How To Create A Renaissance Style Interior

The Italian Renaissance period spanned between the 14th and 16th centuries and showcased interior decor and furniture items that were heavily influenced by ancient Greek and Roman designs. Homes and furnishings were largely geometric in shape and symmetry played a huge role in creating an opulent and balanced interior space.

To compliment the rich cultural influences of the surrounding architecture, Renaissance interiors were finished in rich and opulent paint finishes that gave stunning visual focal points that included classical artefacts such as urns, busts and sculptures as well as paintings murals and friezes.

Rich and expensive fabrics such as silk and velvet were partnered with simple cotton and wool materials in the drapes, bedding and upholstery of Renaissance style interiors. These sumptuous fabrics often feature an opulent damask or floral print pattern and when it came to fabrics the more the better, with many homes choosing to layer one material and pattern upon another. Curtains were left in long and heavy swathes that sat in pools upon the ground and featured tasselled and metallic tie backs for added detail. The use of upholstery also featured heavily in Renaissance tapestries that could be used in place of wallpaper or mouldings and created an eye-catching focal point that was colourful in design.

Colour schemes during this period were all about creating an air of wealth and classic opulence that reflected the rich palaces and temples of ancient Rome and Athens. Classical paintings and tapestries that were rich in detail often made up much of the colour within a specified room however the majority of colour came from fabrics, floor coverings and drapes that created an exquisite air of sophistication and flamboyance. Deep red, yellow and green as well as rich purples and blues were popular colours that added warmth and texture to any interior setting.


During the Renaissance period artwork was at the height of its popularity in every home across Italy. As well as traditional paintings and murals artwork also featured heavily on the inlays of furniture and bed frames and even adorned the panels of the internal doors of the home. Greek Key designs were one of the key motifs in carvings and paintings as well as natural scenes and floral motifs that harken back to the classical mythological tales. Some of the more flamboyant homes of this period featured highly detailed friezes and painted ceilings that depicted a story or scene that could often be related to their own lives or families.

Furniture during this period was carved mainly from walnut due to its rich and hard wearing qualities. Designs featured intricate balanced carvings and paintings that often featured characters from mythology or classical styles and motifs. The ‘cassone’ was a storage item that most commonly came in the form of a heavily carved bench style chest and was one of the most popular furniture items during the renaissance period. This item was originally designed for a bride to bring her possessions and dowry to her new husband (from her father). Whilst these original pieces are now extremely hard to come by and have an eye-watering price tag, reproduction designs are readily available on the high street.

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3 Popular Italian Interior Styles

From historic Rome to rural Tuscany, Italian interiors feature rich and varied designs that ooze classically elegant features.

Since its ancient beginnings in the palaces of classical Rome, Italian interior design has been adopted and adapted across much of Europe and America.

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  • It’s architecture and decor has selected influences of every period from renaissance to modern day to create a unique and recognisable style that is steeped in history and culture.

    For belissima Italian interiors and original images pop over to our latest Pinterest board Pinterest – Italian Interiors.


    1. Rome

    When it come to Roman interior design, the grander the better! Think of Empirical palaces and Lavish roman baths with their warm and rich interior tones. Nike Air Max 1 męskie człrwone Roman interiors embrace their original ancient architectural features such as columns, carvings and ceiling decor and combine then with neutral yet warm colour palettes to create a timeless style that has stood the test of time.

    Stone, marble and rich and opulent fabrics are used to emphasise the expensive and exquisite facade that was adopted by the Emperors of ancient Rome.

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  • Extravagant golds and silvers, heavy drapery and grand carved furniture create a breathtakingly plush setting that reflects the historical, palatial style of this amazing Italian city.



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    Sumptuously stylish Venetian interiors reflect the lavish and luxurious stylings of historical Renaissance Italy. Fabulously rich carvings, moldings and paintings are scattered generously throughout every room to create a rich and regal period ambiance.

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  • Curvaceous, carved furniture and lavishly upholstered seating create a fashionable and feminine interior style that oozes excessive luxury.

    No Venetian interior is complete without an eye-catching and extravagant Venetian Mirror. Asics Whizłer męskie This delicate and elegant style of mirror would have adorned the walls of any reputable Venetian home and has now become a popular purchase for contemporary home interiors. Stephen Piscotty Authentic Jersey With simple carvings and floral etchings a grand wall mirror or Venetian etched dressing table mirror will create a classic focal point in any bedroom, living room or hallway area.


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    Traditional Tuscan interiors are the perfect balance of rustic country style and elegant Mediterranean features. Adidas Schoenen Verkoop Beautiful natural wood and rugged farmhouse stone are left open and exposed to create a sumptuous and cosy home interior. Solid oak, mahogany and walnut furniture are combined with neutral, antique style accessories to provide a subtle and complimentary interior colour palette.


    Tuscan interiors seamlessly blend European farmhouse style and Mediterranean opulence to create a luxurious combination of cultural and local influences.

    Product of the Week – Venetian Mirrored Compact Console Table

    The Venetian mirrored compact console table is the epitome of opulent and illuminating interior style. Mirrored furniture is one of the most popular furniture designs and it provides a fresh alternative to traditional hardwood furniture. Its varied design and shape makes it perfectly suited to a vast range of interiors and can be adopted into your current home decor for a fresh and bright burst of luxury and sophistication.

    Venetian mirrors console table - Front View

    Venetian mirrors console table – Front View

    Console tables are a slimmer and more compact version of a traditional sideboard and are the perfect item for those with smaller home interiors or awkward recess areas. Their illuminating surface areas creates a sense of light and invisibility that makes them ideal for sleek contemporary or minimal interior designs.

    Venetian mirrored console table - Side View

    Venetian mirrored console table – Side View

    The spacious and long table top area creates a space that is perfect for the display of a lamp, ornament or vase and will create a shimmering focal point in any living room, dining room or hallway area. Alternatively this console table can be doubled up as a dressing table when combined with a co-ordinating Venetian mirrored stool and Venetian dressing table mirror. This elegant and glamorous item provides the perfect balance of style and practicality.

    Venetian mirrored console table - Close Up

    Venetian mirrored console table – Close Up

    The fabulous straight edged detailing of this amazing console table creates a seamless and contemporary feel that compliments a wide range of interior styles and decors. Its glistening exterior works wonderfully with both neutral and bold interior colour schemes. This opulent Venetian design will provide a sense of rich Italian luxury to your home and create a haven of uplifting tranquility in which to relax.


    Venetian mirrored nest of three tables.

    Venetian mirrored nest of three tables.


    For added practicality in your living area, you can partner your console table with a sophisticated and functional Mirrored nest of three tables. These beautiful tables are ideal for large families or those who love to invite their friends and family for drinks or afternoon tea. With three tables of varying sizes within the set, they can be shared out among your guests for a personalised space for their mugs, glasses and cups. Their shimmering design and elegant tapered legs create a dainty and exquisitely styled space that is both eye-catching and practical. You can also dot these luxury tables around your room as separate lamp and side tables for the display of your collectibles, telephone or photo frames for added detail and design.

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    Product of the Week – Venetian Antique Mirrored Coffee Table

    Our beautifully elegant Antique Venetian mirrored coffee table is the perfect combination of traditional design and contemporary practicality. This large and spacious mirrored coffee table will make the perfect centerpiece in your living area and will add a splash of Italian glamour to your home.

    With its soft and fluid shape and muted shimmering surface area, this stylish coffee table will look wonderful in both neutral and lavish interior settings. This wonderful design fits perfectly into modern and classic Italian style interiors to create a lavish and palatial Venetian ambiance.

    Antique Venetian mirrored coffee table

    Antique Venetian mirrored coffee table

    This lavish coffee table reflects all the opulent glamour and sophistication of renaissance Venice. With its curvaceous fluted legs and beveled edged table top, this item will add a rich and luxurious ambiance to any home interior. The contrasting gold trim and mirrored paneling will provide an eye-catching and illuminating sense of space and light in even the smallest of rooms.

    Antique mirrored exterior

    Antique mirrored exterior

    Based on authentic antique designs; this elegant coffee table has all the luxurious features you would expect from extravagant Italian furniture. With a sumptuous marbled, mirrored exterior this table has a visually textured, aesthetic appeal that oozes period style opulence. The mirrored surface area is edged and framed with an ornate, vintage gold finish that adds a simple yet effective detail to this classic coffee table.


    Gold leaf Armchair

    Gold leaf Armchair

    For an added dash of period opulence you can partner your Venetian antique mirrored coffee table with our fabulous Gold leaf library armchair. This sumptuously upholstered armchair features traditional carvings and glistening gold leaf framework that perfectly compliments the tones and shape of the Venetian coffee table. This exquisite combination will provide a chic and sophisticated area for you to curl up and enjoy a nice cup of tea and will create a luxurious social space that will be the envy of any visitors.

    You can find our full range of stately Antique mirrored furniture over on our website or for more extravagant Venetian interior design ideas then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Italian Interiors, where you will find all the inspiration you need to create a belissima interior style.