Colour Trend – Taupe

Magnolia has been the staple ‘go to’ colour for millions of interiors around the world for the last two decades. Its simple tone and neutral finish was both versatile and practical but could on times be seen as just a little bland. This season has seen a rise in a new colour trend that has usurped magnolia as the newest and trendiest colour base for any room of the home – TAUPE.

This fabulously versatile colour tone makes a great backdrop on a plain or wallpapered wall and creates a functional and complimentary furniture and upholstery hue that is chic and sophisticated.


Colour Schemes

Taupe is an earthen colour tone that works wonderfully alongside similar natural tones to create a cosy and uplifting ambiance in any room of the home. Rich cream, dove grey and pewter look beautiful alongside a taupe backdrop and create a opulent and warming feel that suits both modern and classic interiors. Taupe can also be partnered with more colourful hues such as duck egg blue, claret red and mint green for a vintage or period style feel that is bold and yet refined. For a more minimal feel then combine sumptuous taupe with crisp antique white for a fresh and illuminating interior finish.



Taupe cushions are wonderfully versatile and will compliment a vast range of interior backdrops and upholstered areas. If you have chosen a bold colour scheme on your walls or floor then a scattering of plain and patterned taupe cushions will provide a cosy and comforting space that does not distract from the colour of the room interior. If you have opted for plain and neutral walls then why not create a layering of taupe and coloured cushions in complimentary or contrasting patterns and prints that will add visual detail and texture to a sofa, seat or bed.



When it comes to accessorising your freshly painted taupe interior then there are a wide selection of items that will add a visual focal point and a splash of glamour to your chosen room. Chrome and silver items such as candlesticks, vases and photo frames look fabulous against the rich and creamy taupe colour tone and will bring a dash of elegance and sleek illumination to your home. Crisp white and cream painted items will add a French château ambiance to your interior and look fabulous on mirror frames and ornamental items. Painted accessories can be given a distressed paint finish for a more vintage and shabby chic effect.



Rich upholstery can create a focal point in any home interior and provides texture and warmth in neutral interior spaces. From soft and sumptuous seating to stylish headboards and ottomens; taupe upholstery will create a lavish and luxurious envelopment on a wide range of items and designs. This colour works particularly well with French style designs with ornate framework that works with the neutral finish to create a opulent and eye-catching item. Satin, velvet, cotton and leather look amazing in this colour hue and will perfectly compliment a wide range of bold and plain interior backdrops.



Taupe is a great colour choice for painted furniture items and it makes a great alternative to cream and white painted designs. Its refined and warm appearance makes it perfectly suited to a wide range of interior colours and designs. French furniture looks amazing in this colour palette and its ornate carvings can be painted in a contrasting colour (left) for added detail and style. Shabby chic designs can also be painted with a layer of taupe paint and can be lightly distressed for a more countrified look and feel. This colour also looks great on retro furniture designs such as 1950s and 1960s tables, sideboards and display cabinets for a vintage look that does not look out of place in modern interior styles.


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How To Create A Shaker Style Interior

When it comes to creating the perfect Shaker style interior always remember that ‘Less is More’. It is the Shaker belief that every item within the home should be practical and functional not simply just for decoration. ‘Beauty rests on utility’ and whilst Shaker interiors may not be adorned with glamorous accessories, each and every item contained within the home is crafted to an extremely precise, perfected standard.

Whilst the feel of Shaker interiors may be simple and minimal, this allows the beauty of the few designs they feature to shine through. Follow these simple steps to achieve this interior look in your own home and don’t forget these looks can be modernised slightly using varying materials and finishes whilst maintaining the original style and appeal of this period.


Colour Schemes

Shaker  homes are all about neutrality and nature and the internal colours of the home reflected the beauty and simplicity of their surroundings, Walls were almost always plain white or beige with any additions such as furniture or fabric adopting natural orange and brown tones. The only colour that may be used was in quilting and bed throws and this remained simple and sparse in navy, russet and mustard tones that would not stand out too obviously from the backdrop of the home.



Lighting and light fixtures were a necessity that did not require any flamboyant design or eye-catching features. Candle holders would be placed on tables and wall sconces would be placed in the darker areas of the home for an ample supply of light. Sconces and  sticks were made from a basic metal such as tin and were left in a rustic state for a rural country look. While candle lit lighting may not be appealing in modern times you can easily recreate this look using metal framed wall lights and candelabra style ceiling lights but ensure that you avoid an over polished look by choosing matt black, antique or distressed metal finishes that will capture the purity and natural beauty of Shaker interior design.




Shaker fabrics were made from natural sources that were simple to make and simple in appearance. Wool, cotton and linen were the main materials and these would be left in their natural colour state of white and beige for a minimal textural appearance. Colour would be introduced only in quilts and throws which featured uncomplicated shapes and gingham patterns. Denim tones and autumnal hues were used that complimented the simplicity of the decor and furniture. Whilst original Shaker quilts may be a rare and expensive find, reproduction quilts and more colourful prints can now be found in traditional high street stores and will add a splash of visual interest against a neutral interior setting.



Practicality came above style in all aspects of Shaker life and when it came to the home there would be no visual signs of clutter or accessories. Any excess items would be cleverly hidden away in furniture items and wonderfully simplistic Shaker style boxes that could be stacked in a corner or on a cabinet or sideboard for a centralised and neat storage area.  Boxes were an oval design and made using a swallowtail and copper pin construction from natural wood or hide. Opt for natural finishes for a rustic country look or choose more modern painted finishes to add add detail and colour to your interior space.



Function over fashion was the key to successful shaker style furniture so who would have thought that these days Shaker style designs are extremely ‘fashionable’ in modern home interiors. Traditionally carved from cherry and maple woods each item featured simple and practical designs and plain handles with wardrobes, cabinets and chests being popular items due to their vast storage capabilities. In modern homes this look can be recreated using golden oak or walnut finishes and selecting statement furniture items that fit the look and feel of Shaker homes such as simple slat back chairs, oak benches and dressers that will provide the perfect balance of function and beauty within a modern home.


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How To Create A Romantic Interior

Everyone loves a splash of romance in their lives. Whether its a box of chocolates, a bunch of roses or a candlelit dinner for two, sometimes all we want is to get swept away in the moment. Why not make that moment permanent with a soft and delicate romantic interior that will transform even the blandest of homes into a fairytale retreat.



It would be impossible to create a romantic interior without a splash of floral. Roses are a must have addition to your interior space as their delicate and feminine touch will create a soft and serene ambiance within your home. Opt for fresh or artificial bunches of flowers for your tables or bedsides or pick floral print designs for your bedding, cushions or artwork for a romantic focal point that adds a splash of colour to a neutral colour palette.





When choosing your lighting for your romantic interior think of grand ballrooms and fairytale castles for a dash of inspiration. Opulent chandeliers make the perfect centrepiece in a bedroom or living room and look especially dazzling positioned directly above your dining table for those romantic evening meals. Clear crystals work wonderfully in a wide range of interior decors whilst coloured designs work best in a minimal setting so they can take centrestage within your room.



Dim down the lights and light some candles for a truly romantic interior ambiance. Scented candles will create a fabulous atmosphere within your home and come in a wide range of colours and jars that can be incorporated into your interior design scheme. For me Candelabras are a key piece in created a romantic feel within your home and can make a great alternative to a lamp. Opt for simple silver and whites designs for a soft and delicate feel that embraces the rich and luxurious feel of period interiors. Place your candelabra on a mantelpiece, side table or in the centre of your dining table for a truly serene and romantic feel.



Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all? Ever since I first read the tale of Snow White I have had a love for all things mirrored. A grand and luxurious mirror can take pride of place above a mantelpiece or hallway and provides a place to admire yourself in your bedroom or dressing room. Their light and bright exterior will create the illusion of space in even the smallest of homes. For a truly romantic feel, choose designs that are intricate and feminine and choose white, silver or shabby chic paint effects for a muted yet opulent feel or opt for shimmering gold for a rich palatial ambiance.



Fabric and drapery are the perfect way to add a luxurious and romantic feel to your interior setting. Curtains should feature heavy swags and excessive pools of fabric that create a rich and opulent feel to your home. Nets and voiles can be draped from ceilings or bed frames to create delicate canopies of fabric that will provide a sleeping space that is filled with romance and femininity. Keep your colour choice light and bright to counteract the excess use of fabric. White, silver, gold and pink look great on their own or together for a light and appealing visual look.



When it comes to selecting key furniture items for your interior design, there is nothing more romantic than an elegant and opulent bed frame like our French chateau white carved four poster bed. With its feminine carvings and intricate twisted posts this bed will create a soft and romantic setting that is perfect for creating your very own fairytale bedroom. Its large and eye-catching design will take centrestage in your bedroom area and is ideal for creating that must have fabric canopy around your bed.


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