Colour Trend – Olive Green

Olive Green has long been associated with period style interiors and can be seen in many of the heritage properties and stately homes around the United Kingdom. It is however a colour that has never really made a comeback into the interior colour palettes of modern homes…until now.

This fairly unique colour has made a huge impression on the interior design world this 2014 and can be partnered with a vast range of interior styles and colours to create a chic and sophisticated interior setting that has the perfect balance of modern and traditional styling.


Colour palettes

Olive green works wonderfully with both bold and neutral colour choices. Crisp whites and beige creates a soft and classic appearance with accents of olive creating a rich and muted interior ambiance. For a more colourful interior; grey, purple, navy and black work equally well alongside this particular shade of green and create a chic contemporary style that works particularly well in living room and bedroom settings. You can balance the olive tones of your decor with gold accents and finishing touches for a rich and sumptuous feel that will add to the classic appeal of this versatile colour.





Accessories are always a great way of creating a dash of colour within an interior space. Lamps, vases and ornaments can transform a plain or unnoticeable piece of furniture into an eye-catching focal point within your chosen room. Photo frames, art work and painted mirrors are also a great way of adding a splash of colour into your home and look fantastic on a plain painted or wallpapered feature wall. You can also opt for crisp white accessories that will compliment the olive interior colour palette and create a bright and uplifting atmosphere within your home.





Textiles create a rich and warm atmosphere in any home interior and are a great way of showing off a particular colour or pattern. Cushions can be scattered on chairs, sofas and beds to create zoned areas of olive colour and pattern whilst olive green curtains make a great alternative to a feature wall and will add a visual focal point against a plain painted background area.




Whilst olive green furniture is not readily available in most high street stores you can try your hand at a spot of up-cycling on your current furniture items. Wooden furniture can be easily sanded, primed and painted in your chosen olive tone for a personalised and eye-catching furniture item. Alternatively you could opt for white, black or even gold painted furniture that will compliment the green tones and will look fabulous against a painted feature wall. A striking dresser or display cabinet will make a fabulous stand out furniture item or a eye-catching dining table could transform even the blandest of interiors into a sophisticated and relaxed setting.


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Colour Trend – Gold

With shimmering accessories and glistening wall coverings, the latest gold interior colour trend adds an opulent and rich interior ambiance to a wide range of decors and settings. Glittering metallic interiors are bang on trend this season due to their illuminating and sophisticated appearance.

Gold items have long been used in interior designs from opulent roman palaces to regency style buildings. This fabulous tone is a versatile and elegant colour that transcends the changing times.



A golden feature wall can add a shimmering and eye-catching focal point in any interior space. As a metallic colour tone, it not only provides a central colour palette but also gives a sense of light and reflective space that works well in more compact or dark interior areas. From tiling to wallpaper there are a vast number of ways to introduce this colour into your home. Gold wall finishes look wonderful partnered with cream, white and sand colour tones or can be paired with monochrome designs for a more opulent and lustrous interior finish.





Gold fabric is an ideal way of adding zoned areas of colour to your living room, bedroom or dining room. Cushions create a splash of golden tones across a bed or sofa area and can be selected in plain and patterned prints for a visually appealing interior addition. Curtains, occasional chairs and bedding can also create a glittering focal point in a home and provides a focalised area of colour in an otherwise plain or neutral interior space.




A gold framed mirror will create a bright and illuminating area on a feature wall or above a sideboard or mantelpiece. Gold and mirrored surfaces work well together due to their reflective and glistening properties and can be adopted into both plain and bold interior designs. From sleek and contemporary designer styles to chic and classic baroque designs like our  Gold leaf overmantle mirror you are sure to find a luxurious mirror to suit your home.




Gold accessories are the perfect way of adding this sumptuous colour trend into your home and can be seamlessly added to your current interior decor without the need to redecorate. Lamps are a perfect way of adding a sense of opulent light to your home and will create an eye-catching feature on a lamp table, sideboard or bedside to provide a functional and fabulous space. Vases, bowls, ornaments and photo frames can be used to accentuate a windowsill, table top or dresser and will provide a dash of metallic lustre to any home interior.





Eye catching golden furniture makes a flamboyant and illustrious addition to any home and will create a typically renaissance style feel to any interior space. French gold leaf furniture is a truly eye-catching selection that will add a classically beautiful atmosphere to your home interior. If golden furniture is a little over the top for you then a selection of black painted furniture will add a splash of old school glamour to any space or for a more contemporary and uplifting feel then oak furniture will give a rustic yet complimentary bright interior feel.


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