Colour Trend – Salmon Pink

There is nothing fishy about the latest SALMON PINK interior colour trend! This soft and sumptuous colour tone is sophisticated and stylish and will add a chic and boutique feel to both classic and modern interior designs.

This dusky colour hue can be partnered with bold and dramatic interior styles as well as soft and feminine furnishings to create a decor that is perfectly balanced and opulently eye-catching.


Colour Schemes

The soft and subtle tones of salmon pink make it a versatile colour choice that works equally well as an accent colour or as an all over colour palette. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Its chalky tones look beautiful alongside pastel tones such as cream, grey and pebble or can be paired with rich black, crisp white and silver for a more opulent and dramatic finish that looks particularly stylish in period style interior designs.




Salmon pink upholstery and fabric was extremely popular in vintage interior design and is a fabulous way of creating a centralised area of colour that makes a great alternative to a painted feature wall.

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  • A statement sofa or corner suite will provide a concentration of colour against a neutral or bold painted backdrop. asics kayano 21 mujer A single occasional chair or a collection of dining chairs will provide a pop of salmon colour that looks fabulous when teamed with crisp painted furniture as well as bright and uplifting golden oak tones.



    A scattering of salmon pink accessories can completely transform the feel of a room.

  • Vases, bowls and ornaments look great on a mantelpiece or shelving area and will add visual colour and detail against a plain or bold feature wall.

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  • Salmon pink kitchen accessories look particularly stylish against a dark granite worktop or natural wood surface area and fit seamlessly into contemporary and farmhouse styles and designs. Oklahoma Sooners Salmon pink lamps, and trinkets will add a beautiful splash of tonal colour to a dressing table or bedside, proving that this particular colour choice can be used in almost every room of the home.



    Fabrics and textiles add a visual and textural beauty to an interior space and create areas of cosiness and warmth against the sleek and streamlined edges of the room. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren Cushions are a great way of including colour and pattern in your home and can be stacked, layered and scattered across any sleeping or seating area and can work in coordination or contrast to your walls and upholstery. adidas sandały dziecięce Salmon pink cushions look fabulous against a white, black or grey interior backdrop and can be found in a huge variety of contemporary and vintage inspired patterns for a broad and detailed focal point.



    Painted furniture will perfectly compliment a salmon interior decor and can create a diverse and varied finish depending on your tastes and style.

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  • Antique white furniture will create a soft and serene feel that is reminiscent of French chateaus and country cottage interiors.

    How To Create An Oriental Interior

    Oriental Interiors have an elegant simplicity that makes them a simple and easily achievable look in a wide range of homes. Their broad range of colours and sleek and sophisticated finish allow them to be adapted into both traditional and contemporary interior settings.

    This stylish interior design trend has swept the high street which means that accessories, wall finishes and furniture are readily available and reasonably priced to ensure that everyone can try their hand at transforming their home into a peaceful oriental retreat.


    Colour Schemes

    When we first think of Oriental interiors the colours that usually pop into our heads are sleek black, red and white that are a staple colour palette in Chinese design. But there are far more colour combinations that can be used for this trend. Japanese interiors focus on luxurious neutral shades and rich green, jade tones or for an illuminating and more traditional look you could opt for crisp white and blue that reflects the famous willow pattern artwork .



    Oriental fabrics can range from basic and natural cotton and linen to rich and luxurious silk that will add a shimmering feel to any interior space. Curtains rugs and cushions look fabulous in a classic oriental pattern and will create a focal point against a plain painted wall, upholstered seat or bed, providing a splash of colour and texture. Bold and feminine Floral patterns are huge in oriental interior design and can be chosen in delicate pastel shades for a soft ambiance or bold hues for a striking visual appearance. Willow patterns, cherry blossom and pergola prints are also popular choices for fabric and upholstery and provide authentic detail and opulence within your chosen interior.



    Lanterns are a must have addition to your Oriental interior design as they provide a stunning ambient light as well as beautiful colours and patterns that will cast elegant shadows across your interior space. These delicate paper designs can be purchased on the high street or if you feel crafty then why not try your hand at your own lanterns with a few simple items or a DIY kit. Lanterns can come in simple orb shaped designs as well as more complex shapes such as birds, animals and pergolas that will create an artistic area of light and sculptural detail that looks fabulous in the centre of the room or hanging above a dining  table, bed or coffee table.



    Oriental accessories come in a vast range of colours, shapes and sizes that can be easily matched to your chosen interior colour palette. One of the most popular choices is the famous Chinese vase that is almost always blue and white in colour and features traditional Chinese imagery such as dragons and cherry blossom trees. Other oriental vases include rich golds and bold red and black designs or soft floral designs for a more subdued appearance. Popular ornaments include Chinese dragons, delicate Japanese Geisha girls and Buddha figures in ebony, jade and marble finishes.




    A stand out feature of Oriental furniture design is its rich and dark tones and simple lines that create a sleek and sophisticated look against both bold and neutral backdrops. Rich walnut. ebony and black painted designs are a popular choice that fit neatly into traditional and contemporary interior spaces. Tables and chairs are a key item within your interior space as well as a striking display cabinet or sideboard and a sumptuous low Japanese style bed that will provide a glamorous yet simple centrepiece in any bedroom area. Combine your dark furniture with light fabrics or patterned upholstery for a contrasting yet complimentary finish.


    For all original photography and more Oriental interior inspiration then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Oriental Interiors or for oriental inspired furniture items then check out our sumptuous French black painted furniture and Hardwood furniture collections.



    Colour Trend – Fuchsia

    During the warm and sunny summer months there is nothing better than injecting a little tropical colour into your home interiors to create a warm and uplifting ambiance that is bright and inviting. This seasons hottest interior colour trend that is sweeping the UK is rich and luxurious FUCHSIA.

    This vivid colour choice can be used as a base colour or as an accent tone in your accessories or fabric to create a stunning visual interior space that oozes glamour and opulence in any room of the home.


    Colour Palettes

    Fuchsia is a versatile colour choice as it sits comfortably alongside both bold and neutral colour palettes. For a glamorous and eye-catching colour scheme you can team your fuchsia hues with sumptuous black and opulent gold for a luxury Baroque feel or you can partner it with crisp white or pebble grey for a more muted and elegant interior feel.



    Cushions look fabulous in this eye popping colour and can be purchased in a range of styles and patterns to compliment your interior tastes. A selection of plain or patterned fuchsia cushions will add a ‘colour pop’ to a plain white sofa for a chic minimal feel. Alternatively why not opt for an eastern bohemian feel with intricate Moroccan or Indian designs that add a rich textural and visual appeal to any bed or seating area.  You can also choose bold tropical prints such as Hawaiian styles that will create a beach side, laid back atmosphere within your home.



    A colourful choice of upholstery can transform an entire interior space without the need for extensive redecoration. You can choose bold and modern patterns for a funky and contemporary feel or choose classic Rococo prints or traditional floral designs for a more subtle splash of colour on your chairs, curtains and bedding. Opt for a bold pair of curtains, a single sofa or pair of statement occasional chairs that will take centrestage in an interior space and will centralise and zone your chosen Fuchsia hue.



    Fuchsia accessories can be placed in strategic areas or scattered throughout your interior space for a sprinkling of colour that is subtle yet eye-catching. Moroccan style lanterns look fabulous in this striking colour whilst vases, frames and ornaments look wonderful against a plain feature wall. A fuchsia lamp base or shade will add a zoned pop of colour to a plain painted lamp table and will create a functional and illuminating area that is bold and glamorous.



    Painted furniture is hot on trend this season and a carefully selected statement item in this opulent Fuchsia paint finish will take centrestage within your home. Select a single item such as a sideboard, console or dressing table that will add a focal point to your interior space. If this idea is too striking then choose a selection or white, black or gold painted furniture that will complement even the boldest of interior decors.


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    How To Create The Perfect Room For Girls


    Creating the perfect bedroom for your little princesses can often be a stressful task. Choosing the right colours, patterns and furniture can play a huge role in creating an environment that is relaxing and stimulating whilst reflecting their interests and personalities as they grow.

    From newborns to young women they require a space where they can escape from everyday life and enjoy a place of magic or relaxation that is the perfect balance of fun and practicality.





    Every little girl deserves a splash of pink in her first bedroom or if you are not a fan of pink you can always opt for other complimentary pastel tones such as lilac, lemon or peach. Pale pastel pink looks wonderful with traditional crisp white walls or can also be paired with sumptuous pebble grey for a slightly more contemporary feel. White furniture works particularly well in girls nurseries as it creates a bright and uplifting feel and also creates an illusion of space and light in more compact interior spaces. Opt for plain walls and detailed accessories, blankets and curtains so they can be interchanged without clashing with the interior backdrop.



    Toddler girls can often be difficult to decorate for as they are still at an age where they have not chosen any hobbies or particular likes and dislikes. Try and opt for a cot bed that has a three in one function as this will allow them to move on from their baby bed and progress through to a more ‘grown up’ sleeping and seating area. Opt for stimulating accessories and wall art in colours and patterns that will allow them to play in a relaxed yet educational environment. Once again try and stick to lighter furniture as it creates an open and relaxed space for them to enjoy.


    5-12 year olds

    This particular age bracket is a time where you find your little ones are growing into older and more sensible children. Be prepared to change their rooms a few times during this time as their hobbies and personalities begin to develop. Younger girls will appreciate a magical fairytale setting or perhaps a room inspired by their favourite Disney characters or as they edge nearer to their teenage years this can be adapted to reflect their favourite boy band, hobby or interests.



    Hold on to your hats! As a former teenage girl I can tell you first hand that these are the years where your children will begin to think that they are much older and more mature than they really are yet they still like to hold on to some of that childhood sense of fun. Opt for sophisticated adult furniture such as chic black or mirrored designs but team them with bold and funky colors and patterns and girly fabrics and bedding. Create a little bit of glamour whilst maintaining a young a fresh interior feel. A fabulous feature wallpaper or bold rug will create a warm and inviting space, but be sure to leave some wall space for the endless posters of their favourite bands, film stars and hunky reality stars (believe me there will be many!)



    Whether your young adult daughters decide to stay or fly the nest they will always need a space to call their own within your home. Creating a space that will take them from their late teens and into their 20s can often seem a little daunting. Opt for sophisticated and chic designer colour palettes that are feminine and yet at the same time provide a sense of opulence and refinement. Monochrome interiors make a wonderful base for adding a pop of colour with bedding or accessories and also make sure that your statement furniture item is a fabulous dressing table where they can enjoy a wonderful pamper session but can also double up as a desk for any research or university work.


    For more inspirational and feminine bedroom ideas head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Rooms for Girls or for some light and luxurious furniture items then take a look at our extensive Painted furniture collections.


    Product of the Week – French Noir Black Painted Three Drawer Bedside

    Black painted furniture has become increasingly popular in the interior design world this season due to its stylish versatility and opulent glamour. Our French noir black painted 3 drawer bedside makes the perfect addition to any bedroom area and provides a compact yet functional storage space within your interior setting.

    French noir black painted three drawer bedside

    French noir black painted three drawer bedside

    This beautifully stunning furniture item has been crafted from authentic antique designs to ensure that it captures the exact charisma and style of classic period pieces. Its delicate and curvaceous legs allow the bedside to sit poised above the ground, providing a splash of opulence and femininity.

    French noir black painted three drawer bedside - front view

    French noir black painted three drawer bedside – front view

    Its simple yet eye-catching carved edging gives this bedside a textural and visual appeal that fits seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary interior designs. Its glossy black exterior provides a luxurious balance between masculinity and femininity and creates a classic colour base that compliments both neutral and bold interior colour palettes. With the addition of simple brass style drawer knobs this bedside oozes classic beauty and sophistication.


    French noir black painted three drawer bedside - side view

    French noir black painted three drawer bedside – side view

    With its small but spacious table top area you will find plentiful space to display a stylish bedside lamp, sculpture or the dreaded alarm clock to create a visual focal point in your bedroom space. Featuring three perfectly proportioned, central drawers, this bedside provides all the space you could need for tucking away your bedroom accessories, small clothing items or general bits and bobs to ensure that your bedroom sanctuary remains neat and clutter free.


    French noir black painted panel bed

    French noir black painted panel bed

    You can partner your bedside with the fabulous French noir black painted panel bed that provides a complimentary design that will create a fluid and co-ordinated centrepiece within your bedroom interior. With its grand and curvaceous head and foot board, plain panelled inserts and delicate, floral frame carvings; this bed reflects the beauty and elegance of classic French interior design. Its sumptuous black painted exterior fits well in a wide range of interior styles but looks particularly glamorous in a grey, white or monochrome interior colour scheme. This bed and bedside partnership is sure to transform any bedroom into a palatial Parisian boudoir.

    For more items within this collection then take a look at our French Moulin Noir Black Painted Furniture Collection and lose yourself in a world of glamour and European elegance.