Colour Trend – Russet

With Autumn well and truly here it’s time to embrace the changing colours of the trees and landscape and bring a splash of cosy and warming interior design into our homes. A sophisticated RUSSET colour scheme will provide a splash of colour with a spicy and sumptuous undertone that will transform any interior into a glamorous autumnal retreat.

A chic blend of brown, red and orange tones, russet is a beautiful colour tone that can be used in both traditional and contemporary homes. Its bold yet muted palette is perfect for use as a feature or accent colour within your chosen interior space.

Colour Scheme

Russet tones work extremely well with other autumnal hues such as taupe, brown, burnt orange, beige and wine for a snug and cosy atmosphere that is perfect for the colder evenings of the coming months. Alternatively you can keep it fresh and bright by combining this rich colour with light cream walls for an illuminating interior finish with a hint of warming colour. For a more classic and traditional look then choose dark and deep colour tones to sit alongside your russet colour scheme such as chocolate brown, black and mahogany.



Russet coloured cushions make a great addition to any living room or bedroom area and are a fantastic way of introducing this stylish colour scheme into your home without any drastic changes to your current decor. This rich colour works particularly well on textured material such as chenille, linen and velvet . Plain and patterned cushions show off the sumptuous tones of russet tones and hues and can be layered with other colours such as beige, burnt orange and brown for a visual and textural finish that will add create a focal point within your interior space.



Bold upholstered seating is bang on trend this Autumn/Winter and what better way to embrace this trend than with a splash of rich russet tones that will create a warm and enveloping area to curl up with a cup of tea. Glamorous chaise lounges, carved occasional chairs and sofas will look amazing with a covering of rich russet material and will create an eye-catching, zoned area of colour within any neutral or bold interior area. Opt for chic and sophisticated fabrics such as satin, velvet or leather and if your love a dash of pattern then choose floral, baroque or simple geometric prints that will compliment the rich tones of the russet fabric.



Keep it Autumnal with your accessories by choosing complimentary colours and finishes that will not overpower this exquisite colour option. Copper, bronze and gold accessories work extremely well in russet home interiors with items such as lanterns, candlesticks and tea light holders providing an illuminating area that is perfect for the darker nights. Burnt orange accessories such as vases, bowls and ornaments will also look great against a russet painted backdrop and can be used to create a focal point on a mantelpiece or alcove area. Last but not least why not create an autumn inspired floral arrangement with orange and red seasonal flowers and dried leaves or pay a nod to seasonal produce and Halloween with a selection of pumpkins and squashes on a sideboard or table.



The versatility of russet colour palettes mean that they can be complimented with a wide range of furniture designs and styles. Warm rustic oak designs will give a cosy, cottage style feel that reflects the changing rural landscape of the Autumn months with items such as dining tables and dressers providing visual texture and practicality. Alternatively rich hardwood such as mahogany and walnut will perfectly compliment the warm tones of the russet backdrop and will provide a sophisticated and classic interior finish. Opt for items such as sideboards, coffee tables and bed frames for a striking centrepiece against a painted or wallpapered feature wall.


For more inspirational russet interiors then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Russet Colour Trend or for furniture ideas that will add a finishing touch to this interior colour trend then check out our extensive Oak and Hardwood furniture collections.

Product of the Week – Mayan Walnut Four Drawer Bookcase

Our Bold and Striking Mayan Walnut Four Drawer Bookcase is a strong and sturdy furniture item that will add a splash of Central American flair to any home interior. Its warm and rich tones will perfectly compliment both traditional rustic and minimal contemporary home designs and can be seamlessly added to bold or neutral interior decors.

Mayan Walnut Four Drawer Bookcase

Mayan Walnut Four Drawer Bookcase

Carved from the finest quality solid walnut that has been harvested from sustainably managed plantations, this item is not only beautiful in appearance but is also environmentally friendly . The deep tones of the walnut features a rich and textural grain that will be sure to create an eye-catching focal point against a plain painted feature wall.

Mayan walnut four drawer bookcase

Mayan walnut four drawer bookcase

With four large and spacious open fronted shelves you will find all the space you could require to display your favourite book collections or can alternatively be used as an easily accessible area to showcase your DVD and CD selections in a centralised and organised area.

The tall and deep nature of the shelving area means that there is also ample space to display your ornaments, photo frames and candles without a look of overcrowding or clutter.

The lower area of this bookcase has four small yet spacious drawers that are finished with sleek metal bar handles for a contemporary addition to this naturally elegant item. Each drawer has been carefully styled to ensure that you will find plentiful space to tuck away any small household items and accessories to allow you to maintain a neat and tidy home interior.

Mayan Walnut twin pedestal computer desk

Mayan Walnut twin pedestal computer desk

This stylish bookcase will look fabulous when partnered with the Mayan Walnut Twin Pedestal Computer Desk and will create a rich and luxurious office area that is sophisticated and welcoming. This opulent desk is large and spacious and has a long table top area for the display of a large computer monitor as well as a selection of stationary or a lamp.

The central slimline drawer has been specifically designed to house your computer keyboard and the right hand cupboard area is sized with the exact dimensions to hold your computer tower where it can be discreetly hidden out of sight.

If you are sick of having piles of paperwork lying around your study then this desk has plenty of storage options for you to utilise. The left hand side of the pedestal desk features a large deep drawer for files and folders and two smaller drawers for your spare pens, notepads and general office bits and bobs, allowing you complete control over the organisation of your work space.

For more matching items for your home interior, head over to the website and take a look at our rich and exquisite Mayan Walnut furniture collection.

How To Create A Mexican Interior

Bright, zesty colours and lively patterns feature heavily in the decor of Mexican home interiors. This bold and fresh finish makes this design a popular choice with those who wish to create a uplifting and feel good atmosphere within their home.

These cheerful interiors are steeped in folklore and tradition and perfectly balance bold and abstract design features with natural and classic materials. From kitchens to bedrooms Mexican interior design will add a splash of energy and fun to your interior space.


Colour Schemes

When it comes to selecting colours for your Mexican interior then there is one simple rule; Go Wild! From bold reds, oranges and yellows to exotic purples, cobalt and turquoise, every colour in every tone and hue can be utilised. These bright and carnival inspired colours can be layer one upon another for a truly eye-catching interior colour palette or can be paired with crisp white walls, neutral backdrops and traditional terracotta floor tiles for a slightly more subtle and manageable look.



Wall Tiles

Instead of the textured and coloured wallpapers that are found across Europe, Mexicans follow the traditions of most Hispanic countries with its use of bold and artistic wall tiles to create a focal point within their home. Talavera tiles are often printed with Spanish colonial patterns while more elaborate designs are hand painted to feature images and characters from Mexican folklore. Much in the same style as the rest of the home, tiles are hand painted in bright and vivid colours and are often used to highlight specific areas such as a sink, a shrine or a bath tub.



Mexican textiles and designs are steeped in history and have been a staple feature of Mexican interiors for more than 7000 years. Throws, blankets, cushions and rugs are usually woven from cotton or wool and feature brightly dyed threads in vibrant hues of yellow, green, blue, orange and red. Textiles often take inspiration from Central America with Aztec and Mayan patterns and Saltillo designs and frequently incorporate images of indigenous people, costumes and imagery from the mythological tales of the local area. Textiles also play an important role in the woven paintings of the Huichol Indians who live in the Sierra Madre region of Mexico and adorn the walls of many homes across the country.




The intricately decorated skulls that are a frequent motif in Mexican interior design are representative of the Day of The Dead or ‘Dia De Los Muertos’. Much as the druid religion celebrates All Hallows Eve, Mexicans use this day to remember loved ones who have passed over into the afterlife.

The skull motif is used prolifically throughout the home in ornamentation, food, decorations and lanterns and the skull itself features floral designs and intricate patterns that can be emphasised using fiesta inspired colours or more neutral palettes that will work fabulously as a wall covering or fabric in more refined, contemporary homes (right).




Mexican interiors embrace a rustic and natural furniture finish that contrasts wonderfully against the bold colours of their interior backdrop. Chunky wood and textural grains are a reflection of Spanish colonial influences along with delicate and intricate wrought iron bed frames, table legs and ornaments that place emphasis on Mediterranean style and femininity. Furniture is designed to be functional and durable and materials are selected for their strength and local availability. Items can be left plain and natural for a hacienda feel or can be painted and decorated for a more vibrant and clashing burst of colour that works particularly well on statement items such as dressers, tables and wardrobes.


For more inspiration on how to create a rich and vibrant Mexican interior then head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Mexican Interiors where you will find an array of ideas that will transform any home into a Hispanic haven of colour and style.

If you are looking for furniture items with a splash of Central American style then look no further than our elegant and rugged Mayan Walnut furniture collection.


Colour Trend – Forest Green

Green is often a colour choice that is overlooked in modern interior design. While lime green remains a popular choice in contemporary home interiors, darker and richer green hues have remained within the walls of period properties and vintage interior settings.

Forest Green tones are making a huge comeback this Autumn. With its opulent and luxurious finish this colour trend can be partnered with both dark and light furnishings to give a regal and refined finish to any room of the home.

Forest green can be partnered with a multitude of colours that provide a sense of natural beauty and sophisticated elegance. Earthen tones such as Hessian, lavender and pewter look wonderful alongside rich dark green tones while antique white, silver and black provide a regency style colour scheme that works particularly well in dining room and living room areas. Due to its deep and dark finish try and keep your forest green colour choice to a single wall or alcove area to maintain a light and airy feel.

Wallpaper is an ideal way of introducing this colour to your interior space as a pattern or print will provide a complimentary variation in colour that will prevent your home feeling dark or enclosed. Baroque and Rococo designs work extremely well in providing an exquisite and expensive finish that is reminiscent of stately homes and palatial interiors. For a more contemporary feel then choose a wallpaper with a metallic print and finish that will create a reflective and illuminating ambiance that is ideal for smaller or more compact home interiors. Silver, gold and bronze inlays will compliment the dark forest tones and will add a glamorous feel to any feature wall.

Upholstery is key in creating a soft and cosy feel in your interior space. Forest green is a versatile colour choice for your interior upholstery that works well in a range of fabric choices. Traditional materials such as velvet and silk will provide an authentic period feel within your home and can be partnered with complimentary colours and patterns for varied texture and visual detail. Yellow, cream, white and silver are perfect partners to your forest green colour choice and can be showcased in your cushions, rugs, bedding and curtains for a rich and luxurious finish.

Using such a strong colour on your walls or upholstery can often be a little daunting, however this does not mean that any dark, or bold colour options should be avoided. Accessories or smaller interior items are a great way of adding colour in strategic or zoned areas that will not overpower the existing interior decor and design. Bar stools, an occasional chair or a carefully positioned lamp or ornament will add a splash of colour to your chosen room and can compliment or contrast your walls and upholstery, depending on your choice of palette. Alternatively why not add accessories of varying green tones from light mint to the darkest fern green for a varied yet complimentary interior finish.

When it comes to choosing furniture to compliment your forest green interior, there are numerous avenues you can explore to find the right feel and finish for your chosen space. If you wish to create a traditional period feel then opt for dark mahogany or walnut finishes that will provide a deep and rich lustre that is cosy and luxurious. For a more natural feel then select items of light or golden oak that will give an alpine forest-like finish. If your home requires a brighter and more uplifting ambiance then why not introduce a selection of cream or white painted furniture that will give a fresh and feminine feel against the deep tones of your chosen decor.


For more inspiration on introducing forest green into your home then check out our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Forest Green Colour Trend or for complimentary furniture items take a look at our oak furniturehardwood furniture or painted furniture collections.




How To Create A Shaker Style Interior

When it comes to creating the perfect Shaker style interior always remember that ‘Less is More’. It is the Shaker belief that every item within the home should be practical and functional not simply just for decoration. ‘Beauty rests on utility’ and whilst Shaker interiors may not be adorned with glamorous accessories, each and every item contained within the home is crafted to an extremely precise, perfected standard.

Whilst the feel of Shaker interiors may be simple and minimal, this allows the beauty of the few designs they feature to shine through. Follow these simple steps to achieve this interior look in your own home and don’t forget these looks can be modernised slightly using varying materials and finishes whilst maintaining the original style and appeal of this period.


Colour Schemes

Shaker  homes are all about neutrality and nature and the internal colours of the home reflected the beauty and simplicity of their surroundings, Walls were almost always plain white or beige with any additions such as furniture or fabric adopting natural orange and brown tones. The only colour that may be used was in quilting and bed throws and this remained simple and sparse in navy, russet and mustard tones that would not stand out too obviously from the backdrop of the home.



Lighting and light fixtures were a necessity that did not require any flamboyant design or eye-catching features. Candle holders would be placed on tables and wall sconces would be placed in the darker areas of the home for an ample supply of light. Sconces and  sticks were made from a basic metal such as tin and were left in a rustic state for a rural country look. While candle lit lighting may not be appealing in modern times you can easily recreate this look using metal framed wall lights and candelabra style ceiling lights but ensure that you avoid an over polished look by choosing matt black, antique or distressed metal finishes that will capture the purity and natural beauty of Shaker interior design.




Shaker fabrics were made from natural sources that were simple to make and simple in appearance. Wool, cotton and linen were the main materials and these would be left in their natural colour state of white and beige for a minimal textural appearance. Colour would be introduced only in quilts and throws which featured uncomplicated shapes and gingham patterns. Denim tones and autumnal hues were used that complimented the simplicity of the decor and furniture. Whilst original Shaker quilts may be a rare and expensive find, reproduction quilts and more colourful prints can now be found in traditional high street stores and will add a splash of visual interest against a neutral interior setting.



Practicality came above style in all aspects of Shaker life and when it came to the home there would be no visual signs of clutter or accessories. Any excess items would be cleverly hidden away in furniture items and wonderfully simplistic Shaker style boxes that could be stacked in a corner or on a cabinet or sideboard for a centralised and neat storage area.  Boxes were an oval design and made using a swallowtail and copper pin construction from natural wood or hide. Opt for natural finishes for a rustic country look or choose more modern painted finishes to add add detail and colour to your interior space.



Function over fashion was the key to successful shaker style furniture so who would have thought that these days Shaker style designs are extremely ‘fashionable’ in modern home interiors. Traditionally carved from cherry and maple woods each item featured simple and practical designs and plain handles with wardrobes, cabinets and chests being popular items due to their vast storage capabilities. In modern homes this look can be recreated using golden oak or walnut finishes and selecting statement furniture items that fit the look and feel of Shaker homes such as simple slat back chairs, oak benches and dressers that will provide the perfect balance of function and beauty within a modern home.


For more ideas on how to create a minimal and naturalistic Shaker interior, head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest -  Shaker Interiors and for a selection of furniture ideas take a look at our extensive Oak and Hardwood furniture collections.

How To Create A Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Holidays and mini breaks have the perfect way of making us feel happy and uplifted and whilst this may have a lot to do with warm weather and historic culture it also has a great deal to do with the atmosphere of our accommodation. If your anything like me, there is nothing more satisfying than waking up in a luxurious and sophisticated setting that oozes classic elegance and style.

You can recreate the glamour and opulence of a boutique hotel bedroom with these simple steps and ideas. Using items that are readily available on the high street you can create a sleek and luxurious sleeping area that will feel like a high class getaway, everyday.


Colour Schemes

Boutique hotels tend to stick to neutral yet tonal colour schemes that can be used alone or with more bolder colour options for a luxurious contemporary feel. Soft beige, pebble grey and mocha tones work really well in creating a sleek yet relaxed setting that is both warm and uplifting in appearance. Monochrome colour schemes also work extremely well in hotel style bedroom areas as they provide a fashionable balance of feminine and masculine tones that give a contrasting yet complimentary feel to the room. Crisp white gives an illuminating backdrop to a bedroom setting however be sure to partner it with bold or earthy colour tones to avoid your bedroom feeling cold or stark.




The bed is the first item we see when we enter a hotel room for the first time and is obviously the most important aspect when it comes to comfort and a good nights sleep. Depending on the look of your hotel style bedroom there are several avenues to explore whe it comes to choosing the right bed. For contemporary chic interiors with an earthy colour palette (right) opt for a leather or Upholstered bed frame in complimentary tones and fabrics. If you prefer a more period interior setting then choose a plain Hardwood Bed frame in a sleigh style design for a grand and eye-catching appeal. For a more glamorous and truly ’boutique’ feel then choose a fabulous French Carved Bed Frame and where possible go all out with a King or Super King sized frame for added visual impact.



Cleverly positioned light fittings and lamps will make a huge impact on small or large bedroom interiors and will provide that recognisable luxury hotel feel within your chosen space. Classic chandeliers look fabulously glamorous in both modern and classic boutique interiors and whilst you may not be able to accommodate one on the same scale as the Beverly Wilshire (left) there are many eye-catching French and Venetian designs available on the high street that will add a splash of period glamour to your bedroom area. Don’t forget to purchase some complimentary bedside lamps for a stylish spot of light bedtime reading .



When it comes to bedroom furniture both home and away, each item should provide a perfect balance of eye-catching style and functional practicality. Wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedsides should compliment your surroundings and provide plentiful storage space for all of your items. Mirrored items, French designs (such as the armoire on the right) and regal style mahogany frames work extremely well in boutique style settings and will create a stunning focal point within your room. Make sure you include a sumptuously stylish dressing table to accentuate the glamour and class of hotel style living.



No hotel room would be complete without a stunning and relaxing choice of seating that is perfect for slipping off your shoes after a long and busy day, or sitting at your dressing table for a much needed pamper session. You can opt for classic armchair designs for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic design. Wood or metal exposed frames look fabulous when partnered with sleek, soft fabrics in neutral tones that will add an opulent feel to your interior space. Occasional chairs look amazing nestled in the corner of your bedroom area and can be a glamorous addition to both bold or minimal colour schemes. French painted bedroom chairs can be purchased in a range of chic and flamboyant colours that will add a splash of boutique opulence to any bedroom area.


For more ideas on how to bring hotel living into your home interiors then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Hotel Living and for an extensive range of luxury bedroom items then check out our fabulous Bedroom Furniture collections.


Product of the Week – Shiro Walnut Console Table

The Shiro Walnut Console Table is sleek and stylish furniture design that provides rich and warming tones as well as illuminating style features that provides the perfect balance of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

Shiro walnut console table

Shiro walnut console table

Crafted from high quality solid walnut using traditional carpentry methods this fabulous console table is not only visually beautiful but extremely strong and hard wearing to ensure that it will remain a permanent feature in your home for many years to come.

Its rich tonal grain and chocolate coloured exterior will look fabulous in traditional and oriental interior designs as well as sleek and minimal modern interiors illustrating its striking versatility and elegance.

Shiro Walnut Console Table - Front

Shiro Walnut Console Table – Front

This sumptuous console table features a unique, curvaceous design that provides a chunky and sturdy appearance combined with its soft and delicate rounded edges that provide a subtle yet eye-catching focal point in any living room dining room or hallway area. The spacious table top area is ideally sized for the display of a lamp, ornament or photo frame and provides a great alternative to large and traditional sideboards.

Shiro Walnut Console Table - Drawers

Shiro Walnut Console Table – Drawers

Featuring two spacious drawers nestled beneath the table top this item will provide plenty of space for your household accessories, paperwork or general bits and bobs to ensure that your interior space remains neat, organised and clutter free. Each drawer features a contemporary chrome bar handle that provides a contrasting yet complimentary finish to the dark wood exterior. This stylish table also includes a simple yet useful floor level shelf that is the ideal space to display a bowl, sculpture or additional accessories for a unique and elegant focal point.

Shiro Walnut Medium open coffee table

Shiro Walnut Medium open coffee table

Why not partner your Shiro console table with our luxurious Shiro Walnut Medium Open Coffee Table for a stylish and co-ordinated living room area. This eye-catchinh coffee table features the same rich exterior and chunky angles as our console table as well as providing a curvaceous waterfall effect table top that is ideally sized for large social families. With plentiful space for all of your cups, mugs and glasses this coffee table will provide a striking centrepiece that is perfect for a family movie night or a social gathering between friends.

The warm golden tones of this rich coffee table will blend seamlessly into both neutral and bold interior decors and provides the perfect balance of modern style features and functional practicality that is needed for everyday living.

For more stylish and sophisticated items that will compliment these tables then you can view our full and extensive Shiro Walnut Collection on our website.

How To Create An Oriental Interior

Oriental Interiors have an elegant simplicity that makes them a simple and easily achievable look in a wide range of homes. Their broad range of colours and sleek and sophisticated finish allow them to be adapted into both traditional and contemporary interior settings.

This stylish interior design trend has swept the high street which means that accessories, wall finishes and furniture are readily available and reasonably priced to ensure that everyone can try their hand at transforming their home into a peaceful oriental retreat.


Colour Schemes

When we first think of Oriental interiors the colours that usually pop into our heads are sleek black, red and white that are a staple colour palette in Chinese design. But there are far more colour combinations that can be used for this trend. Japanese interiors focus on luxurious neutral shades and rich green, jade tones or for an illuminating and more traditional look you could opt for crisp white and blue that reflects the famous willow pattern artwork .



Oriental fabrics can range from basic and natural cotton and linen to rich and luxurious silk that will add a shimmering feel to any interior space. Curtains rugs and cushions look fabulous in a classic oriental pattern and will create a focal point against a plain painted wall, upholstered seat or bed, providing a splash of colour and texture. Bold and feminine Floral patterns are huge in oriental interior design and can be chosen in delicate pastel shades for a soft ambiance or bold hues for a striking visual appearance. Willow patterns, cherry blossom and pergola prints are also popular choices for fabric and upholstery and provide authentic detail and opulence within your chosen interior.



Lanterns are a must have addition to your Oriental interior design as they provide a stunning ambient light as well as beautiful colours and patterns that will cast elegant shadows across your interior space. These delicate paper designs can be purchased on the high street or if you feel crafty then why not try your hand at your own lanterns with a few simple items or a DIY kit. Lanterns can come in simple orb shaped designs as well as more complex shapes such as birds, animals and pergolas that will create an artistic area of light and sculptural detail that looks fabulous in the centre of the room or hanging above a dining  table, bed or coffee table.



Oriental accessories come in a vast range of colours, shapes and sizes that can be easily matched to your chosen interior colour palette. One of the most popular choices is the famous Chinese vase that is almost always blue and white in colour and features traditional Chinese imagery such as dragons and cherry blossom trees. Other oriental vases include rich golds and bold red and black designs or soft floral designs for a more subdued appearance. Popular ornaments include Chinese dragons, delicate Japanese Geisha girls and Buddha figures in ebony, jade and marble finishes.




A stand out feature of Oriental furniture design is its rich and dark tones and simple lines that create a sleek and sophisticated look against both bold and neutral backdrops. Rich walnut. ebony and black painted designs are a popular choice that fit neatly into traditional and contemporary interior spaces. Tables and chairs are a key item within your interior space as well as a striking display cabinet or sideboard and a sumptuous low Japanese style bed that will provide a glamorous yet simple centrepiece in any bedroom area. Combine your dark furniture with light fabrics or patterned upholstery for a contrasting yet complimentary finish.


For all original photography and more Oriental interior inspiration then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Oriental Interiors or for oriental inspired furniture items then check out our sumptuous French black painted furniture and Hardwood furniture collections.



How To Create A Riviera Interior

There are few places more steeped in glamour and riches than the coastal resorts of the French Riviera. From St Tropez to Monaco the fabulous coastlines of the Cote D’Azur provide the perfect inspiration for a stylish interior design. Popular with the rich and famous this area has given birth to the most elegant and stunning interiors from quaint Mediterranean styles to grand and palatial settings.

Riviera interiors are a showcase of sun kissed colours such as cream, terracotta and coffee tones with a distinct Mediterranean influence in terms of style and colour. Natural neo-classical colour palettes with a hint of metallic gold tones are also a popular choice among the period properties in this area. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Pastel tones create a reflection of the crystal blue waters of the beach fronts and harbours and the subtle painted exteriors of the buildings are brought internally in the decor of the home.


Riviera interiors can be split into 3 distinct styles that each have their own specific design and decor. adidas stan smith dziecięce Each style can be used individually or can be blended into hybrid interiors that adopt the best features of each specific style. Whether used separately or as a unique blend of styles, they all come together in creating a diverse and elegant coastal resort that oozes stylish elegance and sophistication.

Neo-Classical interiors


Neo-Classical interiors take influence from Italian interior design and showcase delicate pastel tones of pale grey and blue that provide a fabulous mirroring of the coastal surroundings. nike air max 2016 donna Classic artwork and period light fittings will create a period style ambiance within the chosen room and will perfectly compliment the warm yet subtle colours of the walls and flooring.

Furniture is classic and antique in nature and usually features dark ebony and mahogany with a splash of gilding or metallic handles. Sumptuous and lustrous seating areas are a must have feature and take their look from classic Louis XVI designs. This look provides a classic and refined interior look that is palatial in style and exquisitely flamboyant. air max pas cher You must be careful however not to overdo the ‘bling’ to ensure a more tasteful and less tacky approach.


Contemporary Riviera interiors can be seen as a complete polar opposite of the Neo-Classical interior style. asics scarpe donna Making the most of the stunning views and the coastal location, contemporary homes make use of open space and glass wherever possible and create a minimal interior that uses the outdoor vistas as the artwork for the home. Canotta All Star 2015 Colours are almost always kept white as this perfectly compliments the wall to ceiling glass while furniture is simplistic in style with sleek lines and clean edges. asics scarpe tennis bambino Mirrored furniture, glass tables and low level seating are used as not to distract from the breathtaking views. Accessories are kept to a minimum with only a small selection of lamps or glass vases and ornaments in specific zoned areas of the home.


Mediterranean inspired interiors are far more natural in design and embrace the rustic and countrified charm of the outdoors. nike cortez 90s Colours are kept within a neutral palette with the use of earthen tones of brown and terracotta as a contrast to the crisp white walls, exposed stonework and basic tiled flooring.

Furniture is cosy and practical with statement items such as rustic dressers and large dining tables taking centre stage in the home.

Colour Trend – Mocha

The mere mention of the colour ‘MOCHA’ used to conjur up memories and images of 1970s and 1980s interior decor where the majority of homes embraced muted brown tones and bland beige that did not really inspire any appealing interior fashion sense.

However as we jump forward to 2014 this classic colour is making a huge comeback as a stylish interior colour trend and as we wave goodbye to boring and bland, we say hello to chic and sophisticated. Compra Zapatillas Adidas Baratas Online This rich and warm colour choice can be partnered with soft and bold colour palettes and can provide a charming vintage feel as well as a sleek and contemporary interior look.


Colour Schemes

As with other ‘Earthen’ colour tones, mocha is extremely versatile when it comes to decor and paint selections. It looks fabulous alongside soft vanilla and peach palettes and also looks great against dark chocolate and pebble grey. For a more bold and colourful partnership then orange, cobalt and mustard tones will add a splash of vibrancy against this sumptuously rich colour option.




Mocha fabric looks particularly luxurious against a soft neutral backdrop of rich cream and ivory. Plain cushions can be mixed and matched with patterns and prints as well as adding splashes of complimentary colours like burnt orange (left) to add visual detail and texture to your chosen seating area or bedroom setting. A central rug in this rich brown tone will look wonderful against a plain wooden floor or neutral carpet and can be co-ordinated to your chosen accessories and furnishings.

  • A simple and yet striking way to introduce this colour into your home is by adding a rich pair of mocha curtains that will create a great alternative to a painted feature wall and can be chosen in a modern or vintage design for added detail and style.



    When using an earthy colour tone such as mocha it is key not to over do the neutral colour scheme to avoid your interior looking flat and bland.

  • Air Jordan 11 Uomo
  • This can be avoided by adding zoned areas of contrasting yet complimentary colours that will break up the natural tones of the surroundings. Kopen Nike Air Max 2017 You can add visual detail by adding a selection of vases, bowls, ornaments and frames that create a pop of colour that will diversify the feel of your interior. nike air max pas cher Bold yellow, duck egg blue, red and gold work really well alongside an autumnal mocha backdrop.



    Choosing the correct upholstery for your home can be tricky but the versatility of the mocha colour tone means that it can be slipped seamlessly into a vast range of interior colour palettes and will compliment both classic and contemporary designs. nike air max 1 homme Simplistic sofas can be given a new lease of life with a funky modern mocha pattern or add some rich and sumptuous colour to an occasional chair with a swathe of mocha fabric (left).

  • ROSHE LD-1000 QS
  • This upholstery colour will look wonderful with oak or crisp painted frames as well as rich black and hardwood exteriors that further displays its extensive range of complimentary hues.



    The neutrality and earthy tones of mocha colour tones creates the perfect backdrop for a wide range of furniture styles and finishes. Authentic UGA Jersey For a modern and calming interior space then a scattering of Oak furniture will provide the perfect balance of natural hues whilst a selection of Hardwood items will create a vintage style interior feel with a twist of period luxury.