How To Create The Perfect Room For Boys

As a child there is no place more magical than your bedroom. ROSHE RUN

It is a place you can go and relax, play and sleepover with friends and each and every bedroom design goes someway in reflecting a child’s personality, hobbies and lifestyle.

Boys bedrooms should be all about adventure,discovery and a sense of fun. As your child grows the decor of his room can change with him to reflect his passions and hobbies as well as including practical items that he will need as he grows into a man.



Gone are the days when nurseries were simply blue for boys and pink for girls. Adidas Zx 500 Homme Whilst traditional crisp white and royal blue looks wonderful in classic nursery interiors more bold and contemporary designs and colours can make a refreshing alternative for your newborn. adidas nmd r1 femme Turquoise blue and grey is a fabulous colour palette that provides a pop of colour against a sophisticated backdrop. Alternatively opt for an array of colours such as lime green, yellow, aqua and orange for a bright and uplifting nursery space that will create a summery feel that will open up even the smallest of interior spaces. Add bright blankets, cot bumpers and some wall art for a fabulous finishing touch.




Toddlers bedrooms can be particularly hard to design as your child will be at that ‘inbetween’ age where they no longer require a babies room but are not yet big enough for a older child’s interior. Cot beds are a great purchase as they will take your child through from his nursery to his toddling years whilst interesting colours and patterns will stimulate your childs imagination. Nike Blazer homme Opt for jungle themes, seaside or trains to create a bright and educational space for them to learn and relax.


5 to 12 year olds

These are some of the most fun years of a young boys life, they get new friends at school, take on new hobbies and find their inner adventurer. Oklahoma City Thunder Your child’s room should begin to reflect his personality; his favourite superhero, sports team or hobby or even a themed bedroom such as this tree house design (left). NIKE FREE RN

But be warned you may be changing or adding to their decor every few years as their interests change and expand.



They hit 13 and your whole life begins to change. New Balance 997 homme They no longer want to be ‘boys’ anymore, instead they want to be taken seriously as they ascend the mountain into manhood. Gone are the character bedrooms and the stuffed animals and in its place comes lots of their ‘stuff’ and a sense of the men they are to become. Opt for sophisticated and manly colours such as navy, grey and red and opt for traditional oak or contemporary industrial style furniture that will add a cool loft style feel to their space. NIKE AIR ZOOM VOMERO 12 Musical artwork or modern murals will create a relaxed and laid back atmosphere that is perfect for all those late morning (afternoon) lie ins.




If they have yet to fly the nest then it is important that your post teenage child has a bedroom space that will take them through into their 20s without looking dated or childish. Nick Marshall Jerseys Opt for strong and masculine colour palettes such as monchrome, with a pop of modern colour. Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop Include a desk for any university work and also plenty of storage for their books and paperwork.

Product of the Week – French Gold Leaf 4 Door Mirrored Armoire

The French gold leaf four door mirrored armoire is the epitome of French palatial glamour. This flamboyant and eye-catching furniture item will add a splash of illuminating elegance to even the most neutral of home interiors and its grand and extensive size will be sure to create a focal point in any bedroom or dressing room area.

French golf leaf four door mirrored armoire

French golf leaf four door mirrored armoire

This beautiful wardrobe has been carved from authentic antique design patterns to give it a period style feel and look that is perfect for both classic and contemporary boutique boudoirs. Featuring delicate fluted legs and an intricately carved baseboard and plinth top this wardrobe will take centre stage in your interior space.

Carved from solid, high quality mahogany and wrapped in sumptuous gold leaf paint, you can be assured that this wonderful armoire will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and will provide you with a perfect balance of opulent style and practical storage space. The mirrored door fronts provide you with a full length area to admire your finished outfits as well as creating a sense of space and light in dark or compact interior spaces.

French gold leaf four door mirrored armoire  - Inside

French gold leaf four door mirrored armoire – Inside

The inside of this fabulous wardrobe will provide you with plenty of areas for storing your clothing items. With three large hanging spaces you will can store your large clothing items such as coats, dresses and jumpers in a neat and organised space. With two shelving areas at the base of each section you will find the ideal area to tuck away your large shoe collection, handbags and accessories so that you can form a complete outfit from one storage area. If your a couple then this huge wardrobe can easily accommodate both ‘his’ and ‘hers’ outfits and accessories to make the most of your interior space.

French gold leaf carved dressing table set.

French gold leaf carved dressing table set.

The gold leaf mirrored armoire will look amazing when partnered with the awe inspiring French gold leaf carved dressing table set. This dressing table set will create a glamorous area for a long and luxurious pamper session as well as providing ample storage space across the table area.

The table itself features delicate floral carvings and long fluted legs that look beautiful enveloped with the shimmering gold leaf paint finish. The table top is adorned with a sumptuous renaissance style mirror that perfectly compliments the ornate design of this item. The sumptuous chocolate satin upholstered seat will provide an elegant and comfortable area to sit and take in the beauty of this furniture design.

With three small but spacious drawers beneath the table top and two smaller drawers above you will find all the space you could require for housing your make-up, brushes, accessories and jewellery for a neat and uncluttered bedroom space.

For more items to complete your French bedroom setting then take a look at our full and extensive French gold leaf painted furniture collection over on the website.


How To Create A Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Holidays and mini breaks have the perfect way of making us feel happy and uplifted and whilst this may have a lot to do with warm weather and historic culture it also has a great deal to do with the atmosphere of our accommodation. If your anything like me, there is nothing more satisfying than waking up in a luxurious and sophisticated setting that oozes classic elegance and style.

You can recreate the glamour and opulence of a boutique hotel bedroom with these simple steps and ideas. Using items that are readily available on the high street you can create a sleek and luxurious sleeping area that will feel like a high class getaway, everyday.


Colour Schemes

Boutique hotels tend to stick to neutral yet tonal colour schemes that can be used alone or with more bolder colour options for a luxurious contemporary feel. Soft beige, pebble grey and mocha tones work really well in creating a sleek yet relaxed setting that is both warm and uplifting in appearance. Monochrome colour schemes also work extremely well in hotel style bedroom areas as they provide a fashionable balance of feminine and masculine tones that give a contrasting yet complimentary feel to the room. Crisp white gives an illuminating backdrop to a bedroom setting however be sure to partner it with bold or earthy colour tones to avoid your bedroom feeling cold or stark.




The bed is the first item we see when we enter a hotel room for the first time and is obviously the most important aspect when it comes to comfort and a good nights sleep. Depending on the look of your hotel style bedroom there are several avenues to explore whe it comes to choosing the right bed. For contemporary chic interiors with an earthy colour palette (right) opt for a leather or Upholstered bed frame in complimentary tones and fabrics. If you prefer a more period interior setting then choose a plain Hardwood Bed frame in a sleigh style design for a grand and eye-catching appeal. For a more glamorous and truly ’boutique’ feel then choose a fabulous French Carved Bed Frame and where possible go all out with a King or Super King sized frame for added visual impact.



Cleverly positioned light fittings and lamps will make a huge impact on small or large bedroom interiors and will provide that recognisable luxury hotel feel within your chosen space. Classic chandeliers look fabulously glamorous in both modern and classic boutique interiors and whilst you may not be able to accommodate one on the same scale as the Beverly Wilshire (left) there are many eye-catching French and Venetian designs available on the high street that will add a splash of period glamour to your bedroom area. Don’t forget to purchase some complimentary bedside lamps for a stylish spot of light bedtime reading .



When it comes to bedroom furniture both home and away, each item should provide a perfect balance of eye-catching style and functional practicality. Wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedsides should compliment your surroundings and provide plentiful storage space for all of your items. Mirrored items, French designs (such as the armoire on the right) and regal style mahogany frames work extremely well in boutique style settings and will create a stunning focal point within your room. Make sure you include a sumptuously stylish dressing table to accentuate the glamour and class of hotel style living.



No hotel room would be complete without a stunning and relaxing choice of seating that is perfect for slipping off your shoes after a long and busy day, or sitting at your dressing table for a much needed pamper session. You can opt for classic armchair designs for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic design. Wood or metal exposed frames look fabulous when partnered with sleek, soft fabrics in neutral tones that will add an opulent feel to your interior space. Occasional chairs look amazing nestled in the corner of your bedroom area and can be a glamorous addition to both bold or minimal colour schemes. French painted bedroom chairs can be purchased in a range of chic and flamboyant colours that will add a splash of boutique opulence to any bedroom area.


For more ideas on how to bring hotel living into your home interiors then take a look at our latest Pinterest board - Pinterest – Hotel Living and for an extensive range of luxury bedroom items then check out our fabulous Bedroom Furniture collections.


Product of the Week – Art Deco Four Drawer Chest

Our elegant and glamorous Art Deco Mirrored Four Drawer Chest reflects the glitz and opulence of the 1930s and provides a distinctive and recognisable Art Deco style that will compliment both classic and contemporary home interiors.


Art Deco Mirrored Four Drawer Chest

Art Deco Mirrored Four Drawer Chest

This glistening chest will create a sense of space and light in even the most compact of interior spaces whilst its spacious design will provide a perfect balance of sophisticated style and functional practicality.

This fabulously eye-catching item has been crafted from the highest quality mirrored glass panels that will ensure your chest will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use without losing its luxurious and exquisite shine and gloss.

Art Deco four drawer chest

Art Deco four drawer chest

The low and wide design of this chest makes it the perfect height for the display of a lamp, ornament or vase providing you with a chic alternative to a sideboard or console table. Its tapered legs and angular edging highlight the geometric style and luxurious material of the Art Deco era. Its four large and spacious central drawers provide plentiful storage space for your large clothing items, accessories, paperwork or general nik naks to ensure that you can tuck away your clutter for a neat and organised interior space. Each drawer is finished with two flamboyant crystal pumpkin knobs that provide a complimentary and co-ordinating addition to the reflective exterior of the chest.

Art Deco Mirrored Dressing table Set

Art Deco Mirrored Dressing table Set

You can partner your elegant chest of drawers with a refined and feminine Art Deco Mirrored Dressing Table Set that will transform any bedroom or dressing room area into an opulent Hollywood boudoir. This shimmering bedroom set features a mirrored angular table that is reminiscent of classic 1930s designs and features two spacious drawers that are perfect for storing your make-up, accessories and brushes.

The rectangular table top area is ideally sized to hold your larger items and perfume bottles as well as providing a space to display your fabulous ‘step’ design Art Deco mirror that has a tri-folding function that is perfect for viewing your styling from every possible angle. The luxurious set is completed by the addition of a stylish and functional mirrored stool that features matching angular legs and a soft and sumptuous black upholstered seat pad for added relaxation during long and enjoyable pamper sessions.

For more items that will compliment these elegant period pieces head over to our website and browse our wonderful Art Deco Mirrored Furniture collection or for ideas on how to style your classic 1930s items then take a look at our latest blog post - How To Create An Art Deco Interior.


How To Create The Perfect Room For Girls


Creating the perfect bedroom for your little princesses can often be a stressful task. Choosing the right colours, patterns and furniture can play a huge role in creating an environment that is relaxing and stimulating whilst reflecting their interests and personalities as they grow.

From newborns to young women they require a space where they can escape from everyday life and enjoy a place of magic or relaxation that is the perfect balance of fun and practicality.





Every little girl deserves a splash of pink in her first bedroom or if you are not a fan of pink you can always opt for other complimentary pastel tones such as lilac, lemon or peach. Pale pastel pink looks wonderful with traditional crisp white walls or can also be paired with sumptuous pebble grey for a slightly more contemporary feel. White furniture works particularly well in girls nurseries as it creates a bright and uplifting feel and also creates an illusion of space and light in more compact interior spaces. Opt for plain walls and detailed accessories, blankets and curtains so they can be interchanged without clashing with the interior backdrop.



Toddler girls can often be difficult to decorate for as they are still at an age where they have not chosen any hobbies or particular likes and dislikes. Try and opt for a cot bed that has a three in one function as this will allow them to move on from their baby bed and progress through to a more ‘grown up’ sleeping and seating area. Opt for stimulating accessories and wall art in colours and patterns that will allow them to play in a relaxed yet educational environment. Once again try and stick to lighter furniture as it creates an open and relaxed space for them to enjoy.


5-12 year olds

This particular age bracket is a time where you find your little ones are growing into older and more sensible children. Be prepared to change their rooms a few times during this time as their hobbies and personalities begin to develop. Younger girls will appreciate a magical fairytale setting or perhaps a room inspired by their favourite Disney characters or as they edge nearer to their teenage years this can be adapted to reflect their favourite boy band, hobby or interests.



Hold on to your hats! As a former teenage girl I can tell you first hand that these are the years where your children will begin to think that they are much older and more mature than they really are yet they still like to hold on to some of that childhood sense of fun. Opt for sophisticated adult furniture such as chic black or mirrored designs but team them with bold and funky colors and patterns and girly fabrics and bedding. Create a little bit of glamour whilst maintaining a young a fresh interior feel. A fabulous feature wallpaper or bold rug will create a warm and inviting space, but be sure to leave some wall space for the endless posters of their favourite bands, film stars and hunky reality stars (believe me there will be many!)



Whether your young adult daughters decide to stay or fly the nest they will always need a space to call their own within your home. Creating a space that will take them from their late teens and into their 20s can often seem a little daunting. Opt for sophisticated and chic designer colour palettes that are feminine and yet at the same time provide a sense of opulence and refinement. Monochrome interiors make a wonderful base for adding a pop of colour with bedding or accessories and also make sure that your statement furniture item is a fabulous dressing table where they can enjoy a wonderful pamper session but can also double up as a desk for any research or university work.


For more inspirational and feminine bedroom ideas head over to our latest Pinterest board – Pinterest – Rooms for Girls or for some light and luxurious furniture items then take a look at our extensive Painted furniture collections.


5 Ways To Make The Most Of Smaller Interior Spaces

We all like to make the most of the space within our home interiors but with all the gadgets, gizmos and clutter that comes with modern day living it is often difficult to create a bright and spacious atmosphere in the smaller rooms of our home.

While furnishing a small room can at first seem a little daunting, with these 5 simple techniques and ideas you can create a stylish and sophisticated interior that utilises ever space inch of space to provide you with a functional home environment.


Keep It Light

When choosing a colour palette for your smaller home interiors always select colours that will give the illusion of space and light. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren groen Avoid dark colour tones as these will give an enclosed feel and will draw your eye to the compact dimensions of the walls and floor. Opt for crisp white, cream and pale earthen tones and ensure that your flooring or carpet is also a light and plain colour hue that will compliment the overall sleek appearance.

  • Where possible use a simple blind on your windows or patio doors to allow the light to reflect onto the pale decor to give a bright and open ambiance.


    Secret Storage

    There is nothing worse than clutter to make a room seem small and uninviting. The key to creating a sleek and open feel within a compact home interior is to utilise as much storage as possible without encroaching upon your already limited floor space. Choose hidden storage and fitted items that will blend seamlessly into the background of the room and will allow you to hide any essential items when they are not in use. Under stairs storage is great for shoes, Hoovers and coats while under bed storage is ideal for foldable clothing items and accessories. Scarpe Nike Air Max For even more ingenious designs why not create a desk or office area in a fitted wardrobe or alcove for a perfectly sized yet disguised working area.


    Magic Mirrors

    Mirrors are always a great way of creating a fresh and light feel in any interior area. Vancouver Grizzlies The use of a large mirror on a feature wall can almost double the appearance of space within the room and can cleverly give the impression of having an additional window within your home. air max pas cher The ideal position for a mirror can be horizontally above a sofa, bed or sideboard or a full length mirror on a plain painted wall. Mirrored fitted wardrobe doors will reflect the neutral colours of the wall and will give an illusion of extended wall space that is illuminating and practical.



    Seating and Sleeping

    When it comes to furnishing a small studio apartment or a guest bedroom it is often difficult to find a balance between living space and sleeping space. Air Jordan 9 Sofa beds are the ideal solution to compact interior design as they can be comfortably folded away or positioned as a seating area during the day and then unfolded and re-arranged as a comfortable and space saving bed for the evening. air max 2017 dames These beds are extremely practical for teenager’s bedrooms as it provides a spacious sleeping area as well as a comfy seating space to kick back and play computer games.


    Functional Furniture

    Finding the right furniture for a small home interior can be quite a challenge.

  • Nike Free 5.0 Dames
  • Opt for lighter colour woods such as pale oak or beech or select crisp painted cream or white designs for an illuminating and reflective finish. Air Max 2017 Dames wit With limited floor space it is impossible to fit in larger furniture items or a furniture set and arrangement that would completely overcrowd the room. Selecting a few small and cleverly designed items will allow you to create a comfortable and welcoming space that does not lack the practical elements needed for a modern home. air max homme pas cher When looking for TV units, side tables and display units opt for items that will fit into the corner of the room of fit snugly into an alcove or recess area.