5 Best Home Accessories For Music Lovers

If you have a passion for the classical or love a spot of air guitar then what better way to celebrate your passion for all things musical than introducing some fabulous and funky music themed accessories into your home interior.

We have chosen our three favourite musically inspired home accessories that will add a quirky and unique look to any home interior and are the perfect way to add a splash of personality and flair to your home.

1. Guitar Shelving

Don’t even think about throwing away your old or broken guitars! You can give them a new lease of life by transforming them into a fun and personalised shelving area that is ideal for displaying your music memorabilia and CDs. This simple design can be created by removing the strings, fretboard and the front panel of your old guitar and gluing or nailing some small shelves into the inside of the body. You can leave your guitar in its natural finish or paint the exterior to match your interior colour scheme. This look can also be achieved with other string instruments such as a double bass, cello or even a violin.


2. Vinyl Wall Art

Old vinyl discs can make fabulous items of wall art and are a great way of showcasing your personal music tastes and collections. If you are lucky enough to own any limited edition records or signed discs then frame them in a sleek box frame and arrange them in a geometric pattern on a feature wall or chimney breast wall. Alternatively if you have any discs that you no longer listen to or are simply no longer to your taste then make use of them by having them cut into eye-catching shapes such as hearts, stars or butterflies (left) and arrange them in a scattered design across the wall for a textured, coloured and 3D visual finish.


3. Brass Band Lighting

If you love the loud and powerful sound of brass band music or are part of your local band then why not show off these stylish and curvaceous instruments in all their glory with an amazing brass instrument light fitting. These truly unique designs can be bought from specialist stores or why not ask an electrician to transform one of your own instruments for a truly personal touch. Trombones, trumpets and horns provide and illuminating and glistening finish on a chosen wall area and can be utilised as up-lighters or down- lighters that look particularly eye-catching in an alcove or under stair area.


4. Groovy Cushions

Cushions are always a great way to add a print, colour and texture into your home so why not use them to showcase your favourite artists or music tastes in specifically zoned areas within the home. You can opt for famous images such as Michael Jackson (left) or The Beatles or opt for simple sheet music images of your favourite classical composers. Song lyric prints are also a subtle way to pay tribute to your favourite songs and performers as well as famous cover artwork and designs.


5. MP3 Accessories

In an age of MP3 players where music is literally at our fingertips 24 hours a day, there is often a feeling of emptiness within the home with a lack of traditional CD players and turn tables. But we have found the perfect solution! This amazing retro style gramophone is a sleek and shiny speaker that works at the touch of a button with your MP3 device. This creative device will add a splash of vintage glamour to your interior and will put the sophistication back into playing your favourite songs while you kick back and relax on a Sunday afternoon.


For more amazing music inspired interior design ideas then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Musical Interiors.


Colour Trend – Cobalt

From eastern style homes to royal palaces COBALT has long been a colour that has been adopted into interiors as it provides a bright yet sophisticated feel to both traditional and contemporary interior styles.

This eye-catching colour works wonderfully with a wide range of complimentary tones and patterns to provide a sense of illuminating cheerfulness that is perfect for the upcoming summer months. Air More Uptempo Colorways Its fresh tones provide a serene and relaxing setting in which to unwind. We have put together some of our favourite ways to incorporate this colour trend into any home interior.


1. Nevada Wolf Pack Eastern Designs

Moroccan interiors are a hot talking point in the interior design world this season. With their vibrant colours and laid back stylings, Moroccan homes exude a bright and summery feel and create a chilled out atmosphere that is perfect for living areas or conservatories. You can partner your Cobalt colour choice with other bold and contrasting hues such as fushia, purple, red and yellow for a rainbow of colour and detail or alternatively you can choose to partner Cobalt with complimentary blues, aquamarines or simple whites for a beach side coastal theme.


Cobalt blue is one of the statement colours in oriental style interiors and is usually balanced by crisp white to accentuate its bright and opulent tones. Traditional willow pattern pottery is a key addition to any oriental style interior and can be displayed in a dresser or as a wall art arrangement for a statement feature wall. This fabulous pattern also works great as a wallpaper as it provides just enough colour and detailing without being too overpowering.


2. Trevor Siemian Jerseys Georgian Interiors

Georgian style interiors are well known for embracing colours and patterns that had been ignored in previous eras. Solde adidas gazelle Greens, mustards and reds were adopted into homes alongside rich and luxurious cobalt and royal blue tones. NIKE AIR MAX SEQUENT This sumptuous colour worked fabulously alongside crisp white walls and perfectly complimented darker hardwood furniture to create a lighter and brighter interior ambiance. air max pas cher pour femme Floral patterns looked beautiful with a splash of cobalt whilst classic pottery such as Wedgewood adopted many designs inspired by oriental imagery and nature.


3. Contemporary Interiors

Modern interior design is often categorized into two main styles; Minimal and colorful. Cobalt blue has been celebrated across the board over the past few years and has transcended from the catwalk to the interior design world. nike air max 2017 femme rouge This fabulously vibrant colour fits equally well into minimal and bold modern homes. It adds a ‘colour pop’ to stark and minimal style homes whilst its rich and vibrant nature means that it can stand side by side with equally bold colours for a truly psychadelic modern feel. FREE RN

This colour works particularly well as a statement piece of wall art or as funky LED lighting that provides a bright yet chilled out atmosphere in any room of the home.


4. Accessories

Cobalt accessories are a great way of injecting this bold colour into your home without the need to completely change your entire interior canvas. Nike Air Max Thea Heren blauw

A simple lamp, vase, bowl or photo frame can create an eye-catching feature that looks particularly good against a plain wall or painted furniture item.

Cushions and fabrics create a rich textural and visual aesthetic and look great in a wide range of complimentary and contrasting tones and patterns.


5. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Donna Rosse


Unlike many other bold painted furniture items, cobalt items are not reserved simply for contemporary homes or retro interiors. Cobalt painted pieces look equally beautiful in both modern and traditional settings and can be personalised using on trend chrome or antique style handles to accommodate your interior style.

5 Best Candy Cane Accessories


This season has seen a rise in popularity in candy coloured interiors that create a soft yet colourful backdrop within your home. I personally love this interior trend as it recalls memories of walking into a sweet shop as a young child and seeing all the fabulous and yummy colours and glistening glass jars that would mesmerise both adults and children alike.

We have selected the 5 best candy cane accessories that will bring mouthwatering pastel shades and ice cream tones into your home interior and create a sumptuous finish to both plain and colourful home decors.




My name is Alicia and I am a cushion addict. For me there is no better way to add colour and pattern to your home in a subtle yet eye-catching manner. To create a perfect candy cane arrangement then choose complimentary pastel tones such as peach, pale blue, pink and lemon and create a scattering of alternating colours. For a further nod to the traditional sweet shop interior then why not add some classic candy cane striped patterns that will provide a visual contrast against the plain coloured cushions as well as you chosen sofa or bed fabric.





If your not quite brave enough to add colour to your walls then a carefully positioned rug can add the perfect splash of colour that will tie together your fabrics and accessories. Whilst a pastel rug in any shape or size will provide you with a fabulous candy colour palette I think a stylish circular rug or a circle patterned rug (left) creates a fun visual centrepiece that reminds me of bon bons or flying saucer sweets. Choose colours that match your chosen cushions, curtains or wall art for a universal and linear colour scheme that will add a bright yet feminine feel to your interior space.





Mirrors are a fabulous way of creating a sense of space and light in even the most compact of interior spaces. Whether you opt for a wall hanging mirror, free standing or table top design a luxurious coloured frame will create a focal point that looks amazing against a plain or patterned feature wall. Opt for classic period style designs, or shabby chic styles in subtle ice cream tones such as peach, lilac, blue and pink that will create an eye-catching centrepiece above a mantle piece, bed, dressing table or sideboard.





With the shabby chic interior trend still as popular as ever, pastel coloured crockery has become readily available on the high street in a range of colours and patterns. Delicate baby blues, pink and lemon create a fun and cheerful table setting on a rustic cottage table or can be arranged neatly in a traditional oak dresser or a pastel painted display cabinet for a splash of colour that looks good enough to eat. Use a mismatch of designs, sizes and patterns for a truly vintage feel.





If your dining room is lacking some colour or your living room is feeling a little bland then why not introduce some candy coloured seating that will lift the atmosphere within your chosen interior. Wooden dining chairs can be painted in matching or individual pastel colours that will look great in a vintage dining area or can be paired with a natural oak dining table for a twist on traditional cottage style. If you want to create a statement furniture item then you can reupholster your favourite occasional chair that will provide a zoned area of colour that will transform even the most neutral of interior spaces.


For more mouth watering candy cane interior ideas then head over to our latest Pinterest board Pinterest – Candy Cane Interiors and feast your eyes on some more stunningly stylish pastel interiors .





Colour Trend – Aquamarine

For me no colour sums up the summer months more than the cool and bright blue tones of Aquamarine. Its coastal ambiance and tropical sense of relaxation is perfect for creating a tranquil space in any room of the home.

This versatile colour choice looks fabulous in both classic and contemporary interiors and creates a fresh interior feel that bursts with vibrancy and zest.


Colour Palettes

When partnered with other blue tones aquamarine creates a sense of gentle waves washing against a sandy beach. Azure, duck egg and natural bluey whites look fabulous teamed with this colour choice. Monochrome interiors can be lifted with a pop of aquamarine whilst additional vibrant colours such as fuchsia, purple, yellow and green will create a rich Mediterranean feel that is warm and sumptuous.





Aquamarine is a staple colour in Moroccan style interior designs. Its lustrous tones provide the perfect backdrop for bright and intricate Moroccan accessories and rugs and can be partnered with simple white or a multitude of vivid colours for a plethora of rainbow tones. To recreate this look select eastern pattern wallpapers, cushions and upholstery and team your bold colours with plain wood, white or silver painted furniture for a splash of luxury and opulence. This theme works particularly well in a bedroom area as its calming tones look wonderful with swathes of netted fabric and bold bedding.




1960s interiors embraced the use of colour within their homes and aquamarine became a favourite colour choice as a stand alone colour as well as within the psychedelic interior style. Opt for a bold retro wallpaper in a range of funky colours and patterns or why not choose a statement furniture item in your chosen aquamarine tone that will create a bold and eye-catching focal point in a neutral interior space. Plastic chairs, beanbags and stools look great in this colour selection and can be teamed with contemporary tables or more vintage style oak and hardwood finishes for a mix of colour, texture and appearance.



Shabby Chic

An aquamarine accent colour works really well against the crisp vintage backdrop of shabby chic interiors. Its calming tones create a bright and uplifting ambiance that can be picked up in a range of accessories or in a floral print wallpaper or upholstery design. You can uplift an old dresser by creating a distressed antique white exterior and painting the internal back panels in a rich aquamarine for a pop of colour that does not distract from the vintage elegance of the room. Aquamarine lamps, photo frames and mirrors are also a great way of introducing this fabulous colour choice into a classic home interior.




Fabrics and upholstery can transform the look of any room in a simple yet effective manner. Rich swathes of aquamarine curtains can add a quick and colourful update to an otherwise plain or neutral interior space. Cushions are another great way of ‘zoning’ this colour into your home and create a textural and visual style against your bed or seating area. If you would like to try your hand at some DIY furniture design then you can re-upholster an old chair or pouffe for a statement furniture item that will take centrestage in any interior setting. Take a look at my previous blog post - Revamp Your Old Dining Chairs for step by step guide on reupholstering your old chairs.


For more alluring aquamarine interior inspiration then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Aquamarine Colour Trend






Colour Trend – Rose

Pink has always had links to romance, femininity and beauty and no shade represents this more than subtle and elegant ROSE. Its chic and dusky tones creates a light and refined colour palette that is reminiscent of period style boudoirs and parlour rooms.

This exquisite colour will look wonderful in any room of the home and its delicate undertones make it perfectly adoptable into both modern and classic interior settings.


Colour Palette

Rose is a versatile colour option as it works incredibly well with a variety of other hues and tones. An obvious partnership is rose and white as it creates a light and bright interior setting with a dash of fairy tale elegance. It also looks fabulous alongside grey and silver to create a muted colour palette that is refined and feminine. Rich chocolates and browns also fit comfortably alongside rose to create a period feel with a splash of french baroque inspiration.




A correctly selected bedding design can transform the feel of your bedroom and can create a romantic and welcoming space in which to curl up and relax. Rose coloured sheets and pillows can be partnered with crisp white linens for a delicate and refined interior feel. Plain linen looks great against a wallpapered feature wall or alternatively why not opt for a rose print duvet for added detail and texture. Decorative floral edging looks wonderful with the delicate rose colour scheme and creates a traditional boutique feel within your bedroom space.






No home is complete without a scattering of sumptuous cushions across a bed or seating area. They create a centralised area of colour and pattern as well as providing a cosy and comfortable space in which to relax. Rose coloured cushions look fabulous against a dark or light backdrop and can be arranged in a selection of patterns, sizes and shapes for added texture and visual appeal.




A pop of rose coloured upholstery is an ideal way to introduce colour into your home without the need for complete redecoration. A selection of dining chairs, a sofa or foot stool can add a subtle pop of colour into your home and can be matched to your curtains. rugs or cushions for a universal colour palette. Satin works extremely well in this colour as its delicate sheen accentuates the chalky rose tones. Velvet, linen and suede also look great in this colour choice and adds a more classic period feel to your chosen item. Why not try your hand at some furniture up-cycling and reupholster your current items for a customised, tailor made seating area.





French Chateau carved bed and matching items

French Chateau carved bed and matching items

You can complete your rose interior with a chic and elegant selection of white painted furniture that will perfectly compliment the delicate and feminine nature of your colour choice. Choose a scattering of smaller items or a statement furniture piece such as our French Chateau white painted heavy carved bed for a striking and luxurious centrepiece within your home interior.


For more inspiration for your home interior take a look at our latest Pinterest board -Pinterest – Rose Colour Trend or visit our website to view the full French Chateau white painted furniture collection.



Colour Trend – Olive Green

Olive Green has long been associated with period style interiors and can be seen in many of the heritage properties and stately homes around the United Kingdom. It is however a colour that has never really made a comeback into the interior colour palettes of modern homes…until now.

This fairly unique colour has made a huge impression on the interior design world this 2014 and can be partnered with a vast range of interior styles and colours to create a chic and sophisticated interior setting that has the perfect balance of modern and traditional styling.


Colour palettes

Olive green works wonderfully with both bold and neutral colour choices. Crisp whites and beige creates a soft and classic appearance with accents of olive creating a rich and muted interior ambiance. For a more colourful interior; grey, purple, navy and black work equally well alongside this particular shade of green and create a chic contemporary style that works particularly well in living room and bedroom settings. You can balance the olive tones of your decor with gold accents and finishing touches for a rich and sumptuous feel that will add to the classic appeal of this versatile colour.





Accessories are always a great way of creating a dash of colour within an interior space. Lamps, vases and ornaments can transform a plain or unnoticeable piece of furniture into an eye-catching focal point within your chosen room. Photo frames, art work and painted mirrors are also a great way of adding a splash of colour into your home and look fantastic on a plain painted or wallpapered feature wall. You can also opt for crisp white accessories that will compliment the olive interior colour palette and create a bright and uplifting atmosphere within your home.





Textiles create a rich and warm atmosphere in any home interior and are a great way of showing off a particular colour or pattern. Cushions can be scattered on chairs, sofas and beds to create zoned areas of olive colour and pattern whilst olive green curtains make a great alternative to a feature wall and will add a visual focal point against a plain painted background area.




Whilst olive green furniture is not readily available in most high street stores you can try your hand at a spot of up-cycling on your current furniture items. Wooden furniture can be easily sanded, primed and painted in your chosen olive tone for a personalised and eye-catching furniture item. Alternatively you could opt for white, black or even gold painted furniture that will compliment the green tones and will look fabulous against a painted feature wall. A striking dresser or display cabinet will make a fabulous stand out furniture item or a eye-catching dining table could transform even the blandest of interiors into a sophisticated and relaxed setting.


For more Olive green interior ideas take a look at our latest Pinterest page - Pinterest – Olive Colour Trend and reinvent this classic colour in your contemporary home.

For a wide range of sumptuous painted furniture items that will compliment your olive green interior then head over to a website and browse our extensive Painted Furniture Collections







How To Create Shabby Chic Style Furniture

Shabby Chic furniture is a must have furniture style this season as it provides a light and uplifting fininsh that suits a vast range of interior designs and decors. This versatile style of furniture can be purchased in a selection of styles and colours or can be handcrafted using simple steps and tools.

Here is our step by step guide to creating a personalised shabby chic furniture item that can be revamped to your exact tastes and needs:

What you will need:

A old or reclaimed furniture item 
Newspaper or an old sheet (to protect your floor)
A selection of simple tools (pliers, screwdriver etc)
All purpose wood filler 
A selection of sandpapers 
Several cleaning cloths 
Low tack masking tape and scissors
Primer/undercoat (optional but creates a longer wearing finish)
Paint (water-based acrylic or specialised wood paint)
Various sizes of paint brush
New handles (if required)
Paint stripper (if needed)
Clear furniture wax 

Step One – Remove Handles

Always remove any old handles on your chosen furniture item before beginning the transformation process (even if you are planning on keeping the handles the same) as this ensures a thorough covering of paint across the whole of the items exterior. This can be easily achieved using an appropriate screwdriver to remove the screws from the back of the drawer front.


Step 2 – Fill Any Holes Or Dents

Fill any holes that have been left by the removal of the handles, however if you are re using the same handles or ones of the same size then you can leave the holes as they are to save time drilling any new ones. While you are filling these holes, check the remainder of the item to ensure that there are no other damaged areas that can be filled at the same time.


Step Three – Prepare The Item’s Surface

Cover your flooring with an old sheet or newspaper and begin to prepare your item. If the item is already painted then you can easily remove the current paint finish with paint stripper or if the item is varnished or waxed then begin to remove the finish with a FINE GRADE sandpaper (so you do not damage the grain). This will roughen the items surface area making it easier for the new paint finish to stick to the exterior. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles. Always ensure that you work in a well ventilated area or take the item outside if it is a dry day.



Step Four – PrimeYour Item

Mask off any areas that do not need to be painted or mask off a pattern if your feeling extra creative (stripes work well) and then paint the item with your chosen primer or undercoat. If your item has drawers or doors or any interior areas, always paint the inside first, then leave to dry before proceeding to priming the exterior. Ensure all exposed areas are covered.


Step Five – Paint Your Item

Select your chosen paint colour and begin to paint your item using the same technique as you did with the primer (interior followed by exterior). It is best to paint your item using three or four thin coats as this allows the paint to adhere more strongly to the item and prevents the paint finish looking streaky. Use smaller and thinner brushes for any fiddly or intricate areas. Allow to dry fully between coats and before moving on to the next step.


Step Six – Distress Your Item

Remove the masking tape and start to add a distressed look to your paint finish. Begin by using a rougher sandpaper and then move on to a fine grade sandpaper to blend the edges into the paint for a naturally worn look. Select areas that would receive natural wear and tear over time such as table edges and drawer fronts and gently rub away at the new paint finish (less is more).


Step Seven – Finish 

Apply a coat of clear furniture wax to your item, This can be done using a professional waxing brush for complete coverage and should be used on internal and external areas of your furniture item. Once the item has been completely waxed take a soft polishing cloth and buff away the wax until the surface of the item no longer feels sticky (this process should be repeated every 6 months to keep the item looking fresh). Reattach the old or new handles to any drawers or door areas and your bespoke item is complete!


For more painted furniture ideas take a look at our Pinterest board - pinterest – Painted Furniture

If you have created your own shabby chic items or are planning on following this ‘How to’ guide to try your hand at this DIY design then tweet us your finished designs @MarketFurniture or tag us in your Instagram posts @TheFurnitureMarket.

Colour Trend – Emerald

As we all head out to the country and the park to enjoy the rare sight of some British sunshine there is nothing more beautiful than the lush green tones of freshly mown grass and blooming shrubbery. This months hot EMERALD interior colour trend allows you to bring the fresh feeling of the outdoors, indoors and will create a pop of luscious colour in even the plainest of homes.


Colour Palettes

Emerald green is a versatile colour choice that works equally well in dark and light interiors. Its vibrant nature will add an eye catching colour pop in a grey or monochrome interior or can be partnered with other bold and bright tones such as azure, fushia and yellow for a Moroccan style interior feel. This seasons key combination is a simple partnership of emerald and white that creates an elegant and uplifting interior feel that is perfect for a soft and summery ambiance. Bold floral print wallpapers work wonderfully with crisp white paint and flooring for a light and airy style that will open up even the most compact of interior spaces.




Textiles and cushions create a visually beautiful and practically cosy focal point against a statement bed or seating area. Emerald cushions are particularly elegant as they look great against dark and light backdrops. This months hottest trend is palm print and allows you to tackle two trends at the same time. This bold design will transform your home into a colourful, tropical retreat that will transport you into a beach side setting with a chic and relaxed interior ambiance. Choose a selection of patterned and plain green and white cushions for added detail and variation.




Coloured fabrics are a cheap and effective way of adding colour into your home interior. If bought in bulk you can change and update your home with minimal effort but maximum results. Bold emerald curtains are a great alternative to a feature wall and look great against a wide range of painted walls. You can carry on your chosen fabric print and colour through into your throws, bedding, cushions, and even your seating with some clever upholstery and furniture up-cycling. This scattering of colour will update and uplift an old or new interior design and will create a sumptuous space in which to unwind.




Accessories provide the finishes touch to a newly decorated interior setting but are also a great way of testing out a new colour scheme without changing your entire decor. Lamps, vases, bowls and ornaments can be scattered throughout your interior or placed in strategic areas to create a burst of colour and eye-catching style. Emerald green accessories look wonderful placed on white painted or oak furniture for a fresh and modern feel. but also work equally well with  black painted or traditional hardwood furniture for a more retro, Art Deco design and feel.





Emerald painted furniture looks wonderfully eye-catching in neutral painted rooms or with soft pebble tones such as pewter and silver. Bold painted items work well in minimal contemporary settings or why not opt for an emerald green ‘washed’ paint effect (left) that will provide a more subtle and elegant splash of colour. If you have chosen to concentrate your emerald tones on your walls and accessories then opt for classic oak furniture or bright and illuminating white painted furniture for a contrasting and complementary furniture choice that provides a light and summery interior style.




For all original images and more emerald interior ideas, take a look at our latest pinterest board - Pinterest – Emerald Colour Trend



5 Best Union Jack Interior Accessories

Despite our rather disappointing result at the World cup we are still feeling a patriotic spirit in the UK this month. With summer finally here and Wimbledon under way why not inject a sense of Great British pride into your interior with these 5 stylish Union Jack accessories for your home.


1. Cushions

You can never have too many cushions…right? Their textural surfaces and wide ranging colour combinations are perfect for introducing a new colour or print into your existing home interior. Traditional Union Jack designs in red, white and blue look great in shabby chic or classic home interiors whilst bold and contemporary styles (left) will provide a modern take on this timeless design and will add a pop of colour to a plain sofa, chair or bed.


2. Rugs

Creating a bold centrepiece with a statement rug makes a great alternative to a feature wall and can transform a plain or minimal interior space. This highly recognisable design will look great in a bedroom or living room area and looks amazing combined with bold pops of red or in a cool and calm white and grey interior colour palette. The chunky straight edged Union Jack design is a versatile pattern that can fit seamlessly into retro and contemporary rooms alike.


3. Bunting

With the recent surge in shabby chic style interior design and a return to traditional handcrafted accessories, there has been a huge demand for some good, old fashioned bunting! Union Jack designs have been incredibly popular over the past year and have been featured in designer and high street stores across the country. However if you are feeling a little crafty then why not grab the sewing machine and select your favourite Union Jack fabric or ribbons (left) and create a personalised line of bunting that looks great strewn above a window, bed or across a fireplace area for an eye-catching interior addition


4. Wall Art

Union jack wall art will transform any plain wall or alcove area into a visual focal point that provides patriotic patterned and coloured detailing. A large canvas or a selection of small prints can be arranged in a unified or mismatched pattern to create a creative and artistic feature wall in both traditional and modern interior spaces. Wall clocks also make a great focal point and  provide visual appeal as well as functional purpose and design. Opt for traditional colour schemes for a classic look or choose vibrant or neutral shades for an alternative take on the traditional Union Jack design.


5. Statement Furniture

A singular piece of statement furniture can add detail and colour to a new or existing home interior and can be completely personalised to your tastes and colour palette. There are many companies who provide customised furniture designs or unique and quirky styles or alternatively if you would prefer to transform one of your existing furniture items then it may be simpler than you would think. A union jack design is one of the simpler patterns to paint as it follows straight lines and does not require any artistic freehand work. Simply choose your primer,a selection of paint colours and some low tack tape and mask off the design to ensure crisp edges and a professional finish. Once again you can opt for classic colonial colours or a selection that compliments your current interior tones.

For all original photographs and lots more Union Jack inspired home accessories, head over to our Pinterest page - Pinterest – Union Jack Accessories.



Colour Trend – Plum

Perfect plum interiors can create a warm and uplifting ambiance that will add a splash of rich and luxurious colour to your home decor. This versatile trend can be used as a feature or accent tone that will give both modern and traditional homes an opulent and luxurious feel.

Plum is one of the most popular purple hues this season due to its elegant and designer feel. Its exquisite tones can transform even the most bland of interiors into a luxurious and palatial retreat. It can be easily adopted into numerous other interior trends of 2014 such as Moroccan, Gothic and Rococo to create a ‘pop’ of colour that is opulent and enveloping.

Plum tones can be used with a large variety of interior colour palettes to create a relaxed or vibrant atmosphere within your home. Soft antique white, grey and natural colours work alongside plum to create a period style interior that is relaxed and refined. Purple is a popular regency interior colour that can also be partnered with rich gold and gilded hues for a splash of luxury glamour. For a twist of eastern style interior design then partner your plum tones with vibrant magenta, yellow, red and orange for a rich and colourful Moroccan style home.



If your not quite brave enough to tackle Plum as an all over colour scheme then why not introduce it as an accent tone in your accessories, fabrics and artwork to create an eye-catching insertion of colour into a plain or patterned interior setting. Upholstery is a great way of adding a pop of plum into your home. occasional chairs, sofas and puffees look great with a plain or patterned fabric and a choice of velvet, satin or chenille will also add a textural aesthetic to your living room, dining room or bedroom area.

Cushions are also an ideal way of injecting colour into your home and can be chosen in a selection of matching or contrasting plum tones and patterns to create a cosy and visually inviting space within your chosen interior. Opt for classic floral or plain designs for a regency style, period interior or select a range of bright and vibrant plum, pink and yellow styles and prints for a Moroccan ambiance. This bold combination looks great scattered across a bed or even as an eastern style floor seating area that can be transferred outside or into a summer house during the summer months.

Accessories are a must have finishing touch in any interior setting and can transform the entire look and feel of an interior. A carefully positioned lamp, vase, ornament or mirror can create a colourful centrepiece in a living area, dining room or bedroom and make a fabulous contrast against a plain feature wall. These simple accessories can be added to your existing interior decor making it easy to introduce the plum colour trend into your home without extensive redecorating or expenditure.



White painted furniture such as our French Chateau furniture is a great way of toning down and complimenting strong coloured interiors. With their bright and uplifting exterior, white painted designs sit comfortably in bold or classic plum interiors, adding a crisp contrast to the rich purple tones of your decor. If you have opted for neutral walls then you could always try your hand at some furniture restoration by sanding, priming and painting old, or reclaimed furniture items in your chosen plum tone for a customised and creative furniture item that will create a talking point in any interior space.

For more inspirational plum interior ideas then our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Plum colour trend has all you could need to find your inner interior designer and for more furniture designs take a look at our extensive Painted furniture collections that will compliment your plum interior decor.