How To Create A Focal Point In Your Interior

Modern day homes can often appear disjointed and cluttered due to the unavoidable items that grace our homes such as media devices, accessories, heaters and general bits and bobs. With the need for extra storage space and display units, our home interiors have lost that traditional sense of organisation that created a centralised and stylish space in which to relax.

The focal point of your interior should be the first thing that draws your eye as you enter a room, it can be created using colour, furniture, accessories or a simple change of layout and can transform even the most blank of canvases into a sleek and sophisticated interior design.


Wall Art

Wall art and Wallpaper are a great way of creating a focal point in a neutral interior space and work particularly well in plain interiors that lack a chimney breast or natural focal point. Opt for a bold patterned wallpaper with colour and depth or for a more subtle yet still eye-catching finish opt for neutral palettes with a hint of metallic pattern or finish. Wall art can be used to draw the eye to a plain painted wall or can seamlessly highlight a sofa or sideboard area. Large and contemporary images work great in minimal homes whilst traditional portraits and landscapes can also create a soft and refined focal point in more classic interior styles.



The fireplace has long been used as the focal point in the living room area as it provides a centralised and visually appealing area that can dictate the layout and seating arrangements of a room. A large mantelpiece creates an eye-catching centre piece that can be further emphasised using a vase, ornaments of photo frames for added detail and visual effect. Modern electric fires can work equally well, with wall mounted designs being used to compliment a wallpapered or painted chimney breast wall. This creates a zoned area of detail and colour that provides functional practicality as well as elegant interior style.




Lighting is a fabulous way of creating a centrepiece within your chosen room and is the ideal way of creating a focal point in smaller or more awkward interior spaces. A large, single drop light works extremely well in creating a central area of detail and light that can be used to draw attention to an item below, such as a dining table, bed or seating area. Large French or Italian chandeliers look great in classic or contemporary home interiors whilst modern sculptural designs will add a visual artwork that makes a great alternative to a ornament or picture. Opt for bold coloured styles or elegant crystal designs to co-ordinate your lighting choice to your interior style and palette.



They may not be the most beautiful items in the world but our TVs have become to social point of our home with many an evening spent catching up on our favourites TV series and films. Creating a more visually delightful setting for these often ugly devices can be tricky, but with all eyes and furniture drawn towards your TV it becomes a necessary focal point that requires a balance of style and elegance. Opt for a grand and eye-catching TV cabinet that will provide a complimentary focal point but will also hide a multitude of wires and clutter. Alternatively you can create a wall mounted focal point by incorporating your TV as a piece of wall art on a centralised wall or chimney breast.



Furniture can create a natural focal point in an interior depending on its size, colour and impact on its internal space. Sideboards, console tables and display cabinets create a visual focal point that once again will draw the eye to a particular wall or chimney breast and can be adorned with complimentary items that add to the overall visual finish. Focal points do not have to be against a wall however, a grand and eye-catching dining table, coffee table or bed can draw the eye to the centre of the room with your seating, decor and smaller items orbiting the centrepiece of your interior space.


For more inspirational ideas that will create a focal point within your home, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Focal Points


Product of the Week – Venetian Mirrored Compact Console Table

The Venetian mirrored compact console table is the epitome of opulent and illuminating interior style. Mirrored furniture is one of the most popular furniture designs and it provides a fresh alternative to traditional hardwood furniture. Its varied design and shape makes it perfectly suited to a vast range of interiors and can be adopted into your current home decor for a fresh and bright burst of luxury and sophistication.

Venetian mirrors console table - Front View

Venetian mirrors console table – Front View

Console tables are a slimmer and more compact version of a traditional sideboard and are the perfect item for those with smaller home interiors or awkward recess areas. Their illuminating surface areas creates a sense of light and invisibility that makes them ideal for sleek contemporary or minimal interior designs.

Venetian mirrored console table - Side View

Venetian mirrored console table – Side View

The spacious and long table top area creates a space that is perfect for the display of a lamp, ornament or vase and will create a shimmering focal point in any living room, dining room or hallway area. Alternatively this console table can be doubled up as a dressing table when combined with a co-ordinating Venetian mirrored stool and Venetian dressing table mirror. This elegant and glamorous item provides the perfect balance of style and practicality.

Venetian mirrored console table - Close Up

Venetian mirrored console table – Close Up

The fabulous straight edged detailing of this amazing console table creates a seamless and contemporary feel that compliments a wide range of interior styles and decors. Its glistening exterior works wonderfully with both neutral and bold interior colour schemes. This opulent Venetian design will provide a sense of rich Italian luxury to your home and create a haven of uplifting tranquility in which to relax.


Venetian mirrored nest of three tables.

Venetian mirrored nest of three tables.


For added practicality in your living area, you can partner your console table with a sophisticated and functional Mirrored nest of three tables. These beautiful tables are ideal for large families or those who love to invite their friends and family for drinks or afternoon tea. With three tables of varying sizes within the set, they can be shared out among your guests for a personalised space for their mugs, glasses and cups. Their shimmering design and elegant tapered legs create a dainty and exquisitely styled space that is both eye-catching and practical. You can also dot these luxury tables around your room as separate lamp and side tables for the display of your collectibles, telephone or photo frames for added detail and design.

For more fabulous items from across this range and all other mirrored furniture designs; take a look at our full Mirrored furniture collections at the website.


Product of the Week – Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase

Our large and eye-catching Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase is a warm and sumptuous furniture item that is the perfect combination of sophisticated style and contemporary practicality.

This luxurious Walnut bookcase will look wonderful in both traditional and modern home interiors and will add an opulent and cosy ambiance to any living room, bedroom or office area.

Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase

Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase

This bookcase has been designed to provide optimal storage areas and functional spaces without negotiating on visual elegance and style. Crafted from the highest quality solid walnut and featuring elegant curved edges this design is sure to add a chic and refined focal point to your home interior.

Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase - Front View

Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase – Front View

Featuring 4 large and spacious shelves, you will be sure to find plentiful space to display your favourite book collections, ornaments and collectables in a neat and organised manner. With the addition of two small but practical lower drawers you can tuck away any small household items, paperwork or nik naks to ensure that your interior remains neat and clutter free.

With its gorgeous warm grain and contemporary brushed chrome bar handles this furniture item oozes hotel style elegance that will transform any room of your home into an exquisite contemporary setting.

Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase - Side View

Shiro Walnut Large Two Drawer Bookcase – Side View

The Shiro Walnut two drawer bookcase features a framed, panel style exterior with the perfect balance of traditional design features and contemporary craftsmanship. Its Mocha coloured walnut tones look fabulous in neutral beige, grey and monchrome interiors as well as bright and vibrant decors for a Moroccan or South American style interior ambiance. Brown leather seating options and Gold and bronze accessories will also compliment this rich and warm wood choice.

Shiro Walnut Console Table

Shiro Walnut Console Table

If you love the style of this hardwood bookcase then why not accentuate its natural beauty by partnering it with our neat and elegant Shiro Walnut Console Table that will look wonderful alongside the bookcase in any living room or office area. With a narrow but long, spacious table top it provides an ideal space for the display of a lamp, photo frame or ornament and with two spacious upper drawers you can store your paperwork, stationary or general bits and bobs for safe keeping and easy access. With the added bonus of a slender, floor level shelf you will have an addition area for a display item or photo frame whilst keeping the surrounding space feeling open, light and airy.

For more matching Walnut items that will transform your home, take a look at our complete Shiro Walnut Collection and inspire your interior.


Get The Look – The Magic of Minimal

Throw away that clutter, shut away your nik naks, and strip back your interiors! This week we are going back to basics with our fabulous look at the ever popular trend of sleek and sophisticated, minimal interiors.

With crisp, clean lines, elegant and unique furnishings and innovative style techniques the minimal interior trend has struck a cord with a wide range of interior enthusiasts. With all the stresses of modern living, who doesn’t want an interior that’s clean, simple and low maintenance.

For original images and inspiring minimal interior ideas, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Minimal Interiors

Colour Palettes

The first colour that springs to mind when thinking of a minimal interior is sure to be…WHITE, and whilst this is the basis for the majority of minimal interiors it certainly isn’t the only colour option available to you. Smoky greys and natural stone colours look fabulously sleek and clean and when combined with basic white give a subtle contrast without creating a ‘busy’ or fussy colour palette. You can also try a small pop of colour with some cushions or a rug to give a centre of interest and variation without overpowering the visual simplicity of the minimal trend.



The key to accessorising any minimal interior is invisibility and blending. Whilst a small splash of colour is acceptable in one form of accessory you do not want to overpower the simplicity of your interior with bright and distracting tones. Try and keep to accessories with a matching colour palette to your walls and floors or opt for transparent, glass items such as vases and light fittings to create fluid, undisturbed lines and an illusion of space. Opt for muted tones such as grey, taupe, beige or white and keep accessories to a ‘minimum’, selecting key pieces positioned sparingly across your selected room.



Selecting the right furniture for your minimal interior can be a tricky task. The key points to remember is not to over-clutter your space by choosing items that are necessary and functional as opposed to filling every last space in your home. Once again the easiest way to compliment your minimal decor is to choose items that will blend into their surrounding and give a clean and sleek overall appearance. Painted furniture is a simple way to solve this problem as the items can be purchased or painted in the exact colour tones of your interior, allowing them to blend into the background. Alternatively why not opt for mirrored or ‘invisible’ furniture like our fabulous Phantom clear armchair & footstool that will provide an illusion of space and light that will not encroach upon your minimal ambiance.

When it comes to storage – the more the better! A minimal interior can only work successfully if all the clutter and household items that we would normally have on display can be tucked away, out of sight or organised in a sleek and consistent manner. Opt for items such as sideboards, console tables and cupboards that will allow you to store away any unsightly clutter or alternatively why not purchase a statement item such as an open fronted bookcase where you can showcase a selection of books that match your chosen colour palette to create an interesting yet neutral feature wall.

Just remember the one key rule: LESS IS MORE!