Colour Trend – Raspberry

For me no colour quite captures the rich and sumptuous feel of the summer months like elegant and stylish RASPBERRY. This bold yet soft colour choice works equally well in modern and traditional home interiors making it one of this seasons most versatile and popular interior colour choices

When combined with fresh tones and accessories this hue will add a great ‘pop’ of colour to a neutral space and provides that year long feeling of summer that will transform even the gloomiest of winter months into an uplifting and relaxing period.


Colour Palette

The soft and dusky tones of raspberry work extremely well with light and fresh tones as well as rich and glamorous dark interior palettes. Raspberry and white are a classic colour combination that provide a light and airy feel within the home. Alongside pale blue, red and mint green it creates a perfect tonal base for the latest shabby chic style interiors. For a more dramatic look you can partner your chosen raspberry tone with black, monochrome or grey interior palettes for a rich and eye-catching splash of contemporary interior style.



A fresh scattering of raspberry coloured cushions will create an uplifting visual focal point against both dark and light upholstered seating. Bold patterns, traditional florals and plain silk, chenille and cotton look wonderful in this colour tone and can be mixed and matched to create a textural and visual appeal within your interior space. This classy colour will compliment a wide range of interior styles and can be easily introduced into your current interior decor for small but significant colour change,



Accessories create a finishing touch in any room of the home and turn even the most naked of interiors into a practical and visually exciting space. Raspberry coloured items create a pop of colour that will add a vibrant yet soft focused feel to any interior backdrop or furniture style. A rich raspberry vase, ornament or candle can add a splash of style to a plain painted or oak furniture item and mantelpiece whilst bold and colourful kitchen utensils have become hugely popular on the high street this season with crockery, toasters, mixers and kettles becoming a must have addition to any modern day kitchen.



Rugs make a fabulous alternative to a painted or wallpapered feature wall and are a great way of livening up a neutral carpet or wooden floor. This eye-catching zone of colour looks wonderful in the centre of a room or beneath a coffee table or dining table to create a focal point within your interior space. Plain rugs are the perfect way to compliment a patterned wallpaper or upholstery selection whilst a bold pattern design will take centre stage in a neutral or minimal interior space and provide a great way of concentrating colour to a specific area of your home.



Raspberry painted furniture can look fabulous in a minimal white interior or as a statement item in a glamorous bedroom or dressing room however for some bold coloured furniture can be a little overwhelming. Instead you can opt for more everyday furniture colours that will compliment this sumptuous colour palette. Black painted furniture will add a sense of opulence and flamboyance to a classically styled interior whilst an elegant and airy set of white painted items will lift the mood of even the smallest interiors and will provide a complimentary setting for a relaxed and serene home ambiance.



For more ideas on introducing raspberry colour tones into your home then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Raspberry Colour Trend or for more black and white painted furniture items then check out our luxurious French Chateau White and French Moulin Noir Black furniture collections.


How To Create A Gothic Style Interior

Gothic interiors do not all have to be about vampires, cobwebs and witches cauldrons. Over the past few seasons Gothic interiors have grown in popularity with the rise of popular media adaptions of some of our beloved classic horror characters and medieval dramas.

Contemporary Gothic interiors strike a balance between traditional period style features and fun and quirky designs that create a rich and mysterious ambiance within your home and provide a sense of classic glamour to any interior space.


Colour Palettes

Only one colour springs to mind when we hear the words ‘Gothic’…BLACK. But black interiors do not have to be forlorn and dowdy spaces, they can in fact create a cosy and glamorous area in which to relax. When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your Gothic home then partner your black and grey tones with red, purple or silver hues for a complimentary splash of colour that will add visual detailing to an otherwise plain interior.




Creating a seating area that is both fashionable and functional can often be a daunting prospect. Gothic sofas, however, have a rich and textural appeal that is complimented by ornate and intricate carvings and rich and sumptuous upholstery. This creates a centrepiece in your living area that is relaxing and opulent. Opt for classic black, silver leaf, or rich red upholstery for a chic and lavish interior feel.



For me, mirrors are a must have item in any home interior and they work particularly well at adding a sense of reflective space in dark Gothic style interiors. For a classic Gothic charm, opt for ornate carved designs in silvers or black; Baroque style mirrors work particularly well in this setting as they are both opulent and versatile in their design. For a more quirky and eye-catching focal point you can select more unique carved designs such as mythical characters, cross shapes or looking glass designs (left) to create a wow factor on a feature wall.





When it comes to selecting accessories for your Gothic style interior there are a multitude of styles and designs that will compliment the rich and dark ambiance of your chosen colour scheme. Intricate metal and medieval designs work well as they provide a classic and timeless style that suits both modern and traditional homes. Bird cages, lanterns and goblets provide a visual feature within your interior or for a more fun and quirky Gothic style space, why not add some skulls or gargoyles for a splash of the macabre.




Gothic style furniture should make a huge statement in your chosen home interior, creating a focal point within your home as well as providing the practical aspects required for everyday modern life. This French noir heavily carved bed (left) is a flamboyant and ornate design that fits perfectly into the dark glamour of Gothic style interior design. Dining tables, sideboards and wardrobes are also a wonderful way of creating a rich and opulent focal point within your home interior.


For more Gothic interior inspiration, head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Gothic interiors and to feast you eyes on the rest of our amazing black painted furniture take a look at our website French Moulin noir black furniture.




Colour Trend – Gold

With shimmering accessories and glistening wall coverings, the latest gold interior colour trend adds an opulent and rich interior ambiance to a wide range of decors and settings. Glittering metallic interiors are bang on trend this season due to their illuminating and sophisticated appearance.

Gold items have long been used in interior designs from opulent roman palaces to regency style buildings. This fabulous tone is a versatile and elegant colour that transcends the changing times.



A golden feature wall can add a shimmering and eye-catching focal point in any interior space. As a metallic colour tone, it not only provides a central colour palette but also gives a sense of light and reflective space that works well in more compact or dark interior areas. From tiling to wallpaper there are a vast number of ways to introduce this colour into your home. Gold wall finishes look wonderful partnered with cream, white and sand colour tones or can be paired with monochrome designs for a more opulent and lustrous interior finish.





Gold fabric is an ideal way of adding zoned areas of colour to your living room, bedroom or dining room. Cushions create a splash of golden tones across a bed or sofa area and can be selected in plain and patterned prints for a visually appealing interior addition. Curtains, occasional chairs and bedding can also create a glittering focal point in a home and provides a focalised area of colour in an otherwise plain or neutral interior space.




A gold framed mirror will create a bright and illuminating area on a feature wall or above a sideboard or mantelpiece. Gold and mirrored surfaces work well together due to their reflective and glistening properties and can be adopted into both plain and bold interior designs. From sleek and contemporary designer styles to chic and classic baroque designs like our  Gold leaf overmantle mirror you are sure to find a luxurious mirror to suit your home.




Gold accessories are the perfect way of adding this sumptuous colour trend into your home and can be seamlessly added to your current interior decor without the need to redecorate. Lamps are a perfect way of adding a sense of opulent light to your home and will create an eye-catching feature on a lamp table, sideboard or bedside to provide a functional and fabulous space. Vases, bowls, ornaments and photo frames can be used to accentuate a windowsill, table top or dresser and will provide a dash of metallic lustre to any home interior.





Eye catching golden furniture makes a flamboyant and illustrious addition to any home and will create a typically renaissance style feel to any interior space. French gold leaf furniture is a truly eye-catching selection that will add a classically beautiful atmosphere to your home interior. If golden furniture is a little over the top for you then a selection of black painted furniture will add a splash of old school glamour to any space or for a more contemporary and uplifting feel then oak furniture will give a rustic yet complimentary bright interior feel.


For all original images and more golden interior inspiration, take a look at our latest pinterest board - Pinterest – Gold colour trend



Flipping Good Dining Tables

Happy Pancake Day! I must say Shrove Tuesday is one of my favourite days of the year, its the one day that I take it upon myself to break my current healthy eating spree and stuff my face with pancakes smothered in melted chocolate (don’t judge me). This afternoon I will be joining my family as we congregate around my dining table to indulge in these yummy treats; so what better way to celebrate than to take a look at the wonderful selection of dining tables that are sure to make your dining experiences both functional and fashionable.

Geo-Glass Valencia (Black)

If you are looking for a splash of stylish contemporary design then our Geo-Glass Valencia dining tables are a exciting, innovative addition to any dining area. As well as being a practical dining table this stunning design will be sure to become the talking point of your interior. Toughened, tempered glass is positioned above a unique ‘X’ shaped base which is available in oak, black and stainless steel to give a choice of classic or contemporary style to your dining room.


Hampshire Oak Extending Table

Our Hampshire oak dining table is the perfect  furniture item that can be tailored to your taste and needs. This wonderful table is a classic design that will suit a vast range of interior styles.This traditional, rugged dining table will add a cosy, country cottage feel to any dining area. With seating space for 4 to 8 people this simple extending table is the perfect solution for large families or accommodating your dinner party guests.

For a truly opulent dining experience, our French Noir black carved dining table is an exquisitely designed centrepiece for your dining area. Carved from solid mahogany this sumptuous, satin black dining table would suit even the most boutique dining setting. This dramatic round table is perfect for socialising and would be a statement piece in any room. I have my eye on this table for my newly decorated dining room and am hoping it will be a new addition in my home very soon.

French Noir Round Dining Table

Don’t let this miserable winter weather get you down, crank up the heating, grab some comfort food and huddle around one of our fantastic dining tables where you can relax with your family and friends.

The Furniture Market – Official Suppliers to Celebrity Big Brother 2012

A close up of the Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Table

A close up of the Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Table

The furniture market supplied stylish noir French bedroom furniture to this year’s show. Adrian and Bianca Latham were then invited along by Endomol the creators of Big Brother to a swanky pre-show party at the Elstree studios in London to view their designs in person.

Celebrity birg Brother 2012 features bedroom furniture supplied by The Furniture Market. The Stylish French noir table, complete with crystal handles and priced at £279 each, but thanks to a special deal are currently on sale at £131 can clearly be seen on each episode of Celebrity Big Brother next to the likes of former X-Factor bad Boy Frankie Cocozza and the winner of this year’s Big Brother Denise Welch.

A pair of Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Tables

A pair of Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Tables

Bianca, 31, who designs the store‘s furniture with Adrian, also 31, said it was ‘It’s exciting to get a call from a TV show that is on every night and one you grew up watching. The chance to design some furniture for the show is a real honour,” she said

“We do get regular requests from production companies involved with shows like This morning and 60 Minute make over, but with big brother this really gave us a chance to show case our furniture designs in a high profile way.”

“We didn’t expect to be invited along to the actual house to see the furniture in person, so it was very exciting to see something you have designed and had made in the house with your own eyes.”

“It was very surreal to go down there having watched the house on TV so many times before, It is a lot smaller than it appears on TV.” said Bianca.

The Furniture Market, was originally Founded by Adrian Latham to help fund him through University. Upon graduation it soon became clear to Adrian that he should devote his attention full time to the business which has grown to have over 25 employees and looking to take on more staff in 2012 to cope with unprecedented demand.