Product of the Week – French Chateau White Painted Round 4 Seater Dining Table

The feminine and elegant French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table is the perfect addition to any classic period property or contemporary dining area and its circular design makes it perfect for those with smaller home interiors or limited dining space. Its stylish design will transform any home into a chic boutique French villa.

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table

The sumptuous shape of this feminine French table has been recreated from authentic antique designs and features fluted curvaceous legs that are a key feature of French Renaissance design. Its spacious circular table top is perfectly sized to seat up to 4 dinner guests, making it perfect for average sized families and couples alike. Its dainty design means that it will not take up too much space within its chosen surroundings yet still provides a visual centrepiece within your dining room area.

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table - Close up detail

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table – Close up detail

This stunning table is carved with delicate floral details that are characteristic of classic French furniture design and add a subtle yet glamorous detail to this beautiful furniture item. Carved from high quality solid mahogany this table is hard wearing and sturdy and will be sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday family use. Enveloped in a soft antique white paint finish this stylish design will provide a bright and illuminating ambiance in even the darkest of home interiors, creating a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.


French Chateau white painted dining chair - linen

French Chateau white painted dining chair – linen

This table will look fabulous when partnered with the French Chateau white painted dining chair – linen. These rich and classy chairs are the embodiment of French period style and elegance and are a perfect match to the exquisite design and style of the French château round dining table. The chair frame features fluted legs and a tall, rounded chair back that provides plentiful support while enjoying your dining experience. The delicate cravings and motifs are lustrously accentuated by the soft and sumptuous white paint finish that wraps itself around each exposed wood area.

This chair features an opulently padded backrest and seat pad for added comfort and relaxation making it perfect for those who love to sit around the dining table and socialise with family and friends. The chair pads are upholstered in a cosy yet fresh, pale grey linen that perfectly compliments the illuminating paint work and works wonderfully in creating a traditional Neo-classical French Interior.

For more complimentary items for your French inspired home you will find our extensive French Chateau white painted furniture collection over on our website.



Colour Trend – Raspberry

For me no colour quite captures the rich and sumptuous feel of the summer months like elegant and stylish RASPBERRY. This bold yet soft colour choice works equally well in modern and traditional home interiors making it one of this seasons most versatile and popular interior colour choices

When combined with fresh tones and accessories this hue will add a great ‘pop’ of colour to a neutral space and provides that year long feeling of summer that will transform even the gloomiest of winter months into an uplifting and relaxing period.


Colour Palette

The soft and dusky tones of raspberry work extremely well with light and fresh tones as well as rich and glamorous dark interior palettes. Raspberry and white are a classic colour combination that provide a light and airy feel within the home. Alongside pale blue, red and mint green it creates a perfect tonal base for the latest shabby chic style interiors. For a more dramatic look you can partner your chosen raspberry tone with black, monochrome or grey interior palettes for a rich and eye-catching splash of contemporary interior style.



A fresh scattering of raspberry coloured cushions will create an uplifting visual focal point against both dark and light upholstered seating. Bold patterns, traditional florals and plain silk, chenille and cotton look wonderful in this colour tone and can be mixed and matched to create a textural and visual appeal within your interior space. This classy colour will compliment a wide range of interior styles and can be easily introduced into your current interior decor for small but significant colour change,



Accessories create a finishing touch in any room of the home and turn even the most naked of interiors into a practical and visually exciting space. Raspberry coloured items create a pop of colour that will add a vibrant yet soft focused feel to any interior backdrop or furniture style. A rich raspberry vase, ornament or candle can add a splash of style to a plain painted or oak furniture item and mantelpiece whilst bold and colourful kitchen utensils have become hugely popular on the high street this season with crockery, toasters, mixers and kettles becoming a must have addition to any modern day kitchen.



Rugs make a fabulous alternative to a painted or wallpapered feature wall and are a great way of livening up a neutral carpet or wooden floor. This eye-catching zone of colour looks wonderful in the centre of a room or beneath a coffee table or dining table to create a focal point within your interior space. Plain rugs are the perfect way to compliment a patterned wallpaper or upholstery selection whilst a bold pattern design will take centre stage in a neutral or minimal interior space and provide a great way of concentrating colour to a specific area of your home.



Raspberry painted furniture can look fabulous in a minimal white interior or as a statement item in a glamorous bedroom or dressing room however for some bold coloured furniture can be a little overwhelming. Instead you can opt for more everyday furniture colours that will compliment this sumptuous colour palette. Black painted furniture will add a sense of opulence and flamboyance to a classically styled interior whilst an elegant and airy set of white painted items will lift the mood of even the smallest interiors and will provide a complimentary setting for a relaxed and serene home ambiance.



For more ideas on introducing raspberry colour tones into your home then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Raspberry Colour Trend or for more black and white painted furniture items then check out our luxurious French Chateau White and French Moulin Noir Black furniture collections.


How To Create A Focal Point In Your Interior

Modern day homes can often appear disjointed and cluttered due to the unavoidable items that grace our homes such as media devices, accessories, heaters and general bits and bobs. With the need for extra storage space and display units, our home interiors have lost that traditional sense of organisation that created a centralised and stylish space in which to relax.

The focal point of your interior should be the first thing that draws your eye as you enter a room, it can be created using colour, furniture, accessories or a simple change of layout and can transform even the most blank of canvases into a sleek and sophisticated interior design.


Wall Art

Wall art and Wallpaper are a great way of creating a focal point in a neutral interior space and work particularly well in plain interiors that lack a chimney breast or natural focal point. Opt for a bold patterned wallpaper with colour and depth or for a more subtle yet still eye-catching finish opt for neutral palettes with a hint of metallic pattern or finish. Wall art can be used to draw the eye to a plain painted wall or can seamlessly highlight a sofa or sideboard area. Large and contemporary images work great in minimal homes whilst traditional portraits and landscapes can also create a soft and refined focal point in more classic interior styles.



The fireplace has long been used as the focal point in the living room area as it provides a centralised and visually appealing area that can dictate the layout and seating arrangements of a room. A large mantelpiece creates an eye-catching centre piece that can be further emphasised using a vase, ornaments of photo frames for added detail and visual effect. Modern electric fires can work equally well, with wall mounted designs being used to compliment a wallpapered or painted chimney breast wall. This creates a zoned area of detail and colour that provides functional practicality as well as elegant interior style.




Lighting is a fabulous way of creating a centrepiece within your chosen room and is the ideal way of creating a focal point in smaller or more awkward interior spaces. A large, single drop light works extremely well in creating a central area of detail and light that can be used to draw attention to an item below, such as a dining table, bed or seating area. Large French or Italian chandeliers look great in classic or contemporary home interiors whilst modern sculptural designs will add a visual artwork that makes a great alternative to a ornament or picture. Opt for bold coloured styles or elegant crystal designs to co-ordinate your lighting choice to your interior style and palette.



They may not be the most beautiful items in the world but our TVs have become to social point of our home with many an evening spent catching up on our favourites TV series and films. Creating a more visually delightful setting for these often ugly devices can be tricky, but with all eyes and furniture drawn towards your TV it becomes a necessary focal point that requires a balance of style and elegance. Opt for a grand and eye-catching TV cabinet that will provide a complimentary focal point but will also hide a multitude of wires and clutter. Alternatively you can create a wall mounted focal point by incorporating your TV as a piece of wall art on a centralised wall or chimney breast.



Furniture can create a natural focal point in an interior depending on its size, colour and impact on its internal space. Sideboards, console tables and display cabinets create a visual focal point that once again will draw the eye to a particular wall or chimney breast and can be adorned with complimentary items that add to the overall visual finish. Focal points do not have to be against a wall however, a grand and eye-catching dining table, coffee table or bed can draw the eye to the centre of the room with your seating, decor and smaller items orbiting the centrepiece of your interior space.


For more inspirational ideas that will create a focal point within your home, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Focal Points


How To Create A Spanish Style Interior

Rustic charm and colonial sophistication go hand in hand in creating a rich and sumptuous Spanish style interior. A balance of vibrant colours and natural materials create a warm and welcoming setting that is typical of Mediterranean homes.

Follow these simple steps to create a Hacienda interior that will add a fresh and summery feel to any room of the home and will provide a relaxed space to sit back and enjoy an afternoon siesta.


Colour Palette

Spanish interiors use a variety of tones and hues to create a traditional Mediterranean feel that is both calm and bold. Neutral wall and floors are teamed with brightly coloured accessories and upholstery for a burst of uplifting colour. Opt for beige, terracotta and crisp white for your backdrop and add rich tones such as vivid orange, fuchsia pink and blue to create a warm and sumptuous diversity of colour. Don’t be afraid to combine rustic tones with more modern colour palettes as this will simply highlight the beauty and flexibility of Spanish interior design.




When choosing your decor for your walls you have a choice of opting for traditional neutral or colonial colour. Traditional Spanish homes often choose to leave a bare stone wall or a textured ‘stocco’ look that embraces the earthy nature of Mediterranean style. Whilst you may not feel like hacking off your fresh plastered walls you can recreate the look of ‘stocco’ walls using a textured wallpaper or paint to give a rough plastered look. If your prefer a burst of colour in your interior then why not opt for a selection of Spanish tiles that will look particularly good in a bathroom, hallway or kitchen area.




Typical Spanish homes will feature extensive amounts of Terracotta flooring that will stretch throughout every room of the home. Its rich yet neutral tones create a perfect base for a bold and colourful rug or as an alternative design can be inlaid with Spanish tiles for a splash of colour. Whilst Terracotta tiles may be a little expensive you can achieve a similar look using laminate floor tiles, click lock flooring or even use a warm hardwood floor such as walnut to create the same rich colour palette.





The majority of accessories in a Spanish home are bold and eye-catching and make a complimentary contrast to the neutrality of their surroundings. Fabulous jewelled vases, bowls and trinket boxes are featured heavily in Spanish interiors whilst cushions and rugs feature traditional colonial prints and patterns. For an alternative to traditional wall art why not purchase a fabulous Spanish fan and attach it to your wall above a fire place, bed or sideboard for a textural as well as colourful visual appeal.




Spanish colonial furniture is a must have in recreating this sumptuous interior look. Rich mahogany, walnut and dark oak look amazing against a neutral of colourful backdrop. Opt for chunky or carved designs that are typical of the design with features such as carved drawer fronts, antique style handles and plinth topped tables. If you are looking to purchase a single statement item then choose a large and rustic dining table or a spacious display cabinet where you can display an array of Spanish crockery, ornaments or trinkets for an eye-catching focal point to your room.



For more sumptuous Spanish inspired interiors then check out our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Spanish Interiors and for some Spanish style furniture ideas then head over to our website where you will find an extensive collection of Hardwood Furniture.




How To Create A Romantic Interior

Everyone loves a splash of romance in their lives. Whether its a box of chocolates, a bunch of roses or a candlelit dinner for two, sometimes all we want is to get swept away in the moment. Why not make that moment permanent with a soft and delicate romantic interior that will transform even the blandest of homes into a fairytale retreat.



It would be impossible to create a romantic interior without a splash of floral. Roses are a must have addition to your interior space as their delicate and feminine touch will create a soft and serene ambiance within your home. Opt for fresh or artificial bunches of flowers for your tables or bedsides or pick floral print designs for your bedding, cushions or artwork for a romantic focal point that adds a splash of colour to a neutral colour palette.





When choosing your lighting for your romantic interior think of grand ballrooms and fairytale castles for a dash of inspiration. Opulent chandeliers make the perfect centrepiece in a bedroom or living room and look especially dazzling positioned directly above your dining table for those romantic evening meals. Clear crystals work wonderfully in a wide range of interior decors whilst coloured designs work best in a minimal setting so they can take centrestage within your room.



Dim down the lights and light some candles for a truly romantic interior ambiance. Scented candles will create a fabulous atmosphere within your home and come in a wide range of colours and jars that can be incorporated into your interior design scheme. For me Candelabras are a key piece in created a romantic feel within your home and can make a great alternative to a lamp. Opt for simple silver and whites designs for a soft and delicate feel that embraces the rich and luxurious feel of period interiors. Place your candelabra on a mantelpiece, side table or in the centre of your dining table for a truly serene and romantic feel.



Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all? Ever since I first read the tale of Snow White I have had a love for all things mirrored. A grand and luxurious mirror can take pride of place above a mantelpiece or hallway and provides a place to admire yourself in your bedroom or dressing room. Their light and bright exterior will create the illusion of space in even the smallest of homes. For a truly romantic feel, choose designs that are intricate and feminine and choose white, silver or shabby chic paint effects for a muted yet opulent feel or opt for shimmering gold for a rich palatial ambiance.



Fabric and drapery are the perfect way to add a luxurious and romantic feel to your interior setting. Curtains should feature heavy swags and excessive pools of fabric that create a rich and opulent feel to your home. Nets and voiles can be draped from ceilings or bed frames to create delicate canopies of fabric that will provide a sleeping space that is filled with romance and femininity. Keep your colour choice light and bright to counteract the excess use of fabric. White, silver, gold and pink look great on their own or together for a light and appealing visual look.



When it comes to selecting key furniture items for your interior design, there is nothing more romantic than an elegant and opulent bed frame like our French chateau white carved four poster bed. With its feminine carvings and intricate twisted posts this bed will create a soft and romantic setting that is perfect for creating your very own fairytale bedroom. Its large and eye-catching design will take centrestage in your bedroom area and is ideal for creating that must have fabric canopy around your bed.


For more inspiring and romantic interior designs and accessories head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Romantic Interiors or for matching items to compliment our four poster bed then take a look at our extensive French Chateau white painted furniture collection.



Colour Trend – Olive Green

Olive Green has long been associated with period style interiors and can be seen in many of the heritage properties and stately homes around the United Kingdom. It is however a colour that has never really made a comeback into the interior colour palettes of modern homes…until now.

This fairly unique colour has made a huge impression on the interior design world this 2014 and can be partnered with a vast range of interior styles and colours to create a chic and sophisticated interior setting that has the perfect balance of modern and traditional styling.


Colour palettes

Olive green works wonderfully with both bold and neutral colour choices. Crisp whites and beige creates a soft and classic appearance with accents of olive creating a rich and muted interior ambiance. For a more colourful interior; grey, purple, navy and black work equally well alongside this particular shade of green and create a chic contemporary style that works particularly well in living room and bedroom settings. You can balance the olive tones of your decor with gold accents and finishing touches for a rich and sumptuous feel that will add to the classic appeal of this versatile colour.





Accessories are always a great way of creating a dash of colour within an interior space. Lamps, vases and ornaments can transform a plain or unnoticeable piece of furniture into an eye-catching focal point within your chosen room. Photo frames, art work and painted mirrors are also a great way of adding a splash of colour into your home and look fantastic on a plain painted or wallpapered feature wall. You can also opt for crisp white accessories that will compliment the olive interior colour palette and create a bright and uplifting atmosphere within your home.





Textiles create a rich and warm atmosphere in any home interior and are a great way of showing off a particular colour or pattern. Cushions can be scattered on chairs, sofas and beds to create zoned areas of olive colour and pattern whilst olive green curtains make a great alternative to a feature wall and will add a visual focal point against a plain painted background area.




Whilst olive green furniture is not readily available in most high street stores you can try your hand at a spot of up-cycling on your current furniture items. Wooden furniture can be easily sanded, primed and painted in your chosen olive tone for a personalised and eye-catching furniture item. Alternatively you could opt for white, black or even gold painted furniture that will compliment the green tones and will look fabulous against a painted feature wall. A striking dresser or display cabinet will make a fabulous stand out furniture item or a eye-catching dining table could transform even the blandest of interiors into a sophisticated and relaxed setting.


For more Olive green interior ideas take a look at our latest Pinterest page - Pinterest – Olive Colour Trend and reinvent this classic colour in your contemporary home.

For a wide range of sumptuous painted furniture items that will compliment your olive green interior then head over to a website and browse our extensive Painted Furniture Collections







How To Create A Gothic Style Interior

Gothic interiors do not all have to be about vampires, cobwebs and witches cauldrons. Over the past few seasons Gothic interiors have grown in popularity with the rise of popular media adaptions of some of our beloved classic horror characters and medieval dramas.

Contemporary Gothic interiors strike a balance between traditional period style features and fun and quirky designs that create a rich and mysterious ambiance within your home and provide a sense of classic glamour to any interior space.


Colour Palettes

Only one colour springs to mind when we hear the words ‘Gothic’…BLACK. But black interiors do not have to be forlorn and dowdy spaces, they can in fact create a cosy and glamorous area in which to relax. When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your Gothic home then partner your black and grey tones with red, purple or silver hues for a complimentary splash of colour that will add visual detailing to an otherwise plain interior.




Creating a seating area that is both fashionable and functional can often be a daunting prospect. Gothic sofas, however, have a rich and textural appeal that is complimented by ornate and intricate carvings and rich and sumptuous upholstery. This creates a centrepiece in your living area that is relaxing and opulent. Opt for classic black, silver leaf, or rich red upholstery for a chic and lavish interior feel.



For me, mirrors are a must have item in any home interior and they work particularly well at adding a sense of reflective space in dark Gothic style interiors. For a classic Gothic charm, opt for ornate carved designs in silvers or black; Baroque style mirrors work particularly well in this setting as they are both opulent and versatile in their design. For a more quirky and eye-catching focal point you can select more unique carved designs such as mythical characters, cross shapes or looking glass designs (left) to create a wow factor on a feature wall.





When it comes to selecting accessories for your Gothic style interior there are a multitude of styles and designs that will compliment the rich and dark ambiance of your chosen colour scheme. Intricate metal and medieval designs work well as they provide a classic and timeless style that suits both modern and traditional homes. Bird cages, lanterns and goblets provide a visual feature within your interior or for a more fun and quirky Gothic style space, why not add some skulls or gargoyles for a splash of the macabre.




Gothic style furniture should make a huge statement in your chosen home interior, creating a focal point within your home as well as providing the practical aspects required for everyday modern life. This French noir heavily carved bed (left) is a flamboyant and ornate design that fits perfectly into the dark glamour of Gothic style interior design. Dining tables, sideboards and wardrobes are also a wonderful way of creating a rich and opulent focal point within your home interior.


For more Gothic interior inspiration, head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Gothic interiors and to feast you eyes on the rest of our amazing black painted furniture take a look at our website French Moulin noir black furniture.




Colour Trend – White

Many of us associate white interiors with a sparse and cold ambiance when in fact this wonderful colour is both versatile and elegant and can be partnered with a vast variety of classic and contemporary interior styles and accent tones.

White is a crisp and fresh colour tone that works great in a vast range of colour palettes and can be combined with muted natural hues as well as vivid and eye-catching colours to create a fun and funky contemporary interior style.


A classically refined way to add white to your home is to create a sophisticated monochrome interior that is fresh and bright and will create a light and airy ambiance in even the smallest of rooms. Grey and pebble tones also work well with white interior tones. A white rug will add texture and visual appeal to a wooden floor or darker carpet area and will create a soft and sumptuous focal point in your room.



White cushions are also a great way of adding this light and illuminating colour to your current home interior and will add a fresh and uplifting feel to a dark or light sofa or bed. Textural cushions such as feathers, crochet and patterns will add a visual detail to your chosen cushion as plain white designs can often blend into the background a little too much if placed against a similarly neutral backdrops.

The same rules apply when choosing accessories for your white interior colour scheme. White vases, ornaments, photo frames and glassware give a glisteningly sharp interior finish but can often be lost against a white painted wall or furniture item. Try and opt for textured designs such as carved items or marbled effect glass or try adding a colourful accessory against a white feature wall or painted table top for a splash of visual interest.

Seating areas are one of the most important areas of a living room or bedroom area as they provide a practical and elegant space to sit and relax. White painted items and crisply upholstered seating provides an illuminating and tranquil space within your home interior. Occasional chairs like the French chateau white painted carved armchair look wonderful in a traditional and classically styled interior and create a spacious and open feel to a compact room or awkward home design.

White painted furniture like our French chateau white painted dressing table set has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to to its bright and versatile exterior finish that can be adopted into a wide range of home interiors. Opulent french designs and vintage, shabby chic styles can be added to both bold and neutral interior colour palettes and provide a feminine and peaceful space in which to relax. From dining tables to sumptuously carved bed frames, white furniture is sure to create a stunning and illuminating centrepiece in any home interior.

For more white interior inspiration and more original images, take a look at our latest colour trend Pinterest Board - Pinterest – White colour trend or head over to our website to browse our white painted furniture collections.



How To Create A Rococo Style Interior

Opulent sculptures, glimmering golds and silvers and rich and opulent colour schemes are well recognised features of classic Rococo interiors. Their sumptuous designs and luxurious ambiance provide a sense of exquisite glamour in any interior setting.

Pastel tones are hot on trend this season and play a major role in the palettes of the late Baroque period whilst the French love of precious metals emphasises the versatility and flamboyance of the metallic trends that have made their way from the catwalk into our homes. You can follow these simple and easy steps to create an authentic Rococo interior that is befitting of any French palace.


Bold statement wallpapers are an ever present feature in Rococo style interiors. And can be seen in almost every room in the Palace of Versailles. Large baroque prints and floral designs are partnered with opulent gold, silver and black colour trends and can also be found in uplifting blue, pink and pastel tones for a more demure interior feel. With the revival of these sumptuous French interior designs, these wallpapers have become widely available on the high street and make a fabulously eye-catching feature wall in any bedroom, living room or dining room area.




Lighting plays a huge role in Rococo style interior designs and often takes centrestage in a room arrangement or grand entrance hall. Traditional and opulent chandeliers are hung from centrally visible ceiling spaces and look fabulous in a living room, bedroom or hanging directly above a luxurious dining table, providing a talking point in any dinner party. As an alternative to traditional table lamps, Rococo interiors contain numerous designs of candelabra as a functionable and stylish interior accessory. From classic gold and silver designs to crystal and glass styles they make a wonderful feature in a table, window or side table.


Late Baroque interiors certainly do not shy away from accessories and embellishments. homes were filled with ornaments, sculptures, candlesticks and pottery creating a busy yet not overcrowded interior feel. Classical style busts and sculptured were a prominent feature in Rococo style homes and were often carved in the appearance of historical figures, images from mythology or even the owners of the properties themselves. Simple crisp marble and plaster designs worked well in lighter and brighter interior colour palettes whist gold and bronze statues sit perfectly in bold and glamorous interior settings.



Rococo interiors went hand in hand with the the excessive and palatial lifestyle that was evident during the late baroque period. With many rich french citizens choosing to spend their days eating, drinking and relaxing; flamboyant seating became a must have item in any fashionable french interior. Luxurious occasional chairs and lavish chaise lounges took pride of place in a sitting room or bedroom and created the perfect space for perusing a book or taking an afternoon nap



Surprise surprise… as with all other aspects of Rococo style interiors; more really is more! Furniture designs featured extravagant and ornate carvings as well as bold painted or metallic covered solid wood designs that would create an awe inspiring splash of luxury in any interior space. Gold leaf furniture such as this French gold leaf console table with mirror will create an authentic Baroque style that will transform any home into a miniature Parisian palace. If you are lucky enough to own or find an authentic Rococo furniture item, you can try your hand and some furniture restoration and bring your home to life with a splash of colour or classic paint effects that will add a sense of opulence to your home interior.

For all original photography and Rococo interior ideas, check out our latest pinterest board - Pinterest – Rococo interiors and for more inspirational Baroque style furniture take a browse through our luxurious French furniture collections.




How To Create A Japanese inspired Interior

If your a fan of natural materials, open floor plans and minimal designs then you are sure to fall for the elegant styling of Japanese style interiors.

As with most Eastern interior design Japanese homes feature a perfect simplicity of clean lines, muted tones and serenity that will create an area of calm and contentment within your home.

Serene Sleeping

As with all other rooms of the home, a Japanese bedroom is designed to be an area of zen and tranquility where you can escape from the stresses of the outside world. Nature inspired colour palettes, simple low beds and exposed wood, room screens come together with elegant, natural fabrics to create a soft and inviting area to peacefully drift off to sleep.


Family Dining

Japanese people have a strong sense of family and unity, with the majority of meals eaten together as a family (no TV dinners!). Typical Japanese dining rooms are minimal in style with a simple yet practical dining table taking center stage in the room. Japanese dining tables are low to the ground but large in size to accommodate even the largest of families whilst the floor level seating is sumptuously cushioned to create a laid back ambiance that is both stylish and comfortable.


Bringing The Outside Inside

Traditional Japanese homes will feature a courtyard, atrium or indoor garden allowing the beauty of nature and the outdoors to be appreciated at all times. Miniature ponds, rockeries and bonsai trees serve to create a fresh and green backdrop that creates a living piece of artwork that adds to the spiritual nature of Japanese homes. If you are looking to recreate this look in your own home, begin with a miniature atrium or a singular bonsai tree for a simple and inexpensive hint of Japanese style.




Cherry Blossom

One of the most recognisable features of Japanese interior design is the delicate and beautiful imagery of the cherry blossom. This stunning image appears in variety of ways in Japanese interiors with dainty cherry blossom bonsai tress, cherry blossom printed fabrics and wall coverings. If you are a fan of florals then this elegant design looks great as a feature wallpaper or bedding design or for a more simple dash of pattern opt for small cushions, a miniature tree or even some cherry blossom pottery for a splash of feminine softness.




When it comes to furnishing a Japanese inspired interior, natural woods and traditional designs add an authentic style that creates warmth and cosiness against the typically minimal decor. Warm walnut, mahogany and ebony are crafted with simple yet eye-catching carvings and handles for a culturally recognisable furniture design. If you are opting for one specific piece of Japanese furniture then the Japanese step chest or ‘Tansu cabinet’ is sure to add an authentic and functional focal point to your home interior.


For more Japanese interior inspiration and all original images head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Japanese Interiors.