Colour Trend – Russet

With Autumn well and truly here it’s time to embrace the changing colours of the trees and landscape and bring a splash of cosy and warming interior design into our homes. A sophisticated RUSSET colour scheme will provide a splash of colour with a spicy and sumptuous undertone that will transform any interior into a glamorous autumnal retreat.

A chic blend of brown, red and orange tones, russet is a beautiful colour tone that can be used in both traditional and contemporary homes. Its bold yet muted palette is perfect for use as a feature or accent colour within your chosen interior space.

Colour Scheme

Russet tones work extremely well with other autumnal hues such as taupe, brown, burnt orange, beige and wine for a snug and cosy atmosphere that is perfect for the colder evenings of the coming months. Alternatively you can keep it fresh and bright by combining this rich colour with light cream walls for an illuminating interior finish with a hint of warming colour. For a more classic and traditional look then choose dark and deep colour tones to sit alongside your russet colour scheme such as chocolate brown, black and mahogany.



Russet coloured cushions make a great addition to any living room or bedroom area and are a fantastic way of introducing this stylish colour scheme into your home without any drastic changes to your current decor. This rich colour works particularly well on textured material such as chenille, linen and velvet . Plain and patterned cushions show off the sumptuous tones of russet tones and hues and can be layered with other colours such as beige, burnt orange and brown for a visual and textural finish that will add create a focal point within your interior space.



Bold upholstered seating is bang on trend this Autumn/Winter and what better way to embrace this trend than with a splash of rich russet tones that will create a warm and enveloping area to curl up with a cup of tea. Glamorous chaise lounges, carved occasional chairs and sofas will look amazing with a covering of rich russet material and will create an eye-catching, zoned area of colour within any neutral or bold interior area. Opt for chic and sophisticated fabrics such as satin, velvet or leather and if your love a dash of pattern then choose floral, baroque or simple geometric prints that will compliment the rich tones of the russet fabric.



Keep it Autumnal with your accessories by choosing complimentary colours and finishes that will not overpower this exquisite colour option. Copper, bronze and gold accessories work extremely well in russet home interiors with items such as lanterns, candlesticks and tea light holders providing an illuminating area that is perfect for the darker nights. Burnt orange accessories such as vases, bowls and ornaments will also look great against a russet painted backdrop and can be used to create a focal point on a mantelpiece or alcove area. Last but not least why not create an autumn inspired floral arrangement with orange and red seasonal flowers and dried leaves or pay a nod to seasonal produce and Halloween with a selection of pumpkins and squashes on a sideboard or table.



The versatility of russet colour palettes mean that they can be complimented with a wide range of furniture designs and styles. Warm rustic oak designs will give a cosy, cottage style feel that reflects the changing rural landscape of the Autumn months with items such as dining tables and dressers providing visual texture and practicality. Alternatively rich hardwood such as mahogany and walnut will perfectly compliment the warm tones of the russet backdrop and will provide a sophisticated and classic interior finish. Opt for items such as sideboards, coffee tables and bed frames for a striking centrepiece against a painted or wallpapered feature wall.


For more inspirational russet interiors then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Russet Colour Trend or for furniture ideas that will add a finishing touch to this interior colour trend then check out our extensive Oak and Hardwood furniture collections.

6 Best Chandeliers

A carefully selected light fitting can transform the entire look of an interior space as well as creating delicate shadows and atmospheric beams of light that will create a warm and relaxed setting within your home.

Chandeliers have been a popular lighting choice throughout the centuries and across the world; adapted and changed with the times to create a vast array of styles and designs from traditional styles to more contemporary and quirky lighting options. Hollister Magasin We have selected 6 of the best chandeliers that will transform any style of home and interior decor choice.


1. French Chandeliers

French chandeliers are the epitome of luxury opulence and glamour and rose in popularity in the lavish homes of the Renaissance period. Their delicate droplet style features thousands of small crystals that appear to cascade down the chandelier’s structure and creates a bright and reflective centrepiece in any home interior. nike air max 1 pas cher These stunning chandeliers look wonderful in a period style interior or can be added to modern decors for a timeless interior design.





2. Italian Chandeliers

Italian style chandeliers feature all of the opulence and luxury of French style interiors with a slightly more ornate and intricate design. Boutique Nike Paris Magasin Traditional Italian chandeliers featured curvaceous arms with delicate crystal adornments and candles (now candlestick bulbs) providing a warm and rich ambient light. Jordan 11 Pre-School These wide and eye-catching chandeliers look wonderful above a dining table or in the centre of a bedroom or living room for a splash of classic glamour and illumination.




3. Colourful Chandeliers

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional black, white and metal chandelier styles then a bright and colourful version of an original design will create a perfect balance of classic and contemporary glamour. Coloured chandeliers look fabulous in bold and minimal interiors and make a great addition to the recent ‘colour pop’ trend that has swept the interior design world. They are also a fun and elegant addition to a children’s room and will create a vibrant fairy tale style that is perfect for any little princess.






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  • Shabby Chic/Vintage Style Chandeliers

    Shabby chic chandeliers make a fabulous centrepiece in a vintage or retro style interior setting and create a bright and feminine ambiance within your home. Nike Air Max Baratas Featuring crisp white and pastel tones they compliment a wide range of neutral colour palettes. nike air max 2016 heren From hand distressed finishes to fun and funky teacup designs (right) these amazing designs are a fresh take on classic and indulgent crystal styles.


    5. Gothic Chandeliers

    Gothic chandeliers are instantly recognisable features of classic horror movies and haunted houses and create a flickering shadow of atmospheric light in any interior space. But don’t be put off by ideas of an Adam’s Family style home; these gloriously eye-catching chandeliers provide a classic and intricate focal point that works well in traditional, bright and neutral interior spaces. Their intricate metal work looks wonderful against a plain ceiling or can be partnered with a traditional ceiling rose for a period style interior feel.



    6. Canotta New Orleans Pelicans Contemporary Chandeliers

    Today chandeliers are as popular as ever, with new and innovative designs being created everyday. From quirky and technical lights to sculptural and artistic pieces they still remain the centrepiece of any interior space. The choice of materials of modern chandeliers can range from cutlery, wine glasses and antlers to delicate blown glass orbs (right), shapes and designs that will create a designer feel in both bold and neutral home interiors.

    How To Create An Arts And Crafts Interior

    The Arts and Crafts Movement began in Britain around 1880 and became one of the most influential interior design styles of modern times. After the effects of the industrial revolution in Great Britain people began to be concerned that traditional skills and craftsmanship would be lost in place of machinery and mass produced products. The movement believed that the home should be a work of art, or as William Morris so eloquently put it “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.

    While some of the interior design styles of the Arts and Crafts period may be visually different, they are united by the ideals that homes and interiors should be a place of high quality appeal and design.

    Patterns and Prints

    The founding member of the movement; William Morris, created a sumptuous range of textiles and wallpaper encapsulating all the stylistic features that we now associate with Arts and Crafts designs. Large and stylised flowers and fruits often appeared in his wallpaper designs as well as allegories from the Bible and classic literature. His fabrics showcase the elegance of natural materials and the natural world and celebrated a simple and meaningful form of handmade art that directly opposed the principles of the industrial revolution. These bold floral prints have made a massive comeback over the past year and are readily available on the high street and at local fabric shops.



    Stained Glass

    Nature based imagery was also carried through into other areas of Morris’s work such as his famous and well renowned stained glass windows that can be seen in many important churches and buildings throughout the world including Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire, England and the Trinity Church in Boston, USA. His floral motifs and biblical imagery obviously played a huge role in his church designs but many of his windows also featured upside down hearts, mythological figures and Celtic motifs that hark back to the Gothic revival and Medieval influences. Many window companies stock Morris inspired window designs and they look particularly wonderful in a conservatory or hallway setting.



    As with all other aspects of the Arts and Crafts movement, pottery was crafted using simple forms and featured very little ornamentation. William de Morgan was a huge name in pottery design during this period and his designs and prints were similar and complementary to those of William Morris. Large repeat patterned flowers and oriental inspired imagery such as palm leafs created a soft and feminine decadence and were all hand painted and crafted on traditional potters wheels. Greens, oriental blues and red colours were popular choices and replicas of his designs are still made by some of the pottery companies today.



    Arts and Crafts accessories were usually made from handcrafted copper and pewter and often featured a hammered surface finish for a more rustic ‘unfinished’ look. Lamps were crafted using stained glass designs that reflected Morris’s larger styles and designs. Trees and floral patterns worked extremely well as well as oriental inspired willow patterns and colours. Theses lamps were crafted to be sculptures and pieces of artwork that were not only functional but visually stunning. Lamps such as these can still be picked up in auctions and antique shops but you can also find Arts and Crafts inspired lamps in high street stores although they may lack some of the finer details of the original designs.



    Furniture during this period was crafted from high quality wood (usually oak) and was designed to ensure that its style would show of the handmade finish of the item. Carved furniture items ranged from chairs to cabinets and almost always featured either simple slatted designs or cut-outs of upside down hearts. Chairs and seating featured leather or rush seating areas and were a simple yet rich interior addition. One of the most famous pieces of this period is the William Morris chair that is one of the most recognisable pieces of Arts and Crafts furniture. Its design featured a slatted back and often slatted side design with a leather covered seating pad for a warm and cosy seating space that showcased the pure and natural designs of the movement. Original Morris chairs and furniture can be picked up at auction (although be prepared for a hefty price tag) or opt for modern day replicas like our  Rustic oak slatted double bed that may not be handmade but still embrace the simplicity of style of Morris’s early pieces

    For all original photography and more Arts and Crafts interiors inspiration take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Arts and Crafts

    How To Incorporate Studs and Rivets Into Your Interior

    Studs are rivets were a huge style statement at London fashion week this year and as with many popular clothing designs this trend has made its way into the interior design world and has brought with it some unique and sophisticated features that create a chic and stylish interior ambiance.

    From traditional, pushed studding to eye-catching and funky spiked designs we have found the simplest and most stylish ways to incorporate studs and rivets into your home interiors.

    For more studded interior inspiration and many more original images, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Studs and Rivets



    Studded wallpaper is a simple and sophisticated way to add a textural and aesthetically pleasing focal point into your interior space. This fabulous design can be chosen in a vast range of tones to suit your interior colour palette. Its traditional pressed stud effect will look great on a feature wall or alcove area and is a great way of adding pattern to an otherwise plain backdrop. Studded wall panels can also give a similar eye-catching effect and look wonderful in both classic and contemporary home interiors.





    If you prefer a more subtle touch of this interior trend then a selection of luxurious riveted and studded cushions can add a splash of industrial style glamour to your living room or bedroom area. You can opt for traditional rivet edged designs for a classic library style feel or if you prefer a more lavish style look then choose studded patterns or brightly coloured designs that look great in contemporary or minimal interior spaces.



    Mirrors are a great way of creating an illuminating focal point in your interior and will create a sense of space and light in smaller more compact interior spaces. Industrial style riveted frames look fabulous in a range of silver, gold and copper tones that add to the glimmering and reflective nature of mirrored home accessories. The stud and rivet detailing creates a subtle yet eye-catching feature that looks wonderful against any plain or patterned wall.





    Industrial style furniture has become an increasingly popular feature in contemporary home interiors. Its simple ‘back to basic’ appearance looks great in minimal, rustic and loft style interiors and look wonderful accompanied by metallic accessories and traditional upholstery. With hammered rivet edges and studded drawers and handles these unique designs are a great addition to any home.





    If you are a real slave to fashion then why not recreate the biggest fashion trend to hit the catwalk this year and incorporate spike effect studding into your home interior. This look is not for the faint hearted but it will make a real style statement in any room of your home. From spiky wall art to visually breathtaking spiked occasional chairs, you can create a stylish piece of sculptural artwork that will take centre stage within your home.





    For luxurious industrial furniture designs take a look at our fabulous Industrial style furniture collection and create a riveting studded interior that is sophisticated and stylish.

    How To Get The Perfect Metallic Interior

    From shimmering silvers to glistening golds, metallic interiors have become an increasingly popular trend in the interior design world, with more and more people being drawn to this lustrous and illuminating style.

    Creating the perfect metallic interior has never been simpler with a wide variety of accessories, wallpaper and furniture available across the high street. If you are looking for the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your home interior then follow these simple, inspirational steps.

    For all original images and a selection of metallic interior design ideas, head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Metallic Interiors


    1. Illuminate your walls

    Metallic patterned wallpaper is an eye-catching and glamorous way to incorporate the metallic trend into your home. Not only does it provide a glistening focal point in your room but its reflective surface area creates a sense of space and light that will open up even the smallest of interior spaces. If a bold statement wallpaper is not your first choice then there are a wide range of metallic, feature wall paints available on the market that are great for highlighting a central chimney breast wall or alcoves for a splash of visual opulence.



    2. Get cosy with cushions

    Cushions are a great way of adding an accent colour, texture or finish to your interior without having to undergo any major decorating work. From glittering silvers to coppers and golds, metallic cushions are a wonderful way to add detail and cosiness to your seating area or bedroom. Try mixing a variety of cushion shapes and sizes to create an aesthetically pleasing focal point within your interior and partner plain cushions with patterned prints for a complimentary yet contrasting design feature.



    4. Dazzling drapery

    Heavy drapery and eye-catching curtains make a wonderful focal point in both small and open interior spaces. Metallic tones such as golds and silvers provide a luxurious opulence in any living room, dining room or bedroom and create a sense of reflective spaciousness within your home. Bold metallic patterns look fabulous against plain painted walls or you can opt for detailed sequined, glitter or chain link style drapery for a real statement addition to your interior. Try coordinating your curtains with your cushions, rugs and accessories for an added splash of luxury sophistication.



    4. Sparkling Accessories

    From vases to candles, bowls to ornaments a carefully selected metallic accessory can brighten up even the blandest of home interiors. You can adorn your fireplace, windowsill or dining table with shimmering metallic accessories and create a lustrous focal point that will compliment a wide range of traditional and contemporary interior designs. Golds and bronze look wonderful with neutral beige interiors whilst silvers, chrome and pewter will brighten up grey, monochrome or white interior decor.


    5. Fabulously lustrous furniture

    Silver leaf dressing table

    Silver leaf dressing table

    There is nothing more glamorous than an opulent piece of  glistening metallic furniture, From glittering silvers to palatial golds there is as a wide range of metallic furniture available that will create a breath taking centerpiece within your home.

    Gold leaf chest of drawers

    Gold leaf chest of drawers

    These shimmering furniture pieces look wonderful against a neutral painted wall or bold wallpaper selection from your chosen colour palette and will provide an opulent and flamboyant addition to any interior setting.

    For more metallic furniture inspiration take a look at our fabulous French gold leaf and French silver leaf furniture collections.






    How To Create An Exotic Eastern Interior

    Middle eastern interiors feature a sumptuous amalgamation of architectural designs, artistic passion and colourful palettes that create a vibrant and warming interior ambiance.

    With rich and exotic tones and heavy cultural influences from countries such as Morocco and Turkey; eastern interiors have become an increasingly popular trend that is steeped in the beauty and mystery associated with ancient historic interiors.


    Silvers, golds and spiced colour palettes are often combined with rich and opulent fabrics such as velvet and satin to create a neutral, luxurious eastern setting that works particularly well in bedroom and dressing room areas. Magenta, turquoise blue, purple and orange are ever present colours in eastern interiors and create a warmth and brightness that fits easily into both traditional and contemporary interiors. Colours are saturated into walls, floors and tiling and features heavily in fabrics such as cushions, rugs, drapes and throws for a textural and aesthetic interior statement.



    No authentic eastern interior is complete without a traditional middle eastern rug, with their bold geometric patterns and vast and versatile colour schemes. From Afghan styles to Persian designs, middle eastern rugs have been creating an Arabian ‘magic carpet’ style in home interiors for many many years. From browns, golds and whites to vibrant pink, orange and blue there really is a rug to suit all interiors. You can opt to match your chosen rug to your cushions, curtains and throws or create a clashing yet complimentary splash of colour that is evident throughout much of eastern interior design.



    When it comes to illuminating your eastern style interior then look no further than stylish and traditional hanging lanterns. These fabulous lighting accessories can be purchased in rustic metallic materials that are characteristic of more historic Arabian interiors or more contemporary and bright, Moroccan styles that will add a splash of colour to your interior space. The fun and functional attributes of lantern style lighting is that they can be hung, stood or strung throughout your interior and can be changed and altered seasonally to suit your interior ambiance.




    Forget plain and mundane furniture items because when it comes to Middle eastern interior design More is More! Eye-catching, patterned fabrics, bright painted designs and heavily carved wood features heavily across all middle eastern furniture.

    No eastern living area is complete without a classic hexagonal side table that can be used to display a lantern, spice jars or can be used as an alternative coffee table for you and your guests. Its elaborate design and interesting shape make it a unique addition to any home.

    Sumptuous and relaxing floor seating is strongly featured in eastern interiors with bright and clashing soft fabrics and cushions creating a fun and cosy seating area for all the family. Bean bags, Large cushions, padded ottomens and day beds can all be used to create a central seating area in your living room, bedroom or conservatory and can also be taken outside for a sumptuous Moroccan garden seating area.


    For all original images and exotic interior inspiration head over to our pinterest board - Pinterest – Eastern Promise and create your very own haven of eastern promise.

    Colour Trend – Copper

    Metallic tones and illuminating metals were a huge feature on the catwalks at fashion week last month and with their rich, warm hues they have been perfectly adapted into home interiors to create a luxurious atmosphere that is both sleek and stylish.

    One of the hottest metallic tones to hit the interior design world this season is – Copper! This opulent metal is a fabulous alternative to gold and can be used in a shiny, brushed or hammered state for varied and versatile interior effects.


    Copper is a strong and eye-catching colour that makes it perfectly suited for creating a feature wall, or central focal point in your interior providing an exquisitely grand and opulent feel to your home. Metallic paints have become increasingly popular on the high street over the past year and are ideal for creating a splash of glistening luminance. Copper tiling will provide a textural pattern and shimmering surface area that is perfect for creating a sense of light and space in any kitchen or bathroom area.



    When choosing your complimentary colour palette, copper works extremely well with neutral beige and cream tones or for a vivid pop of colour then royal blue and cobalt create an eye-catching backdrop that works well in both modern and traditional home interiors. Alternatively you can pair your copper hues with Moroccan tones such as pinks, reds and oranges to create an eastern feel that is lively yet sophisticated.




    For a subtle hint of copper in your interior then textiles and accessories will add a shimmering, tonal atmosphere that provides a splash of luxurious glamour. Rich shag pile rugs and satin sheen curtains will create a warm and sumptuous ambiance that provides the perfect balance of texture and aesthetics.

    A scattering of cushions are perfect for introducing a statement colour into a neutral interior. Plain cushions can be used to compliment a patterned wallpaper or patterned cushions will add a sense of depth


    to a neutral cream sofa or armchair. For an added injection of glamour then why not opt for beaded, sequined and tasseled cushions for the ultimate in opulent interior style.




    One of the fabulously versatile elements of copper is its ability to blend elegantly with oak and natural wood tones making it a perfectly complimentary furniture building material. Wooden furniture exteriors can be painted with a high quality metallic copper paint or door fronts, drawer linings and knobs can be crafted from sheets of copper for a splash of lustre.

    If your feeling particularly artistic then why not turn your hand at a spot of furniture up-cycling? To create a personalised and unique furniture item or home accessory  (such as this coffee table – right) then empty out your lose change jar and grab your glue gun and cover your table top, drawer fronts or lamp bases with your coppers and pennies. This will create a glistening and innovative tailor made item that will make a centrepiece in any room of your home. 25 DIY Penny ideas.

    For more shiny and shimmering interior ideas and all original images then head over to our fabulous new Pinterest board - Pinterest – Copper Colour Trend