the brown and russet hues found in traditional Aztec interiors.

    The finishing touches

    Floors, furnishings and accessories will add the final finishing touches to any interior and often carry the largest splash of colour and pattern within your chosen room. Accessories can be changed over time so that you can change the colour tones of your interior depending on your tastes. Bright geometric patterns will bring a splash of colour and energy to any interior and can be brought out using cushions, lighting, throws and Aztec influenced prints.

    There are lots of places you can pick up African or Aztec influenced accessories, but if you want something really authentic then think about hitting the markets next time you’re on holiday somewhere hot. Tunisia, Morocco or of course South America are all great areas to pick up original handmade tribal masks, paintings or throws that can really add the finishing touch to your Aztec inspired home.

    Check out our Aztec inspired Pinterest board for more ideas on how to bring Aztec into your home or take a look at our extensive range of furniture to see what fits the trend.