Colour Trend – Taupe

Magnolia has been the staple ‘go to’ colour for millions of interiors around the world for the last two decades. Its simple tone and neutral finish was both versatile and practical but could on times be seen as just a little bland. This season has seen a rise in a new colour trend that has usurped magnolia as the newest and trendiest colour base for any room of the home – TAUPE.

This fabulously versatile colour tone makes a great backdrop on a plain or wallpapered wall and creates a functional and complimentary furniture and upholstery hue that is chic and sophisticated.


Colour Schemes

Taupe is an earthen colour tone that works wonderfully alongside similar natural tones to create a cosy and uplifting ambiance in any room of the home. Rich cream, dove grey and pewter look beautiful alongside a taupe backdrop and create a opulent and warming feel that suits both modern and classic interiors. Taupe can also be partnered with more colourful hues such as duck egg blue, claret red and mint green for a vintage or period style feel that is bold and yet refined. For a more minimal feel then combine sumptuous taupe with crisp antique white for a fresh and illuminating interior finish.



Taupe cushions are wonderfully versatile and will compliment a vast range of interior backdrops and upholstered areas. If you have chosen a bold colour scheme on your walls or floor then a scattering of plain and patterned taupe cushions will provide a cosy and comforting space that does not distract from the colour of the room interior. If you have opted for plain and neutral walls then why not create a layering of taupe and coloured cushions in complimentary or contrasting patterns and prints that will add visual detail and texture to a sofa, seat or bed.



When it comes to accessorising your freshly painted taupe interior then there are a wide selection of items that will add a visual focal point and a splash of glamour to your chosen room. Chrome and silver items such as candlesticks, vases and photo frames look fabulous against the rich and creamy taupe colour tone and will bring a dash of elegance and sleek illumination to your home. Crisp white and cream painted items will add a French château ambiance to your interior and look fabulous on mirror frames and ornamental items. Painted accessories can be given a distressed paint finish for a more vintage and shabby chic effect.



Rich upholstery can create a focal point in any home interior and provides texture and warmth in neutral interior spaces. From soft and sumptuous seating to stylish headboards and ottomens; taupe upholstery will create a lavish and luxurious envelopment on a wide range of items and designs. This colour works particularly well with French style designs with ornate framework that works with the neutral finish to create a opulent and eye-catching item. Satin, velvet, cotton and leather look amazing in this colour hue and will perfectly compliment a wide range of bold and plain interior backdrops.



Taupe is a great colour choice for painted furniture items and it makes a great alternative to cream and white painted designs. Its refined and warm appearance makes it perfectly suited to a wide range of interior colours and designs. French furniture looks amazing in this colour palette and its ornate carvings can be painted in a contrasting colour (left) for added detail and style. Shabby chic designs can also be painted with a layer of taupe paint and can be lightly distressed for a more countrified look and feel. This colour also looks great on retro furniture designs such as 1950s and 1960s tables, sideboards and display cabinets for a vintage look that does not look out of place in modern interior styles.


For more ideas on how to use a taupe colour scheme in your home then check out our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Taupe Colour Trend.


Colour Trend – Duck Egg

From classic country homes to contemporary minimal interiors, DUCK EGG blue is a colour trend that has transcended the shifts in time and style. This light and bright colour option provides a chic and calm ambiance that is perfect for relaxing home interiors.


This versatile colour can be partnered with both dark and light interior items and will give a sophisticated hint of colour without overpowering any existing furniture items or accessories. From rich wall coverings to simple upholstery; duck egg  blue is the perfect choice for a refined and classic interior space.


Colour Schemes

This simple blue tone works well alongside a multitude of colour options and will lift both pale and dark coloured backdrops. Duck egg looks particularly sumptuous against neutral chalky tones such as taupe and beige and also looks particularly striking against crisp white for a chic and refined interior feel with a twist of shabby chic style. For a more glamorous interior feel then try adding a splash of duck egg to a  monochrome interior palette or a rich and opulent chocolate painted space for a contrast of dark and light visual finishes.



Duck egg works extremely well as a fabric colour due to its fresh and light neutrality. It provides the sleek and crisp finish of white linens with a hint of colour and detail. Curtains and bedding look particularly stunning in this colour tone as it provides a classic feel that can be teamed with lace, crochet and floral embroidery for a traditional country cottage feel. Duck egg curtains are a great alternative to a painted feature wall and can look amazing layered with rich coffee tones and natural fawn coloured drapes for a visual centrepiece within your chosen interior.



If you are happy with your current interior design but fancy a change of colour then cushions are a simple and cost effective way to update your home. The beauty of the duck egg blue colour tone is that it will seamlessly slip into both dark and light interior spaces. Plain coloured cushions or bold patterned designs will look eye catching against a dark black or brown leather sofa or will look equally as elegant against a sumptuous beige or white bedding set. A mix and match of sizes and patterns will add visual and textural appeal to even the most compact of home interiors.



Accessories are the key finishing touches to any interior space as they add focal points and zoned areas of colour to your chosen room. Duck egg wall art, clock and mirrors are an ideal way of adding interest to a plain or wallpapered feature wall whilst a selection of carefully positioned vases, frames and ornaments will create colour against a mantelpiece, shelving area or display cabinet. Duck egg has become a hot colour choice in 2014 kitchen designs with a large range of mixers, plates and utensils available in this chic colour option.



If your looking to create a shabby chic style interior then duck egg blue is going to be one of your staple colour choices when it comes to your furniture designs. This colour choice is widely used alongside white to create a fresh vintage feel that looks beautiful on specific, statement furniture items. Dressers are a great way of introducing this colour into your interior and can be dressed in complimentary accessories to create a focal point in a dining room or kitchen. Dining tables, sideboards and hallway tables also look stylish in this palette and can be left smoothly finished for a cottage feel or distressed along the exposed edges for a reclaimed, hand finished look.


For all original photography and more ideas on how to introduce this colour into your home then take a look at the latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Duck Egg Colour Trend or for furniture inspiration check out our extensive Painted Furniture collections.

How To Create An Urban Home Interior

With more and more people flocking to large cities and populated areas for work there has been a huge rise in popularity in urban interior design. Reflecting the hustle and bustle of city life as well as elements of social and cultural influence, urban interiors have become a diverse and versatile theme that work well in small city interiors.

Urban style can come in a broad spectrum of designs that each have a perfect balance of everyday practicality and artistic flair. A balance of rugged industrial style and chic city beauty go hand in hand in creating a space that is both simplistic and rich in visual features.


Colour Schemes

Urban interiors draw attention to the natural beauty of the building around them with many interiors using exposed brickwork, concrete and wooden beams as a basis for their interior colour palettes. Greys, whites and earthy tones work well in creating a naturalistic and minimal backdrop with a calming interior ambiance. Natural elements are often partnered with industrial metallic tones such as chrome, bronze and silver whilst the addition of bold contemporary colours such as red, lime and electric blue will create an eye-catching ‘colour pop’.



With compact style studio apartments and city flats there is often a need to make the most of the limited space you may have. Storage is a must have in any urban interior as it allows for an uncluttered and organised living area. Urban style celebrates all things industrial with a twist of city charm and this is reflected in the choice of storage styles. Metal framed shelving, rustic oak chests and bookcases work extremely well in this style of interior as they provide an area that creates a visual focal point and a natural/man made partnership. Opt for quirky or bohemian style items like this fun fire escape style shelving unit (right) for a unique and personalised home addition.



After a long and stressful day there is nothing better than putting your feet up with a nice cup of tea. When choosing fabrics and looks for your seating arrangements opt for simple neutral upholstery such as corduroy, cotton and linen for a soft and sumptuous finish and partner these with exposed wood framework for a retro style design. Alternatively opt for metal framed styles such as the famous ‘Tolix’ chair that will look fantastic around a rustic dining table or breakfast bar area. Avoid a cold and stark feel by partnering any plain metal seats with a complimentary cushion or seat pad that will add a cosy contrast against the sleek finish of the frame.




Less is more when it comes to lighting an urban style interior. Industrial designs and stylish vintage items will create a simple yet eye-catching design that works really well against the clean lines and rugged backdrop of urban interiors. Ceiling lights can be left with exposed bulbs for a minimal look and feel and can be arranged in a cluster design (right) to create a contemporary industrial chandelier. Table lamps should be designed in chrome, brass or rusted metal finishes for a illuminating factory style feel.



Urban interiors strip furniture back to its simplest form and celebrates the sumptuous materials and craftsmanship of its design. Metal framed items such as bookcases and coffee tables work wonderfully in an urban setting whilst stainless steel and rustic metal cabinets will create a mix of city slicker style and industrial design. Wooden furniture should be distressed or reclaimed and a chunky and bold appearance will look perfect when partnered with man made materials and modern accessories. Choose statement furniture items for a focal point in your home and don’t be afraid to mix and match your styles and materials for a varied interior finish.


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Product of the Week – Art Deco Four Drawer Chest

Our elegant and glamorous Art Deco Mirrored Four Drawer Chest reflects the glitz and opulence of the 1930s and provides a distinctive and recognisable Art Deco style that will compliment both classic and contemporary home interiors.


Art Deco Mirrored Four Drawer Chest

Art Deco Mirrored Four Drawer Chest

This glistening chest will create a sense of space and light in even the most compact of interior spaces whilst its spacious design will provide a perfect balance of sophisticated style and functional practicality.

This fabulously eye-catching item has been crafted from the highest quality mirrored glass panels that will ensure your chest will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use without losing its luxurious and exquisite shine and gloss.

Art Deco four drawer chest

Art Deco four drawer chest

The low and wide design of this chest makes it the perfect height for the display of a lamp, ornament or vase providing you with a chic alternative to a sideboard or console table. Its tapered legs and angular edging highlight the geometric style and luxurious material of the Art Deco era. Its four large and spacious central drawers provide plentiful storage space for your large clothing items, accessories, paperwork or general nik naks to ensure that you can tuck away your clutter for a neat and organised interior space. Each drawer is finished with two flamboyant crystal pumpkin knobs that provide a complimentary and co-ordinating addition to the reflective exterior of the chest.

Art Deco Mirrored Dressing table Set

Art Deco Mirrored Dressing table Set

You can partner your elegant chest of drawers with a refined and feminine Art Deco Mirrored Dressing Table Set that will transform any bedroom or dressing room area into an opulent Hollywood boudoir. This shimmering bedroom set features a mirrored angular table that is reminiscent of classic 1930s designs and features two spacious drawers that are perfect for storing your make-up, accessories and brushes.

The rectangular table top area is ideally sized to hold your larger items and perfume bottles as well as providing a space to display your fabulous ‘step’ design Art Deco mirror that has a tri-folding function that is perfect for viewing your styling from every possible angle. The luxurious set is completed by the addition of a stylish and functional mirrored stool that features matching angular legs and a soft and sumptuous black upholstered seat pad for added relaxation during long and enjoyable pamper sessions.

For more items that will compliment these elegant period pieces head over to our website and browse our wonderful Art Deco Mirrored Furniture collection or for ideas on how to style your classic 1930s items then take a look at our latest blog post - How To Create An Art Deco Interior.


Colour Trend – Aquamarine

For me no colour sums up the summer months more than the cool and bright blue tones of Aquamarine. Its coastal ambiance and tropical sense of relaxation is perfect for creating a tranquil space in any room of the home.

This versatile colour choice looks fabulous in both classic and contemporary interiors and creates a fresh interior feel that bursts with vibrancy and zest.


Colour Palettes

When partnered with other blue tones aquamarine creates a sense of gentle waves washing against a sandy beach. Azure, duck egg and natural bluey whites look fabulous teamed with this colour choice. Monochrome interiors can be lifted with a pop of aquamarine whilst additional vibrant colours such as fuchsia, purple, yellow and green will create a rich Mediterranean feel that is warm and sumptuous.





Aquamarine is a staple colour in Moroccan style interior designs. Its lustrous tones provide the perfect backdrop for bright and intricate Moroccan accessories and rugs and can be partnered with simple white or a multitude of vivid colours for a plethora of rainbow tones. To recreate this look select eastern pattern wallpapers, cushions and upholstery and team your bold colours with plain wood, white or silver painted furniture for a splash of luxury and opulence. This theme works particularly well in a bedroom area as its calming tones look wonderful with swathes of netted fabric and bold bedding.




1960s interiors embraced the use of colour within their homes and aquamarine became a favourite colour choice as a stand alone colour as well as within the psychedelic interior style. Opt for a bold retro wallpaper in a range of funky colours and patterns or why not choose a statement furniture item in your chosen aquamarine tone that will create a bold and eye-catching focal point in a neutral interior space. Plastic chairs, beanbags and stools look great in this colour selection and can be teamed with contemporary tables or more vintage style oak and hardwood finishes for a mix of colour, texture and appearance.



Shabby Chic

An aquamarine accent colour works really well against the crisp vintage backdrop of shabby chic interiors. Its calming tones create a bright and uplifting ambiance that can be picked up in a range of accessories or in a floral print wallpaper or upholstery design. You can uplift an old dresser by creating a distressed antique white exterior and painting the internal back panels in a rich aquamarine for a pop of colour that does not distract from the vintage elegance of the room. Aquamarine lamps, photo frames and mirrors are also a great way of introducing this fabulous colour choice into a classic home interior.




Fabrics and upholstery can transform the look of any room in a simple yet effective manner. Rich swathes of aquamarine curtains can add a quick and colourful update to an otherwise plain or neutral interior space. Cushions are another great way of ‘zoning’ this colour into your home and create a textural and visual style against your bed or seating area. If you would like to try your hand at some DIY furniture design then you can re-upholster an old chair or pouffe for a statement furniture item that will take centrestage in any interior setting. Take a look at my previous blog post - Revamp Your Old Dining Chairs for step by step guide on reupholstering your old chairs.


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Colour Trend – Neon

This week we are taking a look at the latest Neon interior colour trend that has been taking both the fashion and interior design world by storm.

From fun and funky yellow to bright and punchy pink, when it comes to neon interiors no colour palette is off limits! This bold and vibrant colour trend is sure to transform even the plainest of interiors into a happy disco heaven.


For an eye-catching selection of neon interiors and original images head over to Pinterest - Pinterest – Neon Colour Trend and check out our latest board.


Neon palettes are a bright and versatile colour selection that can be easily incorporated into a wide range of classic and contemporary interiors. Many people shy away from this bold interior choice however it is very easy to introduce vibrant colours in small and strategically placed areas that will not completely overpower your entire home.  A simple feature wall is a great way of adding a splash of colour into an otherwise plain interior setting; try painting a chimney breast, alcove or dividing wall for a stunning pop of vivid colour. If you prefer a more ‘all over’ neon look then why not go crazy and create a bold retro style interior using complimentary and contrasting shades of neon such as orange, red and yellow. These luminous colour choices can be co-ordinated with your bedding, furniture or upholstery for a truly psychedelic interior ambiance.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way of injecting some vibrancy into your interior then opt for a scattering of neon cushions for a pop of colour in your living room, bedroom or dressing room area. You can opt for eye-popping plain cushions or sumptuous patterned fabrics for an added depth of illuminating colour. Neon cushions, throws and rugs will look wonderful in a minimal interior setting and will give a fabulous contrast against white, black and grey interior decors.



You can transform even a minimal interior with a stylish selection of bright neon accessories. Vases, candles and ornaments look great on a mantelpiece, windowsill or table and create a great ‘color pop’ effect that can be zoned into specific areas of your home. Mirrors, wall art and photo frames also provide a fabulous splash of colour against a plain or neutral wall or can be personalised and painted to perfectly match your neon paint or wallpaper selection. Neon lamp shades and ceiling lights will create an eye-catching splash of colour that will draw the eye into the centre of a room. Cool tones such as blues and greens look great in the summer months whilst yellows, reds and oranges will create a sunshiny feel on even the greyest of winter days.

Whilst most people associate the neon colour trend with modern or minimal interiors there is no reason why this unique colour palette cannot be incorporated into traditional homes and decors. Why not try your hand at some furniture up-cycling and transform your classic or antique furniture items into a vibrant yet sophisticated addition to your home. Old sideboards, tables and dressers can be painted or sprayed in your chosen neon colour or for a more subtle yet still eye-catching design, you can transform your old dining chairs or occasional seating using a plain or patterned neon upholstery for a truly personalised interior style.





Product of the Week – Venetian Antique Mirrored Coffee Table

Our beautifully elegant Antique Venetian mirrored coffee table is the perfect combination of traditional design and contemporary practicality. This large and spacious mirrored coffee table will make the perfect centerpiece in your living area and will add a splash of Italian glamour to your home.

With its soft and fluid shape and muted shimmering surface area, this stylish coffee table will look wonderful in both neutral and lavish interior settings. This wonderful design fits perfectly into modern and classic Italian style interiors to create a lavish and palatial Venetian ambiance.

Antique Venetian mirrored coffee table

Antique Venetian mirrored coffee table

This lavish coffee table reflects all the opulent glamour and sophistication of renaissance Venice. With its curvaceous fluted legs and beveled edged table top, this item will add a rich and luxurious ambiance to any home interior. The contrasting gold trim and mirrored paneling will provide an eye-catching and illuminating sense of space and light in even the smallest of rooms.

Antique mirrored exterior

Antique mirrored exterior

Based on authentic antique designs; this elegant coffee table has all the luxurious features you would expect from extravagant Italian furniture. With a sumptuous marbled, mirrored exterior this table has a visually textured, aesthetic appeal that oozes period style opulence. The mirrored surface area is edged and framed with an ornate, vintage gold finish that adds a simple yet effective detail to this classic coffee table.


Gold leaf Armchair

Gold leaf Armchair

For an added dash of period opulence you can partner your Venetian antique mirrored coffee table with our fabulous Gold leaf library armchair. This sumptuously upholstered armchair features traditional carvings and glistening gold leaf framework that perfectly compliments the tones and shape of the Venetian coffee table. This exquisite combination will provide a chic and sophisticated area for you to curl up and enjoy a nice cup of tea and will create a luxurious social space that will be the envy of any visitors.

You can find our full range of stately Antique mirrored furniture over on our website or for more extravagant Venetian interior design ideas then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Italian Interiors, where you will find all the inspiration you need to create a belissima interior style.

Get The Look – Spots and Dots

This week we are going dotty over spots with our latest look into polka dot interior ideas. Whether you like bold and bright designs or neutral and sophisticated spotted prints, polka dots are a timeless pattern that can be seamlessly incorporated into both modern and classic interiors.

From retro and vintage styles to contemporary colour pop designs this season we are embracing all things spotty and injecting a sense of fun and fashion into your homes.

For more exciting polka dot interior ideas and all original images, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Spots and Dots

Walls and Floors

With a vast range of fabulous paint colours and patterned wallpapers available on the market today, you really will be spoilt for choice when making your interior decor selections. If you want to create a fun and funky interior style then opt for bright, neon or primary colours in a large or varying size spotted pattern. This will create a eye-catching feature that looks wonderful when paired with a minimal interior design. For a more subdued vintage style look then opt for monochrome designs or muted tones such as creams, pastels and period hues and partner them with small polka dots that create visual texture without overpowering your walls. As an alternative to wallpaper why not try your hand at stencilling using a punched sheet of laminate or even recycle an old laundry basket (see image to left) for a fun and money saving technique.


Polka dot accessories have been a huge hit on the high street this season, with vintage styles from designers such as Kath Kidston and Gisela Graham and fun, contemporary additions from the increasingly popular Emma Bridgewater. Lighting accessories such as lamps, shades and candles are a simple way to add a pop of pattern to your interior and can be tailored to your chosen colour scheme or used as a blast of colour to add a focal point in your home.

Or why not dust of your artists easel and create your very own polka dot art work that will create a centrepiece above a fireplace or feature wall. A simple canvas with stencilled spots can be a real statement piece that can be customised to your tastes or why not frame a scattering of multicoloured, dotted stickers for a more contemporary and abstract art work.



Textiles not only provide a visual treat with their choice of patterns but also provide texture and cosiness to your chosen interior. Polka dot curtains and blinds look particularly impressive in a white or neutral minimal interior where they give the impression of a feature wall or art piece in an otherwise plain setting. Cushions are always a great way to introduce pattern into your home and look wonderful scattered across a sofa, bed or chaise lounge for a subtle yet eye-catching appearance. Alternatively you can opt for spotted upholstery on your seating, bedding and headboards. A blast of pattern on an occasional chair can transform the ambiance of a room and can be easily achieved by reupholstering your current furniture items.


Up-cycling has become a massive trend in the interior design world over the last 12 months and with everyone trying to save the pennies, what better way to utilise your current assets than to transform them into something new and exciting. Any old wooden furniture, or currently painted items can be stripped back, sanded and painted in your selected colour tones and given a dotty make-over that will add a pop of pattern against a neutral painted or complimentary coloured wall. If an overload of dots are a little extreme for you then centre your pattern on your feature wall and add simple white or plain coloured painted furniture to add a bright and elegant atmosphere to your home.

Summer Lovin!

The weather is finally hotting up and at The Furniture Market we are in a fun and funky mood that takes us back to the laid back and chilled out days of the 1950s and 60s. Why not embrace the retro attitude and laid back style and indulge in some super stylish vintage style furniture that will give any home a welcomed blast from the past and inject some old school flair to your interior.Vintage Retro Furniture

With slick straight edged designs combined with curvaceous seating and ‘out there’ fabrics our wonderful vintage furniture collection embraces the ever popular Art Deco style and provides authentic vintage style with all the mod cons that are required from modern furniture items. The versatility of vintage furniture means that it fits perfectly in both traditional spaces and contemporary, minimal interiors creating light and space within your home.

Oyster and Archer writing desk.

Oyster and Archer writing desk.





Our super cute painted furniture items are a quirky yet elegant furniture item that will suit a wide range of interiors. The fun oyster painted drawer fronts will add a splash of illuminating, brightness to even the most neutral of interiors. With its contrasting but complimentary natural wood exterior each item will add vintage chic to your living area. With retro angular legs and sophisticated curved edges this fabulous style will transform any home into a chic 1950s boudoir (without looking like your grandmother’s house).

For a funky yet luxurious seating solution our amazing Eames rocker chair is a must have statement item that will be the centrepiece in any vintage home  Eames Rocker Chair. With opulent curvaceous arms and bucket style seating area it provides the perfect balance of style and practical comfort. Its rocker style feet are crafted from solid wood and the intricate metal framework delicately poise the chair in the air creating a memorable 1950s style that perfectly matches our other vintage furniture items for fluid continuity throughout your home.

Eames rocker chair

Eames rocker chair

For those who want to celebrate the vintage retro style without the flamboyant colours and psychedelic patterns then our two tone furniture items are neutral in colour but do not negotiate on the familiar styling of 1950s interior design Retro Buffet.


Two tone bookshelf

Two tone bookshelf                                                                        

Made from elegant natural wood with eye catching zebra style grain on the cupboard fronts this range of furniture will be sure to add a focal point to your interior. The combination of storage and style makes this collection for any modern home.



Two tone cabinet

Two tone cabinet

If you are looking for the perfect balance of contemporary function and classic styling then our vintage retro collection is a must have furniture range to add to your wish list. This stylish design is timeless and elegant and as you can see from its ongoing popularity today, it never goes out of fashion. This means that these wonderful items are not only pieces of furniture but investment purchases that can be passed down from generation to generation without losing their style and appeal.

For further inspiration for your Vintage interior check out or Retro inspired Pinterest board and get your imagination flowing! Pinterest- Vintage Retro

Spring clean and Up-cycle!

Yes its that time of year again… The big Spring clean!

There is nothing more therapeutic than clearing out those cupboards, climbing into the attic and de-cluttering the garage in preparation for the coming summer months. But this year don’t just bin your old accessories and skip your ageing furniture items; take up the latest craze in interior design and up-cycle your possessions to give them a new lease of life.

Check out our latest Pinterest board Pinterest – Up-cycling for ideas and original images.

Stop! Before you decide to smash up those old furniture items and throw them in the skip, think about their potential as a new and unique furniture item. Why not take inspiration from this quirky chest of drawers and collect all your old drawers (no matter what their shape and size) and re-arrange them into a new frame to create a fun and colourful design that will look great in a children’s room, office or vintage interior. Each drawer can be painted, wallpapered or varnished to create a personalised, one-off piece that has been lovingly crafted by your own hands.

If you have become overrun with cutlery then why not use your creativity to create a stunning and stylish accessory that will add style to your interior. Simply take an old mirror or clock that has seen better days and then encircle this with your old forks, spoons and knives to create this fun wall feature that will look wonderful in your kitchen or dining area. Traditional silver cutlery gives a traditional and classic design feel or alternatively why not use plastic handled or picnic cutlery for a more contemporary, funky feel with an added splash of colour.


Even your pets can be treated to some luxurious up-cycled designs with this amazing idea for a unique pet bed. If your suitcases have seen too many holidays and are looking a little tired around the edges then image their potential as a cosy nest for your perfect pets. Suitcases can be halved and used as individual beds for your cats or small dogs or you can create a stylish bunk bed with the added help of some table legs. This style can also be achieved with furniture drawers, old palettes and chairs to give your pet a truly personalised bedding area.


Once you start up-cycling you will never look at your old furniture in the same way again! Instead of seeing a tatty old item that has seen better days your imagination will be running wild as to how you can transform them into something new, stylish and completely unique!