Product of the Week – French Chateau White Painted Round 4 Seater Dining Table

The feminine and elegant French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table is the perfect addition to any classic period property or contemporary dining area and its circular design makes it perfect for those with smaller home interiors or limited dining space. Its stylish design will transform any home into a chic boutique French villa.

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table

The sumptuous shape of this feminine French table has been recreated from authentic antique designs and features fluted curvaceous legs that are a key feature of French Renaissance design. Its spacious circular table top is perfectly sized to seat up to 4 dinner guests, making it perfect for average sized families and couples alike. Its dainty design means that it will not take up too much space within its chosen surroundings yet still provides a visual centrepiece within your dining room area.

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table - Close up detail

French Chateau white painted round 4 seater dining table – Close up detail

This stunning table is carved with delicate floral details that are characteristic of classic French furniture design and add a subtle yet glamorous detail to this beautiful furniture item. Carved from high quality solid mahogany this table is hard wearing and sturdy and will be sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday family use. Enveloped in a soft antique white paint finish this stylish design will provide a bright and illuminating ambiance in even the darkest of home interiors, creating a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.


French Chateau white painted dining chair - linen

French Chateau white painted dining chair – linen

This table will look fabulous when partnered with the French Chateau white painted dining chair – linen. These rich and classy chairs are the embodiment of French period style and elegance and are a perfect match to the exquisite design and style of the French château round dining table. The chair frame features fluted legs and a tall, rounded chair back that provides plentiful support while enjoying your dining experience. The delicate cravings and motifs are lustrously accentuated by the soft and sumptuous white paint finish that wraps itself around each exposed wood area.

This chair features an opulently padded backrest and seat pad for added comfort and relaxation making it perfect for those who love to sit around the dining table and socialise with family and friends. The chair pads are upholstered in a cosy yet fresh, pale grey linen that perfectly compliments the illuminating paint work and works wonderfully in creating a traditional Neo-classical French Interior.

For more complimentary items for your French inspired home you will find our extensive French Chateau white painted furniture collection over on our website.



5 Ways To Create The Perfect Conservatory

With more and more of us yearning for a little bit of extra space within our homes, conservatories and orangeries have become popular choices in both small terraced and grand detached homes. Conservatories provide you with an extra room to expand your living space and are a great way of adding more space and light into your home interior.

Their wall to ceiling glass finish will create a bright and uplifting ambiance and allows you to bring a sense of the outdoors – indoors on even the coldest of winter days. With these 5 simple and easy techniques, you can create a chic and sophisticated conservatory area that will be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the gorgeous garden scenery.


Uplifting colour schemes.

When choosing a colour scheme for your conservatory area it is important to choose colours that will compliment the light and airy design and will provide a balance of the outdoor space and natural colours. Opt for soft and subtle pastel tones for a feminine and delicate feel and partner them with rich coffee and chocolate tones for a warm and cosy feel. Alternatively why not inject some zest and colour to your plain white conservatory with some fabulous lime green and mint tones that reflects the scenery of your your garden landscape. For a more chic and contemporary feel; monochrome is a simple yet eye-catching colour combination that will add a splash of boutique style chic to your conservatory area.



If you wish to use your conservatory as an extension of your living room area or as a cosy snug away from the hustle and bustle of the house then you need to ensure that your seating options provide a stylish and functional partnership. Traditional wicker furniture is still extremely popular in conservatory settings or you can opt for a more modern take on this classic look by using some sumptuous rattan designs with matching coffee tables and footstools. Feeling lavish? Why not treat yourself to a fabulous day bed where you can curl up with your favourite book and take in the beauty of the surrounding outdoor scenery.


Dining Sets

Larger families or those who love to throw a good dinner party may wish to use their conservatory as an alternative to a traditional dining room area. The light space and beautiful exterior views make them the perfect choice for parties and romantic meals. To make the most of your space choose a table that suits the shape of your conservatory design. A rectangular table will suit longer orangery style conservatories while a small round bistro style table will compliment more circular and angular room designs. Opt for light oak or white painted items for a fresh and illuminating centrepiece or for a more dramatic and contemporary feel then choose a chic black painted dining set that will create a bold focal point in the centre of the conservatory area.



While conservatories are there in order to enjoy the outside space there is nothing worse than having the sun blaring in your eyes as you try to read your morning newspaper. A stylish selection of conservatory blinds will create a function shade within your room and are also a great way of adding colour and pattern to your interior space. Venetian blinds are a simple and sleek style that can be adjusted to allow the perfect amount of light to enter the room and do not encroach upon the open nature of the conservatory walls. Roller blinds will create fabulous blocks of colour and pattern that can be coordinated with your upholstery, cushions, rugs and accessories to create a complimentary interior decor and style.



Accessorising your conservatory area should be a celebration of the outdoors natural beauty. A selection of house plants will compliment the view of the garden area and will create a botanical feel that is calm and tranquil. Lanterns and candles will provide a soft and subtle lighting feature and look wonderful placed along the internal windowsills and tables for a scattering of glowing illumination. When selecting cushions, throws and rugs opt for classic colour combinations that compliment the furniture and interior colour scheme with a splash of pattern to break up the neutral backdrop of the walls and floor.

For more ideas on how to create the perfect conservatory area then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Conservatories.


5 Ways To Make The Most Of Smaller Interior Spaces

We all like to make the most of the space within our home interiors but with all the gadgets, gizmos and clutter that comes with modern day living it is often difficult to create a bright and spacious atmosphere in the smaller rooms of our home.

While furnishing a small room can at first seem a little daunting, with these 5 simple techniques and ideas you can create a stylish and sophisticated interior that utilises ever space inch of space to provide you with a functional home environment.


Keep It Light

When choosing a colour palette for your smaller home interiors always select colours that will give the illusion of space and light. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen Avoid dark colour tones as these will give an enclosed feel and will draw your eye to the compact dimensions of the walls and floor. Opt for crisp white, cream and pale earthen tones and ensure that your flooring or carpet is also a light and plain colour hue that will compliment the overall sleek appearance.

  • Where possible use a simple blind on your windows or patio doors to allow the light to reflect onto the pale decor to give a bright and open ambiance.


    Secret Storage

    There is nothing worse than clutter to make a room seem small and uninviting. The key to creating a sleek and open feel within a compact home interior is to utilise as much storage as possible without encroaching upon your already limited floor space. Choose hidden storage and fitted items that will blend seamlessly into the background of the room and will allow you to hide any essential items when they are not in use. Under stairs storage is great for shoes, Hoovers and coats while under bed storage is ideal for foldable clothing items and accessories. Scarpe Nike Air Max For even more ingenious designs why not create a desk or office area in a fitted wardrobe or alcove for a perfectly sized yet disguised working area.


    Magic Mirrors

    Mirrors are always a great way of creating a fresh and light feel in any interior area. Vancouver Grizzlies The use of a large mirror on a feature wall can almost double the appearance of space within the room and can cleverly give the impression of having an additional window within your home. air max pas cher The ideal position for a mirror can be horizontally above a sofa, bed or sideboard or a full length mirror on a plain painted wall. Mirrored fitted wardrobe doors will reflect the neutral colours of the wall and will give an illusion of extended wall space that is illuminating and practical.



    Seating and Sleeping

    When it comes to furnishing a small studio apartment or a guest bedroom it is often difficult to find a balance between living space and sleeping space. Air Jordan 9 Sofa beds are the ideal solution to compact interior design as they can be comfortably folded away or positioned as a seating area during the day and then unfolded and re-arranged as a comfortable and space saving bed for the evening. air max 2017 dames These beds are extremely practical for teenager’s bedrooms as it provides a spacious sleeping area as well as a comfy seating space to kick back and play computer games.


    Functional Furniture

    Finding the right furniture for a small home interior can be quite a challenge.

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames
  • Opt for lighter colour woods such as pale oak or beech or select crisp painted cream or white designs for an illuminating and reflective finish. Air Max 2017 Dames wit With limited floor space it is impossible to fit in larger furniture items or a furniture set and arrangement that would completely overcrowd the room. Selecting a few small and cleverly designed items will allow you to create a comfortable and welcoming space that does not lack the practical elements needed for a modern home. air max homme pas cher When looking for TV units, side tables and display units opt for items that will fit into the corner of the room of fit snugly into an alcove or recess area.

    5 Space Saving Interior Ideas

    With all the necessary items we need to survive in our homes these days, its no surprise that many of us are struggling to find the space we need to accommodate all our furniture, storage and gadgets. Space saving furniture has made a huge impact on the interior design world over the past year with many well known designer names adapting a number of their designs to suit smaller or overcrowded interior areas.

    From multifunctional beds to classic corner units, we have compiled a list of the best space saving items and designs that will create a fashionable floor space that does not overpower your entire interior.


    1. Beds

    Sofa beds have come a long way since the typical fold down/fold up designs that were popular during the 1990s. The latest designs fit seamlessly into any bedroom or living room area and are indistinguishable from any normal seating area. Large and contemporary corner sofas (left) can be slid and rotated into shape and create a lavish and relaxing area for guests. Bunk beds are also as popular as ever and work particularly well in children’s bedrooms. With many designs featuring built in storage and seating areas they are ideal for making use of a compact box room. Alternatively why not combine the two with some ingenious and sophisticated sofa bunk beds. (see our pinterest page - space saving furniture)


    2. Dining

    With many houses and apartments providing a distinct lack of space for a classic dining table, many of us are giving up on the traditions of eating around the table with family and friends. However new and clever designs in the furniture world have come up with space saving ideas that will allow you to transform even the smallest of areas into a functional dining space. The latest compact dining tables feature a spacious circular table with triangular shaped chairs that can be slotted beneath the table top when not in use. This sleek design is perfect for those with narrow dining areas or those who wish to keep their interiors looking uncluttered and minimal in design.


    3. Corner Units

    Chunky oak corner TV unit.

    Chunky oak corner TV unit.

    Corner units are as popular as ever across the interior design world and have become one of the most purchases furniture styles of the 21st century. From TV units like our Chunky oak corner TV cabinet to sumptuous desks and display cabinets these space saving items allow you to make full use of your interior floor flans without negotiating on style and visual appeal. With plentiful storage and display space, corner units are designed to fit seamlessly into both classic and contemporary homes.


    4. Desks

    With more and more of us choosing to work from home and many of us suddenly find ourselves with a house full of teenagers studying for exams our computer desks have become a hub within our homes. A cleverly designed desk can not only save space but can also provide an organised area in which to work. Corner and fold down desks are a classic design that works well in a vast range of interior styles or for a more sleek and minimal style then why not create a visual masterpiece in your home with a sculptural shelving and desk area (left)


    5. Storage

    Storage, storage, storage…we all need it, but none of us have enough of it! If like me your a bit of a hoarder (Don’t pretend your not!) you may find that your interiors are constantly filled with a stream of bits and bobs that do not really have a home within your interior design. There is only so many traditional sideboards, dressers and consoles you can fit into a room before things start to look a little overcrowded. So why not take a fresh look at your home design and work out if there are any unused areas that have the potential to be something much more. Under stairs storage is ideal for vacuums, coats or shoes or why not create a space beneath your bed for books, clothes or accessories and hide away your clutter in a concealed and unobtrusive space.

    For all original images and many more space saving interior ideas then head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – space saving furniture.


    How To Create A Japanese inspired Interior

    If your a fan of natural materials, open floor plans and minimal designs then you are sure to fall for the elegant styling of Japanese style interiors.

    As with most Eastern interior design Japanese homes feature a perfect simplicity of clean lines, muted tones and serenity that will create an area of calm and contentment within your home.

    Serene Sleeping

    As with all other rooms of the home, a Japanese bedroom is designed to be an area of zen and tranquility where you can escape from the stresses of the outside world. Nature inspired colour palettes, simple low beds and exposed wood, room screens come together with elegant, natural fabrics to create a soft and inviting area to peacefully drift off to sleep.


    Family Dining

    Japanese people have a strong sense of family and unity, with the majority of meals eaten together as a family (no TV dinners!). Typical Japanese dining rooms are minimal in style with a simple yet practical dining table taking center stage in the room. Japanese dining tables are low to the ground but large in size to accommodate even the largest of families whilst the floor level seating is sumptuously cushioned to create a laid back ambiance that is both stylish and comfortable.


    Bringing The Outside Inside

    Traditional Japanese homes will feature a courtyard, atrium or indoor garden allowing the beauty of nature and the outdoors to be appreciated at all times. Miniature ponds, rockeries and bonsai trees serve to create a fresh and green backdrop that creates a living piece of artwork that adds to the spiritual nature of Japanese homes. If you are looking to recreate this look in your own home, begin with a miniature atrium or a singular bonsai tree for a simple and inexpensive hint of Japanese style.




    Cherry Blossom

    One of the most recognisable features of Japanese interior design is the delicate and beautiful imagery of the cherry blossom. This stunning image appears in variety of ways in Japanese interiors with dainty cherry blossom bonsai tress, cherry blossom printed fabrics and wall coverings. If you are a fan of florals then this elegant design looks great as a feature wallpaper or bedding design or for a more simple dash of pattern opt for small cushions, a miniature tree or even some cherry blossom pottery for a splash of feminine softness.




    When it comes to furnishing a Japanese inspired interior, natural woods and traditional designs add an authentic style that creates warmth and cosiness against the typically minimal decor. Warm walnut, mahogany and ebony are crafted with simple yet eye-catching carvings and handles for a culturally recognisable furniture design. If you are opting for one specific piece of Japanese furniture then the Japanese step chest or ‘Tansu cabinet’ is sure to add an authentic and functional focal point to your home interior.


    For more Japanese interior inspiration and all original images head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Japanese Interiors.





    Product of the Week – French Chateau White Painted 6 Seater Dining Set

    If like many of us, you are celebrating your Easter weekend with good food, good friends and a slap up family meal, then our French Chateau white carved 6 seater dining set is the perfect way to create an elegant and stylish dining area that is perfect for all dining occasions.

    French Chateau white carved 6 seater dining set

    French Chateau white carved 6 seater dining set

    Painted in a crisp and french antique white finish, this dining set is a soft and sumptuous addition to both modern and traditional dining areas and its ornate yet subtle design will compliment a wide range of interior styles and colour palettes.

    This beautiful dining set is a soft and feminine design that will add a sense of space and light to even the smallest of dining room areas. Its bright and uplifting style is perfect for the spring months and its spacious dimensions means that it is perfect for larger families or those who love to throw a good dinner party.

    French Chateau white carved dining table

    French Chateau white carved dining table

    The elegant French Chateau carved dining table is an exquisitely styled furniture item that oozes palatial French glamour and European sophistication. With its curvaceous, fluted legs and ornate carved framework this dining table will make a centrepiece in any dining room area. This opulent table will comfortably seat up to 6 dinner guests to create a spacious and sociable interior space that does not compromise of style.

    French Chateau table carvings

    French Chateau table carvings



    The French Chateau carved dining table has been modeled from traditional antique designs to create an authentic, aged appearance that adds to its visual charm and appeal. Its delicate renaissance style carvings are a subtle yet eye-catching design feature that make this table perfectly suited to both classic and contemporary home interiors.


    French Chateau white carved dining chair

    French Chateau white carved dining chair


    The fabulous dining chairs that accompany the French chateau dining set are the epitome of classic luxury and comfort. Featuring a matching white paint finish and complimentary fluted leg detailing these chairs will add the finishing touches to your French dining experience. These sumptuous chairs are finished with a luxurious pale grey upholstery across the padded seat and backrest for a contrasting yet complimentary colour palette that will provide you with a stylish and comfortable area in which to sit back and relax.


    For more stylish items from this elegant furniture range then take a look at our full French Chateau white painted furniture collection and create your very own renaissance style home interior.


    Product of the Week – Geo-Glass Clear Round Dining Table with Stainless Steel Base

    Glistening surface areas, sleek smooth design and the perfect balance of classic style and contemporary functionality have all been captured in our amazing product of the week –  The Geo-Glass round dining table with stainless steel base.

    Geo-Glass clear round dining table with stainless steel base.

    Geo-Glass clear round dining table with stainless steel base.

    This beautiful table is elegant and sophisticated and will sit perfectly in both traditional and modern home interiors. Its ‘invisible’ design allows it to be seamlessly accommodated into neutral and minimal interiors as well as bold and vibrant decors, making it a truly versatile dining room item.

    A circular annealed glass table top sits poised above the inter-crossing, tubular, stainless steel base that makes this table more like a piece of luxury modern art than a everyday household furniture item. The curvaceous design paired with the glistening and glimmering surface areas make this table perfect for smaller homes and interiors as it gives the illusion of invisibility, space and light within your dining room area.

    With spacious seating for four people this table is ideally suited to small families or couples or those who would love to wow their dinner guests with an amazing statement centrepiece. This unique table will look great styled with chrome or white table accessories or can be given a contemporary burst of vibrancy with some bright, neon table wear and glasses.

    White Barcelona Dining Chairs

    White Barcelona Dining Chairs

    When selecting your chairs to match this fantastic dining table then look no further than our sumptuous designer white Barcelona dining chairs. Based on the original 1930s design by Miles Van Der Rohe, they are the perfect marriage of retro and contemporary interior style. Featuring highly polished, stainless steel ‘X’ frame legs and white leather upholstered seats these dining chairs are the epitome of style and sophistication and make the perfect match to the Geo-Glass dining table’s illuminating finish.



    French Chateau Dining Chair

    French Chateau Dining Chair

    Alternatively why not add a splash of femininity and regal glamour to your dining set with our opulent French Chateau white painted dining chairs. This luxurious design features delicate carvings and a crisp white paint finish that will add to the light and airy design of the Geo-Glass dining table. Crafted from original antique designs and finished in a sumptuous Grey linen fabric these chairs will provide the perfect tonal colour palette as well as a comfortable and relaxing space to dine.

    For more of our illuminating glass tables then head over to our website - Glass coffee tables or take a peek at our full range of stylish Dining Chairs so you can tailor your dining area to your exact tastes and style.


    The Chunkier The Better!

    I am happy to admit that I am a huge lover of oak furniture so when our brand new Chunky oak furniture arrived in the warehouse I was like a big kid on my birthday Chunky Oak Furniture. This stylish new collection features stunning pieces that have been individually crafted from North American oak and are so beautiful that even are brand new photographs cannot do them justice!

    The chunky square edged design of this collection will make a statement in even the smallest of rooms and create the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary interior styling. The light and warm tones of this selection will create an inviting atmosphere where you can sit back and relax and their sumptuous tones make them the perfect accompaniment to both neutral and bright interior designs.

    Chunky oak console table

    Chunky oak console table

    Our luxurious chunky oak console table will create a real focal point in any living room or hallway area. Its clean edged lines and square legs give a strong and sturdy appearance whilst still retaining a sense of warmth and femininity. Its sleek lower level shelf and spacious upper shelf are perfect for displaying your collectables whilst the two dainty drawers are the perfect size for hiding away any nick naks to keep your home neat and tidy.

    chunky oak widescreen TV unit

    chunky oak widescreen TV unit




    These days we cannot imagine a home without an entertainment system however if your anything like me, you hate the never ending amount of cables, wires and remotes that ruin the ambiance of your home. The perfect solution to your problems can be found with our stylish chunky oak TV cabinets that are the perfect combination of style and functionality Chunky Oak TV Unit. With plentiful shelving space for you TV, DVD player and games console it also features the added bonus of hidden holes for your wires and a selection of drawers so you can tuck away your remotes and DVD’s.

    No home is complete without a stylish dining table and chairs. For me the dining room is the hub of the home and our wonderful chunky oak ding tables are the perfect balance of comfort, style and practicality Chunky Oak Dining Table. With large solid chunky legs our dining tables are sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and the truly eye catching sweeping, floor length, ladder back chairs will provide a designer feel that oozes warmth and cosiness. From 4 to 8 seats available across the chunky oak collection we have a dining set to suit all requirements.

    chunky oak 6 seat, 4 chair dining table

    chunky oak 6 seat, 4 chair dining table

    Each item across this range provides a space that is both practical and stylish and with such a vast amount of furniture within this range you will be sure to find a combination to suit your needs. Our latest Pinterest board showcases the versatility and eye-catching presence of chunky furniture within an interior Pinterest- Chunky Oak. So why not introduce this modern take on the classic oak style into your home and create a cosy haven in which you and your family can relax and enjoy all the joys of fabulous, functional contemporary living.

    Opulent Outdoor Living

    If you are anything like us then you are clinging to the last few weeks of sunshine and warmth before the autumn weather begins to creep in. So this week we are celebrating the fun and functionality of outdoor living; providing you with tips and ideas on creating the perfect, stylish outdoor space.

    Garden ideas and all original images can be found on our Pinterest page –  Pinterest- Secret Garden.


    The basis of a successful outdoor living space is a stylish and comfortable seating area where you can sit back, relax and socialise. No matter what the size of your outdoor space, you can find a seating solution to suit your needs. Small bistro sets are great for couples and those with small outdoor areas or for those with larger outdoor space then this years hottest trend of Rattan Furniture will add a splash of Mediterranean flair to your garden. For the ultimate in outdoor luxury then why not treat yourself to a sumptuous day bed where you can take your afternoon nap.


    Creating the right ambiance in your outdoor area is key to providng a social area that can be enjoyed whenever you like. Lighting is the perfect way to change the mood and look of your outdoor decking area or patio. Solar powered fairy lights, patio lights and ornaments are perfect for the summer months and are an efficient and low maintenance way to illuminate your garden. Fairy lights can be swathed from trees, fences and bushes to create a magical atmosphere in your outdoor space. Candles and Lanterns are also effective at adding a warm and cosy feel to your tables and seating areas allowing you to enjoy a wonderful evening party or barbeque in style.


    The right accessories can transform a garden from a simple seating space to an outdoor room that is an extension of your interior space. Fun and quirky accessories such as doors, gargoyles, outdoor canvases and the good old garden gnome will add a interesting focal point in your exterior space. Large flower pots, urns, troughs and planters are the perfect way to add a splash of colour and foliage to create a ‘lived in’ space that is natural and beautiful. Accessories are also great at creating ‘zones’ within your garden providing themed areas that break up your outdoor space.


    Big or small; a beautiful outdoor space can give you a serene and peaceful area where you can escape the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy the warm summer months in luxurious, natural style.