Product of the Week – French Chateau White Painted Round 4 Seater Dining Table

The feminine and elegant French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table is the perfect addition to any classic period property or contemporary dining area and its circular design makes it perfect for those with smaller home interiors or limited dining space. Its stylish design will transform any home into a chic boutique French villa.

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table

The sumptuous shape of this feminine French table has been recreated from authentic antique designs and features fluted curvaceous legs that are a key feature of French Renaissance design. Its spacious circular table top is perfectly sized to seat up to 4 dinner guests, making it perfect for average sized families and couples alike. Its dainty design means that it will not take up too much space within its chosen surroundings yet still provides a visual centrepiece within your dining room area.

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table - Close up detail

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table – Close up detail

This stunning table is carved with delicate floral details that are characteristic of classic French furniture design and add a subtle yet glamorous detail to this beautiful furniture item. Carved from high quality solid mahogany this table is hard wearing and sturdy and will be sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday family use. Enveloped in a soft antique white paint finish this stylish design will provide a bright and illuminating ambiance in even the darkest of home interiors, creating a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.


French Chateau white painted dining chair - linen

French Chateau white painted dining chair – linen

This table will look fabulous when partnered with the French Chateau white painted dining chair – linen. These rich and classy chairs are the embodiment of French period style and elegance and are a perfect match to the exquisite design and style of the French château round dining table. The chair frame features fluted legs and a tall, rounded chair back that provides plentiful support while enjoying your dining experience. The delicate cravings and motifs are lustrously accentuated by the soft and sumptuous white paint finish that wraps itself around each exposed wood area.

This chair features an opulently padded backrest and seat pad for added comfort and relaxation making it perfect for those who love to sit around the dining table and socialise with family and friends. The chair pads are upholstered in a cosy yet fresh, pale grey linen that perfectly compliments the illuminating paint work and works wonderfully in creating a traditional Neo-classical French Interior.

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How To Create A Riviera Interior

There are few places more steeped in glamour and riches than the coastal resorts of the French Riviera. From St Tropez to Monaco the fabulous coastlines of the Cote D’Azur provide the perfect inspiration for a stylish interior design. Popular with the rich and famous this area has given birth to the most elegant and stunning interiors from quaint Mediterranean styles to grand and palatial settings.

Riviera interiors are a showcase of sun kissed colours such as cream, terracotta and coffee tones with a distinct Mediterranean influence in terms of style and colour. Natural neo-classical colour palettes with a hint of metallic gold tones are also a popular choice among the period properties in this area. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Pastel tones create a reflection of the crystal blue waters of the beach fronts and harbours and the subtle painted exteriors of the buildings are brought internally in the decor of the home.


Riviera interiors can be split into 3 distinct styles that each have their own specific design and decor. adidas stan smith dziecięce Each style can be used individually or can be blended into hybrid interiors that adopt the best features of each specific style. Whether used separately or as a unique blend of styles, they all come together in creating a diverse and elegant coastal resort that oozes stylish elegance and sophistication.

Neo-Classical interiors


Neo-Classical interiors take influence from Italian interior design and showcase delicate pastel tones of pale grey and blue that provide a fabulous mirroring of the coastal surroundings. nike air max 2016 donna Classic artwork and period light fittings will create a period style ambiance within the chosen room and will perfectly compliment the warm yet subtle colours of the walls and flooring.

Furniture is classic and antique in nature and usually features dark ebony and mahogany with a splash of gilding or metallic handles. Sumptuous and lustrous seating areas are a must have feature and take their look from classic Louis XVI designs. This look provides a classic and refined interior look that is palatial in style and exquisitely flamboyant. air max pas cher You must be careful however not to overdo the ‘bling’ to ensure a more tasteful and less tacky approach.


Contemporary Riviera interiors can be seen as a complete polar opposite of the Neo-Classical interior style. asics scarpe donna Making the most of the stunning views and the coastal location, contemporary homes make use of open space and glass wherever possible and create a minimal interior that uses the outdoor vistas as the artwork for the home. Canotta All Star 2015 Colours are almost always kept white as this perfectly compliments the wall to ceiling glass while furniture is simplistic in style with sleek lines and clean edges. asics scarpe tennis bambino Mirrored furniture, glass tables and low level seating are used as not to distract from the breathtaking views. Accessories are kept to a minimum with only a small selection of lamps or glass vases and ornaments in specific zoned areas of the home.


Mediterranean inspired interiors are far more natural in design and embrace the rustic and countrified charm of the outdoors. nike cortez 90s Colours are kept within a neutral palette with the use of earthen tones of brown and terracotta as a contrast to the crisp white walls, exposed stonework and basic tiled flooring.

Furniture is cosy and practical with statement items such as rustic dressers and large dining tables taking centre stage in the home.