How To Create A Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Holidays and mini breaks have the perfect way of making us feel happy and uplifted and whilst this may have a lot to do with warm weather and historic culture it also has a great deal to do with the atmosphere of our accommodation. If your anything like me, there is nothing more satisfying than waking up in a luxurious and sophisticated setting that oozes classic elegance and style.

You can recreate the glamour and opulence of a boutique hotel bedroom with these simple steps and ideas. Using items that are readily available on the high street you can create a sleek and luxurious sleeping area that will feel like a high class getaway, everyday.


Colour Schemes

Boutique hotels tend to stick to neutral yet tonal colour schemes that can be used alone or with more bolder colour options for a luxurious contemporary feel. Soft beige, pebble grey and mocha tones work really well in creating a sleek yet relaxed setting that is both warm and uplifting in appearance. Monochrome colour schemes also work extremely well in hotel style bedroom areas as they provide a fashionable balance of feminine and masculine tones that give a contrasting yet complimentary feel to the room. Crisp white gives an illuminating backdrop to a bedroom setting however be sure to partner it with bold or earthy colour tones to avoid your bedroom feeling cold or stark.




The bed is the first item we see when we enter a hotel room for the first time and is obviously the most important aspect when it comes to comfort and a good nights sleep. Depending on the look of your hotel style bedroom there are several avenues to explore whe it comes to choosing the right bed. For contemporary chic interiors with an earthy colour palette (right) opt for a leather or Upholstered bed frame in complimentary tones and fabrics. If you prefer a more period interior setting then choose a plain Hardwood Bed frame in a sleigh style design for a grand and eye-catching appeal. For a more glamorous and truly ’boutique’ feel then choose a fabulous French Carved Bed Frame and where possible go all out with a King or Super King sized frame for added visual impact.



Cleverly positioned light fittings and lamps will make a huge impact on small or large bedroom interiors and will provide that recognisable luxury hotel feel within your chosen space. Classic chandeliers look fabulously glamorous in both modern and classic boutique interiors and whilst you may not be able to accommodate one on the same scale as the Beverly Wilshire (left) there are many eye-catching French and Venetian designs available on the high street that will add a splash of period glamour to your bedroom area. Don’t forget to purchase some complimentary bedside lamps for a stylish spot of light bedtime reading .



When it comes to bedroom furniture both home and away, each item should provide a perfect balance of eye-catching style and functional practicality. Wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedsides should compliment your surroundings and provide plentiful storage space for all of your items. Mirrored items, French designs (such as the armoire on the right) and regal style mahogany frames work extremely well in boutique style settings and will create a stunning focal point within your room. Make sure you include a sumptuously stylish dressing table to accentuate the glamour and class of hotel style living.



No hotel room would be complete without a stunning and relaxing choice of seating that is perfect for slipping off your shoes after a long and busy day, or sitting at your dressing table for a much needed pamper session. You can opt for classic armchair designs for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic design. Wood or metal exposed frames look fabulous when partnered with sleek, soft fabrics in neutral tones that will add an opulent feel to your interior space. Occasional chairs look amazing nestled in the corner of your bedroom area and can be a glamorous addition to both bold or minimal colour schemes. French painted bedroom chairs can be purchased in a range of chic and flamboyant colours that will add a splash of boutique opulence to any bedroom area.


For more ideas on how to bring hotel living into your home interiors then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Hotel Living and for an extensive range of luxury bedroom items then check out our fabulous Bedroom Furniture collections.


Product of the Week – French Chateau Carved Four Poster Bed

There is nothing more satisfying than curling up into bed and enjoying a soft and relaxing nights sleep in chic and romantic surroundings. Our French chateau white carved four poster bed provides the perfect balance of luxurious opulence and comfortable functionality that will transform your bedroom into a serene fairytale setting.

French Chateau White carved Four Poster Bed

French Chateau White carved Four Poster Bed

This eye-catching bed frame is a grand yet delicate furniture design that will look wonderful in a wide range of interior designs and decors. Its crisp white painted exterior sumptuously envelopes the solid mahogany framework to create a light and bright centrepiece that oozes romance and period elegance.

French Chateau white painted four poster bed - front view

French Chateau white painted four poster bed – front view

Crafted from authentic antique designs this bed frame shows the beauty and intricacy of traditional craftsmanship. Its head and baseboard feature simple yet artistic carvings that add a visual detail and texture to the rich antique white paintwork. The sculptural arched headboard looks wonderful against a painted or wallpapered feature wall as it draws your eye to its curvaceous appearance.

The true opulence of this bed frame comes with its four corner posts that create a palatial feel that will transform any bedroom into a rich and luxurious retreat. Their twisted carvings stretch the length of the posts while the top of the posts are finished with a simple oval top. These posts make a fabulous feature by themselves or can be finished with some delicate voile drapery for a truly magical fairytale canopy.

French chateau carved two drawer bedside

French chateau carved two drawer bedside

You can accompany your luxurious four poster bed with the French chateau white painted two drawer bedside for a perfect partnership of style and practicality. This delicate design features the same white paint finish as the bed with a selection of intricate floral carvings that adorn the drawer fronts and body of the chest. With its curvaceous fluted legs and period style features this bedside will add a splash of romance and style to your bedroom area.

With two small but spacious drawers the French Chateau bedside provides ample space for your small bedroom accessories, clothing items or general bits and bobs to ensure that your bedroom remains neat and clutter free so you can appreciate the beauty of your chosen designs. The small square table top area is the perfect size to house a bedside lamp, alarm clock or ornament providing an ideal setting to curl up in the evenings with your favourite book.

For more items from the collection and a wide range of bedroom items that will complete your interior look, take a look at our full and extensive French Chateau white painted furniture collection and transform your home into a chic and sophisticated Parisian palace.


Product of the Week – French Noir Black Painted Three Drawer Bedside

Black painted furniture has become increasingly popular in the interior design world this season due to its stylish versatility and opulent glamour. Our French noir black painted 3 drawer bedside makes the perfect addition to any bedroom area and provides a compact yet functional storage space within your interior setting.

French noir black painted three drawer bedside

French noir black painted three drawer bedside

This beautifully stunning furniture item has been crafted from authentic antique designs to ensure that it captures the exact charisma and style of classic period pieces. Its delicate and curvaceous legs allow the bedside to sit poised above the ground, providing a splash of opulence and femininity.

French noir black painted three drawer bedside - front view

French noir black painted three drawer bedside – front view

Its simple yet eye-catching carved edging gives this bedside a textural and visual appeal that fits seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary interior designs. Its glossy black exterior provides a luxurious balance between masculinity and femininity and creates a classic colour base that compliments both neutral and bold interior colour palettes. With the addition of simple brass style drawer knobs this bedside oozes classic beauty and sophistication.


French noir black painted three drawer bedside - side view

French noir black painted three drawer bedside – side view

With its small but spacious table top area you will find plentiful space to display a stylish bedside lamp, sculpture or the dreaded alarm clock to create a visual focal point in your bedroom space. Featuring three perfectly proportioned, central drawers, this bedside provides all the space you could need for tucking away your bedroom accessories, small clothing items or general bits and bobs to ensure that your bedroom sanctuary remains neat and clutter free.


French noir black painted panel bed

French noir black painted panel bed

You can partner your bedside with the fabulous French noir black painted panel bed that provides a complimentary design that will create a fluid and co-ordinated centrepiece within your bedroom interior. With its grand and curvaceous head and foot board, plain panelled inserts and delicate, floral frame carvings; this bed reflects the beauty and elegance of classic French interior design. Its sumptuous black painted exterior fits well in a wide range of interior styles but looks particularly glamorous in a grey, white or monochrome interior colour scheme. This bed and bedside partnership is sure to transform any bedroom into a palatial Parisian boudoir.

For more items within this collection then take a look at our French Moulin Noir Black Painted Furniture Collection and lose yourself in a world of glamour and European elegance.


Sleeping Beauty

When I was growing up my favourite fairytale was Sleeping Beauty. It wasn’t the story itself that fascinated me but the beautifully illustrated images of Sleeping Beauty’s bed. It was illustrated differently in every version that I read but it always featured beautiful carvings, drapes and feminine painted colours and shapes. Ever since then I have been jealous of Sleeping Beauty and always dreamed of having my very own fairytale bed that would be comfortable and elegant and transform me into a princess.

Sleigh Bed Low Footboard

Well…I’m still not a princess and I don’t live in a turret at the top of a castle but my love for sophisticated, luxurious beds still remains. With such a vast range of bed styles to choose from I have narrowed down some of my favourite ‘fairytale inspired’ painted beds that would transform any bedroom into a luxurious boudoir.

Sleigh Bed High Footboard

Our fabulous white painted sleigh beds are made from the highest quality solid mahogany and hand finished with several coats of crisp white paint; these gorgeous beds add a sense of romance and elegance to your bedroom. With intricate scrolled arms and carved bracket feet this bed is exquisitely designed to create a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere in your bedroom. What I love about these beds is that they come with a choice of a high or low foot board to accommodate all styles and tastes.

Silver French Ornate Bed

Black French Ornate Bed

For a truly elaborate, grand bed frame our palatial French beds come in a range of sizes and styles that create a sumptuously regal ambiance in any bedroom. Carved from solid mahogany and taken from authentic antique designs they are a breathtaking centrepiece to your classic, elegant boudoir. Our heavily carved beds are available in black and white for simple classic styling or gold and silver leaf for an over the top flash of luxury and glamour.

Gold French Ornate Bed

Our classic French style upholstered beds are covered in an indulgent champagne silk and styled in a traditional button design to add an authentic royal touch to your furniture. These statement beds would not look out of place in a grand stately home or royal palace. The beautifully carved and painted bed frame with its delicate fluted legs make this bed a simple yet elegant design that creates the perfect balance between glamour and practicality.

Simple elegance and classic designs are essential in creating a fairytale bedroom that is both luxurious and comfortable. I may not be the princess that I dreamt I would grow up to be but that certainly doesn’t mean that I can’t indulge in some fairytale glamour for my home. Who needs wicked stepmothers, poisoned apples and haunted forests!  I have my palace (house), my Prince Charming (husband) and my elegantly designed princess bedroom with all the sumptuous and exquisite regal touches that a girl could wish for. So who is jealous now? Eat your heart out Sleeping Beauty!

French Chateau Upholstered Bed


French Furniture to suit all tastes by Bianca

French Chateau White


This range of French furniture is for the discerning customer who knows style and wants to achieve a subtle classic feel to a room that demonstrates an aura of chic sophistication.  One of the most substantial ranges in our French furniture collections you are bound to find something in the stunning Chateau range to tantalise your taste buds. The beauty with this collection of French furniture is its ability to lend itself to pretty much any style decor, whether you want to go down the pretty chintzy road with delicate floral detail or prefer a more modern twist with bright vibrant colours to contrast the pale colour of the furniture and really make your decor pop.

French Noir Black


The noir black range of French furniture is for the more daring customer who really wants to make a statement with their interior and create a dramatic show stopping decor. The bold characteristics of this awesome collection of French furniture give it a real dramatic edge and can be interpreted either with combining it with bold vibrant colours to add to the drama of the decor or toned down to give it a romantic vibe by using pale creams and whites which give focus to the stunning pieces within the range.

French Gold


Decadent Gold leaf upolstered Chaise Longe

French Gold Leaf Snail Chaise

This gorgeous collection of gold leaf and gold painted range of furniture is definitely designed for the more ostentatious customer who is not afraid to be bold and brass with their decor. The stunning carved detail displayed on many of the pieces combined with its classic style make this range a welcomed addition to the French collection and enables us ‘jo public’ to really delve into the extravagant world of interior design usually reserved for the likes of boutique hotels and bars.

French Silver


French Silver Leaf Occasional Chair

French Silver Leaf Occasional Chair

The French silver leaf and silver painted range of furniture is a perfect choice for those wanting to add a touch of glamour to their decor. An eclectic mix of both heavily carved detail and a more subtle simplistic style give you the pick of the bunch in this collection. This range of French furniture is great for bringing light into a room and looks truly awesome when teamed with a bold vibrant colour such as fuchsia pink or electric blue.

If you would like to see any additional images of furniture you can contact us via email or call us on 01829 759259 lines are open between 9am and 6pm and we will try to answer any questions you might have.