Number 1 for furniture on Trustpilot

Number 1 best in category bade from trustpilot

Number 1 on Trustpilot for Furniture, Bedroom and office furniture categories

Back in 2011 we started using the Trustpilot service and integrated real life reviews into our website.

In February 2014 we now find ourselves number 1 in the furniture category with a score currently of 9.8 We are also number 1 in the bedroom and office furniture category also.

Our Trustpilot score and reviews mean a lot to us here at The Furniture Market. When you read some of the other reviews of competitors online you really get a sense of just how bad some companies can be.

Typically I find that the companies with the worst reviews are often the biggest. With national television campaigns and huge show rooms up and down the country. Worse still is these companies usually either never respond to bad reviews or even worse the immediately report bad reviews to Trustpilot in order to cover up complaints. I think this is bad business and is somewhat deceitful.

The Furniture Market is not a perfect company, cheesy as it sounds we are a small enough company to care about every order yet big enough to sell furniture at a lower price. Each order still matters to us, we know you have a choice when shopping online and we hope that when you see pages like our newly revamped about us page it gives you a sense of who we are and what we are about.

Our strategy is simple, have no shops, no salesmen trying to sell you pots of wax and insurance on your furniture. What this means to you is that we pass the savings of not having these costs, on to you meaning you will typically find any comparable piece of furniture you see elsewhere cheaper with us.

We are always adding more and more pictures of our items online because we know that in order for you to feel comfortable spending hundreds of pounds online you need to see high quality lifestyle images in our purpose built studio which is now one year old. We always want to do better with the products we are proud to offer for sale.

A lot of people when they consider shopping online want to know about how easy it is to send items back. Lots of companies do a lot to woo you to get the sale and you only generally find out how good a company is when something goes wrong. What happens then? if you look around online at some companies bad reviews, you will see that some companies go as far as to tell their own customers they are not welcome to shop with them ever again if they return an item. How can that be good for business? Anyway we have made a video of how to return items to us and explain just how easy it is.

When something needs to be returned all we ask is you send us some pictures of whats wrong with the item or if you have simply changed your mind that’s fine just print out our returns form then contact us to arrange collection. There is just a £30 collection charge from us to cover the costs of delivery and collection in this case.

Hopefully if you can see things are easy to return to us it will help you trust us enough to give us a try and place an order with us. If you do and you like our service and products then we hope that you will be kind enough to one day leave a nice 5 star review for us at Trustpilot, they do mean a lot to us and we read every one of them.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

There is a mirror in almost every room of my house ranging from modern coloured glass to baroque antique designs. Now before you all judge me as being the vainest person in the world, you may be surprised to know that I rarely look at my reflection in any of my collection. What I love about the addition of a mirror to any interior is the way that they emphasise space and light, and can open out even the smallest of spaces. Whilst I love artwork and photography there’s is just something about hanging a mirror on a newly decorated wall that seems to ‘complete’ the room.

Here at The Furniture Market we have selected a range of mirrors that include a variety of styles, shapes and sizes that will suit even the most quirky or traditional interior design tastes.

mobel oak mirror

mobel oak mirror

If like simple, traditional designs then our Mobel oak wall mirror is a elegant addition to any classic home. Carved from the finest solid oak, the clean lines of this mirror fit perfectly with our oak furniture range and would look equally beautiful in a living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway. Its natural wood finish make it the perfect finishing touch to a neutral or bold coloured feature wall.


If like me, you love elaborate statement mirrors then you will instantly fall in love with our regal inspired French rococo tall mirror.If you are looking to achieve a elegant, boudoir feel to your bedroom then this intricately carved design will add a splash of glamour and sophistication to your dressing area. Combined with our French style furniture range you could create a room filled with beauty and opulence.

noir mirror

noir mirror


Unleash your funky side with a psychedelic retro optical spiky mirror that will add a splash of disco inspired fun to your home. This unique, quirky design creates a fantastic optical illusion that will make it the focal point of any room. Social conversations may suffer as all your visitors stop to stare open mouthed at this multicoloured artwork. This retro design will brighten up even the most plain and uninviting walls and transform your home into a space that will have you reaching for your platforms and flares.


Modern statement artwork has become a popular accessory in every contemporary home. A Venetian multi-faceted mirror is a perfect combination of practicality and modern design. Its angled mirrored panels cast beautiful rays of light around the room creating a sense of light and airiness in even the smallest of rooms. This entirely mirrored design would look perfect in a contemporary, minimal space.

mirror psycadelic

mirror psycadelic

You don’t have to be an evil queen to indulge in an extravagant, beautiful mirror and even though ours won’t talk back to you they will be sure to add an interesting focal point to any room.

Style through a child’s eyes

Finding the right way to furnish Children’s bedrooms and playrooms can often be something of a dilemma. Do you choose practical, traditional furniture, or fun and quirky pieces that reflect your child’s personality? Well here at The Furniture Market we have come up with a wonderful selection of children’s furniture that will add a splash of style and functionality to any bedroom.

nutkin cot

nutkin cot

Our fabulous Nutkin range is the perfect addition to any traditional bedroom or nursery. It’s simple clean lines and crisp white painted finish makes it one of our most versatile children’s furniture collections. Made using the highest quality European oak it is sure to withstand the bumps and bashes that it is sure to encounter during many hours of playtime.

nutkin toy box

nutkin toy box

Our beautiful Nutkin Sleigh cot bed with storage drawers is perfect for any child’s early years with storage space for all baby essentials, toys and nappies. Our matching blanket and toy box is the perfect accompaniment to any nursery space. Its soft close lid is perfect for protecting the little fingers of exploring children and features ample storage for blankets, toys, toiletries and bedding this is an essential furniture item for any child.

changing area

changing area

The Nutkin white painted play table is ideal for bedroom or playroom and is crafted perfectly for young children’s sizes. Why not break out the colouring pencils and paints and let your children enjoy some craft time, or perhaps they would like to join their friends for a little tea party? Whatever your child enjoys this wonderful table and chair set is a functional addition to any room and will be sure to put a smile on their face.

We love to capture the adventures of playtime and the fun personalities of young children which is why we have put together our quirky ‘The Beach’ furniture range which has a wonderful great British charm that reminds us of family holidays at the beach. Its weathered white paint effect combined with nautical detailing and accessories make it a fun feature collection that will brighten up any children’s bedroom.

One of my favourite pieces in this range is the wonderfully nostalgic one drawer wardrobe that has been styled using the design of the old fashioned seafront changing huts. This character filled furniture item is full of seaside fun and features a cute driftwood and rope handles with wooden fish detailing. The matching changing unit is perfect for creating a beach front style nursery with its fresh nautical style. With a large selection of storage space this item is ideal for tucking away all the clutter to keep your child’s room as mess free as possible.

Every child should be able to have their own little sanctuary where they can escape, rest and play and we hope that our carefully selected children’s furniture will bring fun and character to their special space allowing them to enjoy their surroundings in a bright and stimulating environment.

Guest Post from Manor House Fireplaces

The Best Way To Keep Warm this Winter

With winter fast approaching once more, now is the best time to consider whether you will be warm enough in your home when the temperature drops. If you were cold last winter you should consider whether you might benefit from installing a new fire of some kind this year. As you’ll see, there are more advantages to doing this than you might think.

Sandringham Fire Places

Sandringham Fire Places

The Benefits of a Fire

Having a fire has lots of advantages. The main one is of course that it can provide the heat you need just when you need it. You’ll also have lots of different ones to choose from, so you can get the exact look you need that will suit your home as well.

There is no doubt that a fire can act as an eye catching focal point, regardless of the room you install it in. This is particularly the case with a stove, as you get the look and sound of real flames providing the heat you need.

A fire can also be more environmentally friendly, depending on your choice. For example, multi fuel stoves allow you to burn smokeless fuels and firewood, both of which are more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. So if you were holding back on getting a fire because of concerns for the environment, you can see all you have to do is make the right choice.

Choosing a Fire

When it comes to choosing a fire you’ve got several types to choose from. If you have a gas supply you could consider having a gas fire installed. This needs to be done professionally of course, but it provides you with an easy to control fire that gives you the warmth you need.

Conturai 5

Wood burning stoves are another option and an increasingly popular one as well. Even if you live in a Smoke Controlled Area you can still have this kind of stove – just look for DEFRA approved stoves and you’ll be fine. These can be installed in pre-existing fireplaces or in another suitable spot in the room, depending on your home and its layout.

Alternatively the easiest option is to purchase an electric fire. There are lots of different ones to choose from but the most appealing one of all is the one that is built to look like a stove. This can sit anywhere you have room for it and it simply plugs into a normal socket. It’s by far the easiest one to get set up once you unpack it.

As you can see there is more to think about when it comes to getting a new fire than you might think. However once you make the decision to warm up your home in readiness for winter, you could be inspired to completely transform your surroundings. Whether you opt for a basic electric stove like fire or a proper multi fuel stove to provide the heat you need, you can be sure you won’t regret making this all important purchase.

Studio 2 gasfire

Guest post from manor house fireplaces


How to take furniture customer service to the next level with Trustpilot

Its been over a year since we here at the furniture market started on trust pilot. so we thought we would revisit and take a look at how we are doing.

Trust pilot rating for the furniture market as of 2/8/2012

Number 1 for Bedroom furniture

after over 4000 emails to customers we have 822 reviews. And 972 reviews in the last year from eBay.The green speaks for itself. We are currently number 6 for all furniture companies in the UK and number 1 for specialist bedroom furniture retailers.

These are all genuine reviews from real customers. Unlike other furniture retailers who quite clearly have questionable reviews. Ours are all real.

So for if you have any issues with the quality of solid oak furniture, have a  quick look at our genuine real; reviews for piece of mind.

We don’t always get it right though, and when we don’t what is important is not getting into an argument but concentrating on listening to the problem and looking for a solution.

One of our aims is to make a customer for life with the furniture market and whilst it is true you cannot please all people all of the time, it is important for us as a business to be responsive, reasonable and most importantly fair.

We don’t spend a fortune on swanky boutique shops or vast retail outlets, you wont hear us on the radio or see our jazzy adverts on TV. What you will see is low prices and great feedback from real customers. You will hear our professional and friendly sales staff on the telephone and you will feel the quality and finish of our furniture when you take delivery.

You have a 14 day no quibble returns option and just like QVC (which stands for Quality, Value and Convenience) all we ask is that you cover the cost of delivery to your door. Or if the item is damaged we will cover the return fee ourselves.



Spring is around the corner… Time to De-clutter

Have you noticed the mornings getting lighter earlier? What about the journey home from work? More sunlight and longer days mean spring is around the corner and with it the annual spring clean.

Extreme Clutter

Extreme Clutter, do you really need all this stuff?

Storage always seems to be something we need in the UK. The recent rise of storage companies where people will pay to have someone else store their things, is indicative of a junk epidemic. The UK is a relatively small island, parking spaces are small, roads are small, cars are on the whole small, meaning an american car stands out a mile.. OK yes its big, it’s loud, it’s not as frugal in terms of fuel costs, yet it does show that deep down we all secretly desire more space.

First time buyers crave space apparently and will over stretch their budgets to buy bigger. Bigger isn’t always better though. The solution to some problems is to have less “stuff” as a rule of thumb if you haven’t used it for 6 months you should consider if you really need it.

When you have reorganised, recycled and gone to the local council tip with the clutter you no longer need. Then you have a blank canvass to consider what your storage needs really are.

Hidden and Compact white painted modern office

Hidden and Compact white painted modern office

Space is finite in most modern homes, so unless you are planning on moving or building an extension, then its time scale back and be smart about how much storage space you truly need.

Why buy furniture to store junk? maybe if you de-cluttered, you could even make a little extra money to buy some brand new furniture!!

More and more people are buying beds, and furniture in general to store their stuff. Should it really be this way? Shouldn’t you buy furniture because you really want it?


The following bed is NOT for sale on the furniture market website but I think it highlights just how much this storage problem is now governing purchase decisions when people are out shopping for furniture.

Taken to the extreme.. is it a bed? is it a chest of drawers???

Taken to the extreme.. is it a bed? is it a chest of drawers???

Wouldn’t it be better to de-clutter, re-organise and buy furniture we all liked rather than because it has a million drawers, nooks, and cranny’s to store extra “stuff”.

If this blog post does nothing else it should make you question are you buying furniture because it can store more of your “stuff” or because you really like the look of it, or can imagine how comfy it will feel to sleep on?

Just a thought…




The Furniture Market – Official Suppliers to Celebrity Big Brother 2012

A close up of the Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Table

A close up of the Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Table

The furniture market supplied stylish noir French bedroom furniture to this year’s show. Adrian and Bianca Latham were then invited along by Endomol the creators of Big Brother to a swanky pre-show party at the Elstree studios in London to view their designs in person.

Celebrity birg Brother 2012 features bedroom furniture supplied by The Furniture Market. The Stylish French noir table, complete with crystal handles and priced at £279 each, but thanks to a special deal are currently on sale at £131 can clearly be seen on each episode of Celebrity Big Brother next to the likes of former X-Factor bad Boy Frankie Cocozza and the winner of this year’s Big Brother Denise Welch.

A pair of Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Tables

A pair of Celebrity Big Brother Bedside Tables

Bianca, 31, who designs the store‘s furniture with Adrian, also 31, said it was ‘It’s exciting to get a call from a TV show that is on every night and one you grew up watching. The chance to design some furniture for the show is a real honour,” she said

“We do get regular requests from production companies involved with shows like This morning and 60 Minute make over, but with big brother this really gave us a chance to show case our furniture designs in a high profile way.”

“We didn’t expect to be invited along to the actual house to see the furniture in person, so it was very exciting to see something you have designed and had made in the house with your own eyes.”

“It was very surreal to go down there having watched the house on TV so many times before, It is a lot smaller than it appears on TV.” said Bianca.

The Furniture Market, was originally Founded by Adrian Latham to help fund him through University. Upon graduation it soon became clear to Adrian that he should devote his attention full time to the business which has grown to have over 25 employees and looking to take on more staff in 2012 to cope with unprecedented demand.


When prices are the same, who do you trust with your money?? – by Robert

I recently spoke at a E-Commerce round table on behalf of The Furniture Market, and the discussion turned to buying online and the future of E-Commerce.

I think most people who are willing to buy online do their research., for example you could have 2 rustic oak 3 draw bedsides.  one is priced £125 Delivered the other is prices £110 + £15 Delivery.

You pay the same money for the same kind of product right? wrong… so wrong… you are buying into a companies way of doing business.

I think everyone has had a bad experience shopping on line. I know I have.. sometimes your intuition just says, this website doesn’t fill me with confidence.. Its a feeling. Sometimes we ignore our instincts and hand over our hard earned cash anyway or just put it on plastic because we feel we are protected in someway.

Trust carved in stone

Trust is the corner stone of doing business long term.

But how do you trust a website will deliver what you are seeing? I work on the principal of how anything is, is how everything is.

Say you see a website who has a really old copyright date of 2009. Something this simple would say to me that these people do not update their website regularly. SO then I think to myself do these people actually have the products in stock that I am about to pay for. Then I think I will just give them a I call.

I am answered by someone who to put it bluntly sounds like I am an inconvenience to them. They don’t seem to know what is going on or they are just completely defensive for no reason.

To me these are all little signs I should walk away from any potential deal. I could go on and on..

confused lady at a computer

Would you buy furniture from someone who really doesn't care how its presented

Pages on their site don’t work, products are missing, or have no description, or.. fill in the blank..

The overall impression I get is they really do not care about what they are doing. So are they going to care about my order?

That’s why I introduced Trust pilot to The Furniture Market. We have been trading on eBay for a long time and proudly have a positive feedback score of 99.4%, but that is eBay we need something for our site.

Trust pilot logo

Who do you trust?

Trust pilot is an independent review website where scores are out of 5 stars. We have selected to only display genuine orders and feedback for better or worse. so when you look you see this:

You can see that all these reviews are legitimate. Written by real customers who bought furniture from us. Not many people on Trust pilot use this which would leave me to question if their reviews are fake or not. That’s for you to decide.

The main point I am trying to make is here, ask yourself who do you trust with your money? Who will care about your order the most? Who wants to make you happy so that you recommend us to your friends? The answer to all of those questions is The Furniture Market. We care about your order and want to make you happy, and we always will.

a screen shot of trust pilot reviews

Note the Verified Buyer logo - a actual customer wrote this.

A warm welcome to our newest addition of oak furniture by Bianca


Gainsborough chairs or Art?

Gainsborough chairs or Art?

The Reclaimed Oak collection is the latest addition to our extensive oak family. What makes this range different to others on offer is its combination of elegant French style with the chunkiness of solid oak. Hand crafted from reclaimed oak you naturally get a very raw look to the wood that is beautifully rustic and oozes character, it features wood rings, grain patter nation, knots and groves reminiscent of the oak tree that really makes you feel like you own a slice of nature.


Reclaimed French Oak Dining Table

Reclaimed French Oak Dining Table

The style of this collection is nothing if not pure elegance. The cabriolet style legs have been taken straight out of Regency French design and the serpentine like curve featured on many of the chests, also referred to as ‘bombe’ style is a classic style of 18th century France. The beauty of this range is the way it takes the traditional designs of centuries past and applies them to suit a 21st century audience, pieces such as the Oak Wide screen TV Unit would of course not of been a piece featured in traditional 18th century France but is an essential addition to the modern day home and it’s great that you can now apply this charming style to your living room. Another piece that should be commended for its handsome appearance is the Reclaimed Oak 8 Seater Dining Table, although quite simplistic in design, the cabriolet style legs are what truly make this piece as it is rare that this feature is over-emphasised on a dining table but the result is graceful elegance that would be the centre piece to any dining room.


French Reclaimed Oak TV Unit

French Reclaimed Oak TV Unit

One of the pieces within this range that we are really excited about is the Reclaimed Oak Gainsborough Dining Chair, this is an incredibly popular design and was once featured on our site in a beech wood which in itself was extremely popular so now to have it handcrafted in oak is something that we are very excited about. This design has featured heavily in interior design shows and exhibitions and is a recognisable style to the trained eye, the cross back provides both comfort and style and the rattan seat pad gives it a real rustic edge, a truly beautiful dining chair.

Here at the furniture market ™ we are constantly on the look out for new ideas and designs to add to our already extensive range. Oak furniture in particular is where our passion lies and it is refreshing to see the development that has been made in this area of furniture throughout recent years. Furniture, furnishings and interior design is a very exciting industry to be a part of at this moment in time due to its accelerating pace and continually changing and developing styles. Interior design now tends to follow the trends set within the fashion industry whether this be colour, style or design which is a very exciting development and generates a greater interest in this re-invented industry.

My work experience here at The Furniture Market™ by Craig

Over the past two weeks I’ve been on Work Experience here at the furniture market ™ . Whilst I have been here I have had a great time and have helped to make several improvements to the website. The main reason for me doing this is to provide you as the customer a better service and a great shopping experience when buying from the furniture market ™ . One of the things I got up to while I was here was to list some items from the Geo-Glass range on Ebay as well as updating the current stock levels. With reference to the website I have written product descriptions for many items to provide you with more information about the product which will ultimately improve the customer service. Within the product descriptions I have also for most of the French Furniture range and many more products moved the ‘product code’ to the bottom as it is seen as less important and really it’s not the first thing you need to see.

white nouguchi table

white Nouguchi table actual picture taken here at the Furniture Market

Another job I completed was to list the price at the top of the description next to where it says ‘on sale’. I did this for Rustic Oak category and practically all of the items on sale.  One of the more tedious jobs that I did which needed doing was the filing!! Putting all of the customer invoices into separate piles and filing them away. Although it wasn’t the best task I have had to do it gave me an idea of how the business works and even the jobs that people sometimes put off doing all do need doing.

On my fourth day here, as well as continuing with some website work, I was asked if I wouldn’t mind giving the showroom a clean through. It seemed like a challenge at first but really it was enjoyable – I got to meet some customers that came to have a look around the showroom and it also gave me the satisfaction that the showroom is now cleaner that it was (although it was pretty clean anyway to be honest).

Furthermore I have edited some of the pictures on the Oak Furniture Range to make them larger so they are easier and clearer for you to see when looking through our products. On some of these photos I have added a ‘+Click for More Images’ to allow people to know there are more pictures available for some of the products to give them a better idea of what it looks like from different angles. The time I have spent here I have learn loads of very interesting and useful things to do with business and how it works and the tasks that need doing to make it successful. As well as this I have learned that a website is much more than what it appears and how to edit a website to improve it and to provide a better service for the customer.

Oxford oak Triple Wardrobe

Oxford oak Triple Wardrobe

Overall the two weeks I have had here have been great!! I would happily want to come back – I’ve had the chance to meet loads of new people and have learned a range of very useful invaluable skills!!