Colour Trend – Teal

If your looking for a bright and fresh alternative to traditional baby blue and royal blue tones then the latest teal colour trend could be just what you have been looking for to update your interior decor.

From pale hues to deep dark tones, teal interiors will add a splash of sophisticated colour to even the plainest of home interiors.


Colour Palettes

Teal is a rich a sumptuous colour tone that works really well with a vast range of contrasting and complimentary colour palettes. For a neutral and calming interior decor choice then partner your chosen teal tone with creams, whites, browns and greys for a classic and relaxing traditional ambiance. Alternatively if your prefer a more bold and uplifting style then combine your teal walls with raspberry, lime and purple hues and accessories for a sumptuous splash of colour that looks particularly great in bedroom and living room areas.




Rich and colourful textiles create a cosy and textured area within your interior that is perfect for relaxing and curling up in comfort. Teal cushions, throws and curtains make an eye-catching addition to any home interior and are a great way of adding a ‘pop’ of colour to neutral walls, bedding or sofas. From classic plain designs to bold and contemporary patterns, teal textiles will transform your home into a calm and serene interior retreat.




For a quick and simple change of colour within your home, opt for a selection of plain or patterned teal accessories that can be seamlessly added to your existing interior decor. Vases, bowls, candles and ornaments look great adorning a table, windowsill, sideboard or mantelpiece and will create a colourful focal point within you interior space. Alternatively you can add a selection of teal flowers or ornamental grasses to your existing vases and urns or update your existing or outdated photo frames with a lick of teal paint for a simple up-cycled home accessory.





If your feeling particularly bold then a selection of smart and visually appealing teal painted furniture can completely transform an otherwise plain and sparse neutral interior. Teal furniture looks wonderful against a plain white, grey or cream interior wall and can be purchased or easily created using some old furniture pieces and a few coats of teal wood paint. If your not a fan of coloured furniture items then why not opt for a more muted yet glamorous furniture selection such as our French Silver Leaf and Mirrored Furniture collections. Their illuminating exteriors and exquisite designs look particularly eye-catching against a painted or wallpapered teal wall, adding luminosity and opulence to any home interior.


For all original photography and a selection of teal interior designs then head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Teal Colour Trend.


Colour Trend – Silver

Glistening surfaces and illuminating accessories are encapsulated in this seasons sumptuous silver interior colour trend. This opulent trend will add a sense of space and light to even the smallest of interior spaces and will create a bright, boutique style within your home.

For all original images and inspirational silver interior ideas, take a look at our latest pinterest board - Pinterest- Silver Colour Trend



French silver leaf overmantle mirror

French silver leaf overmantle mirror

Illuminating mirrors are the perfect way to introduce a splash of silver to a painted or wallpapered feature wall and will give an illusion of space and depth within your interior. From ornate, traditional designs such as our French silver leaf overmantle mirror to bold contemporary styles; a carefully placed mirror can add a sense of opulent luxury into any room of your home.




Cushions are a great way of injecting colour and texture into your home interior and create a soft and sumptuous space in which to relax.  From shimmering beads and sequins to plain and patterned designs there is a huge range of styles to suit all interiors. You can create a cosy space on your bed, sofa or chairs using matching tones and textures or opt for a scattering of cushions in contasting yet complimentary hues and materials for added depth and focus.



A statement style ceiling light can create an eye-catching focal point in any interior space and will create a sumptuous ambient light around your room. Silver chandeliers, metallic drum shades and droplet designs are luxurious and opulent lighting options that look fabulous in both traditional and modern interior decors. Their shimmering exteriors will add a stunning visual centrepiece on your ceiling and with added crystals, beads and sequins they will scatter elegant and eye-catching shadows around your room.






Silver accessories are the ideal way to add a scattering of colour to your current home interior and are a fairly inexpensive way of updating your interior space. Silver vases, lamp stands and ornaments look great on a mantelpiece, windowsill or side table and create a glistening focal point within your home. Silver accessories look perfect partnered with grey, white and monochrome interiors and create a sophisticated ambiance that oozes opulence and style. Polished chrome, mosaic designs and hammered silver are bang on trend this spring season and are easily available across the high street stores.




French silver leaf 6 drawer chest.

French silver leaf 6 drawer chest.

Glistening silver furniture is an opulent and exquisite home addition that looks wonderful in both neutral and bold interior decors. Silver Leaf furniture pieces such as our French silver leaf 6 drawer chest are truly breathtaking  designs that will create a sumptuous focal point in any bedroom, dining room, living room or hallway. The illuminating and reflective silver exterior will create an uplifting ambiance within your home and provide a chic and stylish boutique finish that oozes timeless elegance and luxury.


If you would like more sumptuous silver furniture inspiration then you can find our complete French silver leaf furniture collection over on our website.



Colour Trend – Purple

This week at the furniture market we are celebrating the latest purple interior colour trend, and are taking at look at the perfect way to introduce this warm and lively tonal palette into your home interiors.

From lovely lilacs to perfect plums there is a vast range of purple tones that will compliment both traditional and contemporary home designs. This popular colour choice will add a sense of uplifting vibrancy to your interior and will create a sumptuous space for you to relax.

For a selection of perfectly purple interiors and all original photography, take a look at our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Purple Colour Trend.


Complimentary Colours

Despite its eye-catching and often vibrant appearance, purple is a versatile interior colour choice that blends well with a wide range of complimentary colours. Bright purples, such as violet and plum look particularly fetching when partnered with, yellow, pink and grey interiors and also look great as accent colours in monochrome interior settings.

Paler shades of purple such as lilac and lavender look beautiful with silver, white and even gold for a more traditional and classic appearance. You could also combine complimentary tones of purple for a light and dark contrast that remains within the same colour range.




A bold array of purple scatter cushions will look wonderful adorning a sofa, chair or bed and will bring a strategically placed pop of colour to neutrally decorated interiors. Aubergine tones look great alongside pink, silver and black upholstery or opt for a more muted purple tone in a patterned or floral print design to create a  traditional interior ambiance. For a textural and aesthetically pleasing visual display, combine different sizes and shapes of cushion or create an ‘ombre’ style effect using a range of tones from across the purple colour spectrum.




Rugs and Upholstery

Rugs are a great way of creating a centralised blast of colour in your interior space. From simple, plain purple designs to bold geometric prints there is a vast selection of styles that will suit both classic and contemporary homes. Bold floral prints are bang on trend this season and can be selected in a complimentary purple tone that will match your cushions, throws and curtains.

Another way of introducing purple as an accent colour is by adding a strategically placed upholstered chair, sofa or window seat. A sumptuous purple occasional chair will create an eye-catching focal point in a living room, bedroom or office and looks particularly attractive against a plain white interior backdrop. You can opt for plain satin or chenille fabrics or bold patterned, printed designs for a more daring interior colour pop.



Purple painted furniture designs will make an exquisitely opulent addition to any home interior and are a great alternative to using purple paint or wallpaper. Purple furniture can be complimented perfectly using chrome, gold or crystal handles for an added splash of luxury glamour.

If you are not feeling quite brave enough for coloured furniture then silver painted items such as our opulent French silver leaf painted furniture collection will create a splash of illuminating lustre against a plain or patterned purple wall. This glimmering colour partnership will create a regency style colour combination that will add a palatial style ambiance to your home.

How To Get The Perfect Metallic Interior

From shimmering silvers to glistening golds, metallic interiors have become an increasingly popular trend in the interior design world, with more and more people being drawn to this lustrous and illuminating style.

Creating the perfect metallic interior has never been simpler with a wide variety of accessories, wallpaper and furniture available across the high street. If you are looking for the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your home interior then follow these simple, inspirational steps.

For all original images and a selection of metallic interior design ideas, head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Metallic Interiors


1. Illuminate your walls

Metallic patterned wallpaper is an eye-catching and glamorous way to incorporate the metallic trend into your home. Not only does it provide a glistening focal point in your room but its reflective surface area creates a sense of space and light that will open up even the smallest of interior spaces. If a bold statement wallpaper is not your first choice then there are a wide range of metallic, feature wall paints available on the market that are great for highlighting a central chimney breast wall or alcoves for a splash of visual opulence.



2. Get cosy with cushions

Cushions are a great way of adding an accent colour, texture or finish to your interior without having to undergo any major decorating work. From glittering silvers to coppers and golds, metallic cushions are a wonderful way to add detail and cosiness to your seating area or bedroom. Try mixing a variety of cushion shapes and sizes to create an aesthetically pleasing focal point within your interior and partner plain cushions with patterned prints for a complimentary yet contrasting design feature.



4. Dazzling drapery

Heavy drapery and eye-catching curtains make a wonderful focal point in both small and open interior spaces. Metallic tones such as golds and silvers provide a luxurious opulence in any living room, dining room or bedroom and create a sense of reflective spaciousness within your home. Bold metallic patterns look fabulous against plain painted walls or you can opt for detailed sequined, glitter or chain link style drapery for a real statement addition to your interior. Try coordinating your curtains with your cushions, rugs and accessories for an added splash of luxury sophistication.



4. Sparkling Accessories

From vases to candles, bowls to ornaments a carefully selected metallic accessory can brighten up even the blandest of home interiors. You can adorn your fireplace, windowsill or dining table with shimmering metallic accessories and create a lustrous focal point that will compliment a wide range of traditional and contemporary interior designs. Golds and bronze look wonderful with neutral beige interiors whilst silvers, chrome and pewter will brighten up grey, monochrome or white interior decor.


5. Fabulously lustrous furniture

Silver leaf dressing table

Silver leaf dressing table

There is nothing more glamorous than an opulent piece of  glistening metallic furniture, From glittering silvers to palatial golds there is as a wide range of metallic furniture available that will create a breath taking centerpiece within your home.

Gold leaf chest of drawers

Gold leaf chest of drawers

These shimmering furniture pieces look wonderful against a neutral painted wall or bold wallpaper selection from your chosen colour palette and will provide an opulent and flamboyant addition to any interior setting.

For more metallic furniture inspiration take a look at our fabulous French gold leaf and French silver leaf furniture collections.






Colour Trend – Grey

Who said that Grey is a drab and miserable colour? This season the interior design world has been awash with gorgeous greys and muted pebble tones that create a chic and sophisticated alternative to traditional white and beige interior decors.

From sumptuous pewter paint tones to opulent fabrics and furnishings there are a multitude of ways to incorporate this latest stylish colour trend into your home interior.

You can find all original images and an array of gorgeous grey interior ideas on our Pinterest boards – Pinterest – Grey Colour Trend


Colour Palettes

Grey is a versatile and sophisticated colour choice that works equally well in neutral minimal homes and bright and vibrant interior spaces. You can partner several varying grey tones for a soft and calming interior ambiance or combine your chosen grey tone with a pop of colour such as lime, cerise or yellow for a bright and uplifting interior space.



A scattering of grey cushions will create a snug and sumptuous space where you can kick back and relax. Plain and patterned cushions in a variety of tones and sizes make a great feature on a bed, sofa or occasional chair and are a great way of introducing colour to your interior space without the need to change your existing decor. Rich satins, textured fur and sumptuous chenille fabrics work wonderfully with a variety of grey hues to create a chic and tranquil setting within your home.



Textiles and Rugs

Rich and sumptuous textiles and rugs are both a textural and aesthetically appealing addition to any interior. From soft dove grey to rich stone tones there are a vast range of hues to suit both modern and traditional interiors. Plain and printed throws and rugs create a visually attractive focal point in any room or you can opt for a faux fur or Mongolian style rug that will create a warm and cosy center piece in your living area. Curtains and upholstery also provide the perfect way to add complimentary and contrasting grey tones into your interior without overpowering your whole room.




Grey painted furniture has increased in popularity over the past few years and have been a key colour palette in the Shabby chic interior design trend. Fabulous dining tables, traditional dressers and sideboards can be given a timeless and elegant face lift with a touch of pale grey or dusky pewter tones to create a unique and customised furniture collection.

French silver leaf chest of drawers

French silver leaf chest of drawers

For a more opulent and glamorous ambiance you can pair your grey interior with a palatial silver leaf furniture item such as our French silver leaf tallboy chest. Its fabulous metallic silver exterior and traditional design will perfectly compliment both light and dark grey colour palettes.


For more complimentary furniture items; take a look at our luxurious French silver leaf furniture collection and transform your home into a serene and relaxing interior haven.