Colour Trend – Claret

There is nothing more relaxing than curling up on a chilly autumnal evening with a cosy woollen throw and a rich glass of red wine. With the weather dropping to familiar colder temperatures its time to take a look at one of the hottest colour trends of Autumn/Winter 2014 – CLARET.

This rich and warming red tone gives a perfect splash of colour in a traditional wintry hue that can be perfectly accommodated into sleek and contemporary interiors as well as classic home designs. This versatile colour will add a sense of cosiness and elegance that is perfect for the lead up to Christmas.


Colour Schemes

This luxurious colour can be partnered with a chic lilac, cream and chocolate colour palette for a soft and tonal interior ambiance and also looks wonderful alongside crisp white for a more fresh and sleek interior setting. This fabulous hue can also be combined with silvery greys and deep black for a glamorous and opulently rich finish.



This rich colour option is a popular choice for furnishings and fabrics as its deep concentration of colour will add a sumptuous focal point to a specific zoned area of the room. A scattering of cushions on a bed of sofa area can transform the whole feel of your interior with minimum effort and cost. This colour works particularly well with classic fabrics such as satin and velvet and can be used as a plain accent tone or as a pattern that ties in to the remainder of the interior space. Lace, tassels and beading work fabulously in bringing out the period opulence of this vintage colour.


3. Upholstery

Nothing can look more striking than an opulently coloured sofa, window seat or occasional chair that brings a splash of exquisite elegance to even the most neutral of interior spaces. Rich velvet looks amazing in this flamboyant claret colour tone and will give a classic and authentic period look to a Victorian chair or chaise lounge. Opt for plain fabrics for a simple and sleek appearance or opt for classic baroque style floral motifs or prints for more visual appeal and detail. For a fresh and contemporary upholstery style choose simple pinstripe patterns or chevrons that will add a refined and sophisticated style to any interior design.




Claret accessories are a huge trend on the high street this season with items that will seamlessly fit into both vintage and minimal home interiors. A classic lamp will make a fabulous purchase and will create a perfect balance of style and function in a living room, office or bedroom area. Vases, ornaments and candles make a great addition to a mantelpiece, sideboard or windowsill and will create an ambiance of warmth against a neutral painted feature wall. Crockery and table settings will provide a warm and welcoming finish that is perfect for large family dinners during the cold autumnal evenings.




Painted furniture is still as popular as ever in the interior design world with more and more people becoming adventurous with their choice of colours and finishes. A single furniture item painted in a rich Claret paint effect will create a real statement in any room of the home and will compliment your chosen colour scheme and accessories. Opt for a centralised item such as a table, sideboard or dresser that will make the most impact on your chosen room. Alternatively opt for plain painted black or white furniture that will create a fresh or glamorous period feel that perfectly contrasts the bold claret colour palette.

For more ideas on how to use a claret colour scheme within you home then head over to our latest Pinterest Board - Pinterest – Claret Colour Trend or for a selection of furniture items to compliment this look then take a look at our luxurious French chateau white and French moulin noir furniture collections.

Product of the Week – Trend Oak Lamp Table

Our sleek and stylish Trend oak lamp table is a bright and illuminating furniture item that provides an elegant balance of beauty and practicality. Its light and bright, golden oak tones provide a versatile and neutral exterior that can be displayed perfectly in both modern and traditional home interiors.

Trend oak lamp table

Trend oak lamp table

Carved from the finest cuts of European oak and finished in a light satin stain this lamp table celebrates the beauty of natural oak while providing a sense of modernity and contemporary style. The square, straight edged design is simple yet eye-catching and can be paired with both neutral and bold interior colour schemes for a rich and luxurious finish.

Its compact and unimposing design makes it perfect for smaller home interiors or awkward rooms with alcoves or recesses. This table can fit neatly into interior areas that may normally be overlooked, instead providing an area of visual detail and beauty.

trend oak lamp table

trend oak lamp table

The sleek, square table top space is ideally suited to the display of a lamp, providing an illuminated space that is perfect for reading and can fit snugly next to a sofa or occasional chair. Alternatively this table could be used to showcase a floral arrangement, a statement vase or can even be used as a telephone table in a living room or hallway area.

The additional floor level shelf gives an extra display area for your ornaments or photo frames and is the ideal size and position to slide away any magazines and TV guides to ensure that your home interior remains, neat, organised and uncluttered.

Trend oak 3ft x 2ft coffee table

Trend oak 3ft x 2ft coffee table

You can partner your lamp table with the stunning Trend oak 3ft x 2ft coffee table for a co-ordinated table partnership. This bold and chunky coffee table will make the perfect centrepiece in your living room area and creates a social focal point to entertain your family and friends.

The solid, square legs and straight edged finish gives this table a linear, contemporary feel while the rich grain and golden oak finish maintains a sense of rustic country charm. The light and illuminating tones of the oak will create an ambiance of space and light in even the darkest of interior spaces.

With a 3ft by 2ft table top area you will find all the space you could need to place your mugs, cups and wine glasses to avoid any unwanted spillages; providing a functional furniture item for even the largest of families to enjoy.

For more co-ordinating items for your home interior, take a look at our full Trend oak furniture collection over on the website.

How To Create An Alpine Interior

Traditional Alpine interior design originated in the lodges and chalets of south east France and has since expanded to influence both the basic and luxury lodges of some of the worlds most famous ski resorts. The warm and welcoming style of Alpine interiors are the perfect contrast to the cool and iced landscape of their surroundings.

Chalet style interiors celebrate the beauty of nature and the simplicity of traditional craftsmanship and design. The perfect Alpine interior will have a stylish balance of natural or painted wood and exposed stone or brick for a back to basics interior that oozes rich tones and cosy style.

This style can be easily achieved in modern homes and while you may not be able to enjoy the stunning Alpine views you can recreate the snug and laid back feel of a classic chalet in your home interior, providing the perfect setting for those who love to feel closer to nature and the outdoors.


Natural colour palettes are key in creating a sumptuous and cosy Alpine interior space. Muted earthen tones such as golden beige and coffee create a warm yet illuminating feel in smaller interior spaces while crisp clean white can be used for a more sleek and modern Nordic feel. Colour can be added in the form of dusky glacial colours of violet and blue or rich red, burgundy and green will create a classic autumnal colour palette.

No Alpine style home would be complete without a stunning and functional fireplace to add a sumptuous and relaxing living space away from the chills of the outdoor air. Classic chalet fireplaces should be carved from traditional wood such as oak or birch or placed inside a rustic stone wall for a rugged yet stylish finish. Open fires will give a beautiful and mesmerising focal point to your interior but modern flame effect fires can also be used in more minimal chalet interiors.

When choosing fabrics for your Alpine interior the key features should focus on natural styles and materials as well as traditional colour palettes that will compliment the earthen tones of your home.

Soft suede, hides and furs look fabulous draped on a bed, sofa or window seat while light natural wools and Alpine or tartan print patterns look great as curtains or cushion covers providing visual style and texture. Opt for greys, whites, creams or reds or mix and match your items for added detail and cosiness.

When it comes to furnishing an Alpine interior it is all about Wood, Wood, Wood! Rich golden oak will look great among the warm backdrop of your interior space and can be matched to your exposed beams, wall cladding or flooring for a universal tone and style. If you would prefer a more modern and crisp interior style then choose pale wood such as maple, alder and ash for an illuminating furniture finish that gives a Scandinavian feel to your chalet style interior. Choose large and eye-catching items such as a coffee table, dresser, dining table and sideboard in matching wood types to create a rich and inviting interior space that provides a luxury resort finish in the comfort of your own home.

For more fantastic Alpine interior inspiration head over to our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Alpine Interiors or for a diverse and extensive range of furniture that will compliment this look,  our oak furniture collections offer a vast range of styles and finishes to suit all tastes.







How To Create A Focal Point In Your Interior

Modern day homes can often appear disjointed and cluttered due to the unavoidable items that grace our homes such as media devices, accessories, heaters and general bits and bobs. With the need for extra storage space and display units, our home interiors have lost that traditional sense of organisation that created a centralised and stylish space in which to relax.

The focal point of your interior should be the first thing that draws your eye as you enter a room, it can be created using colour, furniture, accessories or a simple change of layout and can transform even the most blank of canvases into a sleek and sophisticated interior design.


Wall Art

Wall art and Wallpaper are a great way of creating a focal point in a neutral interior space and work particularly well in plain interiors that lack a chimney breast or natural focal point. Opt for a bold patterned wallpaper with colour and depth or for a more subtle yet still eye-catching finish opt for neutral palettes with a hint of metallic pattern or finish. Wall art can be used to draw the eye to a plain painted wall or can seamlessly highlight a sofa or sideboard area. Large and contemporary images work great in minimal homes whilst traditional portraits and landscapes can also create a soft and refined focal point in more classic interior styles.



The fireplace has long been used as the focal point in the living room area as it provides a centralised and visually appealing area that can dictate the layout and seating arrangements of a room. A large mantelpiece creates an eye-catching centre piece that can be further emphasised using a vase, ornaments of photo frames for added detail and visual effect. Modern electric fires can work equally well, with wall mounted designs being used to compliment a wallpapered or painted chimney breast wall. This creates a zoned area of detail and colour that provides functional practicality as well as elegant interior style.




Lighting is a fabulous way of creating a centrepiece within your chosen room and is the ideal way of creating a focal point in smaller or more awkward interior spaces. A large, single drop light works extremely well in creating a central area of detail and light that can be used to draw attention to an item below, such as a dining table, bed or seating area. Large French or Italian chandeliers look great in classic or contemporary home interiors whilst modern sculptural designs will add a visual artwork that makes a great alternative to a ornament or picture. Opt for bold coloured styles or elegant crystal designs to co-ordinate your lighting choice to your interior style and palette.



They may not be the most beautiful items in the world but our TVs have become to social point of our home with many an evening spent catching up on our favourites TV series and films. Creating a more visually delightful setting for these often ugly devices can be tricky, but with all eyes and furniture drawn towards your TV it becomes a necessary focal point that requires a balance of style and elegance. Opt for a grand and eye-catching TV cabinet that will provide a complimentary focal point but will also hide a multitude of wires and clutter. Alternatively you can create a wall mounted focal point by incorporating your TV as a piece of wall art on a centralised wall or chimney breast.



Furniture can create a natural focal point in an interior depending on its size, colour and impact on its internal space. Sideboards, console tables and display cabinets create a visual focal point that once again will draw the eye to a particular wall or chimney breast and can be adorned with complimentary items that add to the overall visual finish. Focal points do not have to be against a wall however, a grand and eye-catching dining table, coffee table or bed can draw the eye to the centre of the room with your seating, decor and smaller items orbiting the centrepiece of your interior space.


For more inspirational ideas that will create a focal point within your home, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Focal Points


Product of the Week – Shiro Walnut Console Table

The Shiro Walnut Console Table is sleek and stylish furniture design that provides rich and warming tones as well as illuminating style features that provides the perfect balance of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

Shiro walnut console table

Shiro walnut console table

Crafted from high quality solid walnut using traditional carpentry methods this fabulous console table is not only visually beautiful but extremely strong and hard wearing to ensure that it will remain a permanent feature in your home for many years to come.

Its rich tonal grain and chocolate coloured exterior will look fabulous in traditional and oriental interior designs as well as sleek and minimal modern interiors illustrating its striking versatility and elegance.

Shiro Walnut Console Table - Front

Shiro Walnut Console Table – Front

This sumptuous console table features a unique, curvaceous design that provides a chunky and sturdy appearance combined with its soft and delicate rounded edges that provide a subtle yet eye-catching focal point in any living room dining room or hallway area. The spacious table top area is ideally sized for the display of a lamp, ornament or photo frame and provides a great alternative to large and traditional sideboards.

Shiro Walnut Console Table - Drawers

Shiro Walnut Console Table – Drawers

Featuring two spacious drawers nestled beneath the table top this item will provide plenty of space for your household accessories, paperwork or general bits and bobs to ensure that your interior space remains neat, organised and clutter free. Each drawer features a contemporary chrome bar handle that provides a contrasting yet complimentary finish to the dark wood exterior. This stylish table also includes a simple yet useful floor level shelf that is the ideal space to display a bowl, sculpture or additional accessories for a unique and elegant focal point.

Shiro Walnut Medium open coffee table

Shiro Walnut Medium open coffee table

Why not partner your Shiro console table with our luxurious Shiro Walnut Medium Open Coffee Table for a stylish and co-ordinated living room area. This eye-catchinh coffee table features the same rich exterior and chunky angles as our console table as well as providing a curvaceous waterfall effect table top that is ideally sized for large social families. With plentiful space for all of your cups, mugs and glasses this coffee table will provide a striking centrepiece that is perfect for a family movie night or a social gathering between friends.

The warm golden tones of this rich coffee table will blend seamlessly into both neutral and bold interior decors and provides the perfect balance of modern style features and functional practicality that is needed for everyday living.

For more stylish and sophisticated items that will compliment these tables then you can view our full and extensive Shiro Walnut Collection on our website.

Colour Trend – Lime Green

Bright and vivid colour palettes are big news in the interior design world this season and are the perfect way to add a splash of vibrancy into any home interior.

With the spring and summer months finally upon us we are starting to see the arrival of eye-catching neon colour tones across the high street. Andrew Luck Jerseys new balance dziecięce Lime Green interiors are the perfect way to add an uplifting, exotic feel to your home and create a happy and stylish space in which to relax.

For more fun and functional lime green interiors and original images take a look at our latest pinterest board – Pinterest – Lime Green Colour Trend


Colour Palettes

Lime green is a fun and versatile shade that works well with almost any colour partnership.

  • Asics Gel Quantum 360 Donna
  • adidas superstar 2 uomo This bright and fresh green hue looks fabulous with crisp white minimal interiors as well as chic and sophisticated monochrome decor.

    Chocolate browns and greys give a subtle, complimentary contrast to this vivid colour choice and look great on walls, floors and textiles. Asics Mexico męskie If your feeling particularly bold then you can team your lime green colour choice with bright pinks, purples and blues for a tropical, sunshiny ambiance.



    Cushions and Rugs

    For an injection of zesty and illuminating colour choose a scattering of lime green cushions to create a ‘pop’ of lively colour or pattern. nike air max homme pas cher nike tn requin Lime green cushions look wonderful against a crisp white or black sofa, chair or bed and provide just the right amount of colour without overpowering your whole room.



    A sumptuous plain lime or patterned rug will create the perfect balance of textural and aesthetic style. Tajh Boyd – Clemson Tigers

  • A bold choice of rug works great in neutral or plainly decorated interiors and creates a central focal point in any dining area, living room or bedroom. Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers UK Nike Sko Nettbutikk You can choose to match your rug to your curtain or cushion selection or select clashing or varying lime tones to create variety and interest across your interior.




    If you wish to create an energised and cheerful sleeping area then lime green is the perfect bedding colour choice. New Balance 515 damskie nike buty damskie Its bright and uplifting tones will create a vibrant bedroom space that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed on even the earliest of mornings. Cheap Nike Shoes UK Yunel Escobar Baseball Jersey Plain dyed bedding works great against a patterned wallpaper or printed headboard whilst bold, contemporary patterned bedding looks fabulous in a crisp white or neutral backdrop.



    Lime green painted furniture is a bold yet uplifting interior addition that will create a eye-catching centrepiece within your home. nike air max 2017 pas cher From a bright painted sideboard to a zesty and luminious coffee table, bright painted furniture will look amazing in any interior space.

  • Nike Air Max 2017 Men
  • Comprar Nike Air Max Baratas Lime green upholstery works equally well in creating colourful furniture options and looks great on a single occasional chair or dining chair collection.

    How To Bring The Outdoors…Indoors

    Us humans have long had an affinity with outdoor living and natural materials. Whilst we may spend the summer months enjoying our spare time in the garden or in the beautiful parks and gardens, as soon as winter comes along we go back to being trapped indoors during the dark and grey days.

    Why not bring the wonderful colours and details of the outdoors…indoors with the latest trend of nature inspired interiors. You can create a haven of tranquility with the beauty of a British summer day even if the snow is falling outside your window.


    Colour Palettes

    When selecting colours for your nature inspired interior draw inspiration from your surroundings, the flowers in your garden, your holiday photos, anything that reminds you of the outdoors. For muted and neutral palettes select rich browns, creams and chalky peaches for a warm and cosy interior ambiance. Alternatively if you like a splash of colour then opt for pastel tones for a coastal feel or vibrant tropical colours such as azure, yellow or magenta for a real pop of colour that will create a sunshiny feel within your home all year round.




    Florals are a must have print in any nature inspired interior and they come in a vast range of styles and colours. For more traditional prints opt for classic roses, orchids or ferns, or for a contemporary look go for bold and unusual prints such as gerberas, sunflowers or grass. These prints can be used on your wallpaper, cushions, curtains or wall art and will create a focal point within your interior space. You can also adopt this floral print into a vintage or shabby chic style interior using classic, Kath Kidston style designs.



    It may seem like a simple idea but you literally can bring the outdoors, indoors with some fabulous indoor plants that will add detail and visual texture to your home. Opt for a beautiful plumage of palms or a striking orchid for a rich tropical feel or choose some elegant ferns, or umbrella plants for a more classic look. If your not particularly green fingered (like myself) then you can get a fantastic range of artificial plants and flowers that are almost unidentifiable from the real thing. Place the plants in complimentary pots such as terracotta or mosaics for a warm summery feel.



    Garden Parties.

    If you are not quite ready to let go of those fun summertime BBQs even in the middle of November then why not bring them indoors? You can create a garden inspired interior using a selection of outdoor accessories but convert them into your home. Fairy lights and bunting create a fun summery style as well as gorgeous lanterns and scented candles for a scent of the outdoors. Also consider some rattan furniture for a outdoors feel that works particularly well in a living area with patio doors or a conservatory where you can incorporate the fabulous outdoor views.




    As well as rattan and cane furniture you can adopt a wide range of natural materials into your home interior for a classic outdoorsy feel. Use chunky tree trunks and branches to craft unusual tables, seats or shelving or select natural untreated wood or driftwood for you furniture items that reflect the beauty of nature. If you are going to paint your wooden furniture then try distressing the edges and exposed sections for a more rugged and natural exterior appearance.


    For more summery outdoor inspired interiors then head on over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Outdoors Indoors and transform your home into a natural paradise.


    Product of the Week – Cheshire Oak Corner TV Unit

    The Cheshire oak corner TV unit is the perfect functional furniture item for modern homes. We all want to make the most of our interior spaces without having to negotiate on storage and visual appeal and this fabulous corner unit solves a multitude of interior layout problems.

    Cheshire oak corner TV Unit- Front View

    Cheshire oak corner TV Unit- Front View

    This stylish TV unit is a compact yet spacious design that provides the perfect space to centralise and organise your gadgets, gizmos and media devices. With designated areas for all of your items it is perfect for creating a neat and uncluttered living area. Its chunky table top area is the ideal size to hold a large widescreen TV and will create a focal point within your interior space.

    Cheshire oak corner TV unit - side view

    Cheshire oak corner TV unit – side view

    Beneath the table top area there is a chunky single shelf that is perfectly designed to hold a TV box, games console or DVD player with open front access for ease of use. With a cut out area at the back of this shelf, you can tuck away your cables at the back of the cabinet to ensure that any unsightly wires remain out of sight . With an additional lower cupboard area you will find plenty of additional space for extra media devices, remote controls and accessories or alternatively you can use this enclosed space to store your CDs, DVDs and games.

    Cheshire oak corner TV unit - Open View

    Cheshire oak corner TV unit – Open View

    The unique design of this item allows it to be seamlessly slotted into the corner of your living room making it ideal for compact interiors or those with awkward alcoves or window positioning. Carved from solid North American oak this sturdy design is sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The chunky frame and exterior panel detailing gives it a versatile appearance that allows it to fit perfectly in both classic and modern interior styles.

    Cheshire oak two drawer coffee table

    Cheshire oak two drawer coffee table


    The perfect partner for your Cheshire oak TV cabinet is our luxurious Cheshire oak two drawer coffee table. This chunky table will provide a social focal point in your living room area that is ideally suited for cosy nights in front of the TV with family and friends. The large table top features lots of space for your cups, mugs and wine glasses to make sure that you avoid any messy spills on your flooring or rug. With two additional drawers and a lower floor level shelf this multi-functional coffee table will provide plenty of space for your remotes, small household accessories and newspapers to ensure that your living area remains uncluttered and relaxed.

    Check out our complete range of luxurious matching items over at our website - Cheshire oak collection



    Product of the Week – Walnut Coffee Table

    Walnut furniture provides a warm and cosy ambiance to any home interior and creates a rich and eye-catching feature within your interior setting. Our Walnut coffee table provides a sumptuous balance of functional and fashionable storage space to create a visually elegant centrepiece in your living room area.

    walnut coffee table

    walnut coffee table

    Coffee tables are a must have furniture item in any interior as they provide a central, social area for your family and friends to congregate. Whether you enjoy cosy family evenings with a cup of tea or a lively evening with a bottle of wine and friends, this table is the ideal area to place your cups, glasses and plates to avoid any unwanted spillages. Its warm walnut tones and textural grain will sit perfectly in both contemporary and traditional home interiors and works beautifully with a wide range of colour palettes.


    Walnut coffee table, display cabinet and sideboard

    Walnut coffee table, display cabinet and sideboard

    This sleek and sumptuous coffee table features a chunky, straight edged design that creates a striking visual feature in the centre of your room without a sense of overcrowding your interior space. The additional perk of a floor level shelving area provides ample space to tuck away your newspapers, remotes and coasters to ensure your home and decor remains neat and uncluttered. Its opulent colour makes walnut a popular choice in living room interiors and it looks particularly complementary alongside neutral beige, cream and gold for a modern twist on rustic interior design.

    walnut tv unit

    walnut tv unit

    This gorgeous coffee table can be partnered with our luxurious walnut TV cabinet that will add to the social family feel of your living area. This spacious TV unit is the perfect size for even a large widescreen TV set and provides a practical and stylish focal point within your interior. With a central solid base and glass shelving area you will find plentiful space to store your TV box, Games console and DVD player so that all of your multimedia devises are in one easy to access area. With two additional lower drawers you will find an ideal spot to keep your DVDs, CDs and Games as well as any remotes or games controllers. The additional plus side to this fabulous unit is its cleverly hidden wiring holes that will ensure that all of your unwanted wires and adapters can be tucked away behind the item. This ensures that your interior space remains clear and organised in order to maintain a laid back and sophisticated ambiance in which to relax.




    How To Incorporate Studs and Rivets Into Your Interior

    Studs are rivets were a huge style statement at London fashion week this year and as with many popular clothing designs this trend has made its way into the interior design world and has brought with it some unique and sophisticated features that create a chic and stylish interior ambiance.

    From traditional, pushed studding to eye-catching and funky spiked designs we have found the simplest and most stylish ways to incorporate studs and rivets into your home interiors.

    For more studded interior inspiration and many more original images, head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Studs and Rivets



    Studded wallpaper is a simple and sophisticated way to add a textural and aesthetically pleasing focal point into your interior space. This fabulous design can be chosen in a vast range of tones to suit your interior colour palette. Its traditional pressed stud effect will look great on a feature wall or alcove area and is a great way of adding pattern to an otherwise plain backdrop. Studded wall panels can also give a similar eye-catching effect and look wonderful in both classic and contemporary home interiors.





    If you prefer a more subtle touch of this interior trend then a selection of luxurious riveted and studded cushions can add a splash of industrial style glamour to your living room or bedroom area. You can opt for traditional rivet edged designs for a classic library style feel or if you prefer a more lavish style look then choose studded patterns or brightly coloured designs that look great in contemporary or minimal interior spaces.



    Mirrors are a great way of creating an illuminating focal point in your interior and will create a sense of space and light in smaller more compact interior spaces. Industrial style riveted frames look fabulous in a range of silver, gold and copper tones that add to the glimmering and reflective nature of mirrored home accessories. The stud and rivet detailing creates a subtle yet eye-catching feature that looks wonderful against any plain or patterned wall.





    Industrial style furniture has become an increasingly popular feature in contemporary home interiors. Its simple ‘back to basic’ appearance looks great in minimal, rustic and loft style interiors and look wonderful accompanied by metallic accessories and traditional upholstery. With hammered rivet edges and studded drawers and handles these unique designs are a great addition to any home.





    If you are a real slave to fashion then why not recreate the biggest fashion trend to hit the catwalk this year and incorporate spike effect studding into your home interior. This look is not for the faint hearted but it will make a real style statement in any room of your home. From spiky wall art to visually breathtaking spiked occasional chairs, you can create a stylish piece of sculptural artwork that will take centre stage within your home.





    For luxurious industrial furniture designs take a look at our fabulous Industrial style furniture collection and create a riveting studded interior that is sophisticated and stylish.