Colour Trend – Taupe

Magnolia has been the staple ‘go to’ colour for millions of interiors around the world for the last two decades. Its simple tone and neutral finish was both versatile and practical but could on times be seen as just a little bland. This season has seen a rise in a new colour trend that has usurped magnolia as the newest and trendiest colour base for any room of the home – TAUPE.

This fabulously versatile colour tone makes a great backdrop on a plain or wallpapered wall and creates a functional and complimentary furniture and upholstery hue that is chic and sophisticated.


Colour Schemes

Taupe is an earthen colour tone that works wonderfully alongside similar natural tones to create a cosy and uplifting ambiance in any room of the home. Rich cream, dove grey and pewter look beautiful alongside a taupe backdrop and create a opulent and warming feel that suits both modern and classic interiors. Taupe can also be partnered with more colourful hues such as duck egg blue, claret red and mint green for a vintage or period style feel that is bold and yet refined. For a more minimal feel then combine sumptuous taupe with crisp antique white for a fresh and illuminating interior finish.



Taupe cushions are wonderfully versatile and will compliment a vast range of interior backdrops and upholstered areas. If you have chosen a bold colour scheme on your walls or floor then a scattering of plain and patterned taupe cushions will provide a cosy and comforting space that does not distract from the colour of the room interior. If you have opted for plain and neutral walls then why not create a layering of taupe and coloured cushions in complimentary or contrasting patterns and prints that will add visual detail and texture to a sofa, seat or bed.



When it comes to accessorising your freshly painted taupe interior then there are a wide selection of items that will add a visual focal point and a splash of glamour to your chosen room. Chrome and silver items such as candlesticks, vases and photo frames look fabulous against the rich and creamy taupe colour tone and will bring a dash of elegance and sleek illumination to your home. Crisp white and cream painted items will add a French château ambiance to your interior and look fabulous on mirror frames and ornamental items. Painted accessories can be given a distressed paint finish for a more vintage and shabby chic effect.



Rich upholstery can create a focal point in any home interior and provides texture and warmth in neutral interior spaces. From soft and sumptuous seating to stylish headboards and ottomens; taupe upholstery will create a lavish and luxurious envelopment on a wide range of items and designs. This colour works particularly well with French style designs with ornate framework that works with the neutral finish to create a opulent and eye-catching item. Satin, velvet, cotton and leather look amazing in this colour hue and will perfectly compliment a wide range of bold and plain interior backdrops.



Taupe is a great colour choice for painted furniture items and it makes a great alternative to cream and white painted designs. Its refined and warm appearance makes it perfectly suited to a wide range of interior colours and designs. French furniture looks amazing in this colour palette and its ornate carvings can be painted in a contrasting colour (left) for added detail and style. Shabby chic designs can also be painted with a layer of taupe paint and can be lightly distressed for a more countrified look and feel. This colour also looks great on retro furniture designs such as 1950s and 1960s tables, sideboards and display cabinets for a vintage look that does not look out of place in modern interior styles.


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Colour Trend – Chrome

You can add a splash of glitz and glamour to your home interior this season with the illuminating CHROME colour trend. From industrial chic to rich opulence, chrome interiors will create a metallic finish that is complimentary in both vintage and contemporary settings.


Strategically positioned chrome items and accessories can create a pop of illumination and elegance within your home without an overwhelming ‘Disco’ finish that may be best left in a 1970s nightclub.


Colour Palettes

Chrome is a versatile colour that can comfortably compliment both neutral and bold colour tones. When partnered with white it creates a crisp minimal finish that fits wonderfully into urban and industrial interior designs or it can alternatively be paired with mustard and duck egg for a vintage colour scheme. Add chrome to pink or lime green for a splash of colour and texture that will give a contemporary feel to any interior space whilst chrome and pebble grey creates a universal colour palette with just the right amount of tonal texture.



Here’s where things can get a little tricky. If your going for a retro disco theme then knock yourself out with some glittering chrome upholstery and swathes of metallic fabrics however if your looking for a more reserved chrome finish then you may want to reign in the chrome to a more subtle and scattered appearance. Opt for patterns and prints instead of solely chrome fabrics and alternate with plain white and grey for a muted yet illuminating feel. Opt for neutral curtains with a band of chrome to the top of the swag or create a scattering of cushions in alternating prints and designs for added texture and visual detail on a plain upholstered bed or sofa area.




Lighting is a great way of adding a central colour theme into your interior and will create a focalised  centrepiece with your chosen room. Chrome light shades are a truly versatile fixture that look equally as glamorous in a chic, modern home as a retro or vintage inspired setting. Pendulum shades are the perfect way of creating a visual focal point in your interior and look great in a central living room or poised above a dining table or breakfast bar area. Chrome lamps have long been a favourite in the interior design world and look fabulous on an industrial lamp table or vintage desk for a splash of reflective elegance and refinement.




Stainless steel accessories have become hugely popular kitchen items over the past few years and are easily available in most high street stores. They are a simple way of adding a chrome finish to your kitchen area and look great against contemporary black granite worktops or traditional natural oak. Whilst stainless steel looks fabulous in the kitchen/diner it does not always work so well in other rooms of the home. To create a chrome effect in your vases, photo frames or ornaments then opt for silver, mirrored or mosaic items that will provide a shimmering exterior and create a focal point on a painted or plain oak table or mantelpiece.




Chrome furniture will make a super sleek and glamorous addition to any home interior and will create a sense of space and light in compact or darker rooms. If you are looking for a subtle addition of chrome then choose a statement furniture item such as a table, dresser or bed that will become the focus of the room and partner it with crisp white painted furniture for a splash of femininity and elegance. Alternatively you can balance chrome furniture with rugged oak or hardwood designs for an industrial loft style ambiance that is both contemporary and retro in appearance.



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